Welcome to ‘Oh Well’

Just another day in the lost realm of ‘Oh Well’.
It’s that gray place situated to the West of Hell.
It rains a lot in this place, which is to be expected.
The dreary days represent a smile not reflected.

If not for the unending water, life would surely thrive here.
It would be colorful and vibrant filled with animals to hear.

The trees would be the fullest green and birds would sing their song
Flowers, the like not ever seen, bring joy to those full of long.

The sun would shine a cherry red, at night it would reflect the moon
Kids would laugh and jump and play and days would often end too soon.

The candlelight that shines at night would ward off any monsters.
While health would be in perfect standard so there’s no need for any doctors.

Honeysuckle would fill the nostrils as it permeates the air;
One could sit on endless beaches, pondering, while lost in stare.

Winters would not be what to fret as early darkness approaches;
Snow would taste like sugar crumbs and there’s no such thing as roaches.

Spring would come and fill this place with all the a-forementioned wonders.
Bringing life to this stale land that embraces joy and laughs at blunders.

The Summer brings delightful weather for all to swim and carry on.
To run in the meadows, surf rolling waves, and wish upon a dandelion.

Fall captures colors that take the breath of every fellow and maiden
Though the seasons come to pass, no time here is ever traded.

Death indeed does come to all, looming over each and every creature
Shoulders smooth as raven claws. There, wings are placed for a second feature.

Intoxicating is the image of this happy, joyful, ethereal realm.
But, while my thoughts linger on this figment place, my eyes open to see ‘Oh Well’.

By: Charles Poore

Nothing Ironic

There is reality to all aspects of fiction. For if not for the essence of our imaginations. Our mind would not ever know the essence of its existence. We all have them, and we all must realize now that there is more to our current “hive” existence; and our former divided one. If we continue with a hive, then Earth has become nothing more than a hornet’s nest. What we did to Earth, we will do to space.

It’s funny, to me, that everyone has to get used to how I’ve lived my entire life. Alone, isolated, outside the box. Everyone seems to know everything about the same thing. In a strange way, I like it. Everyone is everyone’s friend, enemy, and useful informant. All that was once a concern is gone. All the hokey sunshine songs have become all the rage. The concern for history being written the wrong way have vanished. Everything you see and read is about one thing.

Societies are developing a “hive” mentality. I see people congregated in the only places allowed to be open. Within the confines of these places, people  are all doing the same things, having the same conversations, keeping the same distances, under the regulation of one voice.

We went from apocalyptic themes and conversations about being a “Billy badass” to washing our hands and how to be polite. Mind you, polite is a far cry from kind, but it’s closer. The difference is the fakeness involved.

Through life experience I’ve come to know myself well enough to realize that I will not be any good at this whole “new world” concept. I can already see now why the ‘Space Force’ was created. As it will likely serve an empire earth soon after governments fall to a disease that can only be eradicated by common sense.

Notice lately how nothing has gone “viral”? How everyone is doing the things that are only of necessity, and finding out they enjoy it? Take notice to how few people are now offended. Those that are indoors are the ones that should stay indoors, because there’s certainly less assholes on the road. Notice more, children are becoming in charge of the world, and it is beautiful! (Stick with this concept and you may ignore the rest of this).

All those jobs that were once thought to be below a certain pay grade or integrity, will become all that’s available. Many that are essential will not know how to practice humility. Many of the unexposed will be the concern for being diseased and confusion will rule until the only voice that guided you will remind you of how much it helped.

Parades are being held for those that help, by those that help. Sidewalks line up with the ignorant waving and clapping at something they otherwise would have found a nuisance, or compare to hatreds of yesteryear. This, is merely wrought of boredom and psychosomaticism. Distracting us, from the good that is happening to help our planet heal. Granting us time to take a step back and find the unification we needed. I implore, do not again be distracted by matters of gold; lest we forget the path it has led us to.

By: the Wordsmith

Every meat cutter has stocked up on meat
Every asshole has stocked up on paper
Every derilect has stocked up on drugs
Every one of us reflects time wasted

There are no more bullets and weapons for show
There are no more shots nor beer at the bar
As happenstance has it, you should not own a car

The ugly revealed from within all of us
Much like the first time we noticed a planet
Gravity’s struck our fleeting existence
As humans we are, we simply digest it

HEY! Listen up, listen now, listen here and listen good
If you don’t then all you’ll hear will be screams throughout your neighborhood

The things that seem to work for me are typically what no one wants
I’m the “swim against the current man”, the dude that’s weathered from the fronts

A simple life is what folks claim yet no one seems to have one
I can tell you now it’s not built on gold or anything that’s lost or won

Please don’t take this as complaining; understand that someone needs to do it
There has to be some imbecillic rebel willing enough to endure it

I no longer watch the news because I don’t believe what’s being sold
With that stated I must also tell you that I’m no good at being “told!”

I must also state I’ve had enough with history’s repeating theme
Allowing us to thrive on greed and putting those in charge who scheme

Sufficed to say that I’m fed-up with with living how most people do
Those in charge pillage, plunder, lie and steal then turn around and blame all of you

Everyone’s a psychopath, because they all seem to think they’re right
God forbid you disagree, you’ll be in for an unwinnable fight

So follow along and play the game wherein every turn you’ll be misled
I do believe them when they say “if you don’t you’ll end up dead”

So yeah, that’s it, that does it, I quit! I’m done with life’s indigestible shit!
I’m done with the talks of paying dues, when those that you owe give no choice but to lose

Some day though I’ll have my day and then there’ll be little left to say
From those who doubted why I turned and went the other way

And only silence will I then give and my face will express ‘I told you so’
And the bitter sweetness of lies believed will cripple life as they unfold


All holidays are a farce
Most of them are birthday driven
And you can shove them up your arse

Jesus was born twice so we may be forgiven
Easter, Christmas? Let’s go out and buy shit
All us fools in a capitalistic haven division

Thanksgivings a crock! Pilgrims aren’t legit
Another birthday celebration, for land!
Oddly, ZazaTurkey wasn’t even the main dish

Don’t get me started on the nationalist demand
Funny how they span the summer season
Excuses for a BBQ and sales on soda is in demand

Valentines, Mother’s and Fathers day are a wallets treason
Go out and buy some cards, chocolates, and ties
Because everybody wants something for no damn reason

Sorry if I missed other cultures and yearly traditional lies
I’ve wasted much of my life watching consumers
Thinking they’re the only family supporting this disguise
Vapid, sordid, traditional; falling into familial rumors
In a peddlers village buying products just as soon as they can rise
Holiday’s they are a tumor with dollar signs; designed with gold in mind

So I say to live life daily and end with no surmise
A toast to all your family and all of those who’ve died
Birthdays happen everyday and the sun will surely rise

The Miser

I feel with my skin
I feel with my heart
I feel with my mind
I feel words are art

I think people seek misery for the simple fact to have something to talk about
I think people talk about being special, and different, to ignore the ignorance of their own lives.
I think the thought of love is over-rated and tolerance is a conversation that’s left out
I think the ability to see others as you choose is what makes the weak survive

I take in the notions of all those that think
And express myself with said qualities
Humilities poet and self proclaimed dink
That calls out the cowards and all those that tease

It’s nothing personal. Because I couldn’t care less
It’s your problem not mine and three fingers point back
So go fuck yourself and succumb to duress
Try to convince me that white is not black

I think so I am, and therefore I am
All the dumb shit that some dude named Will said
I quoted it wrong and I don’t give a shit
Write your own song then you simple dimwit

Go back to the first part of this stupid rhyme
If you’ve made it this far then you’re possibly dying
Not quite like me though, not that you’d notice
Your news shows the emperors important focus

My time is over and I’ve come to a halt
Good luck now with this prisoner’s Earth
Don’t forget God turned a person to salt
And then he made Lot live in mountains and dirt
Blinded him too so he could be raped
By his daughters no less! to bear sons with some worth

This THIS! Is what humanity has brought to fruition
Not you, not me, this sort of biblicality
We put people in place that respect this indignation
And then…we worship religiously!

Down with humanity and the writable past
Down with the obligation to gold-gilded task
There are no more heroes nor marvels to save
There is only death after being a slave

Have I written enough yet to get this point across?
Are you subtly thinking this poets an arse?
Have you looked beyond meme and said “hey maybe
This wakko’s like me when it comes to daydreaming”

Don’t worry. Nobody listens. Lest we forget it’s all about them
Didn’t you notice? something recently happened about dollars and cents and rupees and gems
That’s okay. The guy with the mask on was who you thought it was
You were right! Heres a compilation prize for sitting, guessing, and being a part of us.

So it Begins

Those of you who have been following this blog will know that I have had an earworm for an oddly long amount of time. I should be happy to report that, while it has not gone away, it has at least been replaced. However, I’ve become the victim of my own trickery. The song that has replaced it is the song I posted yesterday ‘Master Splinter’. This cruel injustice is at least mildly drowned out by tinnitus.

Now, of course I know it’s kind of strange to be a fictional character that fancies themself an author, having an earworm replaced by a song that they wrote, which doesn’t even exist. Buuuut, it is a strange world that people live in. It’s even far stranger viewing it through the eyes of the person whose head I inhabit. Of course, it does carry the potential to physically hunt down and execute said earworm. By physically I mean ethereally, but, I think you get the idea.

My biggest concern is that I wasn’t exactly kidding when I stated that this earworm grew teeth. Who the hell knows what other appendages and unearthly weapons this imagination has given to said figment. For fucks sake! Why can’t the owner of this mind give me som…oh look, a flamethrower…. I’ll keep you all updated on what happens.