By: Charles Poore

The Omnist Tenets

Please, let it be implored, insisted and wished for you and yours to scribble all over this book. Allow yourselves to dream while reading this book; encourage one another throughout the times that we share to be the best memory that we can give to each other when we are no longer here. Dream…dream/scribble/imagine…until time forgets to wake up.

Thanks to my family, the ones that are there and a certain thanks to those that aren’t. The same goes for friends, the few that I’ve kept, to those that I’ve lost and gained, to those that let go of me and those that I have let go of.
Special thanks to those of us who have been searching; to those who fall and rise again; to those who have wandered…knowing that they aren’t lost…now, you are here, so let’s keep going.
This is of me, for you.

Pauper non in spe.

The views expressed in this book are that of the author’s thoughts and opinions. Any similarities of concepts, ideas, characteristics and characters are completely coincidental. This book is for many various faiths (or those living a purposeful life for those who don’t care for the word) and beliefs.

By: Ward Smith
Copyright © 2017 By Charles Poore
Copyright © 2017 Omnist torus by Charles Poore

The daze the days, the crippling aches and pains. The way that time looks down on us and ticks it’s hands on by. The hours of ours that sow the seeds of how we fail, though try. Try to find a connecting piece, for restful peace of mind; and sour our souls for a moment’s solace, that we may never find.
Refuted once, twice, third times a charm; all we try succumbs to the weariness of our arms.
Despite all the planted flowers we take no time to smell, it seems as though we fake our days and pretend all is well.
The honest ones, the soothsayer prophets, deemed mad by majority rules, have warned and said your endless toils, will prove as useless as the tools.
So mosey on and eat the shit that unfit rulers plop. Follow rules and pay senseless bills, whilst all you know gets robbed. Taken from you all you’ve earned and feign that it’s OK… it’s not…. Overthrow the rulers, burn all the towers, and delight in cowards feeding maggots, while their corpses rot.


1 The Omnist Tenets are the beginning of the circulation of an ideal that encompasses the respect of all beliefs. A way of looking more deeply into who it is we are and how it is possible to start working together as a race of humans to strive towards an idea so far fetched, that most think it is impossible; that idea is world peace.
2 Omnism is something that exists within us, for us; it always has and always will. Many concepts are brushed upon and it is the hope that it will inspire people to think about one another and prescribe themselves to the dedication to hope, rather than submit to defeat.
3 It is the idea that the time we spend here, in this world, is the veil that separates beginning from end. As opposed to us actually taking form and substance in the physical reality that we entertain and the concept of being something more than what we are.
4 That there is an expanse within us that we have yet to allow our minds to have the capacity to understand.
5 Expanse through this book is hoping to spread out the words within the words and the numbers within the numbers. To break apart the things that we perceive as something that we can reach out and touch as actually being there. And expand on the idea that we would not be here without the need of that expanse having for us to reach out and touch it.
6 It is the void between our perception of what reality is and how it is we have already allowed our reality to bring form from our imaginations.
7 The barrier that exists in between that psyche and looking past the words and numbers that give definition to the physical attributes making up our surroundings; about negating what it is that we are told to think and to think about the things we feel, and understand how complex a simple thought is.
8 About getting into a deeper meaning and spreading out each space in between each letter that makes up each word. So that we can examine all aspects of one another’s thoughts.
9 About the web we weave for one another and about the concept of neither large nor small existing within it, rather existing of it.
10 About how meaning becomes meaningless and back again and the fractions of thought that happen within the thoughts.
11 For the expanse of the percentage of our minds and what goes on with the percentage of it that we have yet to comprehend and to go as deeply as we will allow ourselves to go. Keeping in mind not to harm ourselves or others in the process, but take the deeper journey into our minds so that those who live 100’s of years from now (that we may never see) begin to have a better understanding of who we once were.
12 Omnists are laying the groundwork for us to be the ancestors that started to change things in this world for the better, rather than being the ancestors that are looked back on that continued entertaining the actions, that make things worse.
1 Omnism is indeed a lot of soul searching through trial and error, but so is being human, is it not? There are many people out there that will not accept the ideal of believing in all gods and the good teachings from all religions, without committing to one religion in particular.
2 Learning about how upset this possibility makes certain individuals, should not upset an Omnist. Nor is the calling of names for anything other than a jest encouraged. (though it does happen)
3 Understand that the label of Omnist means that there may be a large amount of animosity sent out towards you. Other people do not want their faiths and beliefs questioned, (which an Omnist is not doing) so, through years of trial and error by them, they may automatically jump to the conclusion that you, as an Omnist, are questioning how they feel. When in fact you are probably more inclined to listen to what it is they are trying to teach you and learning more about who they/you are inside and how it is their idea of god, enlightenment, heaven, hell, or the non-belief of the previously mentioned subjects is going to effect you.
4 It is not ones fault for understanding that a god of perfection or any god would demand servitude, or demand currency, or feel the need to let you know that you are not doing right by them. For it is not any gods word that you are disobeying, it is the interpretation of the words that humans have used from any such god, not the god itself.
5 Every person knows through time when they have done something wrong, they don’t need to be reminded, they just need to acknowledge that they have committed an act of negativity towards another. This is how we learn what not to do, by doing. Most wrong-doings are easily forgivable by other people so long as they truly care about you. If you continue to do things wrong though, you may be taking advantage of the good graces of the other people around you.
6 This idea is not implying they no longer care for you, it means that you have not learned from the mistakes you have made and are unwilling to find the way to move forward in life for the better of yourself and the ones you care for.
7 You may indeed care deeply for the ones around you and yet, you can’t find your own means to care properly for yourself. Your shame should be more of an inclination towards re-paring your inner self for it is not there to hurt you, it is there to remind you that you are important to the people around you, they care more for you than you care for yourself, but you get to a point where you have over stayed your welcome and it is time they must cut loose the part of their life that is dragging them down.
8 You then, are the one that is poisoning another’s life with the decisions that you make. It is not easy to let go of something that you love, it is a method of tough love that many people cannot prescribe to. Thus, allowing the negativity to enter into their lives and accepting miserable situations without reaching out for something better.
9 There are negative people out there and they are vital to the idea of what good things are. They are there to hurt and they always have been, because they have not learned about the feelings that have led them to the point where they choose to act in a manner of inflicting pain; instilling and teaching methods of negativity on the people that are seeking a better standard of living.
10 The sins cause this to happen. The sins inflicted upon the negative persons that they have not taken in and adapted to how they affect others around them. If another Living has hurt you, why then would you choose to reciprocate that feeling on those that would not deserve it?
11 Negative peoples have not learned the concept of feeling better about themselves so that they do not commit these actions. It is up to the positive people to take in these negative standards and learn from them.
12 The negative people are on their own fools quest for the world, literally but neglecting to understand the mistakes of previous fools that have attempted to rule the literal world. It is an allure to power that will not be obtained. The literal world is not meant to be ruled, it makes its own decision and is a living thing all its own.
13 The people that stand against this negativity are typically the ones that try to instill the methods of peace and love. The ones that feel so deeply and have had empathy for that of others. These are the people that have lost their lives for this ideal of peace, becoming martyrs for an ideal of all of us to live together in peace and harmony. Greed is the largest proponent in assassinating these individuals.
14 The individuals that have wanted for nothing other than to live a life in peace and simply enjoy the sun rising day to day.
15 A person that wants for nothing is the most dangerous of people to the negative people. For they cannot be bought nor can they cannot be swayed away from the things inside of them that drive them towards trying to give the appeal of love and peace towards others. These purveyors of peace tend to be eliminated because there is no materialistic value in peace.
16 It is difficult for people to understand why they choose to live a life that would be seemingly destitute to most, yet, they are the ones that are most fulfilled within. Not being able to purchase a person makes that person very dangerous to those who are in a position to manipulate greed.
17 People with nothing other than the comforts of who they are defining themselves is easy for many to understand, because they do not want to give up the things that they feel defines them. This tends to be the majority of people and there is nothing wrong with this standard of living, so long as it as earned justly.
18 There is no implication being made here that you should not enjoy the things that you work for, the implication is the idea that being happy with yourself is the utmost important thing for your soul/garden and should be valued above material things. That if you can fully indulge who you are as a good person in this world, then you can fully enjoy the things that you have earned.
19 Understand that when you find the thing you love the most then you truly understand what is most valuable. That thing may be your closest lover, a child or the puppy you just took in it may even be yourself and the feelings that you are sending out to others.
20 The point is that when you find yourself, try to find others that share this. Steer clear of those that seek to eliminate this feeling and attempt to tell you that what you feel inside is not the right method for you. From them though, learn through trial and error about what not to take into your garden. This is not saying that the person is wrong in their view, but the actions taken in trying to convince another of something other than what they feel, is wrong.
21 Listen to the passion of what it is they feel so strongly about, but not so much the poison that may be spilling out of them. They do indeed have a right to say what it is they feel and as an Omnist it is up to you to defend more the right and the sharing of passion, rather than to defend the actual words coming out of them.
22 In a debate between a believer and a non-believer an on-looking Omnist should continue to walk the middle road, for they see each side of the debate, but the words may come to a point of gibberish in the Omnists ears. They have learned how not to take sides about something that is more important for both debaters to have the need to understand the conflict, more than the words of the conflict. There is hardly ever a kind resolve because there are issues about a debate that have not been fully understood by the debaters involved.
23 They are trying to press upon each others garden. Each debater is making proclamations about how wrong the other debater is, instead of working together in order to understand how each aspect of the debate has valid points.
24 It is not about one debater being right and proving the other debater wrong, it is about accepting what is right from each perspective and knowing that there are aspects of both arguments that may be wrong.
1 This book is going to hopefully be considered a bible of sorts for those who might take interest in being an Omnist. It will be broken into several parts and cover a broad metaphorical scope of the make-up of a deeper consciousness of what a god or God is and how one can perceive this through they eyes of an Omnist. It is a book of questionable fiction that is meant to wrap itself around a number of truths that we all share in our lives.
2 There is a journey that we all may be able to connect with in some aspect and many of us will be on a portion of this journey that we may be able to relate to with others in some way.
3 There will be a part about negatives that we experience and, for the most part, what one may feel that most Omnists would shy away from, but hold onto the notion of these aspects of life being essential lessons in what not to do.
4 It is not meant to put these negative ideas and concepts into motion, rather, it is meant more for the idea of understanding the importance of negative things in our lives to better understand the positive ideas that are generated from the mistakes of our ancestors.
5 And, there will be a part of positives. The simplest of things to many of us that we all share some joy and that it is more important to hold onto these simple things in order for them to grow larger. Much like we now view the negatives in this world as the larger aspect, maybe someday, it will instead be these positives that will be the larger aspect of what rules us as a united people.
6 There is connectivity in all of if. This book is meant to be the first part of something larger and something that will continue to grow and be worked on and have no real beginning nor end. Omnism has started and been around long before the term Omnist was even coined back in the mid 1800’s by Philip J. Baily in his poem Festus.
7 It will be a tearing apart of the negatives in our lives in order to put into motion how we see things and how we are told that there is a sound reason to hold onto only one hope, and still maintain that there is hope in all aspects of life.
8 Once this is done, there will hopefully be some kind of a sense of re-birth for us, so that we do understand how these negative ideas and concepts are important and that we opt for the direction of hope, instead of continuing our trek along the path of destruction. To be able to steer ourselves away from greed and allowing it to be the only concept to continue to rule the world. After changing directions hopefully we will all be able to move together towards an ideal of compassion for the lives of all living things and seeing the value of their individual souls/gardens/faiths or whatever you choose to name it.
9 Thus, working together at the idea of being greedy for the value of one another, instead of being greedy for the value of things that will not nourish our gardens.
1 Omnism is paradoxical, so the understanding of how to be an Omnist is that of a perplexing nature; yet, it keeps its existence at the outskirts of our faiths.
2 Many of our tendencies bring us into direct correlations of all of the ways we are told and taught to live, rather than how to live. Indeed, there is a great deal of complexities built within us that we are yet aware of.
3 The inner conflict that we all have is a built in life-guide into understanding who it is that we are…yet, this core principle, through all the things that we can take in and comprehend, eludes us, why: let it be the conflict from within that we endure for ourselves, that we may one day be able to share with one another.
4 The manner in which this book is written is unlike that of a normal book. There are quirky little nuances within all the words that will hopefully be fun to find. Each word from beginning to end is meant to be a representation for each letter, word, verse, chapter/book and so on. Each little aspect is meant to be interpreted and applied to another’s way of reading this book so that there will be something to discuss when it comes to opinions of certain areas and fun little things to converse about.
5 With a heart full of hope, the intentions are that you enjoy this book as a little bathroom read, or perhaps take aspects of it as to how fun life truly is and to maybe give some introspection towards your own life, so that you may decide to move forward into a positive light for the generations down the road; to understand that the value of life is far more important than the value of the size of what a monthly statement says.

1 We are Omnist and we set ourselves aside; we are not lost, we have found our place and we respect your feelings towards whatever deity (or lack there of) you choose to worship, or not worship. We will not press upon you and we kindly hope that you do not press upon us.
2 Being Omnist allows us to walk the line in between the metaphorical battles that are waged on one another’s feelings, beliefs and the actual things that guide our moral compasses.
3 For all intents and purposes this book is more of a guide through the collection of thoughts that we may all some day be able to share. A collection of ideals, that hopefully, many will be capable of finding some part of who they are within these words.
4 To some the words may not make sense. To some the words may make sense. To some this book, taken as a whole, may be a guide to familiarize themselves with and create a path to something that they have been in search of. To some it may be viewed as an introspective way of thinking, rather than a way of living.
5 At least it’s proof that even the most meager of things can be related to in some sense of words.
6 Not everything in here is fact, it is imagination spinning itself into a reality that is happening in the minds of many. An ever expanding ideal of breaking through the barriers that confine us to the socialized “norm”.
7 The grammar and punctuation may be determined as mediocre and it will be far from perfect; that is an emphasis on the flaws that we carry with us through our lives.
8 This book holds the idea that the truth lies within the fiction that we deny ourselves, and it is only a compilation of thoughts on Omnism and how one Omnist thinks of Omnism and what it means.
9 Perfection is best assumed for all of us to be a part of a fundamental whole, of truth, without striving for the absolute perfection. We tend to think there is no hope out there for us to carry on and that there is an absolute truth that stays situated in wherever it decides to be and that being is perfect. Without it, how would we determine what perfection is to be modeled after?
10 At the very best, most of what this writing is about is just how certain Living may feel about beliefs that may have added more to confusion rather than to answers. Perhaps too, that the answers are what is not important, but rather the questions that we ask to obtain knowledge of what we do not know is one of the most fundamental parts of our existence.
11 Again, Omnism is something that is not to be pressed upon anyone. We are not zealots nor are we dogmatic. We remain open minded to many opinions of what truth is. But, we will find the truth for ourselves as we see fit as well. Thus, contributing to something more than a stand-alone sense of existence and to give back twice as much as we have been given, whole-hearted, with honesty and integrity.
12 Omnism is a feeling of being, a state of awareness that we all are a part of something greater than ourselves; that we are a fabrication of our own imaginations and that there is a meaning of truth that can be thought of that has yet to be created, at the same time though, it already exists.
13 A sense that we are all, in some part, a piece of the perfection that none of us understand and are unknowingly a contribution to perfections existence. But, have no choice other than to make our individual contributions towards the loneliness of being perfect. All the while enduring our own liberating freedom in attaining something that is unattainable.
14 This book is meant to bring us all together by acknowledging our likenesses by understanding our differences.
15 It is dream of peace in entirety and keeping humble in knowing that there will always be a need for conflict. If not for conflict there couldn’t be any wonderful need or desire of peace. If we did manage to obtain peace, then a new conflict will be sure to arise.
16 Omnism promotes the ideas of freedom and liberation as one. As the whole unit being one and with that sense of oneself, being an individual part of the whole.
17 It is the same thing the progenitors of peace and love of long ago once wanted to pass upon their students.
18 The idea has seemed to get convoluted and taken advantage of though, through too many abuses of power, emphasis on social inequality that has plagued our existence throughout time and disputing over the need for material gains that will not sustain us when push comes to shove.
1 The Union of Four was in the beginning and it consists of the Source, Everything, Nothing and Living.
2 The Source is tied to all living things in the universe as understanding was both there and not. Darkness and light both knew existence outside the boundaries of one another their flow is always happening, as well as not happening.
3 Everything consists of all things perceived and reasoned to be. Love, hate, good and evil, happy and sad, living and dead, infinite and finite. In Everything consists past, present and future; of all the ideas of all the gods and demons, of all the bearers of light and darkness. Of all the things that go bump in the night and all the things that protect from said bumps. Everything consumes and exudes, creates and destroys; contributes to the idea that it both exists and does not exist. Everything brings life and takes it away; Everything is a part of the Union of Four that keeps balance in wholeness. Everything consists of the numbers used to make physical limitations possible and in physical limitations, Everything is both possible and impossible. Both big and small, theory and fact; right, wrong and the doubt that lay between. In the numbers that Everything creates, Everything uses the same application of numbers to destroy equally. In the numbers we have yet to unlock, Everything is still playing its part. The equations to measure things such as anti-matter may only be measured with anti-numbers.
4 Nothing must exist and Nothing is oblivion. Nothing is the emptiness of non-existence and cannot be conceptualized without Everything being there. Nothing is where the Source draws itself in and out of in an eternal vibration of constant power.
5 The Source, is both Nothing and Everything and Everything and Nothing. The Source is both the existence and non-existence. Without Living, the Source would not exist; there would be no point and purpose. Without point and purpose there would be no reason for living life to move onto the Source. Living life is a constant source of energy for the Source, and the Source is a constant form of energy for Living. Both sustain balance in Everything and Nothing and dissolve themselves constantly, just as equally as they grow.
6 Every one of these things always was, always will be and cannot be one without the other. If our own concept of Living is abolished, then another will likely take its place.
7 This is the Union of Four.
1 Our current physical limitations will not allow what is needed to calculate this. Numbers are non-existent and useless to such power and knowledge. All knowledge is retained in the whole of the Living. Without Living the Source would become unstable and incapable of accepting Everything and Nothing, and without Everything and Nothing the Source would not process Living.
2 Without Living. The Source, Everything and Nothing would cease to exist.
3 These things exist outside of the limitations of consciousness and there is no form of mathematics (that we yet have knowledge of) with the capabilities to comprehend both an unlimited and limited amount of power existing at the same time. This all exists within imaginations and will eventually become possible, for all things are possible in time, it is just a matter of when it is going to happen.
4 Without the prospect of Everything finding Living, the Source would have no reason to exist. Without the reason of the Source to exist there would be no reason for Everything and Nothing. As there has been before and yet nothing before this, there is always something to be done and something to be left undone.
5 This is a mere fraction of the whole that is of Everything and Nothing. Omnism is a part of Everything, but Omnism, is not the Source merely a part of it.
6 For without all, Omnism is not whole. And without the whole, Omnism is not one. Hence, the perplexing nature of being an Omnist and hoping upon hope, that all will eventually see that the path follows itself eternally. All are in unison during their path towards the Source. Thus, maintaining balance for Everything and Nothing.
1 Before the past worlds have been wiped clean they to wrote about their existence.
2 They explained their beginning and fore-told of their demise. This end may be near for us and it may also not be near. What can be done other than to hope upon hope, for some, that it is all true. Of course, that has been hoped upon for thousands of years that there is an end to all of this, but then what happens to the questions that we have yet to answer?
3 As the end does draw upon us Nothing draws closer still (despite Nothing not being there) to sweep itself through the metaphorical sands of our existences. With it’s ever selective comb it sifts through our time spent here and makes life beautiful.
4 It draws through and redoes its own lack of existence, in order to maintain balance and re-set the random things that allow us to question over and over again. Making sense of the plight and uselessness that is ever present but also, it holds no value. The much needed existence that is Nothing.
5 The value of life that is within Everything and still so lost in Nothing. Living cannot go forward without death. So Living must be destroyed in order to maintain balance for death. Why do we not grasp our own meager existence in the tidings of such, unpleasantness and take into ourselves the things that we know to be true: the Source is a part of the whole, and destruction is both, imminent, undesirable and necessary.
6 As much as it is a necessity for the endlessness that has been a part of the Union of Four and a part of that Union of Four, is Nothing.
1 As awful as it sounds there is no stopping the things that have been predetermined, if predetermination even exists at all.
2 There is also little truth in predetermined things, for we cannot calculate what is unknown. But, things can always change, whether we are aware they were supposed to happen to begin with is an act of chance. (or however we decide to justify it as to wrap our minds around it, does it really matter once it’s been done?)
3 There is certainly following forward in understanding one as a whole and a whole as a one. Once that has been accomplished there is nothing to do but move forward.
4 Is that accomplishment going to be justified from the Source, if the Source is both all and one and one and all and all say for one as one says for all? Does it matter?
5 Lest you are cast into oblivion, where the most viscous have been judged to be a part of Nothing. Fear not the oblivion of Nothing, for it is reserved for those that have committed horrible acts; reserved for the most evil that once resided in Everything. Judgment upon them is regulated by the Living, and delegated out by the Everything to serve for eternity in Nothing as an eternal part of the Union of Four.
6 The Living are the manner of judgment for the evil that lives and finally passes on. Living can become resolved over eternity as it passes through the Source, the most evil acts do not get chanced again, however.
7 With all as one and with one as all.
1 Living is the breathing moving fundamental portion of the black, white and gray areas that we all experience. It is the element of Everything that moves thought and feeling so that we exist. Each Living has a Garden and that is another name for our soul and it resides within all Living. Giving to all Living a sense of consciousness that would otherwise be pointless without something to touch, without something else having their own sense of consciousness.
2 We are the carriers of this existence/disease (choose your own term) that we call life and as carriers we supply our own cure. The carriers of this internal and wonderful place that is constantly under fire from other gardens that may be trying to destroy it, or turn it into something that it may care not to be.
3 Be mindful of whose gardens you take unto your own. Their gardens may have poisons that might infect your own garden.
4 That does not make their garden bad, it may make their garden bad for your garden or yours bad for theirs.
5 This does not support a reason enough to accost another Living and lay proclamations towards what they feel is wrong.
6 However, the pressing of one garden onto another without the acceptance of another garden is wrong.
7 Make use of the tools that your garden offers and try not to change the garden’s of others.
8 For cure to another’s garden from ones own garden may, in fact, be the poison to their garden, to them their garden may need no cure.
9 Do not take from others gardens unless the wonders are something that you choose to take into your own garden; be wary of those selling their gardens for they are tired and cannot endure healing without the sake of a saving grace.
10 If their god is that of this one existence, then they be committed to the Source through a same whole and their garden is set on that path, as all of our paths are.
11 Even the paths of those we choose to give energy to have their own garden, all Living supplies the Source, as the Source supplies our garden, and our garden is the Source, Everything and Nothing.
1 An Omnist has no need to worship; Omnists seek to understand the complexities of feeling god or gods and seeing them as one in the same despite the convictions passed down to control. But, they also know it is going to be impossible to understand everything on their own.
2 They need not fear the outcome of the time spent after death. Fear is a warning for danger and danger is what causes us harm. There are more important matters to attend to in feeling everything around them.
3 An Omnist may choose worship, but it would be for the sake of the worship of the lord that they choose; or, the centers of absolution that they see fit to nourish their own gardens.
4 Omnism has absolutes of we absolutely have to eat and drink, we absolutely need to feel and care, we absolutely consider the forces outside of our own being that are a part of us and we are in turn a part of.
5 Each supplying one another in order to have a sense of being, a sense of existence and knowing of that existence.
6 If an Omnist is culturally bound, then it is important to be a part of that culture. But to try to remember that there are difficult cultures out there as well.
7 The Omnist knows full well that they are free to worship whichever god they are willing to commit to so long as no harm is brought upon another’s garden. In Omnism It is also acceptable to not worship so long as no harm is brought upon another’s garden. The worship that may be needed goes to whatever god the Omnist chooses. The Source needs not be worshiped, it does not know of it’s own existence and at the same time the Source is all of us and we are all of it.
8 The Source is not a god, nor any gods, it is us and we are it. All in compliance and understanding. We as Living are the ones that strive for the existence of any Source. Worship is meant for those that need to worship, not for the Source, the Omnist knows this and feels this.
9 An Omnist is just a part of the Living, the Living are a part of Everything, Nothing and the Source.
10 An Omnist takes its role in the Living as one who cannot fully understand the entirety of Everything but knows that if Everything were together all would be understood.
11 The Omnist is the outer rim of the torus that makes up the ever moving Union of Four.
12 The Omnist is also just as much a part of the torus as they are fractions that make up the whole.
13 We are all just a part of the torus, small pieces of this grand cosmic puzzle.
14 Everything, Nothing, the Source and Living all work together in unison.
15 The Omnist is in pursuit to find the truer, deeper meanings for meanings. To dive into the deepest parts of each meaning and ascertain the truth of each to complete the wheel as a whole.
16 The Omnist’s journey could be a difficult one, riddled with inconsistencies and doubts, doubts brought on by others gardens that were not meant to be a part of their own garden and Inconsistencies with anything as a whole and finding the deeper meanings to them, only to have their own self counter examined through Omnistic perception.
17 Omnism is new, but it has been around forever. The Omnist is the wanderer, the fully aware Living that feels a deeper purpose in life. The Omnist is relating to that of the smaller fractions of any larger working machine and they are the ones that are mostly forgotten.
18 Shame, disgust, belittlement, any negative feelings the Omnist will take on and endure are all ways of understanding life and it allows and Omnist to know and feel more deeply than those who have reserved themselves, for one eternally will be able to.
19 The Omnist feels the Union of Four and the Omnist will always endure.
20 Each Omnist may write a book of their own, if they choose. Keeping, in clear mind, that words are powerful. So long as they can understand and explain the meanings of their form of Omnism to others, then it is advisable to do so for the ideal of Omnism to grow.
1 Omnism will hopefully bring to Living a combination of ideas, sayings and thoughts that have been heard and read and seen from different cultures, races, religions, faiths, sciences; as well as ones own intuition and thoughts.
2 Very much of this can be taken as tiny bits of a whole to perhaps contribute to your own whole. There would be no sense, which we can measure, for one thing to exist without the other.
3 Omnism is not meant to conflict, it is meant to bring together through differences and find a better understanding through our similarities allying with our differences and complimenting the conflict that is needed to allow those similarities to exist, all as a harmonious unit.


1 It is exactly that, Everything; this book happens to be a small part of Everything and a small description of what it is to be an Omnist.
2 Everything takes into consideration the fact that it does not exist on its own.
3 It is not full or even available to the Union of Four if the other three aspects of the torus do not exist.
4 There’s no keeping up with Everything there is just being a part of it. A part of something that is constantly moving the Living forward. Taking the Living on the journey that it will always be on. Recycling it through the Source and sending the unnecessary into the oblivion of Nothing.
5 All ideas, myths, legends, gods, saviors, saints, magic, make pretend and actual things that we can hold. All gardens and everything involved in Living are just as much a part of Everything. They are vital to the Source that is unaware of it’s own perfect existence.
6 What good is worship to something that wouldn’t acknowledge it anyway? What good is trying to measure out the idea of imagination, with numbers and sciences that would not apply to it? What sense does it make to proclaim senselessness and chaos as a way to first pave the road to understanding each other through differences?
7 Those questions are just flowing aspects of Everything.
8 Everything carries-on forward and away into an idea of being; through others the ideas of Everything this book implies are re-interpreted and evolve into something else.
9 This is the mind that is throwing the thoughts out there; all minds are vast, and endless. They are immeasurable and eventually can be hardened to be unbreakable.
10 Numbers and math can only count Everything that we as Living see in front of us at the current path that we are on. There are aspects of Everything that we have yet to measure, that we have yet to imagine, that we have yet to experience.
11 There are equations and numbers that have yet to be discovered. The numbers (or anti-numbers) that exists in the areas of our imaginations that still remain to be tapped into.
1 Look around you, see that thing? that is a small part of Everything.
2 Look up, see that? Yeah, that too is a small part of Everything.
3 Look at yourself, you are a Living part of Everything.
4 Look at the tiniest bug you can find, that too, is a Living part of Everything.
5 That bug, that tree, that four legged furry friend that is all a part of Living, which is a part of Everything.
6 That idea that you just plucked from Nothing, that is now a part of Everything. It is not yet a part of Living, but it does now have involvement with Everything. Cater to it, let it thrive, or just forget about it…someone, something, somewhere will make a use of it…just because now that idea is a part of Everything.
7 Thanks to you, be whatever you follow to get to heaven or hell, or to the brackish waters of the great waterfall that is filled with unicorn fish and flying, laser shooting, apple pies. That thought is now involved in Everything, having been plucked from Nothing; not yet Living.
1 Everything gets bored and is constantly working together with the Living to pluck new ideas from Nothing.
2 Everything used the Living imagination to create; to come up with the idea of creating, to be the creator and the created.
3 Everything plucked the idea of Living, from Nothing. That is the way it always has been, and it is a constant in and for the existence of Everything.
4 Simple, honest, constant boredom. What troubles us as Living, is the trouble we find ourselves getting into and creating when we get bored.
5 Could this not be a lesson in itself from Everything?
6 Could it not be that there is a large enough amount of Nothing, that Everything gets to use the Living with?
7 There is no reason to worship Everything. It already is, with or without your acceptance of it.
8 Without you, imagine if you can something else having an outside sense of consciousness also implementing itself to Everything. That idea, too, is plucked from Nothing.
9 You see, the power of imagination is the formula for Everything to exist.
10 It is in the areas of our minds that we utilize our imaginations to hold the existence of Everything together, to hold reality as we see fit to be substance.
11 We, as Living, are used by Everything and we take upon ourselves, as Living, to use Everything to bring about this reality from imagination.
1 The pain and deceit, the happy and the sad, the efforts and the lazy attempts to make an effort. Love, hate, worry, trust, fear, design, arrangement, math, writing, puzzles, games, vehicles, buildings, roads, paths, earth, air, fire, water, rage, docility, comparisons, understanding, worth, value, rotten things, health, sickness, alive, dead, sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. All of these things are a composite of Everything. They are non-existent without the other.
2 No knowledge of life, than no knowledge of death.
3 If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound: a rather profound question that excites the imagination.
4 The statement itself is a part of Everything, as well as the feelings that we draw from our gardens to try to interpret and come up with our own reasonable answer to the question.
5 The feelings in between thought and the thought in between feelings are all giving themselves to a part of Everything. Just because you cannot see the thought or the feeling, does not mean it is not there.
6 That fleeting thought is perhaps immeasurable by the things that we rely on when it comes to science and numbers.
7 How quickly it was there and is now seemingly gone.
8 Not back into Nothing, but perhaps somewhere else into some other Livings mind that is having the same thought at the next moment in time, in a conversation about the question of the reverberating silence that has, or has not, been created by the theoretical tree that has become so profound over time.

1 A part of the whole, Nothing is, well, it is what it is (to turn a phrase) so what can be said about what isn’t there?
2 Does and Omnist feel it: an Omnist knows it. An Omnist knows that it is not important to go around and be fearful of Nothing.
3 An Omnist already has Everything at their disposal, Nothing is just as equally wonderful in the sense that; it is of vital importance to the Union of Four.
4 Without Nothing, we could not imagine, we could not bring about new ideas and be where we are in our existence now.
5 If there were no Nothing there would be no substance to Everything, making it non-existent, and making Living things unable to supply the Source.
6 Nothing, as well, needs not to be worshiped.
1 Imagine Nothing, if you can. It is emptiness that no Living can see or comprehend, simply because it isn’t there.
2 The thought of Nothing has boggled minds for centuries.
3 It only exists because that is the term that a Living can place on it.
4 Nothing knows nothing, it is nothing it is the absence of Everything, there is quite literally nothing there.
5 Nothing but Nothing anyway.
6 So it is gone and it is constantly gone, but it could not be gone, because in order for something to be gone, there would have had to be something there.
7 But there is Nothing there. You see how difficult it is to describe Nothing: the moment something is said about it, it moves farther and farther away, creating a black hole effect in the mind, but even a black hole is something.
8 Nothing is the space outside of existence that isn’t even there.
9 See, just like that, Nothing is gone again. Off into its endless nothingness looking for an Omnist fool to go and find Nothing.
10 What does the Omnist find when they get there?…you guessed it…nothing.
11 How can Nothing be measured? Not sure there is a way to measure it, at least none that we have found yet, the moment you start to try it is back to Nothing and gone.
12 How can it be written about? That is perplexing in itself as the attempt right now is seemingly getting futile and repetitive.
13 Describing Nothing is an endless journey, a wild goose chase, but it’s there.
14 Just at the edge of Everything, there is Nothing, skirting around the outlying boundaries of existence.
1 Can you see it: suppose not, it is Nothing. It’s not even a devour-er or a destroyer, it is Nothing.
2 Even to say that it is empty would put emphasis on the fact that there is something that makes it up. But, it is Nothing there is no make-up.
3 But it is there, just the same. There, not existing, waiting for the imagination to turn it into something; then, it still remains Nothing.
4 Even the name Nothing implies that Nothing has a form and substance.
5 But Nothing is the best name to put on it, but it wouldn’t even have a name, it is nameless in a sense, because it is Nothing.
6 It is a part of a Union of Four in the sense that it is the unknown meaning for balance.
7 The opposite of Everything obviously, is Nothing.
8 It is from Nothing that ideas are contrived; using imagination and knowledge they can be made real.
9 Thus, creating something from Nothing.
10 Is that a form of evolution: in some ways the agreement would favor the answer of yes.
11 Nothing, Nothing, Nothing.
12 Even the name gives this a sense of something.
13 What a piece that does not exist
14 It’s perplexing lack of composition, is hard to resist.

1 The Source knows nothing of itself, nor does the Source know of Everything, Nothing and the Living. It has no awareness at all.
2 The Source is a removal expert (of sorts) in the respect that ideas are constantly moving and that there are ways for Living to make things better or worse.
3 The Source knows nothing of these things. The Source cares as much as it does not care, if it even could care to do either.
4 The Source keeps its ways to itself, but is constantly releasing itself in the manner in which we see fit, the Source is not aware of any of this process.
5 The Source is not all there is. The Source is a portion of the Union of Four.
6 It will not bring great joy or happiness to anyone or anything.
7 It is merely a joining point for Everything and Nothing and Living to meet during the recycling process.
8 It is always happening and is a constant pit of our judgments that all Living contributes to. All partaking of recycling happens in the Source, but the Source is not a thing of consciousness. It is both simple and complex in its own and came from the theories of both existence and non-existence.
9 No one belief has all the answers, but collectively they contribute to a power that is entirely unaware of itself.
10 This power is the Source; it is not a god, nor a purveyor of truth, justice and matter of fact, though it could be viewed that way if one chooses to do so. The Source is the peak, the beginning and the end so to speak and Living is the veil that separates.
11 Everything is bound to the Source in order to recycle the Living to carry on what is meant to be upheld as all. An Omnist is not going to be able to hold truths that are constantly being bickered about.
12 It is not worth it to fight over truth when the truth is the various roads that we find ourselves in conflict about. There is no top nor bottom of a circle, it just keeps going and the paths lead out from the center, over a degree then back to the center and so on and so forth, on and on and on.
13 We as Omnists are intending to be keepers of peace and balance. For now, we walk the middle ground in hopes of making possible the idea of peace among all the things that we once fought over, we choose to understand the necessity of conflict and an arrangement of good intentions.
14 Good intentions for some gardens are not good intentions for another’s gardens. An Omnist should be more prone to not force their garden onto another’s garden but take in the idea that walking the middle road is going to carry out a deeper meaning on the road to peace.
1 The Source happens to be one of those things than can only be found if we look within ourselves. It is the feeling that we have that unites us with some, and keeps us away from others. It is within us, and at the same time is open and free to the vastness of the universe.
2 The Source has no idea of its wanderings through the universes or through our internal universe.
3 You see, the Source is perfection any one can use to fertilize their gardens with and it is a tool, a perfect tool; perfection, anything that is perfect, could not be aware of its own existence and would have no need for anything or anyone, it is perfect with or without the knowledge of itself…it would not need to invent, write or utilize math…it is perfect.
4 Thus, having no need for any of these things or for any of the things that made these things up.
5 It would not matter to the Source if the Union of Four is there or not.
6 Without it, there would be no reason for the other three things to continue flowing.
7 But then, the Living aspect of the Union of Four would have no need to come up with the ideas of the Source, had it not been for the feeling of it that they have within.
1 Within, within, within and then bursting outward without even knowing it.
2 The jubilant feelings that we all have. Not to mention the anger and rage that can be felt and sent out as well. This is all an aspect of the Source that resides within us.
3 From our gardens, that is nourished by each of our own Sources comes the feelings that we choose to share, keep held deep inside for none to know or decide to tuck away for another day to share with the ones that we see fit.
4 These are all contributing factors to what makes the Source what it is.
5 The Nothing and Everything that it is all tied to.
6 The Living that supplies it with its existence.
7 The power that it truly has, yet, has no need to even recognize it.
8 The Source has no need to even accept its own perfection it has no need to get first place or seek shelter, it holds all the answers it will ever need, yet it would never need the answers because they were already there to begin with.
9 The answers rest deep within the confines of the Source and they make their way out in time, all in due time. All ready and willing, yet no need for any of it.
10 How boring if you look to be as perfect as the Source, the beauty Living shares resides in its flawed nature. The crookedness of a tree adds to its perfect imperfection. The idea that sets upon the wonders of what made it grow so twisted and mangled is the idea that first brings perfection into effect.
11 To one, it may be ugly, but to another Living that views it may find it perfect.
12 What is it within your own garden, your own Source that makes you identify ugly: first see the beauty in your own flaws, understand that there is more power in the thoughts of Living than one can even begin to fully comprehend.

1 It is an Omnist’s view that Living is of the utmost importance in life and the Living in the Union of Four is what determines the existence of the other three factors.
2 Living is unto itself, whether Living is that of the largest organism in whatever world there is down to the smallest organism on that world. They are all a part of the whole, without them there would be no Living.
3 All is one and one is all and Living is a part of it, just a small part but a large part all the same from a small place that exists within all Living is a link in the chain to the next part of our existence.
4 The Omnist feels this and is also a part of this. The Omnist is no better or worse for being an Omnist, they can practice whatever they choose so long as their practices do not inflict on another’s garden that is practicing peace.
5 Living is what is done, and what is needed for things to exist, everywhere.
6 If there is no Living than there would be no Everything, Nothing and the Source.
7 Living exemplifies the need to be something, to be a part of something that is far greater a whole rather than an individualistic lonesome thing, we need one another.
8 Living is capable of anything and Living is the moving factor that pushes Everything and Nothing around the torus.
9 Living drives the desires, the needs and the wants. Living drives the love and the hate; it is all the physical mechanics that allow Everything to be.
10 Living is the feelings within the thoughts and the endless supply of energy.
11 Living feels the water, fire, earth and air.
12 Living feels the god and the gods, the angels and the demons.
13 Living is the mythological creatures that inhabit a world that only exists in the minds.
14 Living is the boundlessness of the impossibility of dreams and the complexities of figuring out all the things that do not exist yet.
15 Living is the wars and the peace, the dynamic dances of good versus evil.
16 Living is the unspoken/unwritten words and the mathematics that have yet to be found.
17 Living exists to ultimately not exist, these are the written words of an Omnist who believes in Living. These are just some of the factors that determine the Living. These are the things that affect the Living. An Omnist is aware that without the Living, they could not exist as an individual nor attempt to be a part of the whole.
1 Be good to your garden, give your internal land a chance to grow. Cater to it and be happy with the happiness of other Living. Learn and grow together so that the cultivation of your garden affects how others cultivate their own. Inspire one another so that we can carry on for an eternity.
2 Living is a thing of beauty, not just because you are alive, but because you have been chosen to be a part of Living. Everyone knows the idea of Living exists eternally and without limits. It allows for the idea that anything is possible. It warrants the need for overactive imaginations and unlimited freedom.
3 Living warrants the need to kill or to die. Living gives back all that had been seemingly lost as a small gesture of being a part of the Union of Four.
4 It is never-ending and there is Living everywhere, even in the blankness of what seems to be empty. Everyone has that same blankness inside of themselves, that blankness exists in all that is Living.
5 Living is the only aspect of the Union of Four that is self aware and gives sense to the existence of the other three aspects of the torus.
6 It strives to keep the Union of Four together as a whole. It is the power behind what makes it all work.
7 Living gives meaning to push forward through the things that are not yet known.
8 It is the striving to look beyond fear and leave it to a place where it will serve a better purpose in Nothing.
9 Living is divided and within all Living are the thoughts and the ideas and feelings of existence.
10 Living itself is the only thing necessary for the satisfaction of moving forward through the Source as one. It is the self aware piece of the puzzle.
11 The ideas and feelings that are being brought to us are from everywhere and Living exists to sort those things out. Living exists with and without these things to always tend to making life whole.
12 An Omnist knows and feels that all are one and one is all, even during times of conflict and confusion. There is nothing more to life, than Living.
13 There is no servitude in being an Omnist.
14 There is no higher ground of being, there is wonder and enjoyment in Living and there is no reason to not be happy with Living.
15 Other gardens may force themselves on an Omnist, but several things that really matter are living without servitude, keeping the peace on the middle ground and being a part of the whole.
1 All living things fear something and there are no two ways about it, but fear exists in the mind as to give us clarity towards danger.
2 Fear to an Omnist is part of Living, which means that fear both exists and does not exist.
3 It is yet another conflicting issue for an Omnist, but it gives to the idea of living in fear of something is not living a just life towards happiness.
4 Living cannot exist without fear. Living needs to feel fear to be aware of dangers in its garden. Fear cannot hurt you unless you allow fear to overpower your life.
5 Fear is felt inside and is created and instilled over years of rigorous what to do and what not to do. So, the basis of fear is to keep you safe from danger. However, do not live in fear.
6 An Omnist might have taught oneself to look at fear as a means of survival for Living and being here.
7 There is not top nor bottom so there is nothing to fall out of or fall into, simply because, it just is.
8 Through Living and gaining understanding from listening and interpreting, an Omnist may find no fear that is going to hurt them unless they find ways to scare themselves.
9 The reasoning behind fear is to keep Living away from danger in order to be Living even after flesh is gone, there is a degree of Living that is applied to the Union of Four.
10 Living for ones life may not be the sole purpose of every Livings’ life.
11 An Omnist will know that Living is as much separate as it is a part something larger.
12 Knowing only so much will allow you to be ahead of situations and it is a part of what has filled your garden and other Living may take a part of that garden as they see fit to indulge themselves in and as you see willing to give.
13 If they fear your garden of Living, then they do not understand fear.
14 The rationale for Living is to incorporate fear with knowledge of what to do and what not to do. There are small things inside of us that keep us away from that.
15 There is no escaping your own inner fear unless you can think into the blackness of the Nothing inside of you, that is where the fear of Living exists for most.
16 An Omnist walks this line of middle ground to try to give knowledge of how not to fear and to accept Living as a life that does not know all of it but, as a Living part of the whole, will know Everything and Nothing.


1 Listen for the sound of silence.
2 The Omnist can listen so intently on silence that they begin to get lost in it.
3 It is oblivion that is a part of Nothing, a part of the blankness that resides in each garden.
4 The Omnist appreciates this as they appreciate all sounds.
5 Without the silence there could be no sound of our own Living.
6 Without the endlessness of silence there could be no sound, so it is appreciated by the Omnist.
7 Not for the Omnist to be faithful, unless the Omnist chooses a faith to pray or meditate to; for the Omnist to understand hopefulness in a well balanced world.
8 The cacophony of noises around us reminds us that there is conflict.
9 If the conflict did not exist then there could be no hope for peace.
10 The tumultuous times that are lived in are experienced by all. So through sound we are one in the sense that we can relate to hearing the cacophony of it all.
11 One noise amplifying itself off of the things around them and then mixing in with the sound of other noises around them.
12 Would the noises be there if it wasn’t for the capabilities of the Living to hear them?
13 Again, the age old question, if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
14 Some Living hear things differently, at times you could find yourself listening so intently to another Living speak, yet, the words may not even get through to you in the way that you should have understood them.
15 You still heard them, but they disappear, perhaps you are to acknowledge them later and give yourself an “oh, that is what they said” remark.
16 It is an internal conflict of your own sense of sound.
17 As if you wanted to listen, but deep down in the distances within you there was something else that you were actually listening to.
18 We all do it as Living, it happens, is it a flaw: that answer would depend on another Livings point of view.
19 That does not make them right, you yourself know that you wanted to take the words in, but there was something else telling you that there was possibly something more going on around you at the time that was seemingly more important than the words coming out of the other Livings mouth.
1 The sense of sound works with our other senses in a manner of unification.
2 What we hear and take in is processed so quickly, that sometimes our instincts kick in and tell us to cover our heads when we hear a harmful noise. Or, to duck and cover when another Living yells “watch out!”
3 Certain sounds please us in many ways.
4 To some it is the beautiful music composed by our favorite band and the singer and their voice that touches our gardens so deeply inside. Perhaps the singer is attractive and that ignites our other senses after we are drawn in by the sound of the voice.
5 Some are drawn to the sound of electricity vibrating overhead as they pass underneath high powered electrical lines.
6 Perhaps they feel the currents in ways that others can’t.
7 But the other Living walking with them may feel something else outside of the current.
8 The wildlife in the quiet area may be deterred by the sound of the electrical current buzzing above and/or the sound may act as some sort of a barrier that they can actually see and understand as something that gives them boundaries.
9 There are numerous ways to understand sound and there are numerous undiscovered ways that sound still has yet to give use to.
10 Some may see sound. It’s not impossible just ask those that do, they see sound waves in color and witness it’s motions as it vibrates in waves across their minds.
1 Some Living hear things that others can’t perhaps it is voices in their minds or the sound of a cymbal crashing in their heads. Certain animals hear things in ways that only few of us humans can even begin to accept as true while a small fraction of us actually can see it and have no way to prove it other than our word.
2 The voices of long gone friends and lovers that rattle on in their memories and fading away across the expanse of vibration that draws a line through ones own mind.
3 Other Living may be unable to hear these things; yet, when it is described, the one claiming to hear such things is given some kind of a label.
4 Thus, scaring them into a place where no more understanding can be learned about how they are hearing such noises.
5 It is merely kept to them and lost to the rest of the world.
6 The understanding that majority presses onto this is that there is something that needs to be fixed about this Living. Rather than allowing that Living to embrace what it is deep within their minds that brings about these (matters of fact to them) noises that are impossible for another Living to hear.
1 To those who cannot hear, it is difficult for those of us who can hear to relate to you. The same rules apply to the loss of other senses, as well.
2 The world experienced by those with a loss of senses is a mysterious one indeed; those that live that life stand as a shining example of Living, to remind other Living that things are not always as bad as one thinks they could be.
3 The obstacles that are to be overcome by such a loss of sense should be viewed as nothing short of astounding.
4 It points to the indomitable will to survive, live and be a part of life in general and is just one amazing aspect and is something that we should try to remember and apply to a great deal of other aspects of life, in relative terms.
5 The loss of things such as senses the loss of the ability to hear, to take in something that others take for granted, the gift of sound, and to keep going despite the troubles.

1 Think to yourself of the stimulating pleasures that sight grants you.
2 The view of a beautiful horizon, the sight of open fields, the kind of open fields in which their beauty may only make sense, to you.
3 The sight of a magnanimous animal that, upon seeing it, takes your breath away and makes you think twice about being what it is you are.
4 The sight of upheaval in the things around you and the sight of atrocities being committed. Your sight alone is not the only power to be able to take it down.
5 One of the senses that are innate to most, sight is the benefit of being able to see the things directly around you.
6 It is something that the majority of Living have in common in this world.
7 There are numerous different types of sight to be analyzed, and most of them are attainable through technology. Although, some sight is derived from within.
8 Internal sight, about who you are as a Living and what it is you are capable of.
9 Once you see who it is you are then you are capable of relating to those who have looked deep within the confines of their own minds.
10 You see the tree dance on the air in ways that others do not, and they see it in such a way that you are unable to comprehend.
11 You feel the same air that is moving the tree and if you hold on long enough you can feel something much more as the air passes in between the branches and makes the tree dance.
12 Sight is a feeling as much as it is a sense; combined with the other senses it gives a more powerful meaning to being a part of Living and these things are obvious, more often than not though, are taken very much for granted.
1 Sight is a sense for us to use to identify with our surroundings, to visualize things that are abstract and also for seeing inside of another Living. Seeing into the garden of another Living, seeing into another’s garden and witness as it meshes with your own.
2 Seeing beyond the internal confines of ones outer vision and looking internal into one’s own mind when they sit down and focus deeply.
3 Focusing or seeing into the questions from our outside world and to be able to grasp the answers we hold deep within us, so that we may be able to identify with the things that come from our surroundings.
4 We all have them, inside worlds, though many are afraid to discuss them for fear of sounding as though they might be characterized as insane.
5 Perhaps it is time to move past locking that vision away and to stop passing judgments because it is something that much of society has yet to accept. That if it cannot be measured than it should not exist and is not true is a mentality that keeps us blinded by a rationale of thought that may be critical and over-bearing. That being TOLD what to do by those who may not fully see the same way as others is a vision of the past and it is time for us to look into the future.
6 So long as ones own garden is not poisoned, then perhaps it is best to leave another to tend to theirs after knowing that there is nothing there for you to fertilize your garden with.
7 Is it worth it then, to lop off another’s head in the name of: it is better to just move on for the sake of your garden.
8 Is it worth it to destroy or alter the history of our world because it defies the power that those think they have that are now running rampant through all of our cultures: it is better to allow history to be recognized for what it is and keep a line of what it is in tact rather than alter or destroy it for the benefit of those that think they rule.
9 Is it worth it to throw out something that one may find beautiful, because to another it is merely temptation: what is good for one garden, may not be good for another’s but this does not make one garden bad and the other good.
10 Many of the mistakes of our past have been due to the lack of accepting the inner sight that we all possess. Is that not worth understanding and keeping in mind that “those who do not remember their pasts will be doomed to repeat it” that is a good saying that applies very well to a great number of things.
11 But not all of what we see should be taken in as reality. If you only see it that way then by all means, continue to argue scripture with scripture, just keep it to yourselves and argue at whatever place of worship is best for you, because those trying to reach out for something better do not care to see such things.
12 Some Living out there just happen to see beyond that, only to be labeled as something that make them feel awful by those who only want to see the past as our only future and carry on outdated ways of treating people.
13 Not to say there is not a god, but perhaps it is not your god that defines one truth, or any one god that defines truth, for that matter. A god that if we claim to be able to see, then we are touched by whatever great evil has kept that religion in business. That’s what the fear of maleficent practices has taught us to see instead of learning to see for ourselves.

1 Satisfaction, that is the word that comes to mind when taste is fulfilled.
2 The little buds on your tongue have had the craving of that taste that your mind so desperately wanted fulfilled.
3 Be it sweet, salty, vinegar, bitter, alcohol or water.
4 Something to satisfy the taste buds…to satisfy the minds cravings…tobacco, strawberries, fresh meat or something that has been stored away in the cold for six months.
5 Gluten, pink slime, trans and saturated fats.
6 Natural peanut butter or s’mores while sitting around a campfire.
7 Good taste is a relative term, some have a “sweet tooth” while others prefer wriggling and raw.
1 Taste can go beyond the mouth and into the areas of our lives where we find ourselves in a tasteful position that others may agree with.
2 Is this book written in good taste? Are there flavors in another’s mind that this book has hopefully been able to satisfy? Was that a tasteful thing to say to the Living that just walked passed you? The behavior of some intoxicated Living that was at the event last night, was any of their actions done in good taste?
3 Who and what decides that? Societal norm? Common sense? A combination of both of those things?
4 The realistic things of what to do and what not to do all in favor of having good taste.
5 Is it a combination of what touches our mouth to satisfy our minds that could bring us to our own personal level of what good taste is in our own minds?
6 What we do sitting alone in the confines of our own room may be good taste for us and what we do alone defines our character. But if witnessed by another Living, that may bring about a conflict or a feeling of disgust or, even an agreement on how good of a taste the particular Living feels we have.
7 Is it only opinion based around chance and the statutes of majority rules being the “normal” that defines good taste?
8 But, due to an over-bearing societal norm for us to express feelings and emotions many of us have opted to suppress these natural feelings because we have been led to believe they are a factor that makes us weak.
9 Some of those who have good tastes are afraid to share them.
10 Has this not been commonplace practice throughout history? Does good taste dictate the majority rules of society? Does that not resonate throughout culture?
11 Without taste, would we not know what satisfies our minds in the smallest of portions? Why is it then good taste is related to that which is trendy?
12 Perhaps we just mush our minds away from what truly is tasteful for us by buying into the diction of societies rules. Thus, allowing us to be controlled one taste bud at a time.

1 Things that could define sweetness too, is also derived from the nostrils.
2 A sweet smell is something that may put a smile on our faces, or something that may be pungent and make us cringe.
3 What may smell alluring to some, may not be the same enticing aroma to others;
4 It may be the smell of a skunk in the distance that one is drawn towards and is adored to the noxious scent.
5 While another may be inclined to hold their nose in disgust and travel far away until the smell is quelled by distance. The sweet perfume that one may wear may be comparable to some to the smell of fuel being pumped. Or the cooking of garlic may, to those who like it, smell as sweet as a rose to another.
6 Smell can draw us in, or steer us away.
7 The smell of rotting flesh is something that can lure in animals that wish to feast on the carrion. It can tell you where a Living has just recently frequented, if they have been in a place of flowers, or in a less desirable situation.
8 Waste and refuse deter us and it may cause us to wear masks due to the things that may be floating around in the toxic air at the site.
9 Does smell allows us to remember things by lessons: meaning that we have learned many of the things we like and dislike through smell. We can associate so much with just the simple smell of something in the distance; that it allows us to conjure up a reflection of the past. Something along the lines of “smells like what mom used to make.” Or that the smell of smoke may alert us, so that we act in order to not end up like crispy carrion.
1 Do we think we as humans: or, are we the only ones on this planet with the capacity to understand that and know that smell warns us and draws us in; and it brings about reminiscent thoughts to the mind.
2 Is their nothing Living can’t do: when they are finally together and look at what their imagination has made, a part of Living and other Living that sees and identifies this will begin to create a well.
3 There are many things that go beyond our understanding, the smells that we are unable to smell underwater, isn’t that something that we have yet to accomplish, is to smell underwater?
4 So what capacity is it, that we’ve made-up that we have not sorted out yet and that we have yet to understand?
5 Is it just a physical make-up?
6 Is there a human Living out there at the moment actually practicing the concept of smelling underwater?
7 If there is not, is that just an idea that was plucked out of Nothing?
8 A human, a mammal, a rat, a dog, a cat, a bee, a tree, a leaf or even a bat.
9 Any one of those things coming up with the idea to smell underwater.
10 Just one random thought, supposedly.
11 What can you come up with about smell?

1 Here’s a big one, touch, to be able to touch of everything.
2 To be touched by the ones we love and that love us. Touching us physically, mentally, emotionally, deeply. Touching us all over, us touching them. Skin to skin, heart to heart.
3 Seeing inside one another and having the ability to connect with that-one other Living in the confines of our minds that hold currently hold us captive.
4 Perhaps we are the one Living that feels as though that there is not another out there for us.
5 Singling ourselves out to live inside our own microcosms inside our minds that only we get to touch, see, taste, hear and smell.
6 Imagine the fact that there are others out there with that same ability to create a microcosm. There world may have something in it that your world desires.
7 Imagine one day actually getting to touch that world.
8 Two minds/worlds (mirlds??) coming together through the senses to make another kind of sense.
9 Is it not a touching thought: to know that there is more out there, more outside of the world that you have built.
10 Another Living that may be craving the things that you have once thought of as distasteful even in your own mind.
11 To think that another may not ever get to experience it. The colors and the way the purple mist may run down into the electric blue caverns. Deep into the richest confines of your own mind. The things and ideas that you may have yet to pluck out of Nothing and allow it to become a part of Everything.
1 One of the five senses that we all relate to, touch lets us know that we as Living are engaging something that is physical, something that is of us and a part of something larger than just the physical alone.
2 It can be a benefit to us in letting us know that something is causing us pain and that we feel the spray of water refreshing our bodies and the cool breeze on a hot day as it gently blows by us.
3 That is touch, Living has this and it is another innate thing that we can all relate to on a base level.
4 We are all born human before we are born anything else and as humans touch ignites us, when our lips touch another’s, it brings about even more emotions from within; that may cause excitement leading to even more touching.
5 It brings alive the imagination when our eyes are closed. We may not know what it is we are touching, but we can imagine something/someone that causes us a generalized touch in either physical or emotional ways. That is a power of the mind using the sense of touch, combining it with other factors of who we are as Living.
1 How touching it is, to touch and be touched.
2 To understand that in good taste and the way that the pleasant scent touches the memories of some long ago time in the kitchen, at the movies, in the woods or off to sea.
3 How touching and fitting the idea of understanding an unlimited kind of touch.
4 That the taken for granted idea of touch of just reaching our limbs out and being touched outside as well as touching and being touched on the inside.
5 To forget in those moments in the culmination of our senses, the word becomes meaningless, and how touching an array of emotions gets swept over us in the moments that our wonderful indulgences come out to play. That is all of our senses being touched and working together to touch others.


1 Well, it is an element, is it not?
2 Much like its sibling elements fire, air and water it is a basic thing that simply always was.
3 Living walks/crawls on it, burrows into it, grows out from it, decays, and gets consumed by the things that dwell within it.
4 We grow our food in gardens in much the same way as we tend to our own gardens.
5 These gardens too, can be poisoned; they can be poisoned by another Livings ideas of what to put into another’s garden and that is not fair.
6 Unknowingly they may end up suggesting something that would actually be no good for the garden. Thus, killing the fruit and vegetables and the herbs and flowers that you may be trying to grow.
7 How delicate a balance a garden needs in order to sustain, changing that balance could result in devastation to your garden; but, that does not mean that it will be gone forever, balance can be re-established though it may not be the same as it once was.
1 Earth, as it has proven time and time again can be very powerful, and naturally, should be respected like its sibling elements.
2 It moves, it crumbles, and it caters to the needs of Living.
3 It can also destroy Living; it has no need to be worshiped.
4 With or without Living, the idea of earth will probably still be there.
5 But, without calculations, how is it that that, could even be proved: is that not much like if a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it…does it make a sound…how is it that the element of earth, like the other elements, would even exist without Living?
6 Is it better to assume that it just would: because without Living, it wouldn’t matter anyway; Now would it…?
1 Much like the senses that we have just gone through, the elements work the same way in correspondence with the senses. There is no specific order to the elements. Although, we are astrologically inclined towards some more than others. Oddly enough, earth is one of those elements, and astrology does not hold all the answers.
2 There are many little nuances involved among each individual Living to bring together all of the answers.
3 But, we are all connected in the elements, and we all have a birthday, even Jesus was an Aquarius. If an alien comes down from another planet (assuming they exist), they may have their own birth-date on their own planet. But here, it could be calculated as to what sign they would be on this planet when their birthday rolls around. Thus, linking us in some way, shape or form; and inviting the alien into a form of Living that many of the people on this planet adhere too.
4 Of course, many don’t adhere to it, that doesn’t make either one thing nor the other wrong. That just means that each has their own garden to tend to and knows what’s good for it.
5 Earth, is a fixed element, it is not going anywhere anytime soon.
6 It was here long before us and will likely be here long after us.
7 But where were we then and where are we bound to go?
8 Some say above earth, some say below earth.
9 Who is to say: the earth could probably care less either way, and the element of earth alone probably really has little say or concern about it.
10 Unless of course you are essential for it to be here. Perhaps the element only exists in your imagination then or even because we are here.
11 The thoughts could get astronomical and have to be dis-proven, if calculations of random thoughts exist. Not sure but they can be written down at a pretty good speed.
12 At least we know we are all connected by the element of earth.

1 One of the necessary elements in order for us to live, survive, generate power and many other aspects of just one of the natural elements on this planet that we have yet to fully harness.
2 It is the smooth breeze that cools us off.
3 It is a part of our natural consumption in order to sustain us makes us whole.
4 Air is just one important aspect that all of us have in common.
5 Yet, beyond the fact that we all need air to live, we cannot be happy with that simple fact that it is vital to all of us.
6 It is free for now, no doubt though, (unless we can find a way to see beyond it) those that serve the notion of greed will find a way to convince us that we need to be charged for air as well.
7 Air is just another thing that we can (and should) find common ground with. Something as simple as what it is that keeps us alive, it is something that we share with the animals yet we can’t even appreciate that among one another and soon enough someone greedy will come along and feel as though they have the power to charge us for the air we breathe.
8 Shouldn’t we all be able to appreciate the air: without it, we couldn’t do anything. There would be no fire to keep us warm. There wouldn’t be a need to appreciate being cooled off on a hot day by a simple gust of wind.
1 As an element it is a double edged sword. It has power that could topple great structures. It’s co-relation with temperature could cause us great pain in the climates that are situated in the cold.
2 It has great power and we recognize this power. Yet, we forget that this is a vital linking point in how we all must live.
3 It can carry sounds across a field sending messages to something that we cannot see and hoping that our message reaches its destination.
4 It carries smells, though sometimes, they may not be nice smells (giggle) it is still something that is, in itself, interesting.
5 It could be a smell from some far off distance, or the smell of approaching rain.
6 It gives us a hint of what is to come, or something that we may or may not come across.
7 Acknowledging that should be something that we can all at least sing and dance about.
8 It is not complex, it is there and has been there, it is an invisible part of us; but we know even though we cannot see it, we still need it.
9 Without it Living suffocates and dies. If it goes, is that perhaps because we willed it to go: and what Living would be around long enough to even answer that question once the air is gone?
10 Perhaps the Living that learned to smell underwater could answer.
1 As an Omnist, there is no need for worship of the air, nor any of the elements for that matter.
2 Just one more way to look at how we should all be linked together.
3 It is something that is taken for granted. The air is something so taken for granted, that we only remember the negative aspects of it when they happen.
4 There is study of it, no doubt, but the most understood thing about air is that it is vital for Living to live.
5 It can be used as common ground.
6 Beyond all we know and think of ourselves and hold onto how smart or powerful we are with whatever it may be that fuels our own internal engine.
7 We would relinquish all of that, if we were to lose the air we breathe.
8 That too, should be a sense of common ground for us to find within one another.
9 That we are able to understand and appreciate the air we breathe.
10 There are some that would prefer to not breathe. Sadly, that is still vital to the appreciation that we have it to breathe.
11 That we have it to utilize and combine with other elements to keep us warm; to appreciate the refreshing breeze that blows right when we need it most.
1 At one point in time it would have been thought impossible that something that cannot be seen can hold weight on its invisible spine.
2 But, it was found out, through imagination, then science.
3 At one point in time it was said, “We cannot fly like the birds.” Not sure who exactly gets the credit for that phrase, but kudos anyway! Without you, it wouldn’t have prompted us to try.
4 But, we can now, the math was there before, but the concept of it was nothing more than that of fantasy and diluted ideas of those that were considered, aloof.
5 Yet, just one more thing that can bring us together with air.
6 The marvels in the sky are something that may be thought to be some kind of abomination by some.
7 By others it is a miracle, but it is something that is, like the air, taken for granted.
8 It is forgotten about and taken advantage of.
9 But at least us flying is no longer non-sense.
10 It is a truth that we have harnessed the power of the things that keep us Living.
11 Sometimes we forget the initial importance to us though; air is just one of those things that is set aside and not given much thought about. Until it is taken away from us. Then, it becomes the most important thing in our world.

1 Oh yes it will burn.
2 It will cook, singe, and make Living feel warm.
3 It will make Living feel pain, give them light, a source of energy to run machines.
4 It will give us something to look into, and get lost in.
5 It will also give us something to fear.
6 It is an element, yet one that would not exist without the other elements.
7 They are essential for balance towards one another, and fire holds no power over anything if it wasn’t for the power of the other elements working in harmony to keep its structure the formless nature that it is.
8 If there were no elements of earth and air, there would be no fuel for the fire.
9 If there were no water to put it out, the fire would consume the earth and the air.
10 It is essential to survival for Living that this powerful element is in our grasp.
11 That we can harness it, and utilize it in harmony with the other elements.
12 But to think we control it is just ignorant as well as arrogant.
13 Living is at fires whim, not the other way around.
14 Living needs fire, but fire will do just as well without Living.
15 It will be, as the other elements would be, for they themselves are an existence all their own.
16 We as Living, do not control fire, nor do we control any of the elements. We are at their will. They can do much more damage to Living, than Living can do to them.
1 Say for instance there was a way to measure the “alive” aspect of fire.
2 If the fire could talk, what would it say?
3 Has this not once been recorded in history, was that fact shaping history, or fiction shaping history: the answer all depends on your level of faith in imagination, one would suppose.
4 Perhaps we should all go out and look for a burning bush.
5 But it’s not as if we cannot create it through props and things of the ilk.
6 Of course it is only a hypothetical and theatrics, at least for the moment.
7 One day perhaps the imaginations of all Living things will come to life, in some way, shape or form.
8 Just think of how many evil spirits and ideas that run rampant through our minds now, many of which are related to fire.
9 Even though one could sit down at a campfire at night and be mesmerized for quite some time just by staring into the dance of the fire.
10 The ambient noise that it creates from the wood popping and releasing air.
11 The company that is shared around the glow and the warmth that draws them all close enough to have a sense of unison.
12 Unison that could only exist if the elements are working together and our senses are taking us elsewhere to feel the touch of the Living sitting next to us.
13 Amazing what fire is capable of doing, even when it is contained.
14 Surrounded by a group, all of whom are engaged with one another through the fire, as the fire encompasses them.

1 Very likely one of the most powerful of the elements. Life, as we know it, cannot exist without water.
2 It can transform itself into a solid, a gas, and then re-form back into a liquid.
3 Without it there would be no Living.
4 No reason for the other elements to be what they are.
5 No reasonable use for fire, because without water, why would there be a need for fire: if it had nothing to put it out, it would ultimately run rampant and then consume itself.
6 It is the nourishing element for all Living.
7 Creatures of the sea, lakes and rivers live within it.
8 Plants grow because they need it, allowing air to fill the lungs of Living creatures, cycling oxygen as fuel for other living creatures.
9 It can have things added to it.
10 It can flow and destroy, if pressed upon by acts that whatever you blame it on desires.
11 We can live on the water, we can live next to the water but we have yet to figure out how to live in the water.
12 It can be consumed to hydrate us as it hydrates the plants and it can be used to help disinfect if brought to the right temperatures.
13 The rain washes many things clean, and some of us like to dance in it as it cools our faces and cleanses our spirits.
14 Snow and ice are frozen aspects of water. It can be something fun that Living can indulge in if they have not forgotten how to live like a child; and how to embrace the laughter when a snowball unexpectedly hits them and is followed by the laughter of the child that had thrown it.
15 We can enjoy recreation in it as we take a dip on a hot day to escape the heat.
16 We have much exploration that needs to be done in the depths of the oceans.
17 We know more about the surface of neighboring celestial bodies than we know of what lies deep within our oceans.
18 That is the depth of water, it goes further still as one cannot figure this all out alone; there is also the idea that the deepest secrets lay hidden deep in our oceans.
19 If this allows complacency then please indulge that for ones-self and use it to educate and give ideas to others gardens, but do not press it upon another.
1 Sometimes the water can get or become fouled.
2 Much like anything else in our world it is corruptible.
3 It may happen Inadvertently, or on purpose.
4 Sad to say it can be done in the quiet times when some Living feels the need to do something very rotten.
5 How sad to use such a wonderful element to give no choice but to drink whatever poison it has been infused with.
6 These rotten ways need to have an agreed upon end to them.
7 But, alas, there will end up being other forms of horrible acts, as we as Living, progress together through life.
8 There will always be something that acts as the tormentor of water.
9 Of the fluid that brings us life and allows us to be Living.
10 As an enormous part of our world.
11 As an enormous part of our own genetic make-up. How is that such an easily forgotten thing?
12 Is it now only because that an overabundance of something allows us to think that we will not run out?
13 What will happen if we do?
14 Let’s hope that doesn’t happen and we remember how important all the natural elements pull together along with our senses to make something complete.
15 Without any of them it would be difficult to recognize one from the other.
16 The senses and the elements bring us all together and tie us to one another.
17 What is it that has created so much distance between us all?
18 What driving force has created a wedge so deep within us that we find reasons to hate one-another for our differences instead of acknowledging the things that allow us all to have so much in common?
19 Many have said it perhaps we should all (all Living) pull together and realize what it is that brings us together and be as fluid as the water.
20 Be scorching like the fire to anything that would drive a wedge between the things that, from birth, unify us as the same.
21 Be supportive, like earth, through each others endeavors to succeed in something that would bring a further approach to common ground as we walk on her supportive lands.
22 Breathe in together, the air, that fills us with vibrant life and gives us the necessary oxygen that much Living on this planet needs to sustain itself.
23 Use all of our senses in unison to touch the differences and look past them into the inner parts of ourselves that we cannot see with our bare eyes.
24 It is a metaphorical burning that can be smelled and tasted. So let it be done in good taste as we strive for something that is seemingly impossible.
25 Let the final element be a part of us and us a part of it.
26 Let us be the humans that utilize our minds and hearts but not forget that we are also the animal element as well.

1 It is important for us to understand that no living thing is beneath us nor is it above us; but, always with us.
2 Animals are just as much a part of Living as we are; they are breathing, communicating and understanding.
3 Their languages are different from ours, we try to communicate and they seem to understand us far better than we understand them.
4 That is essential; it allows us to fill our gardens with the peace necessary to sustain our balance.
5 An Omnist finds specific beauties in the flaws of nature and its animals, forever adding to the perfection of our inner blankness.
6 We are one of the whole as are the animals.
7 There is no emptiness to them other than the hole in us that they have grown to see. The emptiness that our gardens grow from and what our gardens have grown into.
8 An Omnist may feel as though they see us as darkness, not entirely in fear, but as something they do not know.
9 They do not have much understanding of mathematics or writing, as we recognize them.
10 Be grateful to say their disposition of peace is far greater than our understanding.
11 They are more powerful than us in the sense that they have no limits to freedom, save for the limits they give unto themselves.
12 There is fluid mastery in their movements which we as a self proclaimed “higher species” have adapted unto ourselves.
13 There are deities created from the likenesses of animals.
14 That by now is considered not profound enough for them to be honored as an endless part of our whole.
15 They provide happily to sustain balance for first themselves, then for us, as we take more and more as a deal of unfairness towards them.
16 We are to live, but the time honored tradition of regarding the elements should not be forgotten.
17 We are not dominant of them; however, without them, there would be no sense of mastery.
18 What good then is master of something over another species?
19 What control would we know had it not been for animals: it would be a whirlwind of confusion had there been no animals to learn from.
20 The animals taught us our place and some of us have forgotten their power, no need for worship from an Omnist, unless the Omnist chooses to do so, as any Omnist could choose to worship as they see fit. That is their decision to make for their garden.
21 But a feeling of justification should always be sent to the creatures that have been beside us throughout time.
22 The creatures that we are still learning from and witnessing, from the lives of animals past we learn of our evolution as beings and the evolution of God and gods, whether it all exists, or not.
1 The Living that share this planet with us are revered by some as guides and deities, mostly though as wild and some as pets.
2 A metaphorical guide, a spirit guide, a warrior guide and so on and so forth.
3 To some that practice is considered wrong and to others it is a small part of their internal feelings.
4 Many hold high the animals that they own and cherish them as pets, others abuse the trusting nature or think it is right to abuse our animal counterparts.
5 While others are still in search of finding the most dangerous of game.
6 Fishing, hunting, trapping for food and the usage of the entire animal is a practice that each hunter should consider learning. It is something that our ancestors have done in order to survive and build a better world for their families and future generations.
7 Hunting for sport is just a simple way to prove that there is always going to be cruel Living out there. Cruel Living that care little for the feelings of the animals that are also a part of who the hunters are on this world.
8 A part of Living and a part of Everything animals are a very close link to the things that we don’t fully understand.
9 They have souls, they have feelings and they have emotions, we share these things with them.
10 They understand better the laws of the wild then most of us do.
11 The laws that our gardens once thrived on, and still happen to be a part of who we are.
12 Though, that part of our survival instincts appears as though it is fading away and being replaced by a behavior that could be compared to as lazy.
13 We still have the basic need to survive.
14 We can revert back and learn what it is to survive if we have to.
15 Throw away the niceties that one finds so wonderful these days.
16 The safety and security of the society that they have confined themselves to and are now having spoon-fed to them, causing them not to see for themselves what it is that humans have begun doing to this world.
17 There is safety in numbers, of course.
18 But, some numbers look at other numbers as lesser numbers.
19 Do we not live exactly as the animals in the wild: only now we refer to it as civilized.
1 What is domination over something?
2 Is it just a false interpretation of power and the conceit that comes along with it?
3 Who truly rules the things that should not be ruled?
4 What god of gods is it that can stake their claim to the providers?
5 Do the animals not share the same senses as us if not already having certain senses more developed?
6 Do they not walk, swim, breathe and thrive among the same elements and share the same needs as us?
7 How then is equality taken away from them, other than the fact we have grown to have certain capabilities that we say they do not have, things like government and “advanced” social structures?
8 There are things that are undiscovered about them, as much as there are things undiscovered about us. Isn’t that a level of understanding to allow us the capacity to draw a parallel with them during our lives? Shouldn’t that allow many of us to share the same parallel with one another? Have we grown so ignorant and blind to not see such a relation?
9 Do we not have the ability to understand each other on a deeper level, with hope for all of us, that we all share. Taught to us by the animals that we travel through life with.
10 There will come a time when wastefulness will be intolerable and hopefully become a thing of the past.
11 To take away from something that is thought to be weaker, leads to the lack of understanding the strengths that the weak have. Advantageous strength used to overpower is lack of understanding and an abuse of power; that in itself is a travesty.
12 It happens to all Living and it is an issue that should have attention brought to it, so that we may further our existence with the things that have meaning and share this world with us, as we share it with them.
13 Living of evil power are consumed by it, so let it come to pass that they are seen as something that is not good, let them see it for themselves. For they are the ones that are to blame, they alone are just plain [insert preferential derogatory name here].
14 That though, is essential for their gardens. If not for the unsympathetic, how would there been empathy for another Living’s life?
15 When all the animals are gone, when all the crops are harvested and when all the fish are caught, it will be then that humans realize they cannot eat finances.
16 So perhaps, it is best assumed, that the animals are the meek and that they are the ones to inherit the earth. For they have been known to guide our spirits and for us to guide them and bring compassion, love and to care for one another. Without the animals, without our spirit, without their knowledge of the wild, we would not have come as far as we have.
1 In a variety of ways we are animals and animals are an element, we happen to fill the aspect of humanity in the animal element.
2 Our emotions and personalities can be compared to that of the other elements, we can take on and have a fiery ambition or temper, we can sometimes be air-headed or move fluidly like water in certain undertakings physical and mentally. We can be as stubborn and immovable as a mountain comprised of so much earth that nothing will shake us from our position.
3 It’s all tied in and we are all together here; our senses tied into the elements as we are essentially the element that is needed in order for the others to exist. Without us, without us thinking of these things, they would probably not exist nor have any reason for being.
4 That is the power of the animal element that we are, our consciousness existing for the existence of others. How is it we overlook the most simplest of things and continue to come to the conclusion that everything is so much more complicated than it actually has to be. When we go beyond our capacity to understand those that have once cared for us, it is time for us to understand evolution and gods as the same thing.


1 It is a manner of existence for all Living, the fundamental plane where all applications of life take place.
2 It is conscious awareness for dreams and imagination to take form and eventually come true.
3 It is the physical limitations set on what can be done and what is said cannot be done.
4 It is the fibers of being that allow the senses to be indulged.
5 It is an unquestioned standstill that exists due to oppose our imaginations; without reality, there would be no imagination and without imagination, reality would not be what it is today.
6 Reality is comprised of the matter of fact that fiction cannot seemingly penetrate.
7 From fiction comes to life the fears, hopes and dreams that drive realities for many of us.
8 It is for the currently unrivaled laws of math and the level of our physical senses that allows reality to be more than just a concept.
9 We can calculate reality and break down what we take in through sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, combined with the elements, this shapes our reality. These combinations measure, weigh and give substance to Living.
10 We are bound to a reality that the Living awakens to.
11 The sun rises and sets, thus, making way for the moon to run its course.
12 Day after day and night after night.
13 The reality of long ago was that these celestial objects were given names and faces; stories from long gone civilizations that worshiped them each as a god of their own, or something of the ilk.
14 Now though that is no longer considered the reality of it. Over time those things have been dismantled and torn away by those who felt so strongly about something else.
15 Had what we now know been considered then, the normal majority now may have been considered heretics of some kind and sacrificed or buried alive or fed to the lions.
16 That then, was the reality. The truth from then is currently considered fiction in the confines of what we now consider a reality, making those long lost beliefs fantasies to most of the current cultural norm.
17 The Omnist will take as much of those beliefs into a deep consideration as something that has forged a way to create the bulk of what is now present day reality. Combining their senses with the elements and look deep within their own minds to forge a new reality from their own imagination.
18 Taking into consideration what may not be good for another’s garden. The Omnist is on a teeter tottering path among those who fear and those who fight, among those who choose to force their gardens onto others in a ludicrous idea of peace that was derived from strife and agony.
19 How so now is the current reality that has been forged that of something that the minds of others can be so suppressed in?
20 What power are those truly consumed and held down by, that they feel it is right to press themselves and their beliefs of what truth in this reality is?
21 Have we not found ways to break through the barrier that is reality?
22 Do we not make things up: the most imaginative of minds can bring to reality things that most of us would not even consider dreaming of. The clout of materialistic needs has dulled the imagination and is shaping reality into what we say we fear most, yet most of us assume the position of doing nothing about.
23 Reality now is that we cannot breathe under water without the proper apparatus. Perhaps someday, if a large enough amount of Living feel so compelled to, we might.
24 Thus, altering reality, at least the reality that we presently endorse. In some other reality, mermaids would find it ludicrous that their form of Living would ever live outside of the confines of the vast ocean.
25 Is it not though, something that the Living must still come back to, or be deemed some kind of a crack-pot (by loose definition) by those that set a watch to the unquestioned level of reality: when reality is constantly being re-shaped by our current technologies regardless.
26 Rules and laws get based around the reality, giving to it more power and pulling more tightly on the chains that keep many dreamers held down. The dreamers that are re-shaping reality regardless of said chains.
27 The laws and rules give strength to whatever is held true, as a form of absolution to those who fear to roam outside the safe quarters of their confined reality.
28 Many realities differ, vary and hold their own weight on groups; doesn’t that hold true for all other groups?
29 Do we not each hold tight to our own efforts of what we see and present it to other gardens as something new, thus, expanding ourselves and enriching the soil that makes our own garden plentiful.
30 If not for someone else’s grasp on their reality, would it be possible to come up with ones own reality?
31 Would we not be able to venture off and find a feeling of inner peace had it not been for the soil of another’s garden, that the matters of fact to that gardens reality is not our own reality, but a reality that many of us just deem as best suited to live in?
32 Some Living should hold tight to a safety net for broken thoughts of what reality is.
33 Reality keeps the Living safe and gives berth to the weary travels of our gardens imagination.
34 Without others holding true to their realities there would be no danger or fear, thus, offsetting balance and carry with it no reason or logic for imagination to present itself.
35 There would be no hope for times of rest; times that, for the reality of some, is long overdue.
36 For others’ reality is at hand.
37 There is no tipping of the scales of balance, but the agreement that would make us closer to being one, should be that of; not forcing our gardens onto one another but, feeling content to help those that we see as our enemy and being comfortable in keeping our own alliances with one another in tact.
38 As redundancies begin to take their effect on you, this will come back and let you know that there is something involved and influencing you outside of those that deem you, unworthy.
1 Sitting and seeing things (as are distinguished by reality) the things around you perceive you as you.
2 Though, in the confines of reality a Living can drift into their own imagination.
3 Does one exist in the other or for the other: for some, their imaginations are their realities.
4 It becomes something else other than an escape into their minds.
5 They can make up and build their own worlds.
6 Their own made up devices, their own machines, their own animals.
7 Their own sense of Living that can be related to on the paths that their feet carry them through.
8 Day-dreaming is just a part of this reality. Without that level of imagination supported by reality, there would not be the great thinkers of our time, of past times and for future times.
9 Imagine this reality in the future.
10 Most imaginations at this time probably support the idea of the end of our world, through our own devices or by the corruption that some gardens feel content forcing onto other gardens. This is mental genocide on a large scale.
11 Genocide of feelings, genocide of how Living perceives this reality now.
12 Some time from our current reality may not exist and will probably succumb to the imagination of some corrupted garden that has built itself up to be an ultimate power.
13 That is where fear plays its part in this reality.
14 That is what fear of death and pain does to a Living.
15 These things are control devices that those whose gardens have been corrupted use to their advantage.
16 As they sit, and spill out their poison, this is every Livings reality. What a horrible thing to do, to hold fear over the heads of those that depend on you.
17 Not all are like that, though; there are many out there that strive for something better, for a reality that only a dreamer can see.
18 This (Omnism) is perhaps, the beginning of that reality.
19 There will always be conflict of some kind to contend with.
20 Once peace has been established no doubt there will be a race of supernatural beings from a far off galaxy to bring about some other kind of conflict to keep balance.
21 Perhaps not, who is to say? At the moment, that is not an acceptable idea for this reality because it defies the laws that make up our current reality.
22 But killing each other “in the name of” or misinterpreting important teachings just to re-create something that we have already learned, is wrong. It is more or less us imagining ourselves living in the realities of antiquated pasts where savagery and barbarism were the mainstream of what defined societal norm; those in charge utilize this tactic to divide nations. Attaching ourselves to a time in our history that we are too afraid to let go of, despite the mistakes that our ancestors have made.
23 That too, is fear. Fear of letting go of power, power that corrupts no matter which way that the confined pendulum swings.
24 Power of currency, power of force, power of taking because you are the bigger bully raising turmoil on the school-yard.
25 Is that not the reality, on a relative scale, that all of us have bore witness to or experienced in some way, shape or form during the course of our lives?
26 Does the bully not get bigger with each passing decade as we grow?
27 Did that bully that you once knew on the school-yard grow into something else? Not the same person, but comparatively to something or someone that is doing nothing more than taking.
28 Taking something from others and telling them what to do, because they can.
29 No matter what walk of life you come from, this is a feeling that we can all relate to. That we have all experienced.
30 That is the reality that we all know exists as a societal norm.
31 What can be done to stop such bullying?

1 The ability to fabricate from the mind is one of the most important abilities that any Living possesses.
2 To imagine world peace, a fairy god-mother or something lurking in the dark.
3 It is there, but at the same time it only exists in the mind.
4 Even the animal gets startled with it’s thoughts of something approaching. That gives the notion of the animal’s capability to imagine.
5 Even a Living born with no senses still has thoughts; still has the ability to imagine what it is that their surroundings are and what they are composed of.
6 Something that has never bore witness to a physical object will still take form and shape of some kind inside their mind in order to give substance to their existence.
7 Just because they are unable to see, touch, feel, smell or taste, it does not make their own thought of what they are non-existent.
8 This idea delves into the mind and carries with it the thought that there can be something from Nothing, applying that to Everything, making its contribution to the Source, through the Living.
9 One form of imagination is the creation of something that does not yet exist.
10 It is the thought process that brings light and fruition to all gardens without knowledge what a garden is.
11 Had there been the want to grow something before the knowledge of growth then there would be the imagining of a garden.
12 Imagination, applied to knowledge, further emphasizes how powerful a mind can potentially be.
13 Have we not already witnessed this power first hand?
14 Destruction is the first thing that comes to mind.
15 But the attack of imagination, by any means necessary, is something that an Omnist might give up their peace treaty for.
16 Large scale numbers being lost with and through the manipulation of imagination is one thing, that this Omnist in particular, would not stand for.
17 Nor should any Living under any circumstance commit an atrocity for such an order to be made. It should be good reason and sound judgment that are practices of an Omnist as well as a practice of good Living, good faiths and regards towards one another’s gardens.
1 Dreams are a part of our minds subconscious to par-take in imagination nearly uninterrupted.
2 Dreams allow us to fall deeply into a state of unwillingness to conjure the things of non-existence.
3 If one cannot dream, then the non-dreaming part of their life is perhaps wildly fascinated with the imagination and the non-dreamer may be at a stand-still within themselves as to the existence of the things they cannot see.
4 In their waking life though, their contribution to imagination is more thought provoking than one may realize.
5 The non-dreamer wants to know what it is to dream, they become an instructor of reality.
6 The unknowing instructor will probably offer advice from a matter of fact point of view which at time may seem abrasive, but just keep in mind that no one wants to be wrong.
7 In turn, they themselves can imagine better in waking life what it is to to have dreams.
8 Be steady not to force your garden onto others, non-dreaming instructor.
9 It is very easy to overstep your boundaries and forget to apologize.
10 That may take an Omnist off course and causing them to have a loathsome opinion towards the skeptic, making them skeptical towards skepticism.
11 The Omnist is strongest if you are strong for yourself. Thus, making you stronger for them and them for you.
12 No matter who you are or what you feel you may be, there is reason for you to be strong, and to be strong in your mind and heart so that others may be strong as well.
13 Despite the lack of dreams, at times the insight of the non-dreamer is as important for all, just as much as the dreamers ideas of things that do not yet exist.
14 The dreamer needs the non-dreamer as much as the non-dreamer needs the dreamer. Much like the yin needs its yang and the yang needs its yin, these two opposites appreciate one another for what lies on the surface of one and what lies below for the other.
1 Make something up, make up the six-legged frog that can breathe fire and wears a crown.
2 Make up the missing link.
3 Make up the three-eyed dog that never stops chasing its tail, that three-eyed dog that is constantly running circles in your mind.
4 Propelling ones mind deeper and deeper into conscious levels of ones own imagination.
5 Eventually these things are going to have an opposite to represent what it is they are, and what they define.
6 The frog may be a king or a queen of some distant land that is under assault by the giant wasps of the land of Magi-Lik-Ali or something just as equally absurd.
7 That makes all things that were once a part of imagination absurd. At one time there was no gods or God, just the same as there was no science, or even another interesting idea of they were all existing in unison at the same time, but something happened.
8 On the relative level of things there are Living out there that use their imaginations for far worse things…as well as…far better things. There just happens to be no money in peace that can line the pockets of those that can exploit our fears.
9 Why is the nature now the nature that the things that are far worse exceeds the imaginations of things that are far better for Living. The good guy has to win every time, the bad guy only has to win once. But, how often does the bad guy even know they are bad?
10 Perhaps one Living is excited to blow something up, or set it on fire. Thus, inspiring the imaginations of other Living to be the one to put out the fire, or stop the weapon that blows something up.
11 Is this not a form of balance? Is that balance now what is completely taken advantage of because that is all we know and witness in reality?
12 Is lowering ones own moral standards on a large scale more important that seeing the beauty of our imaginations take place for the sweet things that we so rarely indulge in?
13 Then, the animals we live with, they are imagining too. All they may be imagining is you.
1 It is difficult to measure imagination.
2 The imagination alone can look beyond that of numbers and words.
3 Making something up and then having it come to fruition from ones mind or many collective minds is a great accomplishment.
4 Why then do we imagine inflicting pain: we know it is wrong and that it could seriously damage another’s garden.
5 It could steer them down a path that they may not care to go.
6 But that path would then be chosen due to the power of another’s imagination.
7 That is tempting for some, to find themselves in an over-indulgence of inflicting pain and cruelty onto another Living, sadly, that Living does exist.
8 One can imagine something that is needed to understand what it is that truly matters to many of the good Living out there.
9 Mother Nature invokes her own imagination through the acts of natural disasters.
10 Because, all-in-all, Mother Nature is a Living as well, the world we live in is a living, breathing thing.
11 Without Living to imagine the blue skies and the deepest of nights, would it even matter if it was here or not? Would the earth really care one way or the other?
12 The world has shown us time and time again, that any of our achievements will be brought down in the wake of a small fraction of power that the world puts out when it gets tired of our parasitic nature.
13 What then are we to do: perhaps it is time to imagine new ideas of the things that govern us and dictate our lives. The advancements that we have achieved in life all started out as someones imagination.
14 Instead of currency maybe value of work should be placed on the time put in and we all pay it towards one another, rather than being put in a rat-race that does nothing but divide us with numbers. Perhaps we should protect the things that are more important for our survival as a whole, instead of chopping off each others heads off “in the name of” and bashing one another due to the attraction towards genitalia. A Living loves, who they love; it is as simple as that.
15 If out-dated teachings cause one to prescribe to a nature of hate, then we are doing nothing more than moving backwards by claiming that love brings wrath and fury down upon a group of Living.
16 ‘Tis the largest affliction brought down by certain gardens onto another group of gardens and forcing ones views of what life and love is onto another group.
17 Let’s imagine that there is something more out there for us, more beyond the wretched fear of going to whatever hell after death one prescribes to. That there is something more valuable than servitude towards something in order to be granted access into whatever heaven there may or may not be.
18 That there is more to life than just the aspirations of there being absolutes that must be followed in order to get somewhere that is, in large parts, doubted by many and truly believed by few.
19 Even by the many people that stake claim to their devoutness, certain acts by Living are just simply unforgivable “in the name of” so, it can be understood as lunacy when one subjects themselves to kneel down in blind faith and do as commanded.
20 Sounds all but something that can be thought and felt passed, once you look deeply into what fear truly is and its existence is to steer one away from danger, not further into fear; to steer us away from wrong-doings in order to get somewhere that many Living do not even consider possible.
21 Imagine a new creator, or a new deity. Imagine the roles are reversed and the greatest words that have been written are nothing more than the bad seeds and the largest trick ever pulled.
22 Imagine, if you hold true that there is nothing more than this life, that there are other Living out there that need more than that to go on.
23 Is the basis of both of these thoughts not a connection to one another in itself?
24 Abolish the zealot behavior and the compulsion to defend each idea as a whole and understand that both are very good means and ways of thinking that were, at one point, the imagination of some great thinker/teacher. One perhaps that utilized the capacity to carry a written word before many could understand what it was. Writing about servitude in order to break away from slavery…out of the frying pan and into the fire.
25 Through imagination though, through the minds of Living used initially, for hope, love and the idea of freedom and peace by demanding a feeling of faith and rigorous levels of servitude. Good for some sure, but not good for all.
26 Others rely on themselves in deep meditation to experience inner peace.
27 Others need to have a name placed on each of their gods.
28 All of which are trying to make their way to the same places.
29 None is complete without the other.
30 So let’s imagine them together.
31 They are there whether one likes it or not. Hence, how we are mostly all Omnists without even realizing it.
32 So, as it was once said, imagination is much more important than knowledge and the brilliant words of one of the most influential songs of our time, still carries a message of peace to the world.
33 If only we can imagine ourselves in between the words and see deeper into the meanings that carry the true nature of peace, maybe one day we will all just get along.

1 Let other Living prove their worth to you.
2 Your worth will be reciprocated to them in kind.
3 There are simple equations and complex equations in mathematics.
4 There are rules and guidelines that have to be adhered to in order to create a structure that is finite.
5 Infinity is incalculable because the lack of proper math that we have yet to discover.
6 There will eventually be a breaking away from guidelines and the immeasurable will become measurable.
7 The rules of mathematics that we are governed by are not absolutes. We do not know all the mathematics, just look at the things that we still have left to discover in space; along with the ideologies that we have staked claim to putting so much of our efforts into knowing something for certain when certainty itself for future occurrences cannot be calculated. No doubt the acceptance of this will go through rigorous evaluation and many condemnations.
8 Think of how much we have accomplished through math. Using something that had to be brought about in time by great thinkers that wanted to go beyond the confines of our world.
9 Some Living had to figure all that out, they had to discover for themselves how to use math, in order to discover that it existed, they had to first imagine that it was there. Thus, pulling the concept of math from Nothing and bringing it out of the imagination and into reality.
10 Again, a simple explanation of how evolution truly happens in the mind. Then applied with knowledge, creating something from nothing.
11 If enough of the Living believes in something so much, does that not make the things that cannot be seen and held a possibility: for many, those ideas and beliefs are true. But, are they stand-alone truths: for the ones that feel so whole-heartedly…they are….
12 That is their garden and those are the tools necessary for allowing it to flourish.
13 Their faith cannot be calculated because it rests inside of them. It is what they feel and there are no numbers to represent that, but that does not mean it is not there. At one point in time numbers did not exist.
14 Sure, it could be placed on a scale from one to ten, but that is merely a judgment call based on speaking to the person and seeing how passionate they are about what it is they feel.
15 So long as they are not forcing their garden on another person, the feeling that they do share can be reciprocated to others that feel the same.
16 The feeling the Living is giving away is what is important for others that do not share the same belief, those people too have their feelings to share.
17 The conflict is in the manner in which each Living has gotten to that feeling. Does that truly matter: having that resistance towards one another rather than sharing the destination that we all will ultimately succumb to in the end.
18 The resistance is necessary in order for further discovery to be achieved and there is more than one way to get there; it seems as though we are more focused on having what we believe to get there first, so we allow greed to consume us, thus, pride and wrath shortly follow so that we may fulfill our own selfish needs, at that point, we have lost focus of the true destination.
1 Time can be calculated, measured, and used in various ways.
2 It can be manipulated if you are one practiced in efficiency.
3 One of the worst things is to waste time.
4 Sitting around and poking holes in one’s own belly-button.
5 Wasting the day away, not exercising one’s mind.
6 Every Living has opinions of wasting time.
7 Some opinions are different from others. Is it not the same feeling that each Living has that the connection can be made?
8 Two Livings can debate about wasting time; both views and opinions may be different, but in the end, time has been wasted and they can agree that they both have a concept of wasting time.
9 How is it that they are unable to work from that point on, to strive towards something more than arguing over who’s idea of wasting time is better? Couldn’t the argument, in and of itself, be considered a waste of time?
10 How peculiar, that one would waste time watching two Livings argue their views on how to not waste time. Unless they are witnessing this argument to learn something from it, in which case would that mean learning something such as this is wasting time?
11 All the Living on the planet has a way of dealing with their time.
12 The animals may be working all day and resting at night.
13 Some may be in a constant form of motion.
14 Some just kind of lounge around the home and come and go as they please.
15 Some may look like they are doing nothing, but they may be standing still and waiting and there is a big difference between doing nothing and standing still.
16 The animal standing still may be playing a vital role in something that said animal understands as much larger than itself.
1 Math has very important values that most don’t recognize. In everyday life the most complex of equations are happening around us and through us.
2 Yet, more often than not we remain take these minute things completely for granted because there is no need to calculate how dynamically our simple functions operate, each function having its own separate equation, all coming together from separate areas of our existence to give us the perception of our own awareness. There are those out there that do work and take the time to decipher the smallest of calculations that allow our bodies to operate.
3 These calculations run their course naturally without us even giving a second thought to the fractions of each operation happening under its own accord.
4 Our minds may be directed at what it is we are going to put on the table for supper, or perhaps, if we are even going to have anything for supper.
5 This, for instance, is something that may be calculated, but where does the thought go once it has been established?
6 Is it stored in some huge locker that we have arranged for ourselves inside of our brain?
7 If so, what are the numbers and calculations that we need to discover in order to find out where that locker is and what it looks like? Do we each have our own concept of the storage locker in our own mind?
8 How then, could a locker of thoughts be brought out into a physical being so that we may have evidence of something that exists of mind: despite it not being seen by the Living standing next to you, the locker is still there none-the-less. This concept could be relative to a number of thoughts and things in our mind.
9 We all share some sort of locker of thoughts, it is just one more of the dynamic similarities that we as humans have with one another.
10 One for memories, one for tomorrow, one for the current matter at hand, all zipping through our minds at some ridiculously quick pace that, very likely, there is a calculation for, perhaps it is all moving in slow motion, and only the perception of what we know of our own minds is viewed as a fast pace, because it has learned on its own to slow itself down. It has learned inside of the depths of our mind that we have yet to unlock and has come out with a slower vibration that calculates faster than that of the most sophisticated calculator that we have.
11 We have internal discovery and are told that only external tools and values are the proof between what is real and what is not. What can be identified as reality is said to be true, think deeply though within the darkness of your undiscovered mind, think hard enough so that it touches deeply into the soul/garden and comes out with the answers to the questions you have yet to come up with, or be approached with. ?This is mind calculation, taking in what you know of the happenings around you and tying them in with your own experiences to calculate the best possible outcome based on mistakes of the past. Not only your mistakes, but the mistakes others have made and you yourself have bore witness too.
12 How is it, that one can go on a deep journey inside their mind and come back all the wiser? Is there a calculation for that? Or does the person speaking of their adventure become deemed as a stark raving lunatic: instead of listened to as someone that can be an adviser and contribute to those seeking the proper answers of soul.
13 That may be a rather unfair judgment call by those who are not listening intently to what that mind traveler is actually saying or what they have discovered.
14 It is said that those who dance are considered crazy by those who can’t hear the music.
15 Suffice to say, as a metaphor, there are many out there that dance (with their thoughts, with their faiths, with their feelings), those dancers may view the ones that cannot hear the music just equally as crazy as they are perceived to be.
16 Out of curiosity, aren’t these two lines of thought the same: the thoughts are different, yes. The conflict is there, too. But, they are parallel lines of thought, just in opposite directions in search of the same outcome.
17 To deem one crazy is not the end all be all to that persons sanity, it is just a judgment based on fear of something that is not fully understood by either party involved.
18 The line of thought for each, however, should be means enough to start searching for peace through the conflict and passed the name calling and finger pointing.

1 Words are powerful.
2 Written words can give the notion of existence to something that may have been otherwise forgotten.
3 As thoughts pass through ones mind some will be lost in the oblivion of Nothing existing in the mind.
4 Some thoughts, for good reason, are not written down nor said. Some thoughts will be lost for some time but they eventually make their way out into written form of some kind.
5 All minds share that loss and gain with one another making all minds connected in such a way as to what it means to be an Omnist.
6 In the base ideals of religions, politics and sciences the written word is the proof of the existence of said ideals. An old thought written down can be expanded upon by another’s thoughts or ideas; then, have more written down on top of its fundamental principles.
7 It is the basis of their hearts and souls.
8 It is the word, or the proof that something happened or existed.
9 It is the cornerstone of many faiths, their “fact” that they know that there is something out there greater than them.
10 Without writing the root principles that many nations base their foundations on would have no structure to base their control off of. The written word is their guide on what matters deeply to them when they gave birth to their country, it is their core and it is their validity as something that stakes its claim and without it their power would be moot.
11 With sciences it is the endless pursuit to know, to expand on knowledge and know how from the past discoveries that laid the groundwork for each and every standalone science linking them together or negating what it is they attempted.
12 That basis alone is something that brings sciences closer together, much like on a relative scale on what brings us closer together.
13 We utilize the written words of others to hold onto something that we feel inside. To nourish our garden, and add more and more enrichment so that it may grow; contributing to the idea that there is something more, and we experience such things through the written words of others.
1 Words of fiction or words of fact walk a thin line with one another.
2 Neither would have any sense of existence without acknowledging the other.
3 Would fiction find fact impossible if fiction was indeed the majority of thought?
4 Could that alone be an excellent way to say that there is a form of evolution inside the minds of Living: that we do have the power to work as a collective unit to create something from nothing.
5 The vast nothingness of our minds is waiting to be filled with a wealth of knowledge from things written long ago; to be filled with new ideas written by those that are still undiscovered. The Living with the fleeting ideas of bringing us together and moving forward, but lacking the gumption and the absurdity of their minds to make the connection between each feeling. To move beyond what others think of them and begin thinking for themselves and sharing their feelings without fear of criticism from societal norm.
6 To not be swayed by those who rely on god, gods or sciences to gain a feeling of enlightenment. Rather, to share the journey with them, on their own course and to acknowledge respectful natures that each and every one resonates and to tie the metaphorical knot of union between the lines that separates.
7 To have a book of shadows or rely on mystical powers to gain access to something deeper then themselves. To cater to the needs of oneself for the further development of all of us coming together in time. To keep hope alive and understand one another’s plights, without judgment towards whose situation is worse or better. One of the strongest capabilities that we possess is our ability to write.
1 How long does it take for something to grow: how powerful was it thousands of years ago to have the ability to write knowing that it would last long after the one who has written it.
2 No doubt that few people from long ago whom had written the great books were aware of the power that they possessed.
3 It may have been utilized to break away from slavery, to be free of the ruling thumb that their known world was being oppressed by. To fight back against persecution and being held hostage by a tyrants.
4 They wanted more and they wanted answers on how to get more based on morals that we are born knowing, the basic morals are easily adhered to for most Living, although were many out there that had no moral compass, so they needed a God to guide them. They needed guidance and they have a need to want to be told how to live and what they have to live that way for, so someone took it upon themselves to write all this down.
5 They were given the answers from the brilliance of those who knew how to write.
6 Those who cared enough to share their feelings with others, those who wanted something more, something better, something great.
7 Knowing full well that they will live forever in the words that have been written.
8 To this day the Pagan gods that made it through time still exist because someone took the time to write about them, to share their knowledge with the world and to bring something that did not exist, into existence.
9 Christ exists for a great number of people because the teachings were written down and passed on from generation to generation. Whether or not he was a real person is debated, but what difference does it make so long as the belief guides people to a better place of living for others. So long as gardens are not pressed upon.
10 Miracles occur and are documented, we can see beyond our own galaxy in search of something greater than us, for something much like our own world out there and these discoveries are documented in great detail using our senses, math and writing. All these Living do great work (and have done great work), for the greater good and yet, they still have not figured out how to come to terms with one another.
11 Where then is the catalyst to unite these ideals? Why is there a need for separation amid discovery? Who wrote down at one point in time that the works of evil reside in unison and understanding?
12 It is certainly not the fault of God, god, gods or the lack of faith. It is those that feel they have found something greater and choose to force their gardens on another’s garden. Without taking into consideration that what works for them, may be best incorporated for peace alongside what has worked for another’s garden. Thus, each garden having its scriptures laid out in comparison, without the fear of absolution is a better way to bring us together than coming to the brick wall of our own human condition.
13 The doctrines that claim truth by perfection, the doctrines and written words of Living that have seen beyond themselves and of those that want to come back as something they desired in this life to be.
14 Were not those ideas once based on something that did not exist before: at some point those ideas did not exist, the ideas being a part of Nothing only to be plucked from its place of non-existence, thus, being created.
15 Who/what then is the creator of the one that created Living? Were the notions always there or was it a little bit of Everything doing what it has always done?Had it not been written down the ideas would be there, but it would not have been given solid form until writing was established.
16 Those who knew how to bring together the written words, have thus given power to a great many of their kind. One seeking absolution, one seeking nirvana, one hoping to one day become a part of the earth or any of the thousands of notions out there that explain who and what we are.
17 Or, the Omnist, understanding in each one their own way that there is something greater than themselves, through all these collective ideals not in one entirely. Being given the good feelings that are resonated from each holder of these wonderful concepts, respecting each one for who and what they are and guided by a moral compass understanding that they will make mistakes and also persevering beyond the negativity to feed their garden with a prescription of good natured feelings that come from within them. Not being told what to think, but empowering themselves with the deeper meanings of the thoughts they know and coming to conclusions from their own thoughts and allowing sensible reasoning from all forms of knowledge to confirm their feelings and their thoughts.
18 There is no full truth in one teaching just as one teaching could not have a reason without the conflict that it creates. Omnism exists because all of these feelings exist without form thus, keeping Omnism fluid.
1 As an Omnist writer (or any writer for that matter), it is very difficult to keep up with the thoughts that pass.
2 There are so many thoughts throughout the day, that it is not too far off to state that everything Living has shared the same thoughts throughout a lifetime.
3 Doesn’t that too, connect us all?
4 Connect us with the past, present and future?
5 Connect us in ways that even a non-writer can come to draw a parallel with the writer, the way a non-conformist can accept the rationale that non-conforming is still conforming to non-conforming.
6 In some distant way, yes, it does connect us. How to close that gap is a question within a question and deserves a great deal of understanding from each party involved.
7 If you feel upset that you cannot write down the things that you find most important to say then please do not, for there are far more important things that are necessary from within one-self. We are all equally intelligent in our passions towards what we study and take in. Writing is only one contribution to a greater collective whole and having intelligence is to know how to think, not having all the answers.
8 But, not all may want to hear what it is that one may have to say and those times are best for listening and learning. But at least you know what you thought and it may simply best be saved for another time to one that needs the words and can understand the feelings that had initially brought them to fruition.
9 Fear not the laughter that you may receive for your poetry or lyrics. For the words may be funny to some and/or enlightening to others; or a farce that one would recognize and bring about the idea of debate. What matters most is that it came from deep within, be it through oration, math or any manner in which one chooses to express them-selves. Some may see it through dance and song or the good feelings that fill one up; through watching another par-take in an activity that is bringing joy of some kind to others. Thus, sharing their gardens with those who care to take in from another’s form of sharing.
1 The idea of a Flying Spaghetti Monster [FSM] could be considered as absurd as the idea of each and every one of us being a part of some divine plan that we have no way of escaping, neither of which can be proven. Just as much as there is a Union of Four that can’t be proven.
2 For they are all only a portion of the whole and an Omnist simply skirts around them. An Omnist will not look at the flaws of them as being negative, rather they will observe the good teachings of each one and apply that to a code of morals and use them as a grand life’s lesson of what not to do.
3 But it is the Omnist portion of the whole that is willing to accept all things as a portion of truth but, also accepting the aspects of convincing lies to “kill in the name of” (knowing full well that this is not a good thing and NEITHER IS MURDER!!), or to bow down to servitude out of fear.
4 Hopefully, this writing will reach fellow Omnists (and anyone reading for that matter) and they may add their own ideas and thoughts to all of this based upon their own interpretations.
5 We are so few and far between that reaching one another at the moment can be quite difficult and many Omnists have nothing to hold in their hand other than the writings of yore that they subscribe little to. No writings other than what information can be attained through the web and not a thing to hold in hand other than what they are taught.
6 Hence this book, this birth of fledgling ideals to bring things together, expecting the worst and always hoping for the best.
7 To meet one, so that they may add to another Omnist their own ideas, the ideas that have been so far missed. Omnism, will always remain incomplete, because it is a boundless feeling based around many truths derived from fiction and things that stretch beyond our minds and our hearts; within the Source that resides in all of us all.
8 This writing will hopefully give a large number of people a reason to connect. The writing can be scrutinized, built upon and laughed at; that will at least connect Living as well. It can be taken seriously and certain things can be pondered, be it through one book or one verse, or all of them together, that will connect people too.
9 There-in, lies the power of writing to connect through interpretation, to connect the ones that take it seriously, the ones that laugh and those who follow/seek common ground.
10 Through the known flaws, missed punctuation and horrid grammar–no-one alone is perfect—together though, there can be a better, magnificent ideal of what a heaven truly is, of what Nirvana means, of being in the presence of Hercules or Jesus and to work together to pull ourselves away from the injustices that we all feel overwhelm us at times.
11 
1 So think about how you would approach the ones laughing and learn to laugh with them and see what it is they see. That is vital to the connection that we all have with one another. If it is not found humorous then let them see why and there is another connection. One meaning to you may not mean the same to them and there is nothing wrong with feeling one way or the other and no one is harmed.
2 It is no easy task to write (just ask any writer) and this is not for just one Omnist, it is one Omnist’s take.
3 Omnism is for all of us and it is for the Pagan to talk to the Christian so that forgiveness may be understood without fear of being told they are going to a Christian hell and for the Christian to understand that the Pagan has their own feelings and is far more than a non-believer. For the Catholics to talk to the Jews. For the FSM believers to talk to the Wicca and for the Muslims to talk to the Buddhists…and so on and so on and so forth…until peace is established and that we are all one.
4 Let it be a guide to a connective essence that lay within us all and to help to break away from the negative nature and move forward into a positive for one another. Let Omnism be a guide to know how much more important it is to walk away when we have yet learned how to agree to dis-agree instead of taking another Living away from its garden or poisoning said garden; let us be a part of the animals, for they cannot understand reading and writing but, they can understand us, far better than we can understand them.
1 To those reading the writing in this book understand that Omnism can be found everywhere and it is a grouping of ideas that are (and meant) to bring about thought, respect and stimulation for the mind of those that care. There is no order to it, nor is there any substance so feel free to read this book in a non-linear fashion.
2 It is meant to give the thought of lunacy or utter madness, not being what it is that we have been told throughout history. This is the writing of a fool that is still on the journey of making it to their world and understanding it through writing, the writing of others and one mind and heart connecting with all.
3 This Omnist fool, on this day, at this moment, is tired of the things that are seen.
4 Not to provoke change through violent actions but, to promote thought to those that encourage change and to put important decisions in the hands of the honest and pure-of-heart; stripping it away from those that are corrupt.
5 The corrupt that fear the written words and keep truth locked away for fear of losing something that is valuable to them, when the value of them lay deeper inside their hearts and minds than it does inside any vault that they may keep the truth tucked away. The truth, that so many Living have devoted something too, the truth that they can feel and that cannot be measured. When even they themselves have to just not truly care about upholding the truth they are taught but, upholding the truth that they feel deep within themselves.
6 It is just us, who it is we are and who it is we choose to be among a history of fact vs. fiction and no one denomination of anything has ever been able to resolve.
7 Writing, for this Omnist fool, is truth that one is trying to share and it is a journey that has given substance and extra meaning towards life. This journey thus far has been thoroughly enjoyed and it has opened a world of discovery, imagination and broadened life’s horizons.
8 What’s your journey?

1 Myth is indeed, a great deal of fiction. Fiction, in great deal, is where truth resides.
2 It is the bending of the facts of the past, present and unknown future.
3 There are uncountable valuable lessons to be learned from myths. Lessons from great teachers of what to do and what not to do of both right and wrong.
4 Mistakes made by those to bring about an outcome that none, or some may see coming.
5 Indulging in myth allows us to break away (for some time) from the confined mindset that make up our realities.
6 Myth supplies the mind with a ceaselessness that opens ourselves up to possibilities that we may have once thought of as impossible, or just stories that hold no weight to this day. Doesn’t Hollywood do that for us now?
7 At one point in time (or perhaps not) aspects of our being were unknown. Had it not been for the inspiration from myths, as well as, an imagination that is combined with the drive to make the impossible, possible.
8 Things brought about by our imaginations may still be impossible or considered myth based on lies. Had it not been a successful endeavor to harness a small portion of the whole to make impossibility, possible.
9 It is more important, in fiction, to understand first how to fail; over and over again. Only to reach a point of success due to the drive within us is carrying us forwards.
10 Success affects us all and failure affects the believer in myth. Thus, the feeling of the success is heightened in the garden of another that lives outside of the way one may view reality.
11 The drive could not exist without the conflicts of being told that it cannot be done.
12 Once success has been attained the successor has now begun to ascend out of the land of myth and make-believe. Stories of fact through fiction begin to emerge.
13 The building and swelling of a new ego being. Bringing about larger ideas of reality and combining it with other gardens’ imaginations forging reality forward.
1 Is this not another feeling that we all carry within?
2 For some, yes, for others, perhaps not, for more still, denial.
3 If denial is the case, then standards for absolution are probably best set rules that should be adhered to in order to live.
4 Are those rules not based on something that could not exist without myth?
5 Are not the progenitors of good based on myths and stories that to this day many still think are impossible acts?
6 If so, then is it not a sound fact that the myth of the absolute caters to the needs of conflict: so then, why the need for overblown myth and fantasy to humiliate the acts of evil?
7 Would absolutes exist without the notion of futility: the conflict that is pursued is still a common ground that exists within each contrast of Living.
8 Thus, find peace in knowing that the feelings from each side are identifiable and it is more likely that the teachers may be different, but the message is the same.
9 A unique blend of conflict and peace that derives itself from the feelings that we share and walks a thin line of righteous acts of good and the heinous deeds of bad.
10 As an Omnist it is important to be a part of these feelings. Setting markers on the middle road and knowing that where to find what is right from both sides and ultimately deciding for yourself what to follow. That the groundwork for evil may have been laid with good intentions, finding the root of it works both ways. Sowing these acts together will create the concept of a web, where all deeds are interconnected and based around the acts of one another.
11 The Omnist would likely embrace the idea of combining unimaginable myth and fiction with absolution and fact; understanding that all are one in the same.
12 It is a necessary need to have conflict but, through conflict peace should be supplemented and the agreement of disagreements should be made.
13 No more fruitless efforts to justify the careful ease of that delicate balance of sensitivity and cruelty, of the level of integrity, of the way to feel to make strong words and stand by them; not to over-power or take down but, to create and have understanding linked to others’ powerful words and dispose of the non-sense.
14 And to justify them the differences are needed, the physical battle is what should be quelled. Let the battle exist inside of us to allow another’s garden to do battle with us and for us. Not to poison the gardens, but to further the future of who we are as a myth and who we may be viewed as if and when we are gone.
15 Let the myths of their gardens trouble not the idea of absolution that is within our garden. Likewise, let the absolution in our garden trouble not the myth of another’s; if each so chooses to allow the other in.
16 Not to take away, but to add and to help to nourish and not be insulted if it begins to poison another at the point of poisoning a garden that has willingly let you in, it is best to concede, not be insulted because we are all different despite being built the same way. We are a soul with a body, not the other way around.
1 Omnism is more inclined to agree to disagree than it is to press its ideas upon either myth or absolution.
2 It is more prone to see both as one thing, but from different manners of teaching.
3 An Omnist is looking for sound resolve and the strength in unity to grow.
4 Rather than encouraging any rivalries between any deities, if the gods want war let them wage it on one another, we are not the war zone, nor are we the collateral damage for the gardens that have been given to us, by us and for us.
5 Nor should Satan or Brahman be subjected by the differences between light and dark.
6 It is the in between that is far less understood; that is where the Omnist dwells, not in darkness, but in harmony between the idea of light and dark. In the areas that have yet to be unlocked and understood within our own minds. We seek reality that exists in the imaginations and that is drawn from our dreams to understand what it means to have our senses indulging in the elements.
7 To utilize all aspects of the things that we have and not to negate a feeling that another Living has but, to be at peace to know that something someone cannot perceive is at least being indulged by another, so long as no Living is harmed.

1 It is built in the essence of Living to not do certain things.
2 If an Omnist doesn’t do something, it is not out of fear of something, it is because they either do not want to do it or they just happen to know it is wrong to do.
3 There are very simple rules to live by.
4 Many different moral codes and laws have been passed down by great teachers. Such as the ten commandments and do as you want, but harm none, the golden rule is another.
5 An Omnist should at least try to follow (very easily) easy commandments
6 Always be honest and faithful and don’t murder. Do not let anything kill you and don’t kill yourself. The laws of the wild apply. That only is rather contrary, but one should not let another kill. Nor should one go out of their way to kill for their own stimulation.
7 These things should be really easy to adhere to, if you follow these, everything else should just fall into place.
8 These rules are pretty simple for everyone to follow if you put some great thought into it. Or even if you put little thought into it at all.
9 Say you were just born; the first thought would not likely be that of murdering someone. It would probably be more along the lines of a question…what…?
10 Probably that, just as any idea is formed there are always going to be questions about what belies behind it.
11 “Where did you get this idea from?”
12 Any idea was always there to begin with, it just hasn’t been brought to ones attention prior to the question being asked.
13 Much like every Living is born with all the knowledge that they are ever going to have throughout their entire life. It is just a matter of time that the knowledge is revealed to each one of them. Be it through instruction, or just epiphanies that one has throughout their life; through schooling or educating one-self through another’s sense of good moral guidelines, laying down groundwork for something good to take into consideration.
14 There is no absolution to lack of knowing. Everyone together knows everything. Whether they can come to terms with agreeing to disagree is another qualm altogether. Understanding that neither side is as entirely wrong as much as each the other side is just as equally right.
15 Again, no one person knows it all. An Omnist will recognize this, yet, will probably be unable to get most to feel this way, it would be pressing ones garden onto another’s.
16 It is up to one-self to dictate ones own sense of righteousness without being oppressive and to gain access to the feelings of the teachings that another Living as dedicated their life towards. But keep in mind, that no one Living is in a better place for their teachings, another’s teachings may be just as valuable to that person; just as valuable on a relative scale when both sets of morals are gauged on the lives led by those of the past.
1 An Omnist cannot take away the fears of Living.
2 An Omnist cannot teach a Living anything.
3 An Omnist should know that all they can do is shed light onto details a little bit at a time.
4 The Omnist is not a pacifist (but they can be if they so choose) but, they should hold a closer allegiance to the side that leans towards peace.
5 An Omnist is a Living thing that is no better or worse than any other Living they share the planet with.
6 As much conflict as there is, Omnism applies no forcing of thought onto another’s garden and no brutish nature should be taken upon another, save only as a means of defense if physically accosted and to defend ones-self for the sake of understanding forgiveness once the battle is finished. To learn of the nature of force, only to rise above it and become one with the alliance of unification through conflict. There is more necessity to be taken from the understanding of the aftermath of a conflict and to be known as lessons in life for what not to do.
7 Wear what you like…in good taste, of course…there are Living that choose to wear no clothing. Simply abide by the laws and guidelines of your nation to wear what you like, in good taste, of course.
8 Some Living, do not require clothing (or nothing more than animal hide) to live their lives. Native indigenous tribes in the corners of the world that prescribe to the animal that now clothes them at the moment, let them have that simply for the fact that it is unlikely that they would even blink at the notion of Omnism, they have their lives and as such should be allowed to keep such a life without influence of “civilized” cultures. If one finds there is something wrong with that sort of behavior, then one should consider looking into their garden and asking themselves who is truly happier: the native that knows themselves, or the “civilized” person mocking them.
9 Most Living prefer clothing (at appropriate times) it is sometimes all they can afford. This does not constitute their ranks in society as a moral person only a person living by the means that they have available to them. Or all that they have been offered. There is no set design to what an Omnist needs or has to wear, nothing is stopping an Omnist from plaid shorts and suspenders with a corduroy t-shirt and a flannel wrapped around their waste. Matching boots too, just to complete the look why don’t we.
10 Same concept goes for facial hair and hair on ones head, all in good taste. If a Living wants it, lets them have it. If baby-faced is your preference, smooth as can be, let it be for thee.
11 An Omnist can either care or not care what they look like, all in good taste as can be provided through circumstance. They should just accept who they are by not lying to themselves.
12 Just so long as doing your best without the intentions to harm another Living, or poison their gardens, then cater to the good morals as a base of operations for your daily life.
13 Have fun with life, as well as other Living may have fun with theirs. The only barriers that should confine a Living are the ones that we put restraints for ourselves on. Respect the Living that walk beside you, keep them just as much a part of your garden, as they would keep you to theirs.
14 Do not poison their garden. If asked about who you are as an Omnist, or what Omnism is then go carefully into explaining how Omnism is a guide to whatever belief nourishes your garden. Only respond because the other Living asked and wants to know, that is not forcing your garden unto another’s. If you are asked to stop, then stop. Being an Omnist is a very interesting thing and can be perplexing to some, at first.
15 You can worship any God or gods if you like or none at all you may self-worship, worship Satan, Norse gods even revert back to the Egyptian days and worship Ra, if that is the thing that best suits your garden. But, do not force that some one else’s garden.
16 If the sacrifice of animals is your thing, then go for it, but rest assured that there are going to be many other people very dissatisfied with these practices. If your God/gods need this, then as an Omnist it would be encouraged to reconcile with your god and go the Christian route of saying that it was meant for a long time ago and it is completely re-interpreted now, so they don’t have to do it. If they can do it, why can’t everyone else? Burnt offer this!…Haha!
1 One would suggest though, bear fully in mind the culture that we currently live in. Because there are already laws set in place for us as Living to follow. For the most part, they are very good, meant to keep us safe from harm, from harming others and to give us guidelines to follow and to live by to be a well to do, upstanding member of our communities.
2 They are different everywhere you go. Some are ridiculous, but they are still laws that have been put there for one reason or another. Some are simply laws of nature that will allow us to cope if we decide to live in the wild.
3 Many of them are all very good laws and help us along on our journey to be reminders as to how to give respect towards fellow Living and their properties.
4 Allowing us freedoms that are supported by structure granting us the fundamental basis of treating one another with the respect that we each deserve.
5 It is when these laws become convoluted and oppressive in nature that our lives become unbearable. That is when establishments should begin to retract from certain things, take a step back and say “Hey, there is something seriously wrong here, because Living is becoming increasingly unhappy.”
6 Steering away from the powers that these Living have is difficult, because power is seductive, it is alluring and it is corruptible.
7 Be one with the Living; understand that there are going to be times, as history has proven, that things need to change. That then, may thrust our civilization into a world of lawlessness and we forget about how to treat one another because there is no punishment for despicable actions.
8 Perhaps it is time to look past the boundaries of there being that one way or the other way of doing things. Perhaps it is time for something new, a new unison, a new way of living for the Living, not through war and fighting and breaking of laws, but for a better understanding of one another, through one another.
9 To not abide by the things oppressing us, but to abide by the majority of the good Living in this world and be a collective, unified one.
10 Abolish greed, abolish the need for anything more than what we are what then can any one evil Living take from another if there is no need for more?
11 Then, a new set of standards is pressed upon the individual parties involved. Bringing about a rally point for the Living to co-ordinate and operate under and establish a new manner of being derived not under one God, but of respect towards all gardens and a manifestation of peace through understanding despite colloquial differences.
1 Very good teachers from the past have brought us many different things.
2 Many of these teachers are gone, however, many of their teachings still exist influencing us in a great deal in the course of our daily lives.
3 There is power in those words given to us long ago.
4 A large number of these teachings become convoluted by the corrupt, to control and make us feel insecure.
5 An Omnist would likely be wary of those things, reading between the lines and walking the outskirts of what is going on. Questioning and wondering how such conflicting ideals can make sense.
6 But, it is not an Omnists job to try to argue how another Living should feel only respect the fact that the Living does feel and to not have that feeling poison the Omnists, or any of the other Livings’ garden.
7 When one argues over who’s god is the correct one and what is the truth, it is best to notice that what carries validity is the energy that is being expressed and the convictions that carry the notion of god.

1 Had it not been for the need to know a creator and creation there would be no need for any Source. Gods, god, deities, higher powers, technologies, sciences, Ideas, superheroes/villains, demons/angels, positives/negatives all play their part for balance among the Living.
2 All are fractals of the whole and all exist in the feelings of Living.
3 All necessity of being correlates around the idea of the need to be wanted, to know what it is to want, to have that feeling of love fulfilled.
4 Prayers, wishes, hopes, love, hate, good, bad, happy, sad can all be attributed to the need to send the feelings we cannot fully endure to the higher powers that are believed to be able to handle more. It is within us to hope for something larger than what we are to come and rescue us from current tumultuous times, in each of our lives.
5 The higher powers are a part of Everything, their existence is through the Living, the Living that powers it all.
6 There are so many higher powers to name. Those who worship know the names of their god, savior, gods, superheros or deities. There is no difference in worship once it has been stripped down to its bare-boned structure.
7 The foundation of control lays the groundwork for higher powers to make Living better. An Omnist sees the foundation and finds and feels no need for worship to be an Omnist. The Omnist is their own church, mosque, pentacle, pentagram altar, idol and it is all the Omnist knows to need, with regard to appreciation towards other Living and their desires to worship.
8 There is no guarantee on a heaven, hell or reincarnation for an Omnist. For Omnism offers little absolution, to be an Omnist means breaking away from certain structured rules and regulations of servitude. Once that fear is recognized, it can be broken down into something better for one’s spirit, for one’s freedom, for one’s own individual role in the lives of other Living.
9 The absolutes of having to succumb to the bitter sting of “I absolutely do not…or I absolutely have to” and convincing themselves that the barrier is only there to keep them from drifting too far off into their own imaginations. To combine the metaphysical areas of their mind they have drifted into with that of the reality that they are physically tied to. This correlates to impossibility for some, thus, creating the conundrum of knowing nothing is impossible without having the ability to make the impossible possible; that all things are possible within the impossible boundaries that we are possibly applied to; that is an absolute that goes beyond absolution. The absolute that all things can be done, but cannot be done entirely by one Omnist acting alone.
10 It takes more than one to make the impossible, possible.
11 The constant moving forward and finding a route that does not exist is the dissolving of absolution, this first, must be an impossibility. Without the aspect and aspiration towards reaching a significant, unobtainable goal, there would be no reason to press forward. So, we ask the supernatural for help in finding such things that will allow us access to what it is we seek in order to succeed in the things that we aspire towards.
1 Evolution is another form of god to those who guarantee themselves to it.
2 Would we not entertain the idea that evolution could have possibly been created by a god: and without us coming up with the idea of god there would be no design of evolution so that one may thwart the other.
3 If there is an all knowing entity, then it certainly would have come up and known of the existence of evolution long before the idea could ever be contemplated by man. It just always was, just as all the gods and God, always have been.
4 Evolution is what happens in the mind. The mind is constantly re-creating, re-adapting and evolving to the senses and the elements far faster than we are able to calculate or even see.
5 Each of these conflicting ideas is a garden unto itself, and when they collide, they may be poisonous to one another but, the poison is vital for the existence of all. We apply our imagination and fictitious concepts and then mold it to fit our reality.
6 Being an Omnist means that there is a constant evolution that happens within to understand as much as we can. Omnism will adapt to any idea and is going to be able to justify any form of evolution.
7 An Omnist feels it happening all the time. Omnism, like the mind evolving rapidly, is ever growing, because everything is ever growing. Because knowledge is forever attainable, renewable, and when combined with imagination, nearly unstoppable.
8 An Omnist is it’s only true absolute, because in Omnism you see beyond the god, through the gods and beyond the god above gods.
9 An Omnist is their own deity, but this does not allow them to be above anything. Nor should it grant control over another’s garden or another Living. For without that garden it may be impossible for them to exist. An Omnist does not force their garden onto another’s garden.
10 If the garden reaches out naturally to the Omnist, the Omnist should be obliged to cater to the needs of the garden, to the best of their ability.
1 An Omnist is flawed, as is Omnism and as are all beliefs that claim to stand-alone.
2 But, without the flaws there would be no search for beauty.
3 Perfection is not the goal, nor should it be a goal for any. The attaining of perfection is to bring about criticism on oneself.
4 Perfection is what lies in the blankness of the Living.
5 Searching for perfection is a futile attempt to be unknowing of one’s own existence. If it is granted to us, then we should understand that we are now becoming a part of the Source.
6 The Source is the perfection, yet it knows not of its own existence.
7 So to be perfect, would undoubtedly, be boring.
8 There is only perfection found in Living as long as Living views it as a whole.
9 If there is that much balance as a whole, only then, will we be a near to perfect whole.
10 History has taught us though that our notion of perfection is in the eye of the beholder and is not a lasting thing.
11 There will always be the constant of negativity.
12 At the very least an Omnist hopes to understand and utilize negativity as it is meant.
13 As a keeper of peace, an Omnist should use the negativity to apply balance to whatever the current tribulation is. How much pressure needs to be applied to put things back into balance and, if at all, take them out of the current situation if they are the factor that is throwing it out of balance. Thus, allowing the Omnist to take a step back and understand that there are flaws within them and to encourage themselves to see beyond their own flaws; then become a much better part of the whole, for the whole, keeping themselves humble.
14 Remember the lessons taught and move forward in life, to carry out the next course of action to benefit theirs and possibly another’s garden.
1 What a ridiculous assumption to think that any god would need funds to survive.
2 It is not the god or gods that requires funds. It is the greed of wherever the masses congregate to worship, not all, but many. What a sleight of hand these places use in thinking that it is a good idea to take funds to any gods abounding grace and endless love and mercy.
3 Fear not the tithing of whatever lord may need, for what: isn’t it a safer bet to conduct worship in the comfort and confines of your own inner-selves?
4 To find peace with whichever god of your choosing has set upon you.
5 To first find the peace from within oneself, then to allow for that feeling to flow from within in an outward motion, touching others just through the inner peace one has found.
6 How silly it is to assume that funds are always low, that many a gods’ temple finds itself thriving on the backs of the meager. On the wages of the Living that have toiled so hard to support both fanatical ideas and put food in the bellies of those they show care for.
7 Down with the weekly allowances paid to the houses of self proclaimed holy that would use the allowances to annihilate a god of lesser renown.
8 Shame on that and shame on the falsehood of mercy through funds.
9 Shame on the false prophets that do not conduct themselves from within the hearts of all Living. But instead thrive through the pockets of those that are seeking love and abundance.
10 Thriving on the feelings of those that would much more entertain the notion of a warm sun on their face and worship there, instead of, worshiping under the hot lights that cost numerous weeks wages.
11 What funds would any true god or gods need to rely on?
12 With greed there can be no sense of full fledged peace.
13 For-shame on forcing guilt of greed onto those who fall to their knees.
14 This is not the works of god or gods, but the works of those that are greedy and use fear as a tool to feed their power.
15 And greedy be the Living that requires their “place of worship” to live on the funds of those that cannot afford it.


1 We all are partaking in the journey together. By fool, absurdity, idiocy or anything negative is not to be taken into mind.
2 By fool it is meant that we are all innocent Living. Contributing ourselves (either willingly and/or knowingly) as a portion of the whole.
3 By fool, it is meant and open to interpretation that every living organism is a portion of the whole.
4 By fool, it is meant that we all have our journey to take and on that journey we all meet the things in our lives that present us with the idea of what Living is.
5 The Omnist fool, just as each and every one of us is a fool in some way, is meant to both listen and eventually teach.
6 Being an Omnist, it is an incredibly great feeling to be able to understand how things work together as a whole.
7 There are stories in the world both fictitious and factual, all told through the senses, feelings and characters that some Living has imagined somewhere.
8 This is a journey open to interpretation, from and to every Living.
9 We each have our own paths and many of us share very similar paths, how we go about them is up to us.
10 The outcomes of the decisions that we have made, good or bad, determine how the world affects us and those around us.
11 How we grow from an innocent fool, into something that we aspire to be that we have met (and learned from) during our journey.
12 By fool, it should be taken in as a beginning, as someone that is just starting.
13 By fool, it is meant that there is much to learn until we are finally fulfilled in our lives. That fulfillment may only come to some of us as we lay on our deathbeds. That may be full circle, in this life to some; for others, there may be a heaven to look forward to. To others they may attain the spiritual level that they are seeking. To more still it may be blackness, that this one life is it and this is all that they cared to have.
14 However our journey through this life ends what has been learned here may be taken in, so let us make the best of it for ourselves and for one another. For the animals that we cater to and that cater to us. For the ones that depend on us and the ones that value their surroundings and know the dangers and atrocities that we have made against them.
15 They too, are fools on their own journey. Living animal fools that are all the wiser for staying away from us by, throughout time, having witnessed our transgressions towards them.
16 Not by all, but by the greedy, the power hungry and the few that have made a bad name for us all towards our fellow Living that may now shun us.
1 Fellow Omnist fools on their own journeys through life, be humbled by the fact that you are still in a limber sense of innocence.
2 To be called an Omnist fool in this fashion should be taken in and worn as a badge of honor, if you will.
3 Please look passed the negativity of the word. It is a representation of innocence and a desire to fulfill a journey in seek of knowledge so that we may share what we have learned for other fools on their journey.
4 Change the word in your mind and look beyond the insults of a word and begin to understand from prior books that we are all united in a great number of many ways.
5 All of us have started off the same way.
6 From the womb we have come.
7 Before that, there was constant reconciliation between all Living in the universe, as small as it is large, as there as it is not there, as much as our reality can comprehend its massiveness, but how reality has not yet sought the imagination to fully understand how small it is as well.
8 That understanding lies within the confines of the parts of our minds that we have yet to gain access to.
9 The percentage where the Source exists. Where Nothing is constantly escaping into. Where Everything needs to be in order to continue pushing us along our course to the Source.
10 Then back for others, for our misgivings, for ourselves, for something that is there, but for something that is not there to others. To those others, they are there for us, for us to imagine something greater than Nothing, for us to imagine it all and to see it all. To see it all within us, within you, within the past, fleeting present and hopeful future.

1 Fools become the apprentice of understanding.
2 The journey offers many roads, roads that all Living may find relate-ability on.
3 Throughout the journey it is often times, unclear on how to dissolve our own needs to find something unifying.
4 We do not want to give up the knowledge we have obtained.
5 It may be only deemed evil by those who fight for what, they may feel, is good.
6 Are we not all fools on our own quest for good?
7 Haven’t we come far enough to have at least started to up-root the idea of singularity through separation, then back to all as a whole: rather than believing in one thing, or many, to make us whole again. Aren’t all things involved: without one there could not be another.
8 They are all truths, truths that could not exist and flourish without one another; all truths in companionship with the one another, not a single stand-alone truth.
1 The quest we par-take in as a fool could be compared to the magician in and of itself.
2 The ideas, the struggles, unexpected twists, turns, mistakes, and lessons now learned in what not to do. All come together to make up areas of knowledge in our minds that we extend to one another.
3 Overblown stories of monsters, great warriors and evil enemies. All having their own value of what they are doing as good. All have taken on the same quest in a common understanding of seeking “the truth.”
4 Of understanding a “living word” or a journey filled with acts of righteousness that may be frowned upon by another’s idea if righteous; magicians are drawn to it and compelled to defend their understanding. Imagine the things lost throughout time that may have shed light on what it is we are now beginning to question, destroyed by another magician that believed their imaginations were truth all by themselves, thus, obliterating something that may have been truth to another magician.
5 They represent the quest as a figure that has par-taken in their own, and nearly completed their quest.
6 Though, it is a quest that adds to the fools desire to be their own magician and to have their own to contribution to the whole.
7 As the magician lays out what they understand and have understood. They too, have not yet ended their quest as the fool.
1 Neither enemy, nor ally, just an experienced fool who’s quest is coming to an end dabbling in the treasures that their own journey has granted them.
2 A fool themselves, the magicians bear the marks the fresh fool has yet to experience by sharing with the fool levels of imbuing that can be felt from either the kind, or the loathsome magician.
1 By merely witnessing the magician the fool can take with them a number of stories. Only to not realize they may one day have their own telling marks and find themselves witnessed by a fool as a magician.
3 To not forget the dos and don’ts to being a Living and a telling factor for the whole. To par-take in what is deemed the good, as well as the evil.
4 To be a shining example of whatever righteousness is needed for the aspiring magician’s course.
5 Neither one realizing the unification of their own feeling of similarity with their drifting levelheadedness. The fool is the uniting factor between conflicting magicians; it is only at the end of the quest that the conflict exists and the resolve is forgotten.
6 Be the magician that remembers the middle road of conflict and walking the middle road of many beliefs and ideas of Living and remain the arbiter of peace in the twisted, winding middle road.
7 The Omnist fool plays the role of unification residing within conflict. Not of peace, but for peace, and a carrier of burdens of conflict and a purveyor of balance between the absolution and the retribution.
8 The distributing magician does not hold all the power alone, but sees within all, that all power resides.
9 Knowing when tricks are taking place and knowing the dangers that all magicians are capable of. Steering towards their own levels and capabilities that one may possess and the other vows never to be a part of.
10 Why the gap between such wonders and why the sense of balance through fighting one another: when each magician, in their own right, may stake a claim to be good and forsake the alluring draw to elements that we hold no true power over thus, allowing us to enter into the realm of imagination that exists because of reality, so these powers cease to be separate.
11 But, within the imagination is where the power of every magician lies.
12 Telling fictions and fables from all ends of the faithful universes; sharing disclosed teachings to move forward with and ponder.
13 Those teachings of fiction uphold the facts that are fulfilling many individuals. All of whom have a choice to choose the feeling, for and within themselves, giving nourishment to their own personal garden due to the delight that a magician has served them.
14 Though, it may be poison to another’s garden, what may be good for one, may not be good for another. What is good for many may not good for all.
15 But it still remains that knowledge does fill us, whether we know it is happening or not. No insult is meant to those who serve faithfully and fervently to whichever deity satisfies their intense love, and demands their devotion. For some though, it may not be what nourishes their garden.
16 So long as there is a desire to be, there will always be a want to need to be, there will always be a need to want to be more, know more, a will to seek out the truth, to search out the deity and to be at one comfortably in their loving arms.
17 So, indulge, but do not harm another and do not force your garden unto another, for shame to those who cause pain in such a way.
18 Let the magicians carry out their own obscure journey and may the fools be on their way.

1 Surrogates, stand-ins, ones to fill the shoes of those who bore us.
2 Givers and caretakers of knowledge that may only be fully understood, by and large, by you as the priestess.
3 Makers of siblings that, we as fools, entangle ourselves with during our journey.
4 Any priestess has taken the path of good for higher understanding to pass down to the fools for further consideration and interpretation.
5 Your understanding is incomplete as a stand-alone thought. But, with participation from other former fools that have taken their own course, you can teach peace through their understanding coupled with your own.
6 You are the one that cares fully about something that is not of you; your compassion allows you to take in others and build a solid foundation for growth and further the fools adjustment to break away from mind (at times) and use heart to understand.
7 It is not your actions that are to be followed, entirely. But, the act of your willingness for acceptance that should be learned from.
8 How is it you can give so much with such a minor feeling of compassion and hand down knowledge from the sources that you have bore witness to: making a wonderful addition to the fools library of life skills.
9 Your feminist qualities teach any fool that there is more to believe in that stretches beyond the words of any fools mother. You are one of many surrogates and you are part of an alliance that aspires to propel love.
10 With the fool beside you and learning from you on it’s journey, you are unified, and your knowledge passed down has become a portion of a whole to teach the fool different ways to approach love and peace.
1 Your journey as a fool has given you the seat and name of whatever kind of priestess you are. From you is learned that we do not choose a life, we live one.
2 You may have hoped for other positions in life but this spot saw you and you saw it and rightly so, none could match the ideas that you see fit to pass along to another fool on their journey.
3 You see in their essence a journey that may grant them the world; their world may not be that of the seat that you have so gracefully filled. Take care though, to look passed your own understanding and give peace to the fool that has little to currently offer to the whole.
4 Give your understanding in doses, so that the fool may understand lessons of the same kind in harder form and conditions under which you have surpassed.
5 Send out your insight and so that the fool’s lack of understanding is overcome with a solaced compromise.
6 Hope that the fool in front of you learns to cater to the needs of others with the same base act of love that your firm, quiet compassion can convey unto the fool.
7 Be it the knowledge you pass on that the fool utilizes to go farther on their passage to becoming a welcome part of the whole.
8 Your presence to the fool that is unaware, may not be that of a Living. It may be the words of one that was once a Living that has touched the fool, it could be many different teachers through the eyes of the fool that grant access to the knowledge of more than one priestess.
9 The fool’s journey requires looking up to all of the teachings if the fool is to be successful on their journey.
10 It is from all the priestesses that the collection of ideas may be put together for completeness; it is the view of the fool and the outcome of the fool’s journey that the words of wisdom and feeling of love may be convoluted on the fool’s path to perceive perfection, whatever that may be.

1 The greatest of loves for the fool, before love for an equal is found.
2 Held high, praised and adored. You as an empress give hope to your fools.
3 Your garden is fertile and protected by others with your impact on how power should be upheld.
4 Your delighted grace shines down on those who adore your presence.
5 For the fool you once were be it a lowly derelict, or born into privilege, your will for betterment is looked up to as much as your high standing position is viewed by those full of wishful thinking.
6 Without your subjective fools you would have no purpose or place. Your position of high respect would be of no need and an equal to Nothing you would become.
7 Your daily indulgences are that of many things.
8 Whether you truly indulge in pleasures of sleeping in a bed of roses, or bathing with your favorite pet.
9 All fantasies lay true in the minds of the fools whether they are, or are not happening.
10 Your beauty is idolized by those who adore you and a given curse by those who frown upon you. Even the most sought after positions are meant to be taken down a peg.
11 The majority loves you and upholds the moral standards that you resonate out towards them.
12 You empress, whatever you may be above, are more of a reflection of the beauty and grace that you carry within. To shine out in an everlasting impact on those who follow, love and look up to you.
1 The practices and studies that you adhere to on your trek will be focused on by those who care more to learn your level of comprehension, as opposed to the matter in which you take in.
2 It is what comes from within you that you present to a fool that is taken into the fool as a meaning of what beauty is.
3 You are not meant to be touched by the fools, only to be adored as a representation of the meaning of love.
4 There is no greater understanding that is meant to be granted than the knowledge you possess of what it is that should make us whole.
5 Give unto the fool your woes so that you may press further into expressing whatever meaning it is that you are seeking.
6 Give unto the fool your meanings that you have found, so that knowledge may make us equals; that understanding of the path may be of a comparison to unite those that have little with those that have much.
7 You are a have, and as a have, you lay the groundwork for desire and through that desire, the derelict wish and dream. To be like you, with you, or to conquer you.
8 Stand boldly and courageously in the face of those that seek to conquer.
9 You have a following of the fools that you must teach through your actions.
10 You are not alone against treachery and pain and we stand side by side and follow you and your unfathomable shine.
11 Whatever your rule, you are one empress of many, in a long line of learned responsibilities that are upheld and meant to bring together.
12 Be it through conflict, or peace.
13 Adhere to the latter and find the unifying structure in the former, to attain the unison for (and with) all other empresses, so the fools on their journey can teach likewise the lessons of virtue that you brought to the table of Living.
1 If you fall, take care not to let those you love fall with you. For they do love you and you are irreplaceable to them.
2 You are the word of god in the hearts and on the lips of your children. Be your methods and ideals considered right or wrong, it is important that you understand your own depths and give truth in the end, when the time comes.
3 Lay waste to your own pride and cater to the needs of love. Of love that you opted to teach and share, of true love of truth that lay deep within so that on your way down, the fools that held you so high will be there when you are ready to make your ascent back up from the hole where you hid your fears and denials.
4 Honesty suits best and it is a lesson to teach to those that love you and hold you in the highest regard.

1 To come across one, is to not see them all. The burdens of strife are forever upon you and your subjects…heavy indeed is the head that wears the crown….
2 Be one derived through humbleness, there is another to have their power to be corrupted.
3 One king sees another king as a lesser rather than an equal. They offer war disguised as an offering of peace and proclaim that their power is the one that is correct; disrupting the flow and catering to the values offered by disparity “in the name of.”
4 Powerful Living dies the hero, before living long enough to develop into the villain. One of power should bear in mind those who gave that power.
5 It is far more important to utilize the goodness of the words of fools, than to knock down a collective knowledge with a flurry of corrupted words.
6 “My fellow [insert denizens here]” are the words of a person that is saying they are a part of something larger than themselves, what follows should not be of anything more than what that person wants to be a part of. In many cases this phrase is kept in places of like-minded individuals. Outside of the walls where this is spoken there may be a crowd that is ready to remind you that they are not your fellow whatever.
7 Unison for all would probably work better if we reminded ourselves that we were once innocent and we are still currently on our journey as that fool. Distribution among fools of said words should be applied to the need for you to reciprocate the understanding of a larger amount of a whole, rather then to break apart any fool’s garden.
8 Thus, allowing the many fools to feel the meaning behind the words you are saying. This is not meant to imply that what is said is not important, it means that there are those out there that ascribe more to the passion rather than the words being said.
9 Such tactics used to move forward in a negative manner by a negative person should immediately bring the person into question as to how suitable their intent to rule is and what notions they have to bring about peace. They are positioned from a stand-point that is meant to enthrall by use of their energy, but not of sound heart and mind. One can be passionate about something, but one also has to feel the words with full meaning, rather than use the words to a propagandize and further their rule.
1 Just words to some will be unjust to others.
2 Your journey is far from over in the need to possess power dear emperor.
3 It is best to constantly remind yourself that you are in the thought process of subjective fools. So that one’s own empirical mind does not seek to destroy the people that they themselves once were. So that in your rule you do not run rampant as so many emperors of long ago have done and proven their selfish needs and the plunge they made into greed.
4 The good dispute the bad. What defines the difference is the whole beneath your throne to give you the power to make the decision. There is no power without those to give it to you.
5 The mighty position of emperor should know that the peak is nothing to strive for if the foundation cares not to hold the structures precipice.
6 It is easy to appear strong when what you are promoting is held hostage by the corrupt that may represent you.
7 There is no will greater than that of a united will, a collective will that can take down the corrupt leaders and sing in unison as their own collective wisdom grows.
8 It has been said that there is nothing new under the sun the one thing that would be new would be world peace. But that which does not yet exist may not be as obvious to all. Thus, giving the inexperienced emperor something new to strive for.
9 Grow from good values that may shape you into something other that what you are, so that you may serve the whole in a just manner. Bearing in mind the bad decisions that you have made and to serve as your own personal reminder of what not to do…a northern star for your own moral compass…so that we may follow you into an uncertain future that promotes peace.
10 Do not succumb to fear while sitting in a seat you may not properly deserve. Remind yourself constantly (much like the empress) that you are no better than the fools you serve.
11 You are for your people, because of your people.
12 Not one to hide behind rules and regulations that were laid down by others, but to observe them and uphold the meaning and the value that each one means to the individual.
13 Not to be corrupted by the need for power (whatever that may be) and to be at the position of emperor because you want to be there, not because someone paid for you to be there.

1 The fool notes the priests and appreciates their value.
2 The fool can understand and eventually hope to relate to a lifetime devoted to a belief.
3 A quest for knowledge is what any priest claims to be in pursuit of but, the Omnist values more the tie that binds one priest to another.
4 The notion of peace that they are consumed with through their standard of faith is a constant dispute between themselves and the separation that they feel from another set of beliefs, and that fear and submission are the only ways to salvation.
5 The principles that they are bound to is based on scriptures that they believe as divine truth. It is better to understand that the truth that we are seeking is something that is far beyond the comprehension of our minds current capacity. If it is ever found it is very unlikely that the truth is going to be that of science and not that of a God that we have created. The best word for it is eternity, but that does not mean it is an eternity from one set of beliefs.
6 Swaying their belief onto another creates nothing more than division through misinterpretation and unneeded controversies. Many priests must first pass logic by their god’s will, taking them farther and farther into their own imagination; many denying imagination through a neglect of an idea that we are the creator of a creator.
7 That for some a stand-alone absolution is best for all and is done so by seeking it in a rigorous proclamation of a righteous manner. [and lots of money too]
8 Thus, separating us more, through the idea of differences.
9 Instead of surmising that another priest’s interpretations, from another set of god or gods, leads to the same level of absolution.
10 The hierophant brings together gardens in clusters and each cluster of gardens declares things that are far from a representation of peace.
11 Power corrupts the emperor just as much as it corrupts a cluster of gardens being tended to by a priest. A priest that has become corrupted by a set of standards of their absolution, unknowingly spreading a poison onto a garden that had no need for the absolutes to begin with.
12 It breaks down, and unhinges society by telling them to relinquish their faults and doling out a set of rules many of which state “do this, or else.”
13 This is what the priests of any religion or decree of absolution towards their god or gods or sciences view as righteousness in the name of?
14 The Omnist deviates from the path of priests after reaching a certain point to steer clear of corruption and acknowledges their wrong doings. Not for the sake of reaching absolution, but because they have surpassed it and they knew they were wrong.
15 Forgiveness is then more appreciated from a full on contribution from the whole.
16 If a punishment comes down upon an Omnist it is more circumstance examining the wrong doing, derived from the whole towards the accosted Omnist and the Omnist then learns to forgive themselves, so that they may continue on their own fool’s journey.
1 It is the level of discipline the priest has reached in obtaining knowledge that the fool learns from the priest.
2 It is not the words, but the feeling that the Omnist fool adheres to more.
3 The granting of knowledge and the core level of a priests own love that the Omnist fool can relate to.
4 There will be no swaying of a priest’s convictions. That kind of power does give necessity to hope.
5 But, the Omnist will work against the forcing of ideals upon those that would not care to have it forced upon them.
6 Pressing of false righteousness does not bode well for the evolution of the mind to adapt to the construct of a new whole and it certainly hinders the absolution of any god.
7 It is though a thing that seems unavoidable. The more you can attribute yourself to keeping peace. The farther away you may come from the good teachings of any true priest simply because of those who forced too much upon your garden.
8 Thus, pushing you into fear and causing you to make a decision. The best choice to be made is that of what nourishes the garden.
1 Take with you, young fool, the good feelings of the hierophants make-up.
2 Carry them with you on your journey.
3 That is where the strength from hierophants lay. From within who and what they wish to be an obtain once they are gone, more so than who and what they say they are.

1 There is strength within lovers.
2 The true devotion they have for one another is something that transcends most things that can be though about.
3 Love exists long after the lovers are gone.
4 A single lover is always on the path of finding their true love. That alone, is a quest in itself.
5 Be there love in another, for some to be found.
6 Some find love in objects and ideas; some become lovers of nature; some become lovers of their own inner passion; some love to hate; some love the darker forces that weigh in upon them; some love the light and freedom it grants them; some love the dark and the freedom it grants them; some love their vices that ignite their flames from within; some love to be the wedge that comes between a bond of others in love; some love simply the journey for love; some still love to love the ones they have lost forever.
1 The feeling of love, regardless, is made for all dispositions.
2 Religions need love from their followers.
3 Followers need to feel loved from what they believe in.
4 Love is not held hostage by convictions.
5 It spreads far beyond any walls and the feeling finds all Living in some way.
6 Love comes to those who still hope after disappointment and to those who still believe after betrayal and who still love after they’ve been hurt.
7 The broken may be mended by one that likely shares and understands their pain.
8 The lovers will carry within them differences that act as an area of common ground.
9 They are different but, through their differences an unimaginable level of understanding is developed.
10 Inner feelings are then radiated outward and held onto by those that the light of the combined lovers touch.
11 Wounds from past lovers give the knowledge of what it is that is vital for one heart to stay away from. The wounds may be re-opened and healed again and again.
12 That alone should be a teacher to the fool that love is essential in playing a vital role in their lives.
13 Many of these things love teaches to the observant Omnist fool, contributing to the lessons of boundlessness.
14 Be it through love of a god, or gods, or love of the devil, love of plants and animals, be it the love for another and the unison of two gardens to further their developments; for the love of anything.
1 The lovers carry a burden, a blessing, and an unconquerable feeling that resides within them.
2 They resist the things that may threaten to tear them apart.
3 Their bond strengthens and weakens over time.
4 The outside threats that are wrought upon the lovers could be the feelings that there may be a separation from temptation due to internal interference’s.
5 Feelings that the lovers may find no way to discuss with one another.
6 Creating a wedge that will drive the lovers apart or give them something to overcome together.
7 The lovers become whole through one another and they find themselves deep within the confines of their significant other.
8 They feel one another and feel for one another.
9 They support the dreams that they are each trying to accomplish and they give strength to one another in times of need.
10 They look passed the flaws that each one the other carries and identifies them as a part of their beautiful lover, taking unto them the true beauty that lay within the one they share their deep connection with. As such, the flaws become a part of them being the better part of their reflections and they convey a sense of harmony when they are happy.
11 Also, in their rages against one another, a sense of quick biting arguments that if they are strong for one another will work through and bring about something of more value than holding onto a grudge.
12 Thus, teaching each other how to work through their problems, making them stronger for their union, and being a shining example for those who long for love.
13 When it comes to your lover, once you have found them don’t ever let go of them throughout whatever frame of time you care to recognize in life.
14 Be honest, up front, and open. If there is someone you share feelings for tell them. They may not feel the same, but understand that there is no shame in sharing love. The worst that will happen is they tell you no.
15 Do not force yourself upon them, be open to them, for that is what allows love to blossom. One doesn’t know what is around the corner but rest assured something is, and those things you shared openly with another will impact them for the rest of their lives. For they too are their own fool on their own journey, just be glad that you got to be a part of it, as they got to be a part of yours.

1 It is what brings us to the many crossroads of life in order to be given the option to make a decision that will keep us going, or cause us to stop.
2 It carries the fool once enough knowledge has been attained on how to control their chariot. Be your chariot a physical mode of transportation, or one that you rely on inside your mind and heart. It is the driving factors that push us through our physical lives.
3 It is the carrier of whatever it is that is brought to the idea of a whole.
4 The chariots themselves are a reflection of who we are as Living in some way.
5 They carry us as Living and within Living is carried our imaginations, feelings and all the other little idiosyncrasies that make up our current perception of reality.
6 There may be more than one chariot in a fool’s life. In some way, all of them work together through the Living.
7 They carry us as fools through the lives and experiences of other fools that we pass along the way.
8 Whether we take the time to slow our chariots down and pay attention to those that are passing by so that we may share experiences in life is entirely up to the individual fool.
9 There are things in life that are going to test who we are, no matter what we believe or don’t believe. How we carry ourselves represents the chariot and the more we grow, the more the ride becomes a part of who we are.
10 Allowing us to make the decisions to choose the path that will lead us to our inevitable outcome. We give them names and care about them, these inanimate objects that do much of the work.
11 The work to bring us to our destinations, following safe routes laid out by other fools before us, or blazing a trail for other fools to follow.
12 We grow with it and become one with our spiritual chariot, our metaphorical vehicle. The carrier of what lies within us drives it forward bringing what is important to us into the Source. So that we may share the experiences of good for the future that we are entirely uncertain of.
13 After we are gone and we are driven into the Source, we may catch a glimpse of what is to come if we so desire to look into the Source. So long as we have been guided by our moral compass and have shown compassion and empathy, if we have made the right choices and understand that our own self judgment is a vital role to how we comprehend the collective level of other fools that have passed through the Source.
14 Others in the Source judge our actions as well.
15 Giving us the chance to choose another ride on our chariots, become something more or be cast off into Nothing. Our actions in this life allow us to judge ourselves as well as others once we have come to the Source.

1 May it come swiftly, fairly, and remain blind in its stare.
2 At times the blind nature of justice throws itself onto the fool. So long as it is justice well deserved the fool should understand that it is fair.
3 So long as the fool remains steady on their course before them and chooses the correct moral choices, all will serve better in the journey for the world. In times where justice is used to overpower and consume and in times where it is used in the proper sense by those that have learned its true meaning, then time will bring proper justice.
4 Thus, upholding the power from either end of the stick.
5 Justice systems wax and wane depending upon who is holding the scales and who can be bought and sold. The tipping of the scales is only temporary and the scales always reset themselves to uphold true, matter of fact, justice.
6 Be it in favor of the good or the wicked it is a balancing act that is a necessary evil.
7 The wolves eat the deer.
8 The wolves eat too many deer.
9 The deer die and there becomes too few.
10 The wolves begin to die of starvation.
11 The deer replenish their numbers.
12 The wolves replenish their numbers.
13 Basic animal justice in the wild.
14 The obviousness and relative nature of this formula is apparently past the comprehension of the greedy. And how it affects those whose shoulders carry the greedy fools that become blinded and use their wicked tactics to manipulate a false justice in order to defend their need for more.
15 There will come a time when the thing valued most will not be able to be consumed. Thus, allowing the deer to flourish once again…and so on and so forth…as nature will again provide.
1 It is served to us all. If we have been willing and generous in our actions, proper justice will come to us in due time.
2 We all get what we deserve in the long run. It is calculated through our own determination of how we feel.
3 If we have wronged another Living, we will eventually feel guilty, unless you happen to be one with no conscience, those without should be pitied; odds are their negative aspects will be sent into the Nothing, to be Nothing.
4 Remorse, vindication and negative feelings that plague the wrong-doers will cause the garden to grow dark. The hurt that is inflicted onto others will go full circle within the giver of pain.
5 Guilt, anxiety, fear, all to be wrought onto the giver of such agonies. It is best to apologize for inflicting pain and understand how it is you wronged another Living, so that you may find find moral directions once again and gain the capacity to forgive yourself.
6 Forgiveness of wrong doings upon another is out of the inflicter’s control, it is only up to the one who has had wrong done to them to forgive and understand their own sense of justice. If no forgiveness is given, there may be an empty feeling of callousness of something that may never heal in one’s garden. But, moving forward is essential for both parties to grow in some way, shape or form.

1 The fool comes across one Living that is alone and far-off in the wilderness, on the open ocean or in any secluded area reserved for concentration and respite of the mind. This Living is full of mystery and knowledge and has seen into the deeper meaning of their own minds. The fool notices that a hermit is one that has taken meanings from imagination and infused them with the reality that they have no real choice but to succumb to, then, understood that further still.
2 Full of wisdom and know how. Full of silence and complacency and a peaceful, yet seemingly dark nature towards the things that they come into contact with.
3 Even after meeting any hermit, there is probably going to be a time of inner reflection for the fool. So that the hermit may take a journey into their mind about this new fool that has just crossed their path. This fool that the hermit may have once been, prior to their escape away from the world and down the road that has led them down the path of solitude.
4 Nature may take some.
5 Perhaps it is the garden you know that prefers the company of the gardens of cats and dogs over the company of another garden. Those animals are Living, just as there is Living residing within that solitude. A level of understanding that the hermit has taken with them. To continue on their own secluded venture towards an ever growing insightful nature attempting to attain the knowledge that they prefer to keep hidden within themselves, until the right fool is revealed.
6 Hidden from the world, perhaps that solitude is only scary to most because there is a lack of understanding towards it. Because it is frowned upon in our current society to be anti-social. Because it may be something that some Living long for, but are never able to come close to the amount of quiet reserve one must have within themselves to simply break away from a societal norm.
7 Perhaps because they have seen enough to know they have seen too much.
8 Perhaps they were wronged in some way and they themselves are scared.
9 Or maybe they just happen to be a natural loner.
1 The hermit represents that wise part within us all.
2 Not all of us are capable of being alone. Many of us need the constant stimulation of others to null the growing feeling of emptiness that we think is consuming us.
3 The hermit chooses to better understand that emptiness. If not for Living such as the hermit, would we not have a better understanding of our minds: what we read to attain knowledge on any subject, many of the writers and mathematicians that have inspired us may have been rather reclusive. If not for the inner walks of their own mind, if not for the reclusive lifestyle, they may have never been able to succeed in the discovery of what they were seeking.
4 These pioneers seek to further improve our lives, without any concern of recognition. [At least none that they would admit]
5 They gain knowledge through the study of other hermits of long ago. Inspired by those pioneers who have either succeeded, or fallen short of their quest’s conclusion and the new hermit picks up and carries on.
6 Had it not been for the proper writing of the previous hermit’s, there would be no gain for the quest as a whole. Thus, turning two separate hermits idea’s into one ideal, linking their separation to all of us and to better us in order to move forward and evolve. To stand in whatever kingdom they so choose once all is said and done.
7 To contribute those ideals to the Source and be granted further access to the god of gods, beyond the god. To discover alone the long lost progenitor of the deepest feelings that reside within us all.
8 The feelings of faith and spirituality combined with discovery and knowledge that guide each of us through our tumultuous times.
9 To take us to the next plane of existence or to guide us back through this life again and again until we discover our true calling.
10 Alone, the hermits press on; the habits that the hermit has belong to them and them alone and sharing these habits will contribute to the discovery that the worthy fool of their choosing carries further down the road of their own journey.
11 Even after meeting the right fool, there is still more knowledge to be gained.
12 Is it a life wasted in solitude to find the necessary discovery that resides within us all, or is it of a deeper meaning to one that has gained understanding for us all?
13 That decision is up to the hermit once the fool has made their way through, moving forward and carrying the knowledge away on their spiritual chariot. Out into what the hermit may view as their own oblivion in reality.
14 A world that the hermit has left behind, in order to gain knowledge for a deeper truth that resides within and beyond us all.

1 The fool takes one look at the desires placed before them on the wheel of fortune.
2 The temptation of things and the risk that is to be taken if it lands on something less desirable than what was hoped for.
3 It is the risk we all run, a roll of the dice, a chance to once again, dance with our devils.
4 Or, make something better through the gifts that we have been given.
5 To put our gardens in the hands of something that is out of our control, that is larger than us in our metaphysical world. Something that resides within us all, linking us together.
6 Perhaps some other fools garden is something that we are resting our hopes and dreams on.
7 That garden then, becomes the wheel that we choose to spin to give the fates a chance.
8 At a spin of the wheel it is now in fates hands.
9 The chances that we take in spinning the wheel, resting something out of the fools control onto the shoulders of the other said fool, all in one fell swoop.
10 Relying on the wheel to land on something that may be considered desirable at the time.
11 Or to land on something that will send the fool plummeting. Into a pit of whatever it is they fear the most or catching hold of what they hoped to gain with their wager. Who is to say for certain other than what truly lies within the soul of the fool.
12 The risk is taken and the fault is on none other than the one who spun the wheel. The fool that decided to take the risk and gamble the knowledge that they have attained so far on their journey.
13 Whether they take the spin on some kind of life altering temptation to be the anomaly that may, or may not change the way things are viewed.
14 It is a risk, a gamble, in the end however, the house always wins.

1 To varying degrees we are all, as Living, full of strength.
2 Be it physical strength, mental strength, emotional strength.
3 Strength that we dig deep to find in order to accomplish something that needs to be done at the end of a long day.
4 Strength that we rely so heavily on to make us some sort of dynamic figure that we want others to look up to.
5 Strength that we don’t want to lose, for fear of becoming something less of what it is than we are with it.
6 Strength, to carry us through the mistakes of losing to the wheel. Of accepting our mistakes and moving passed them, becoming all the wiser for other fools that may follow in our path.
7 Strength, to be able to accept the consequences of our actions and to learn from our mistakes. Applying to our garden, that life is a series of lessons in what not to do.
8 Accepting the fact that there are different types of strengths that we may not have, but others do. That our strengths may be strong for others weaknesses and that others strengths may be strong for out own weaknesses.
9 That we don’t succumb to oppressive natures from other’s strengths and that we do not become oppressive with our own strengths. But, acknowledge our weaknesses for our strengths and understand that others know our weaknesses but, look up to us, for our strength.
10 Strength that leads to a pride that we, at times, may be unwilling to let go of, thus, leading us down a road of fear.
1 Ever so subtly our strength fades in many different ways.
2 The strength that we once relied on is now gone, have we neglected another kind of strength that we did not want to submit to?
3 Our muscles grow weak as we age, but our wisdom is what suffers if we continue to hold onto something that we know we are ultimately going to lose anyway.
4 Turning a blind eye to the strength that our minds have attained.
5 Our emotional strength to attach to another through heart and mind and body. The small jolts that connect us inside ourselves as we meet other Living that share the same jolts. That’s an immeasurable strength. One that grows in numbers as time takes its strides through our lives.
6 A bond that does not physically move things. But can do so, nonetheless, if we believe strongly enough.
7 As romantically as we would like to believe the truth that is told to us about that.
8 Reality will find a way to measure the physical aspect of it. Our imaginations will find a way to make that measurement UN-reality.
9 Using numbers and diagrams and math and charts and all sorts of wires and attachments and assessments and studies and all the things that will take a Living’s strength to a grinding halt once it has reached its limits.
10 Are there truly limits to strength, though?
11 How is it that there is always something stronger and stronger as time moves on?
12 The impossible always becomes possible through our strength and perseverance.
13 Is that only because we set ourselves up with the limitations of being told that it can’t be done?
14 Would it not be strong to believe that if it is possible for an omnipotent, all powerful being to breathe life into dirt, then, wouldn’t it be just as possible to have strength in the possibility that we did evolve from some ape like being?
15 With the idea of said omnipotent being already having the idea before we could have even conjured it in the first place.
16 Or, that there are multiple universes and that there are numbers and equations out there that we have yet to recognize.
17 Is there a set law out there somewhere that is meant to defy what we know about physics that we have yet to discover?
18 Or, because the 14% of our minds reality says it is impossible, what does the other 86% of our mind do while we are not using it?
19 There is strength that we have yet to attain, strength beyond our material possessions and the glimmers that catch our eye.
20 The strength to see past what will only make us happy for a short period of time. To have the faith in something more that is within the oblivion of our minds that we have yet to be revealed to us.
21 Is there something more powerful than all of this that relies solely on us as Living to believe it?
22 And if so, how strong would it be? What is it the hermits have discovered and passed onto us that we have overlooked?
23 The words within the words, perhaps.

1 How desperate is the need for knowledge, that many would discipline themselves for the sake of it?
2 Then what, they find themselves at the end of some kind of metaphorical rope?
3 Not to end themselves, rather to take up the practice of concentration and focus.
4 Meditating in the position that they find best to look deep within themselves.
5 To gain understanding through ones own inner reflection.
6 To first understand that their concentration will not be broken, that they are making themselves something of a display piece.
7 Each Living will have their methods of this. Be it by walking down a road, engaging in a game that requires great use of the mind. Listening to deafening music to tune out reality for a matter of time. Indulge in substances without going beyond the limits of said substances to break their minds.
8 Par-taking in activities that, those with lesser physical strengths, may not qualify to engage in.
9 Those with lesser strengths may take the time to engage in opening up their minds to the strengths that they have yet to find for their own meditation, for their own insight.
10 Some can hang in that state for long periods of time, coming out of their inner selves with a much greater understanding of their own garden, along with, a new point of view for those around them.
11 If we ask ourselves a question, then, take the time to look at all the possible outcomes that we can, then that is not a waste of time.
12 The ability to scrutinize and break down the question with numerous answers will bring us to the proper conclusion.
13 After learning this process with one question, the next question that we ask ourselves will be easier and take less of a toll on our concentration, and so on and so on and so on.
14 Thus, allowing ourselves to guide our minds to the best possible outcome that, to some, may be so out of reach, but in the long run, if the small steps are followed, then the answer can be attained and applied.
15 With each obstacle from question to answer arises new twists and turns on the journey through the question;
16 The more we recognize and understand each obstacle, the better the outcome will be for us in the long run and the more at rest our mind will be to venture into the 86% of uncharted territory within itself.
1 We are born with one question.
2 What?
3 Throughout our lives here, we are and have been, on a constant fool’s journey to answer that question.
4 Each aspect of our lives is an obstacle. Each question on our journey is pointing to the question that we are first born into.
5 Our lives as Living, is a fabrication of our collective imaginations. Turning one another into the reality that we all share before us.
6 Our journey has been unlike that of any other, thus far and we are far from finished.
7 We know who we are; what are we? We are our own collective thought; we are the deeper meaning for one another that each and every one of us is searching for. [at least up to this point]
8 We are the Living that can generate these thoughts. But, there is an acknowledgment of other Living among us that we do not take into consideration. That Living too, has a collective imagination as well.
9 Living is Living, the trees, the animals, the birds and the bees, the ants and the maggots, the snakes and the fleas.
10 All a collective unit that make up a part of this never ending rope. Some bring about fears while others bring about hope.
11 We all inspire one another in some way shape or form; to perhaps, aspire to become something that is outside of the norm.
12 To focus our minds on our own walls and boundaries; to look deeply within, into our own soul’s foundry.
13 Without one, we could not be ourselves; without ourselves, there could not be another.
14 To share in space and time, the first question of “what” that echoes deep in our minds.
15 To gain a final answer, or kneel to a living truth. To be the hermit deep in thought, or to live ‘neath, a humble roof.
16 We hold high, the thoughts of yesterday; follow suit to the strengths of yore.
17 With what we’re born with-in-this reality, to search for meanings beyond the lore.

1 Death, by and large, is not the ultimate end to all things, only the end of our perception towards another Living.
2 It is an opinion, sure.
3 But death, when the fool sees it, is something to be learned from as well.
4 How death is established can be brought about in many different ways. Not to say it is an accomplishment. Though it may certainly be a fulfillment for us to finally move on. That is, by no means, giving a reason to be in a rush to get there; understand though, that some Living feel the need to do so.
5 But it is still a driving force in the idea that Living is that much more important.
6 It is fear of the unknown that keeps most Living from being in a rush to shake hands with death.
7 The fear of pain involved before death, assuming that it is a tragic accident. The fear of what lies beyond this world. The fear just before when we know it is over and we succumb to the ultimate climax that grants us the answer to the question that we were born with.
8 Inevitably, it will be an experience that we all must endure.
9 What then? What does an Omnist believe happens after death?
10 It depends on the faith that one Living caters to the notion of.
11 It depends on the faith that an atheist chooses to experience the idea of Nothing.
12 Omnism encapsulates the end of things, supposing to the ideas of each and every individual.
13 What ones garden feels happens after death is what nourishes that ones garden in life, thrusting forward the ideals that they believe into the next generation of passing fools.
14 Giving them hope beyond hope of something more that a tumultuous life full of hardships and heartaches. Believe and you will. In Omnism, that is what happens after you die… “Believe and you will”
15 Omnism revolves around life and death. It caters to the needs of both, sooner accepting the fact that we are going to die, will nurture the need for one to cater to living a much happier life.
16 The futility of knowing that our lives are going to come to an end will bring about a deeper meaning of knowing and feeling what it means to be here.
17 What means is there in between? The means are what are in between. We consider death as a veil to hide what lay beyond it’s dark grip, instead of understanding that the path we are walking now is the veil in between beginning and end.
18 While we share this veil it is important to acknowledge the means to be a morally good Living among Living. To give oneself the capacity to believe, to hope beyond death, to take in the feelings of others around you and still be who you are without any internal denial. To break away and be free from nihilism.
19 Without death, the fool would not be able to make their journey. To learn how to mourn and care for those that are grieving. To become close and united through loss of something that was so loved to someone.
20 To not have any relationship with the recently departed, but still understand the feelings of loss and to share the pain of others that did know the newly departed.
21 To shed tears at the loss of something so close to the fool that stands next to us, as we stand next to them.
22 Shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm. Feeling one another’s wounded garden; allowing time and the empathy of others caring nature and their own experiences to shed light on the darkness we feel when death has taken something so close.
23 To be in unison with others at a time of loss and to know that the sun will rise tomorrow. That this will get better, that this too, shall come to pass. That the deep wounds we share with others during great loss will be scars that remind us of the better times that once existed in our lives, when this Living was around.
24 And to understand that it will be more important for us, to rise from the ashes and bask in the sunlight while we are here. So that others will mourn us, as we have mourned for others.
25 To not have fear of being a part of the veil that separates beginning from end. Allowing us to guide others during this transition to something of deeper meaning and further our concepts of who we truly are.
26 Opening ourselves up to take in what lies beyond this shaded area of our consciousness and to relinquish the things that do not matter and hold onto the things that do.
Intermission, respite, break time, self indulgence, ahhhh……………..


To think a thought, of thinking thought
To think we think we are.
A thought to think a thought of thoughts
To think up on a star;
To know to think of thoughtful thoughts
To think we think we were;
To think of things, that think we aren’t
So we can think the word deter.
To find the thinking thoughtful thoughts
Of delightful thoughts of what we think;
To cater to the opposite
Of what we think, we think, we think.
To be the thought of thoughts once thought
To be not, the one that thought; to the one that thought that thought
Gratitude, for thinking thought from naught.
To think the thought, to pull us from naught
Whilst thinking up, on a star;
To have the thought, that we pulled from naught
Without the thought to think we are.

1 This has to be a problem of make pretend among us as fools.
2 For shame on all fools and all fools that think themselves beyond this point.
3 For fools to think themselves anything other than Living.
4 For fools to think themselves anything more than what they are.
5 Allow pride to take hold and justify the idea of temperance.
6 Temperance for whom?? As well as who??
7 Temperance towards the things that may break the Living down.
8 An idea that there are things out there that the Living could take unto themselves and cause pain to themselves.
9 Then, take said devices through lack of temperance and use it to press upon another’s garden.
10 Once the fool has gone past the limits of indulgence, the fool forgets about temperance. Having no guide left other than misery to over-indulge with.
11 Thus, further poisoning their garden.
12 Temperance teaches the fool lessons.
13 Lessons in what not to do, in order to reach the climax that this quest is granting them access too.
14 For some, this may be as far as they get and their journey concludes at this point.
15 Thus, making the lack of temperance their world, their garden gets filled to the brim with over-indulgence of whatever it is they may have been attracted to. Then, that route is taken towards the opposing factors of their journey towards the world, bringing about the conflicts that are so necessary for the balance of other fools on their own journey for their world.
16 Seeing those that have failed at temperance, teaches them what not to do.
17 Seeing those locked up, still yearning to find their world, but, still do no realize that they are in their world.
18 The fool now considers that temperance is not a world, not a figure to strive to be, but a feeling and a meaning that needs to be applied to their garden.
19 So that they may carry out and fulfill their journey.
1 Overindulgence outside of the boundaries of ones body and garden may result in less than satisfactory results.
2 One may grow tired and weary if they care to not listen to the lessons of their own past and the pasts of others.
3 Of witnessing others that did not indulge in temperance.
4 Others that did not restrict themselves from “going off the deep end” and did not tie a rope to the top to climb back up.
5 Temperance in oneself allows one to endure and carry further on their journey to obtain the world.
6 Not the world so that we may be one ruler. Rather, the things that matter most to us, so that we may care better for others.
7 So that we may progress in degrees to a greater understanding of what it means to stand together and united (differences and all) instead of disputing one another over something that will lead us all to a surprise in the end.
8 Temperance in understanding and knowing deep inside that there is Nothing; that from Nothing is where the idea of our need for something greater comes from.
9 Through temperance we give understanding to the next set of fools that are following their own path.
10 That once we have gotten past our own temptations and have found stability in our moral compasses, we can contribute as a guide to the next level of lessons to be taught.
11 That there is more involved than our own selfish indulgences and need for things that will not last. That we learn sooner, through temperance, what is truly important.
12 For ourselves, for our mothers, fathers and our children, for our neighbors, for our friends and for our faiths, from our faiths, minds, and hearts.
13 For our leaders and for our followers. For the ones that carve their own paths.
14 For the animals that teach us so much about a world that we have yet to fully understand, but claim for ourselves.
15 For the things that we have yet to endure outside of our world and for the things that lay deep within ourselves that we have yet to discover.
16 Temperance will teach us to endure the aspect of ourselves that allows us to be our own worst enemy.
17 And it will carry beyond that, because it is the resistance in temptation that guides our moral compasses, our morals that tell us when enough, is enough.
18 Whether we take the course of learning the hard way, or absorbing the wisdom of those who have gone their course and see us as the current passing fool that they care to share their wisdom with. That might be something a hermit could teach you.

1 Ah, the ark of evil, the darkness that either consumes us all, or is out to enslave and eradicate us.
2 Depending upon what it is that your garden dictates as what a devil is.
3 To some, it is a color of another’s physical appearance.
4 To others, it is the opposing force that their scriptures lay down onto them.
5 To many a devil could be a drug that has them coming back for more no matter what the consequence.
6 To some it is a disease.
7 Perhaps it is a horned winged creature that bounces around playing tricks.
8 At one point in time it was a giant monster with one hundred snakes for hands, and only the mighty Zeus could defeat him.
9 They are demons, to some, that are capable of possession.
10 Everything evil revolves around these tricky critters.
11 Or this one tricky, rebellious fella.
12 The fools that encounter the devil on their journey get frightened, no doubt.
13 The Omnist fool now knows that it is pointless to be frightened of the devil.
14 Much like it is pointless for the Omnist fool to worship either any of the gods, or the devil itself.
15 It is not good for the gardens, through temperance we have learned to steer away from the things that poison the gardens.
16 These things could take the name of the devil.
17 But a rose by any other name, would still smell just as sweet, as we have been led to believe.
18 Perhaps another devil to the Omnist fool is a religious sect that preaches peace through indentured servitude with the promise of a salvation.
19 That too, could be far worse a promise than allowing the devil to tend to your garden.
20 The fool learns to tend to their own garden.
21 Each garden is not for the devil nor the gods, but ‘tis the Omnist fools own to tend to.
1 To some, they need the idea of worshiping devils.
2 Of thriving on the pain that they bring.
3 Perhaps this imagination is only depicted as backwards throughout history.
4 Is not history corruptible?
5 Through history we learn the course of Living. A set of ideals of how to live within the confines of “good vs. evil”
6 But have we not seen how the books can be manipulated and re-written?
7 Does not history also prove that the manipulation through eradication has happened as well?
8 Placing a word like devil on something is to assume that it is evil. What is funny about that is that the devil spelled backwards is lived.
9 Perhaps we have been taught wrong.
10 Not to say go out and find the neighbors cat (or any animal to sacrifice) but, if you did, the only thing telling you it is the devil’s will, is what exactly?
11 Is it not your own imagination that comes up with the jolly idea of thriving in the darker side of things? Or, is it the reality that you have been subscribed to that gives of the moral compass to innately know not to find said cat?
12 So long as no other Living is hurt in the process of the jumping through hoops procedures’ of worship.
13 How can it be considered bad?
14 How is it that some ideas and concepts of love can be considered best for everyone when they are only allowing for one concept of love to enter themselves?
15 Then, they need something to blame all the ill be-gotten happenings on. Is this not an aspect of math?
16 Let’s use the devil for this one, too.
17 Only the Omnist fool will call the devil Loch Loa. There, how is that for ultimate evil?
18 Now, Omnism has its devil, Loch Loa, how’s that roll off the tongue?
19 In another language it may be something so beautiful to another’s garden somewhere else in the world.
20 Thus, so long as no harm or poison is put into another’s garden. Loch Loa may be nourishing another Living thing. Be it a good devil or a bad devil, it is all a matter of interpretation. As such, it is all open for discussion.
21 Plucked from imagination, Loch Loa is now a part of Everything, albeit a small part. There you have it once again, evolution happening in the mind.
22 All that is needed now is for a fellow Omnist to perhaps draw a picture, furthering the evolution and growth of Loch Loa.
23 Could be anything, could be just a blank piece of paper justifying the idea of Nothing.
24 Others can interpret what is on the paper in their own minds whatever they want Loch Loa to look like.
25 Ain’t art wonderful? [Ain’t: aren’t not]
1 The point is, the fools encounter with the devil is simply an idea that puts meaning to something that is evil.
2 The devil is just the name, for the devil finds Jesus or Buddha or Brahma evil, wouldn’t one think?
3 Has the ultimate evil not been the biggest benefactor for any saintly practice? If not for the devils, there would be no business in harvesting the gold of our souls/gardens. [bank accounts]
4 Say the majority of the Living was on a different course, and a Christian Satan was the one being worshiped.
5 Would not the holy bible be something of blasphemy?
6 Or would the ideals of Satan be much longer than they are now.
7 Luciferianism brings this role reversal into play very nicely. Research it if given the opportunity. Is it right? Omnism states: not entirely.
8 Thus, bringing to relative terms that we, as the higher Living here are the ones that coin the phrases; that we are the ones that give substance and can point blame on the things that are wrong to us as Living.
9 Does that not make us both good and evil and attributing to the connotation that we are capable of all things?
10 Is the temptation to do wrong avoided because, morally, we know it is wrong? (although sometimes devilishly fun, lol)
11 Aren’t we born knowing not to kill our parents?
12 Is that not innately put into us, as we know without them we are less likely to survive and pass on the things that brought meaning to our lives.
13 Doesn’t the symbolic devil mean more to us towards a striving of what good natured is?
14 Just as much as having to lay down our lives and kneel before something that is going to save us from temptation of said beings.
15 Physical devils are the things that will poison any fools garden.
16 What’s good for one and inspiring to one, helps one believe and have faith; filling to the brim a cup of internal serenity in whatever belief system gets you there. Where there consists beliefs in ones own imagination and resides the devils of our realities.
17 But neither garden should press upon the other.
18 Without the existence of both garden tenders, there would be no need for them to decide reasoning between good and evil.
19 Or place a name of the devil on something that is bad.
20 Though, that same feeling may not apply to another. There is nothing wrong with that, as well. Who are we to cast aspersions and point fingers? That alone will make us more the devil, despite what great inspiration has been given to you.
21 So, Loch Loa, thank you for your participation in this.

1 When it all comes crashing down.
2 When we have overstepped the line of our own temperance and our strength leaves us.
3 When our lover has turned their back on us and we no longer have the will to carry on.
4 When the darkness of our innermost devils comes out in a flash dance of self-destruction and we accept the fall from the top of our tower.
5 When we break away from our steely resolve and positive actions and throw ourselves and everything that we cherish into the fires of our own depressions.
6 Tis not the fall, but the sudden stop at the end.
7 This is not a reference to physical suicide. This is not a time for us to meet and greet death.
8 This is the time when we take a dose of our humble pie and notice ourselves for what we are inside, instead of defining ourselves by the material things that once made us feel as though we were at the top of our own tower.
9 The tower that has filled our pride and filled it with something that has no value to our moral compasses.
10 Indeed, these reflections of us may be fun, but what is the true value?
11 What is the full gain from them that we can take with us when it is all said and done?
12 Is it not better to understand how we get back up from this fall?
13 Is it not better to be able to look up at the things that we once cherished?
14 To look up and realize how we have made ourselves captive to these possessions; then, look forward into a vast open world that we would have never been able to touch and experience had it not been for the tumultuous times that we have endured.
15 Once we have brushed ourselves off and understood what humble is. We will then be ready to traverse the things within that truly matter; to be rid of the shackles that once held us captive to the greed that filled us.
16 At this point, will ye abandon all hope? Or will ye gather new strength, to take down those devils and carry on the true value of what it means to be a part of Living?
1 There are endless possibilities out there for us, as one and as one together.
2 We need to take off the blinders that shroud our vision; shrug off the weights that drag us down and hinder the progress through our minds.
3 The climb to the top, the figurative end we all think that we have reached at some point in our time here with one another, brushing the shoulders of the fool that is standing next to us, that fool too is on a journey, one that we may touch only a fraction of.
4 Maybe, we as well, are at the top of that fools tower, only to witness it come to its cataclysmic end.
5 Witnessing the feelings of another fool’s hopelessness after the dismissal of their tower; we too will find our own false promises in life and our own tower to fall from the peaks of.
6 Making friends and enemies. Losing them both. Being with another Living, that promises us the world.
7 For some fools, this is but one type of tower that we come across in our lives.
8 Is that not enough of a connection between us all: to have loved and lost, rather than to never love at all.
9 Be it a part of our own internal understanding of oneself that the top of another’s actual world may only be a tower of falseness for another individual fool.
10 How difficult it may be to accept that right now, the lowest of the low that any Living feels can be turned around if they just have the faith within themselves to carry on for those that they happen to be blazing a trail for.
11 Or for those that have a set path before them, to follow through and carry a newly lit torch, for the previous tower to once again be set ablaze. As a beacon of hope or a sign of something more to promise other weary travelers that there is a light at the end of a seemingly dark journey.
12 All of us as Living succumb to some sort of darkness in our lives.
13 But let that not be the darkness that consumes you and puts out your eternal light.
14 Instead, learn to rise above your previous fallen towers and make a-new the idea that is within a union.
15 An idea, which may never come to fruition, but would consume us all if the climb to the top to build a new tower based on hope and on peace were never sought after.

1 Count them all, if you think you can. An unimaginable number, much like the grains of sand on our own world.
2 How puzzling for something to be characterized as so large and at the same time, by some, as so small.
3 Yet, we look up in awe (well, some of us do) and can’t help but wonder if they are nothing more than some small lenses in the sky.
4 That some overseer has placed cameras in them in order to see what each and every one of us is doing at any given moment during the course of our lives.
5 There are perhaps more stars out there than there are objects on our own world. It’s incomprehensible (with our current knowledge of math) to measure how large and at the same time small, all these stars truly are.
6 Is the blackness of space really that far out of reach: are the stars there night after night for anything other than a nice view?
7 So bright…so bright…so very far away yet, so close.
8 There is understanding of the stars being there, they are a part of Everything as well.
9 Is the Source out there among the stars somewhere? Are the stars an access to the Source? Are they a reflection of who we truly are inside, of energy that is free of size and composition? Perhaps.
10 How is it a sense of imagination, that this can be proven: or, rather, disproved?
11 Each fool looks up and is guided by the stars. They give aid and hope during the darkest of nights.
12 Such a wonderful thing to have, sight.
13 In the woods where there is little light pollution, out on the open seas or anywhere where artificial light has not invaded allowing us to gaze upon the stars. Seeing the stars at night is pretty in a city, too.
14 It is a fantasy out there among the stars. Dreamers dream of being a part of them. Moving in and out, unaffected by their great mass and power.
15 Learning from them the times of forgotten pasts on the worlds that they once provided fuel for.
1 So many burning so brightly above all of the time.
2 What worlds do they power in their constant illumination of our own night sky?
3 Suns, stars, the fool looks at one during the day and many at night. Though, they are much smaller and a great distance away.
4 The fool only needs to imagine what could be near and dear to each source of energy.
5 They could not be suns at all inside the imaginations of many fools.
6 They could be little lanterns, set up in the night sky.
7 The largest one that is perceived, is clearly the closest.
8 How perplexing to think that without this one giant source of power no imaginations could be fueled and reality may not exist.
9 There would be no reason to bring about a fools quest yet, here is all the Living around us. Fueled by the sun, the sun that asks nothing from any Living.
10 It is constantly providing a light to guide us, warmth for our faces, and fuel for the crops that we consume to make our lives healthy.
11 Fuel and vitamins that are absorbed without even the tiniest of effort by us.
12 The closest star to us is the sun and it gives and gives and gives.
13 No questioned authority. No reason for being. It is power that we cannot even begin to comprehend.
14 We can use the energy from it, to power the things that we rely so heavily on to provide for a much more comfortable sense of Living.
15 Still, asking nothing in return of us.
16 Only that we bask in this wonderful light in the sky.
17 Witness it rise and set and give an array of colors to inspire us poetically, romantically, mathematically. Inspiration for the painter, giving them a palate of colors to choose from. From the first brush stroke that begins the next glorious work of art. To the waking eyes of all the Living children in the world that are gazed upon and adored by their mothers and fathers.
18 To the hopeless prisoner it may provide hope for them for a free tomorrow if past transgressions have been forgiven by law.
19 Some yearn to be out in the sun. Some hold tight to the one passing moment, day to day, as they are locked in their holes and look up as it arches on by.
20 Just to glimpse the sun, to strive to sit up on a star.

1 The closest celestial neighbor to our world. Such a magnificent sight, sometimes it is highly visible, other times it is draped in darkness.
2 It has its phases; it has its set course. Night after night, over and over again.
3 It carries itself around the world, with no feelings of remorse.
4 Those feelings are sometimes set into the moon.
5 When we look up and are at times sad.
6 Putting the somber feelings of sadness into the night sky on the suns fellow sleeping friend.
7 Many stories are told, some for worship and some for fun as we look up at this nighttime sun. A brother to light: a lurker of darkness and caster of shadows.
8 Is there really fear that needs to be taken in when this celestial body makes its round: or, is that mostly stories of imagination about things that go bump in the night.
9 What is to be feared when the moon comes out? Other than our nighttime senses that most of us have had little chance to hone.
10 Our reasoning goes out the window when left alone under the moon.
11 Sleep outside: that is for the bugs and the wild beasts that may eat us. Yet, for some Living, there is a stupendous draw towards wanting to be out in the night. So long as we have our comfortable, home-made night light.
12 Not for all Living, but for some it is just there. Creatures of the night, they aren’t so scary if you happen to be one of them. If you happen to understand the influence of those around you.
13 What kind of creature of the night are you: perhaps you envision yourself as a werewolf or vampire. Or the mummy (preferably a fast one) or even a zombie.
14 Perhaps batman or one of the nighttime superheroes that many aspire to be like, or adore the idea of.
1 The moon brings out both good and bad, there just happens to be less during the night, than walking about during the day.
2 The thoughts are still there, when we are sleeping comfortably in our cozy warm beds. The thoughts that others are out there. Some keeping the peace at night from the horrible realities that we see on the news.
3 The news that keeps the fear going, the thoughts of “thank god it wasn’t us” or “those poor innocent lives” it is a shame, it is a horrible way to press ones garden upon another. To instill fear in such a way to make Living feel as though it has to do something that it wouldn’t otherwise do.
4 Some call it lawlessness, the ones doing it know it is wrong, but without that idea, how would there even be an idea of knowing that it is wrong?
5 Now that we know, is it not vital to move past that?
6 What brought them out in the first place: for it is not the fault of the moon, it is the fault of the negative Living that does wrong.
7 Advantageous, where did the idea first originate? For what true gain is there to be gotten from someone other than fulfillment of greed?
8 The fulfillment of greed, the compulsion to take a part of another person that perhaps, the creature of the night has lost themselves.
9 To press a feeling of fear onto another Living, by doing the exact thing that took their innocence away?
10 Hogwash, time to get past that idea of hurting, time to get past the idea of wanting more and more meaningless garbage to fill our emptiness with.
11 Go find your god at night instead of finding a Living to hurt. Go and seek the things that are meaningful to you under the moon without inflicting pain on another’s garden so that perhaps, maybe, it will lead you to joining others in a loving grace under the sun.
12 Go indulge in the small things, the things that you have to carry nothing home with you other than the feelings of warmth and love that you brought with you.
13 GO! Go and move on from the lifestyle of hurt, there is no reason to be unhappy other than the things that you hold onto, the wants and the greed and the needs and the feeling of failure and hopelessness. Let that go and find your deeper faith, for yourself and then let the feeling radiate from you without saying a word.
14 None of which can be blamed on the moon. Leave the actions of the vile to the vile so that their numbers may dwindle to the point of it being nothing more than an idea to remember what not to do, rather than an action.
15 So just simply stop, help put an end to your pain, and instill a good act, be a hero, and not an empty victim.
16 Take your chariot down the right moral path and be the fool to teach good deeds that have been taught to you.

1 It cometh and that right soon. For some, it is written and it shall be done. The obviousness of the evil deeds that are done by some will justify themselves.
2 We are fools walking a line. There is a definition of good and bad that defines the lines we walk.
3 For those that will not aspire to something more than what they are, understand, that we are just as ignorant as our small minds allow us to be.
4 Contrasting and reflecting our own interpretations of how smart our ego allows us to be. Aspersions will be cast by others who are equally as smart on subjects that are not touched upon by our own minds.
5 Happy are the dumb that have a better understanding of simple life. For they are the meek, and as such, it is up to the wise to protect them, to allow them to remain in seclusion in their ignorance. For they have the answers that are taken for granted.
6 Life and Living is about being happy not forcing yourself on others for your own greedy gain. Enjoy the simple ignorance of those that repulse you; ignore the pointing of fingers, because we all have much to learn from one another. Ideas that can be brought about, once again, by the imaginations of those that we judge as weak minded. For they carry strength without knowledge, they possess a deeper understanding of the heart, of the soul, of their own garden.
7 Others may find this quite a far fetched idea of what is yet to come, allowing their own ignorance to be absolute truth. They too are on their own fools trek.
8 Be it through one religion or the other, or no religion at all, it is only assumed and hoped for that a final judgment will be rested upon the gardens of many of its followers.
9 Perhaps it will come, but not soon enough for the ones that press their gardens onto another’s gardens. Opinions vary and are not always right, in some cases though….the sooner, the better.
10 The killing and the torture, the acts of slavery that are pressed onto others.
11 The feeling of falseness required for the need to serve, then the pretending of being something that is not seen by others.
12 May one fool look upon all this and wonder just what is going on with the fellow fools that are companioning themselves with the Omnist fool on this journey.
1 This journey to what?
2 To heaven?
3 To hell?
4 To another shot at this life to live a better way?
5 For more ritual, routine and more and more of the same thing?
6 To whatever the ultimate outcome may be; aren’t all Living just aspiring to get to the same place in the end?
7 All having different ways of getting there.
8 All finding their own methods of judgment to press upon something that may not be right to them.
9 No faith is wrong for the garden, if that is what nourishes what lay inside of the individual then that faith alone is what is important. The teachings that guide ones moral compass are what will grant good deeds. The absolution is the unkindly manner that is far from good.
10 Servitude allows one to continue to fulfill the deeds of the master, even after the master’s deeds are long fulfilled.
11 The feeling that radiates from hope and an ideal of peace is something to take in to oneself. Methods learned through a sense of remaining humble and life lessons in what not to do.
12 But that does not mean it is not poison for another’s garden. We all nourish our own gardens with the perseverance of others that have made their fools journey prior to us. Give Ecclesiastes a read and hear the words say there is nothing new under the sun.
13 What’s new is what is unknown, under the sun there is much to learn and open up within our minds; beyond the sun is the unknown imagination of what may be out there that would not exist without us first giving semblance with our own speculation and curiosity.
14 That too, would be a part of the Living.
15 In time we may grow to understand the rituals that another prescribes to. Perhaps the secret of unlocking more of our minds lay in understanding of another’s feelings, instead of understanding the numbers that assign feelings.
16 Hoping that judgment will come to us and that right soon.
17 Hoping to live hand in hand and singing the sing song of the song sung by the singers.
18 A constant recycling of things to be passed down again and again.
19 Expanding, contracting, exploding and re-doing itself. Having the understanding that we are a part of the Living aspect of the Union of Four. That we are just an aspiration to the make-up of whatever Source we choose to commit our gardens to.
20 That there is something larger than the small percentage of our minds that we use, that we have yet no capacity to understand.
21 Where the numbers are different and the stories there are just as far fetched as the ideas that our imaginations allow us to comprehend within the reality that we accept.
22 How conceit and ignorance can impact our structure as Living in this current structure of living. How greed has nearly taken full control over love and disillusioned how it is that we can truly be at one with one another. Something beyond the color of our skin or the desires of our flesh. Something greater involving itself with the things that make us feel and make us be.
23 Our judgment towards one another resides in those feelings of being connected to something greater than ourselves.
24 Be that through God, gods or through the spirit that resides in the nature of the world that we rely so heavily on in order to entertain our notion of existence.
25 Be that through the elements or the idols that we situate before us and bow down to.
26 To the east, west or any direction we sit and hope and pray and worship and decide how it is that we gain satisfaction through the absolutes that dissolve our own inner meaning. When meaning itself is beyond our own knowledge and that there are things that reside within our own minds that are still yet unknown.
27 The difficulty in our own imaginations that shape reality and give form to a number and the ideal that god is light and the devil is dark.
28 Awaiting judgment before we get our hands on the things that we most desire.
29 Even in that. These complications may have names beyond the names that we have given them.
30 What a cruel injustice, to want something so much, for the best of intentions.
31 Only to have what nourishes our garden flattened and judged before there can even be a chance to reciprocate the “tending of” in kind.
1 What is within our gardens: only the tender of their own garden truly knows what resides within.
2 We can express our feelings, only to have them mulled over and risk being judged by some other Living that warrants their message with a piece of paper.
3 By some that proclaim how much better they are because of their knowledge of one thing. What are they but hypocritical; not understanding their own paths, yet trying to consume others with their own gardens insecurities?
4 When called out on it. How quickly they rescind what they said into queer acts of humbleness. For-shame on the fakers, they know who they are.
5 Knowing this, certain Omnist fools will see through and begin practice within the confines of their own homes. Giving an outward respect to the feelings that others are fulfilled with; learning together and gaining wisdom on their journeys; through the journeys of others.
6 Perhaps even par-take in some practices, only to find nothing but emptiness within.
7 That feeling can always be full-filled, it is ones own course to decide and look beyond the judgment of others.
8 It is the course that one takes on with personal judgment towards ones own moral compass. It is that judgment that matters most. If one is not pleased with the decisions that they make, if they would not share their journey with one that asks. Then, perhaps, it is time to steer the chariot in a different direction and seek the methods of those that have traversed the trail prior and gain knowledge from the wisdom that they have attained. Looking within and then deciding a new course for their lives to take.
9 A new way to live among the Living. As something better, for more than just oneself. To be something for others and not so much for the desire of their own internal satisfaction; to relinquish the false satisfaction that has previously left them barren inside.
10 To judge themselves, before they be judged by others.
1 Now, set your new course for your own judgment, the world is just around the corner, as it always is. There is no stopping the course until we have finally seen what lies beyond the god of the gods of God.
2 If one set course is meaning enough for truth for one garden, for a Living, then let love guide that.
3 When fear takes hold and forces a Living to press them upon another Living that is where the direction goes awry.
4 That is where small acts of violence get their ideas from.
5 That takes its toll on us as a whole, on us as being something better than what we are now.
6 Certain judgments for some, cannot come soon enough.
7 Letting some carry on to goddesses is beyond certain comprehension to some.
8 Letting others carry on a trip to enlightenment is not wrong for some gardens.
9 Hoping upon hope that your savior will descend and bring an end to the vile wicked nature of Living is not wrong for some gardens.
10 The blackness and the void for others that don’t believe, that too, is not wrong.
11 For many, they feel that this is all we have, then let that be, for that journey is putting us on a course too. Whether or not they agree is an aside to gardens, however, we are all a part of one another.
12 That is the science of what it is their numbers are hoping to find.
13 Others that press their own judgment onto others should consult the higher being that they feel has granted them that misgiving.
14 Blessed be those who find the pearly gated city, for that too is a great imagination; quite possibly the greatest story ever told.

1 The fool’s journey has come to an end.
2 The pinnacle of the quest, the world that was sought and now the world is found.
3 In the center of the fool is now a heightened sense of knowledge for whatever path each one of us as a Living fool has par-taken in.
4 Be your journey through that of Atheism, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism or Pink Unicornianism.
5 Be there no words to express the full amount of jubilee from each one of us that has started out a fool and is now at the point of choosing which part of the world it is that they have found for them on their journey.
6 Each individual Living has something to strive for in some way, shape or form.
7 To be the best at something. To do something for others.
8 To hold hostage a civilization of other Living (albeit, not the best of actions, this is not recommended) or to change the world and bring about peace.
9 To spread knowledge through love.
10 To hold a wonderful significant other in their gardens, and to share each others garden with one another for a lifetime of living together. Or for eternity, in the eyes of a true romantic.
11 For the lost sense of oblivion that Nothing is a part of.
12 For the second we think or see something new and for the bindings of not being unable to neither UN-see nor UN-think that something.
13 To be a part of something, to be at the top of something, or to be at the bottom of something. All Living is searching for something.
14 All Living is on a fools quest, a fool as an innocent and a fool as a deviant, each fool contributing itself to be a part of the balance and at the same time not fully knowing the course that they follow. Not knowing the twists and turns without first gaining the knowledge of the maze of life that they trek through.
15 Once the world is attained for the fool, they are innocent fools no more.
16 The things that the fool has encountered on the quest for the world is now something that the fool can give a namesake too.
17 They can attribute themselves to being a part of something that will help to guide another fool on their quest.
18 Each aspect of the fool’s quest is to gain knowledge, and be a part of something much larger than themselves.
19 Thus, being a small part of the make-up for the world that the next fool desires.
1 Carry out your world, let it shine and let those that are drawn to it find their own course to it.
2 Let you be yourself, break past the confines that hold you hostage, past the things inside that keep you from the world that reside in the palms of all of our hands.
3 Share with those who wish to have the knowledge of the things that you have learned on your own fools journey.
4 Understand though, that your world may not be for everyone.
5 Be not insulted, for it is still your world now and you are the only one that can keep it in tact or be held accountable for its cataclysmic demise.
6 It may hurt so badly but understand that the knowledge of why it fell will help the next fool on their travels.
7 On their journey they may find your ruins and thus, utilize the remains of your world and make their world better for them.
8 You see, your world in tact, can only be fouled by you.
9 It is inside you, as much as it is capable of exuding itself over into the worlds that you touch.
10 The earth beneath your feet, the air blowing past and filling your lungs, the fire to keep you warm burns just as much inside you driving you forward; the cool refreshing water that can quell you when things get out of hand. Then there is your spirit, the crucial element that is surrounded by so much scrutiny and speculation.
11 Who you are, what you are, and what it means to be a Living.
12 Perhaps the idea can be plucked from the words of this journey, or even in the ideas expressed before the fool underwent their quest for the world.
13 Perhaps in the next book the element of spirit will be a task to delve into.
14 Perhaps, but that is set aside for another journey.


1 Something that Omnist’s should try to steer away from being and doing.
2 Zealots, by and large, are pressers of gardens. It’s not to say that all zealots are bad or even negative Living. However, their methods are that of overbearing and could be viewed as doing more hurt than healing.
3 If devoting your life to an ideal means that you have to force that ideal onto other Living, then it is probably not a good ideal and it is more a method of control than actually guiding your garden to something of a higher fashion.
4 Your belief is a good one if it brings positive ideas to your garden, although, it may not be good for some and at the base level may be an ideal to start war rather than holding onto an array of spreading peace through force and fear.
5 Fear is likely what drives these individuals to take action on forcing their beliefs onto another Living. Through fear they understand that it is more important to “educate” in a manner that what they believe is right and that there is no other correct answer outside of the boundaries that their absolutes confine them too. So, they hope to force you into the same area of fear that their garden has been steered towards. To further steer that fear like it is something of a valuable way to live among other people. They are rabble-rousers and have nothing better to do then give a false proclamation of peace and then go to war over the fact that someone out there disagrees.
6 A spiritual war that they see fit to justify by utilizing their imaginations to change your reality so that you may fit in theirs. They are speaking from their heart but it is a heart that has been offset, and they now feel they have been given some sort of right to instill their beliefs onto other fellow Living.
7 Omnism is meant to work on its own. Giving the idea to the fact that this ideal was always around, just not fully accepted because most Living can’t grasp the ideal that it all does exist, but there would be no substance to existence without us being here to give it a sense.
8 We walk, talk, run, drive, play and perform all these other actions until a zealot of some kind comes around and tries to get us to think that no matter what we do, we are always doing something wrong.
9 How unfair of an idea that is. How is it that we can accept the thought of someone telling us that we can’t do something that is not harming another Living, all because they have been touched by some spiritual intellect that can’t be comprehended?
10 Forcing this feeling onto someone that is not willing is a method of torture. If you willingly take the idea into your garden, then fine, there is nothing wrong with that. If you go out and start trying to force this idea into another’s garden, that, is where the line should be drawn.
11 It is a bit of a mistake to be a zealot; it is something that is chosen rather than commanded. These Living spread levels of propaganda that is potentially dangerous. The words they use are giving life to their interpretation of powerful words that have been known to cause fights. Entertaining now the deeper feeling that the zealot has to indulge. Now that the fight has begun, the zealot can feel the underlying purpose that caused them to feel so strongly towards a belief. They are held hostage by the need to create conflict, instead of purveying the ideals that the words that guided them can contribute to a peaceful existence.
1 The zealots will drive wedges in between the beliefs that they are trying to convey and the non-believer that they are throwing the indiscretions towards.
2 It is a counter-productive method in trying to ignite something that should be used to give better guidance to ones moral compass. An attempt to confuse the directions that we are going. Zealot like behavior is a large contributor and the first steps towards causing catastrophic things to our gardens.
3 It is the one yelling with a megaphone on a street corner, or strapping explosives to their chests in the name of. It is the judgmental finger pointing and the need to be heard without being listened to. They need attention, so they make up a reason to receive the attention that they so desperately crave. Thus, allowing negative attention to attract negative attention and to some Living, any attention is better than no attention.
4 It is a lack of respect towards another Living that an Omnist simply shouldn’t adhere to. These Living do exist and they should be viewed as a lesson in what not to do. If they want their absolution, then by all means, let them have it. They should understand that keeping it to them is more important to whatever it is they are trying to spread, than what the beliefs they are spewing out is trying to teach.
5 What the zealots seem to think they are doing is spreading a better way of life for everyone by forcing their feelings onto others. When, in actuality, they are doing nothing more than causing controversies and creating a ripple effect for those that have no care to be bothered with forceful methods on changing another Living.
6 There are better ways to go about teaching the kind words of the religions of the world and there are other ways to pass these messages on. There are zealots out there that feel more strongly towards certain other issues as well. Forcing bad ideas into an otherwise good set of ideals. These Living tend to think that they are justified in their attempts to corrupt an otherwise “OK” manner of living ones life.
7 It is not the route of Omnism, nor should zealot-like behavior be the actions that an Omnist takes. Omnism is for everyone so that it may lead them down the path that best serves them to be kind.
8 Be your route that of Judaism, Jainism, Hinduism or any of the ilk. Be the mustard seed from within, without igniting the fires that others have held so deeply within towards these, or any practices.

1 As a part of Living and the understanding aspect of being a part of Everything that contributes itself to the Source, are we as humans the only species that wages total war on one another? Or, have we lost sight of what war actually is?
2 Do we define it with the words that we have created so that we have some way to fathom how it is that the most heinous of acts are committed through such horrible times of controversy? Or, has the word been created to blind us from pushing past the boundaries? Is war more of an idea to keep us from coming together?
3 Propaganda is fed by greed, fueled by it; it is from that the worst kind of zealots push this idea of war to come to fruition. When both sides are killing each other, how is it any god would approve: lest it was by their own absolute integrity.
4 Is the thought of us breaking away from the human aspect of what we know more terrifying than it is for us to actually accept the easiest of answers, to accept us as individuals for one another: why do we come up with more reasons to hurt, kill, plunder, maim, torture and simply press upon one another’s gardens rather than indulging in the idea of holding our lover close to us?
5 Why is it that any nation under the rule of its emperor cannot see past the negative connotations of themselves? Why is it that they are fueled by the idea that they are in the right: that things are so quickly forgotten under dissolution. And the meaningless, material things they have, aren’t going to make any true impact on what it is that is most valuable in their lives.
6 Once all the material gains are harvested, is there any reason to not look at what is truly important? When things start fading away into Nothing once more, what then is there to hold onto most in this world? Again, blessed are the meager, the ones that have little that understand what value means, instead of striving for meaningless value.
7 The lesser value holds the most importance for their understanding of what it is to be subjected to the negative connotations that their lives have been exposed to. They are indeed the ones that rule the world. Omnists, let them not waste this knowledge, it’s best to understand their values. The corrupted are helpless, nameless and looking for what’s owed to them. Look more deeply into those that value Living, even if they don’t understand. Though you see it, it is not up to you to share that knowledge, lest they seek said knowledge.
8 Knowledge is power, power is corruptible and there are those out there that seek knowledge to corrupt. Be the Omnist that is not corruptible and believe not the fear that is pressed down on you for what you know. Hold tight to the knowledge you possess for it is of value. Hold tight to the understanding that intelligence is not rewarding you all the answers, but allowing you to think. Hold tight to the fact that you may be one of the few that gives way and understands these thoughts, only to have another speak these thoughts on a street corner in obscurity.
9 Carry words such as this for peace, for love, for your definition of love, without disgracing or forcing yourself upon another’s garden.
1 There are Livings out there that may hurt you for nothing more than a thought that crossed the mind.
2 These thoughts build within one another. Leading to a point where war cannot be avoided. It is a growing of thoughts, just like that. The thoughts of hate and anger and vile acts grow within all of us. We feel it among one another and we then begin to feel them towards one another; then, we begin to act them upon one another.
3 These things build up for a large number of reasons. Something someone said that we didn’t like or something someone may have done that we bore witness to from across the street. We may not even have known the person, but their acts were seen and they affected us in a manner where the negativeness began to build.
4 That feeling then grows even though the action is only a memory. Now, that feeling is resonated from within us towards another Living that we may not know and they see us do something, and they don’t like it. Thus, a constant cycle of negativity. Eventually leading to the most horrible of things, and that would be war.
5 Why is it that it is easier for many to accept the bad things as what is true instead of the good things? Imagine more viewing the good things in this world and hoping that people recognize that, instead of the bad action. If that feeling resonated throughout us, wouldn’t it be easy to surmise that we would have peace? That we would be able to get along with one another and “coexist”?
6 Technically we are coexisting, but we are killing the world we coexist on in the process. The only thing that should be able to dole out killing is the world itself, we cannot and should not stop it, that would be our entire coexistence pressing its garden on the main garden.
7 It is the world that we live on/in, for, and with, where we wage war against one another. The world is, all in all, a living breathing thing. It is a lot of things that we have yet to discover. All it is doing is sitting in space and watching us destroy one another.
8 It was here long before us and odds are it will be here long after us, assuming there is something out there that can imagine it.

1 This day and age, the year of your lord 2015 the human inhabitants of this world seem to not be able to get beyond the capacity to need to inflict pain on one another through despicable methods.
2 Whatever the reason may be, it seems as though the use of gods name gets brought into this method quite a lot, as we have all seen happen throughout history.
3 Time and time again tactics are used to hurt any innocent bystanders because the assumption is that they do not have the proper understanding of god.
4 Leave Gods name out of it, leave all the gods’ names out of it and for Purple Christ’s sake can we move beyond these acts of what we think god wants us to do and start doing what god actually would prefer us to do.
5 To whatever undesirable place that you think you may be going to with your ideas of implementing terror. Murder, rape and horrible acts of decapitation and torture are just criminal methods of instilling fear; so you are dubbed a terrorist, if majority does rule in something, it’s basically that you are killing in the name of and not caring that seems to be the biggest aspect of your crime.
6 There are not very good people in all walks of life. They do and say mean things to hurt feelings, each side whether they find themselves good or bad, has their rotten eggs.
7 But, there is a line drawn when it goes off into killing large numbers of people for whatever reason, much less killing them for a thing that may bring joy and peace to their lives.
8 Indeed, can’t we all just get along? But, more-so, when will we all just get along?
1 What many zealots may eventually conform to (It is not intended here for that statement to be speaking of any religion in particular, it is meant to be expressed that this has been an evolution throughout time of how too much power of any kind mostly does result into actions of terror, terror by means of abusing another Living; physically, mentally, emotionally and spreading fear into all aspects of another Livings garden) and It is indeed a horrible thing, but there is also the terror that you may have when you wake up and notice the things that go bump in the night as well. There are varying degrees of terror as there are varying degrees of fear.
2 Omnists should not forget to look into the negatives of any structured religion that they feel suits them and realize what it is amidst the negatives that gets trumped by the positive, lest they end up on some list somewhere. Omnism will have no prescription towards terror other than it is something that should not be condoned. The times that we live in now, are indeed, rather precarious. But, they will end, and with that end comes a new beginning for something better to work towards for the future of all of us.
3 For us to not forget that these cruel acts of injustice have taken place and that they should not be repeated. That terror alone should be a fiber of our being as methods that we should not concede to because we have seen how they have affected the lives of those around us.
4 It is a part of who we are to destroy, but it is also within us to be able to grasp the concept that we have the power to destroy the destroyer.
5 Is that not more important? It has been mentioned in prior books, no doubt. But here, it is an important asset to the mind to understand that there are always going to be horrible things and atrocious negative Living out there. As an Omnist, it is something that should be fought against when the time comes. To take up arms and lead with the notion that this is an act of violence that will only be subdued through ignorance of life; through the acts of retorting with the same devious tactics and bloodthirsty response that it is seeking so desperately to be squelched by.
6 It is large amounts of zealots bragging about their sociopath tendencies to be the victims; all the while causing more and more conflict that should be better left as a bad idea, rather than taken into acts of a physical nature.
7 Currently, these physical acts do exist, odds are, they always will in some way, shape or form. But, fear is the greatest contributor to the acts of terror. How is it that you defeat terror? You become more terrifying than the terrorist. Forget that you have fear and defeat them by their own brutal tactics. Do not forget to install a metaphorical off switch, however. For there will be a time when those that had become such monsters, demons or whatever it is that has been created, may forget about what reason they were defeating terror to begin with.
8 These are important things to bear in mind. For those that are sent out to defeat the terror, will be terror themselves. They should be looked after and taken care of and viewed as heroes, in the sense that they did risk all they had in this life to defend those that could not defend themselves.
9 That they have done the unspeakable and would wish to retire with no concerns of unjust treatment by cruel rulers and those that are consumed by greed and whose power has been corrupted.
10 Emperors and Empresses both should take into consideration that those that saved what is important to you, should be treated as saviors and be allowed to retire…for those that they protected…are your foundation for what you uphold. For there may come a time when you, without realizing it, become the terror; as such you should and will eventually get what comes to you.

1 Every action has a reaction. So, the whole do unto others saying, really applies when it comes to spiteful actions.
2 There are personal preferences in accordance with offering up ones own spiteful actions. Many of these actions, are nothing more than a retaliation to a previous action of spite taken upon you.
3 In many holy scriptures it teaches to love your enemy, as well as, an eye for an eye. So, which aspect of this is one to live by? Which direction should one go when someone does something ill-intended towards them? Should there be an act of retaliation, or should they be let to get away with whatever act they committed?
4 Justice is always served in one form or another. Be it through some divine action that a god was displeased with said horrible acts. Or, if they are taken in by the law and brought to justice by the state. In both cases perhaps it is just people getting what they eventually deserve…(that is not to say that the punishment always fits the crime)….
5 If the action of spite is taken towards someone that has committed an unspeakable act towards you, then think first as to how you are going to feel about your own action of spite once all the dust has settled.
6 Are you then going to fall into a pattern of maliciousness just to keep the anxiety of the spiteful act suppressed? Will you feel guilty about what you did? Constantly reflecting on the action and hoping that the person that you reacted against will eventually forgive you, even though they drew first blood?
7 Or, is there the capacity to understand the actions before reacting physically? Is there a way to get inside of the evil-doers minds so that you may not follow the path of evil deeds: perhaps. It’s not to say that you will ever even become close enough to become friends, but there is a matter of understanding that can be incorporated to ones own mind. Taking in the substances of spiteful knowledge and breaking them apart, looking at each possible outcome by using the methods of tracing thought.
1 Tracing thought is a method of thinking that allows one to go back to a moment in life that taught them a valuable lesson.
2 Many situations occur that we witness or experience first hand, and are thus subjected to learning what not to do. That we can go back to those moments and remember the outcome based on the decisions made.
3 If we can harness that capacity of thought and look into our own personal journal of life, we can come up with the best possible outcome.
4 We can make a brilliant effort to understand one another and not resort to spiteful methods of unhinging another person. Taking them off their course that we may have learned something valuable from.
5 If only we don’t give into our own need for spiteful acts, than one day me may be beyond these things. One day we may be able to look past what our own personal views are and go beyond our pride, letting go of it, and advancing together to look passed spite, as to not ignite another’s rage and expose ourselves to having to retaliate; and instead, move forward together.

1 Is it anything more than a technique to invoke rage: an emotion we all have in some way, shape or form. But, the capability to en-rage, causing an action of spite to ignite the rage within another’s garden.
2 How dangerous of an emotion rage actually is. All by itself it is something that can be easily and quickly deduced, due to the fact that there is little thought involved when in a blind rage.
3 When combined with other emotions such as spite, it is easy to take control of those that become so quickly enraged. Encouraging with words of fire that have no meaning other than an end of a vivid speech that has no sense.
4 To take control of those with large quantities of rage is to have the capability to control the rage and begin to instill fear in those around the ones with mindless rage.
5 To have no compassion, only to have their mass amount of rage encouraged and given the right to utilize this emotion with wrong-doing and ill concern towards those that need the feathering hand of solace and compassion.
6 Those controlling the ones with rage keep little concern for the ones that are living in fear, for those are the ones that are paying the bills, those are the ones that bear the load of the structure that is being set up to cripple and then allow for the greedy too continue to grow until they realize that it is a futile attempt to eat finances, thus, consuming themselves.
7 Unable to feed the rage, the rage grows out of control, and then demolishes some of the ones that are kept in fear, until the rage is quelled by those that they are destroying, because the masters of the rage have left them to do their own bidding, and blind rage ceases without fuel. Only to be left alone and without a sense of purpose, thus, giving way to a spiteful feeling against those masters that have left.
1 Most passives have probably experienced rage (and are probably passive because of it), only to find and understand that once the rage is done and over with, there is nothing left to look back on other than the destruction that they have caused.
2 Be it metaphorically or physically, there is pain left to know, pain that will probably go ignored unless one can handle the waves of anxiety that pulse within each beat of the heart.
3 That what was an intense amount of power would serve much better once one is able to sit down and understand how much good can come from just thinking a problem through rather than throwing it across the room. That it is much wiser a method to control your temper, lest it controls you.
4 So, if you fully enjoy having nice things to enjoy through-out your lifetime and they help you to reminisce about the things that you have so enjoyed, don’t allow your rage to become something of a decision maker, because in the long run you will find that you are surrounded with things that barely work or don’t work at all, along with the sensation of wishing that you had handled a situation differently.

1 Now, having to suppress the monster that you have unleashed. There is a matter of fact when it comes to creating a monster, and that is to remember to add an off switch.
2 If the monster cannot be suppressed, then perhaps it would be best to find another method of resolve for whatever situation needed a monster to begin with.
3 Quelling by methods of suppression typically have been the way things are handled in many various situations. Perhaps, instead of understanding the methods in that manner, that there is a way that we can look into a situation where large groups of Living can understand how they can come together with their similarities, and swallow their prides to come to a collective understanding and work together from there, instead of forcing their opinions to how a situation should work out.
4 To suppress, to annihilate through suppression, be it during debates or through physical force, seems to be the ongoing method of those that dictate how they want us to live our lives. There is no more reason for those that are better off to press their matters of living greedily on the backs of those that cannot support it.
5 It is time to look beyond these methods and obliterate the old regime of how things are done in order to restructure the way that we live together in this world. We are all a part of this world, and that alone is something to have in common with the Living that walk together and experience the same senses and elements.
6 We are not all the same. But, we are all born with the same emotions, how we experience life may cause a Living to go about their lives in cruel manners, more often than not, because power can be easily corrupted by greed; these cruel methods are slowly adopted, quelled and then brought back to the surface in ways that they are obscured with pretty words into convincing the Living that these methods are something that they are not.
7 It is done in advantageous ways taken by those greedy that are in power, by those that want, and want…and gain through taking without suffering the consequences of their own methods of gain….
8 There is little empathy from these Living, for they are the ones that express no concern for their gain other than to hide and never use it to the advantages for others that may need it. There is no utilizing these gains for a better common goal, be it through making a better economy or giving to those that truly need it. Those that are not going to take advantage of these hand outs, those that give to those that would be willing to give back twice as much as they have been given.
1 When suppression of a feeling is put upon an individual (when the Living is quelled) there is a re-action that is to be expected. Someone feels so deeply about what they feel and are forced to not feel that way, what else could be expected other than an act of spite?
2 That is not to say either side is right, that is to say that when an individual is no longer allowed to feel like an individual, they will practice the acts of defiance if they are strong in their feelings.
3 No amount of bombs, fire-arms or brandishing of fear will suppress how any one individual feels, how they choose to look or how they choose to live their lives.
4 Using discriminatory efforts to quell the feelings of another’s outward appearance will only ignite rage within the individual, thus, giving them reason to pursue the efforts of what it is that took their happiness of individuality away.
5 How then is one to feel comfortable with the larger groups that quell and oppress? How then is the small supposed to survive outside of adaptation towards a feeling that they do not feel?
6 Over generations of such quelling, there will be a response after time, and there will be a small number to quell the large number. There will be an uprising against any establishment that caters to the quelling of minority.
7 That is also, not to say that either side is right, it just so happens that that is the route that history has brought us to.
8 That the meager are left to fend for themselves under an establishment that regulates every movement from the time they wake up, to the time they fall asleep. The only freedom left is that which resides within the dreams of being that of a good denizen to the corrupt. What good is left then? How then is one required and made to survive other than being the herded fool for the empirical tyrannical fool?
9 Quell this all you corrupt fools, all you fools that opted to sustain themselves on the backs of those who share no greed with you.
10 Quell this all you foolish of greedy and spiteful zealot fools, all those who ascribe themselves to their own false practices and rigid ways of control. Quell you then you false-smiled liars of liars, slaves to money and slaves to having nothing, slaves to Nothing that brings no imagination to reality. Keep your money, keep your lies about fear and keep your ruthless establishments that makes the rest of us Nothing, your lies are crumbling and the foundation that they are built on is coming to an end and being excavated from the dirt. You will have nothing left but to have your bones gnawed on by the pets of those you once thought you controlled.
11 Omnism, Omnists and Omnistocraticism will not be quelled, for peace is not to be quelled. Peace is possible, conflict is unavoidable and disasters will happen, but billions of minds coming together are far more unstoppable than that of any propaganda feeding dictatorial rule and capitalistic ways of making an individual feel like nothing more than a wasted piece of scrap.

1 Sadness, brought on by the negativity of the things that surround us. Be it through that of the wars that are being waged, or the loss of a loved one. Or, even the sadness from within that we have trouble finding the endurance to follow through with our own lives.
2 The lingering suspicion that there is nothing to pursue, that there is no reason for being and a longing to want more than to succumb to the crowds that you know that you don’t feel to be a part of.
3 These depressive states of being may cause our thoughts to drift into certain darkness which make it difficult to press through the day. Each day becoming more and more of a looming darkness that manifests itself into a weight that seems to pull us down into the depths of depression.
4 All we can think of is how there is no jubilation that will cheer us up, and that there is no real reason for us to go on. That we must try harder to be happier and that we are not of a normal state of mind, everything is judging us in that state of mind that we find ourselves in, only making things more bleak.
1 When an individual begins to get over-ridden with large quantities of negative emotions, they tend to lean towards the side of negative characters. They have trouble waking up and doing the things that are necessary of them.
2 Work becomes intolerable; sunshine on their faces is nothing more than a waking reminder of another day that is nothing short of unbearable. Happiness is feigned and consumption of the garden is inevitable if this state of mind is continued.
3 What then is to made of the feelings that this individual exudes? What then is the importance of these negative feelings towards one-self?
4 To embrace and to move forward knowing that there is something to be made of melancholy. That these things, will too, come to pass; that there is a light that is to be found. That there is a reason and a better day or night. That there is a smile out there that is meant to brighten and enlighten the darkness that is smothering your garden.
5 That there is a better method and that it is up to you to find the strength for others around you to be enlightened and lifted by.
6 Though your darkness may not be shining light, your garden still flourishes for others. They too are viewing your garden and seeing what it is that is meaningful and they are tending to it without you realizing it. That there are ways that you may never be able to see, but they are prospering from your unwilling torment.
7 You walk outside of the lines that others cannot comprehend. Your task is great in the deeper meanings and because of that you fail to understand just how important you are. Failure too, is a lesson of deeper meaning that you have the ability to jump into. That you are alive for the parts of the unfortunate meanings of what it is to be human.
8 You will fail, you will be sad, but you will also succeed and become a more determining factor of something that bears little for comprehension other than the fact that it is a stand-alone substance that is a part of Everything.
9 That the Source is more than Everything, just as much is it is as little as Nothing. So in a great number of ways, the melancholy that is felt and established is a vital importance of understanding what it is to be and that there is a great knowledge in understanding of sadness. Most care not to venture into the darker meanings of life, but there are those that do understand the importance of pushing happiness towards another’s garden.
10 They understand the importance of giving themselves up, but the understanding is also apparent in the ideal that they may never fully (in this life) understand what it is they are giving themselves up for; that because of the sacrifice of their garden, their understanding of happiness is yet to be obtained. Thus, they will find their own Source and apply deeper meaning to it once they do.
1 We all have restrictions that we place upon ourselves, restrictions that teach us of qualities like patience, respect and responsibility.
2 Turning us into something a little more tolerant of those that are unwilling to become a part of something much greater than who they are and what they believe.
3 This is not to say that any one god or belief system is more valuable than another, but there are aspects within each one of these teachings that will show a great deal of how being tolerant is important for those around us. What they take from that is how to be tolerant themselves. Tolerant towards others, so that they may learn something better for future references in life. So that it may be applied when situations arise that will test their patience; that will push their temper to the brink of flowing over the cup of rage and contributing to pain and the infliction of pain, rather than thinking more deeply into a situation and seeing a better result for more people as opposed to just benefiting themselves.
1 When we break free of melancholy, we learn to tolerate others’ happiness and displace our own lack of joy.
2 Tolerance towards how another feels is of vital importance for any individuals garden to grow. Taking something away that may bring another person that is not harming a soul is a lack of tolerance for one’s own understanding of their individual power thus, giving us a false sense to what we think power actually is.
3 Just because one can take freely, does not mean they have real power, real power is respect towards the harmless natures that reside within us all, and giving a sense of patience and understanding towards the small losses of those feelings and remembering that those feelings last longer and linger more deeply within us than the quick feelings of rage that pass as quickly as they come on.
1 Yes, there are things that we have to do in order to sustain ourselves. There is work, there is maintenance of the things that we care for that supply us the needs to survive, the places to live, and the chariots that take us on our course through this life.
2 Let these things be mundane to one, unless that one enjoys doing them thoroughly. There is more to life than toiling away at monotonous jobs and having to wait and telling ourselves that there are things that have to be done. That is an aspect of life and those aspects and duties have their end as well.
3 When we finish some monotonous jobs, we do have a feeling of some kind of fulfillment and that is truly what we are working for.
4 Not the job for the finances, but the feeling that we have done something worthwhile despite the monotonous labor it may have taken to get there. Remember the end will justify the means.
5 Frustrations, aggravations, heuristic methods, planning, sometimes droning on day after day watching time pass (all of these things are things that have to be done though) are lessons that we have to learn as each second passes. Thoughts move within the concept of time creating delusion so that you have your mind during monotony…don’t ever forget that….
6 You have your imagination in these boring times of reality, you have focus on your work, focus on the things around you that supply the vital means to get the job done. You have the time to speak to the Living next to you and discuss ideas of what is going on in the world.
7 So, monotony can be broken up, it is just up to one to figure out how their mind operates during these slow times. What triggers it is how well you listen to your heart in knowing that there is something past the monotony of work and the monotony of waiting.
8 We all have to experience this, but again, it does eventually come to an end and we become free to explore the world around us and the world within us as we see one for the other and both as one.
9 We may be the artists of our own affliction. So that we may embrace the things that have developed without our ability to heal it on our own. Perhaps there is nothing to really fix when it comes to these kinds of feelings and they are meant to be a part of who it is we are so that we may understand a portion of struggle and the meanings of monotony in work and in life that brings about sadness and a feeling of hopelessness so that we have something to work for; that beyond is far more important than the physical mundane toils.
10 That happiness lay within us, deeper than the barrier of melancholy, and that there is something to rise up over and beyond when it comes to what we have been told that we must succumb to rather than listen to ourselves and understand that these little quirks and painful sadness is sometimes who we are, and the more that we are told how to fix something that is not broken, the more we see the darker aspects of who we are, instead of searching for a light within.

1 It is indeed not the opposite of love because apathy is the opposite of love. Hate, is what is to be endured, in order for love to survive.
2 In the ideals of having love, there are the negative connotations to the aspects that run deep within each of our gardens.
3 Love happens be the truth that rises above all else. Hate is the aspect that love must endure in order to exist.
4 Isn’t it careful consideration to take into one’s self that both of these things are possible at the same time?
5 Why would it be impossible? These things both exist and it is essential in Omnism to move past the idea of love vs. hate and go into the expanse of love with hate and take careful consideration (and little indulgence) into ignorance and apathy.
6 It may feel like a life-time, perhaps it takes even longer than a life-time to realize this. In order to remain eternal and bring about new thoughts of love, then we must move to this spectrum of living. That we are the ones that influence how this universe is determined. Be it through science or gods or just our own inner influence. Despite what one doesn’t believe, these things still exist regardless.
7 So, don’t hate, live for the others passion so that yours too may be ignited and carry a torch in the name of goodness that is always professed, but very rarely par-taken in.
1 To take a word like hate and to begin to describe it would be like doing the same with the word love. Both are just as much a part of one as the other, together they come together and teach us deeper meanings through life and how to love better, by remembering what it is that we once hated.
2 Hate diminishes over time and can be consumed by love. As is said, love conquers all, but there is a time in all our lives when we do experience the quick heat of hate and we go so blindly into rage and spite that our methods could potentially be brutal, nasty and all out terrible in nature that we forget about consequences. Some people out there hold onto these emotions and utilize tactics from them, in order to confuse, manipulate, destroy and wipe away the ideals of love, but love will always prevail, and carry with it the memories of what hate has added to it, as vital lessons of what not to do. If only to quell it for some time.
3 There will always be methods of hate, methods to do despicable acts of violence and the taking away of another’s ability to cater to their own gardens. To make them forget that love exists and draws them into melancholic ways of living that few have learned to fully turn around into love. That the lessons taught through hate eventually leads to lessons in how too indulge in the other.
4 There is no measure for the degrees of absolution that the words tend to bring our minds towards. Hence, there is no absolution in any one of these words.
5 Rather, they all are an emotion running deeply within one another and existing for one another. The idea that they are not opposites may be a perplexing sense of reasoning, but understanding within one’s own mind and inner reflection will allow this to take form.
6 To go further into this idea, they exist for one another in the way that apathy exists outside of these conflicts of mind. To not care about neither love nor hate is to indulge in an apathetic mindset that turns us further away from both. Love and hate are intertwined with one another. Like Yin and Yang or God and Satan. Without one, the other would have no reason to continue and there would be no essence of conflict. Whereas, if one does not care about either one of these things. They are alone in their travels and have nothing to cater their gardens with.
7 It becomes withered and desperate for answers that it is calling out for, leading to melancholy all their lives; to be tortured without the pursuit of understanding love and hate as an objective goal that exists for itself to move further beyond the boundaries. Apathy, would then suggest giving up and moving on as an individual object, a lone wolf, a hermit that exists for them-self and them-self alone.
8 This too, is essential for others to move forward in life. One may feel apathetic towards a certain situation or individual, but is a consuming emotion that builds walls around the garden, eventually shutting out the love/hate that exists.

1 The core of much that is so negative. Not only greed for financial power, but greed overall. There are places and people in this world that just want more; more of whatever it is that the culture desires. More religious power, more money, more land, more and more and more.
2 For what exactly? To indulge in some kind of power that they may think is of true value in this world? Thus, causing a conflict, an attitude of negativity and corrupted cultures and statures. To capitalize on the weak and use them to convince the world that they are doing something positive for it, all the while taking so deeply from those that truly need to survive, taking more and more because they simply want.
3 It is a part of us that we subscribe to when boredom ensues. How is it that we can obtain more than what we have? And still maintain a peaceful existence?
4 Does greed have to be an attribute in our lives? Can we not instead DE-evolve it to an idea, then encasing it as nothing more than a negative thought not to be forgotten and considered?
5 Let’s say for instance that greed is eliminated, what then would be there to take its place? If anything at all needs to take its place? Sure, there are those out there that have the mentality that there would have to be a person to lead, to be in control of the populace. For what, for fear of people running rampant and spiraling the world into chaos and anarchy? Haven’t we nearly reached that point with such greedy corrupted leaders and methods of rule?
6 What if that doesn’t happen? What if we are finally ready to live more peacefully with one another than we have once been able to? What if there were no borders in this world separating one another into cities and countries, some governed by people that are corrupted and bought by large money makers that can buy, only to make more money and have more control. What of the leaders then that succumb to such methods? Who then is truly leading anyway at that point? Hasn’t organized government proven itself time and time again to be what is?
7 Organized religions shouting fear out in hopes of salvation, being bought off by people that have no moral compass, only guided by the thickness of their wallets, when that has no substance when all is said and done anyway.
8 What kind of leaders then should be considered? Those that want more and take more, and give less and less. This is why the Living that care nothing for power are truly the most dangerous, for they can’t be bought, they wont drop to a knee for the fear of being squashed by tyrants. It matters not to them, for they are beyond the size of a bank account and are more willing to share, then to take.
1 The brilliance of peace is that there is no value to it other than living a life of nurture and complacency. Living for one another, rather than for ones own numeric value in this world.
2 That there is no greed involved in how valuable a life is when all comes down to it. How many important Living has been lost in the name of greed in order to gain what? Greed turns Living into a sort of a willing participant by the convolution of truths and buying the things that hold hostage the larger numbers of us that prescribe to some sort of eternal salvation. Instead of giving way to the meaning that we already have that. Our fear and oppression are the ways to gain, rather than spreading a real hope that resides within us. That by dividing us with boundaries and fear and the existence of numerous gods and having us fight over whose is the truth. When any true god would not have wanted it that way to begin with.
3 One can only truly imagine that god works in mysterious ways, yet the Living behind the works of god’s are working in the ways that are obviously not the works of a god that chooses love and forgiveness over the murderous and despicable acts that are somehow given justice to through thousands of years of corrupted writing and re-written histories. All in the name of greed to have more, using gods name to say that this is the way “HE” wants it. For-shame on those whose minds are so ignorant to believe that any omnipotent being would care so much as to describe himself as a “HE” when the divinity far exceeds the exploitation we as humans use greed and fear for expanding a dangerous method that brings us ever closer to the brink of destroying ourselves.
4 Of destroying the true beauty that lay deep within each of us. The willingness and the mentality that we know we are meant for more than just material gains and that there is a deeper questioning within us all that steers us towards the path of evolving more deeply in the mind and becoming just close enough to understand the Source as perfection, and that we are indeed beyond greed and fear and closer still to god once we let go of the barbaric traditions that were once laid down to keep us maintained so that the big fish get bigger, to hold hostage smaller fish in this pond.
5 To hold them hostage for their own manipulative gain and expand an empire that will ultimately destroy itself and the ones that truly care along with it; without empathy or concern beyond their own nihilistic hubris.
6 Who then is to begin something that stands against these monsters of pride, greed, envy, gluttony and vanity? Are those that indulge in lust to stand up, those that can be bought and sold simply by having their own indulgences quelled for a short amount of time? Are the slothful to stand up, or are they simply to practiced in apathy and are more willing to simply go along with they systematic regime that is set before them?
7 Who then is to blaze a new trail against all of these and to carve a small notch in history that is ready to be carved deeper into maintaining and understanding peace, in understanding unison and will not be told that something is impossible?
8 It is not to say that Omnism will be this act, but it is a good start. One does not need to be told how to do good for others, they are only taught how not to do good by what majority is currently in rule. If good natured acts began to be the majority, then indeed, Acts of Random Kindness will begin to take the place of what we are currently told about what any god wants.

1 If not for the efforts of pursuing the impossible, the greatest of tasks may never have been accomplished. So, that being said, is anything futile?
2 Some may say that it is impossible to live forever, but just look at those that still exist in our time, that have been gone for thousands of years. Is that not immortality?
3 Not physical immortality, but the idea that the great leaders and heroes of yore have once brought for us, this notion of immortality. The greatest of ideals and ideas and implications that have come from within to do the better of things, rather than the worst of things.
4 Is it a terrible fate to succumb to the ideal that we are all headed for the worst thing possible, or should there be a new sort of ideals to work together and come together as something that could unify us within the circumference of peace and love, through understanding, rather than dropping down to the idea of being degraded and that that is the worst aspect of our lives and it is all we have.
5 There is something more to wake up for and it comes from not wanting, but being. Being something for one another and having a collective idea that we are all together, that there are negative Livings out there and that the idea will still remain in-tact, but eventually we will have to get past the connotation that we have a terrible impulse to inflict pain on one another.
6 To begin to realize, that the impulse to do such things can be flattened out in our minds and visualized and materialize into a better method of thought and planning than to succumb to our rage and the faulty ways of destruction.
1 Through words and manipulative tactics we have been told that there is nothing beyond the understandings of what has been laid before us.
2 But such power is corruptible, yet we will not yet see past that despite how much we feel it deep within our gardens. That this is what we have to contrive to in order to obtain the things that our gardens so desire.
3 For each individual yes, it is a wonderful thing to hope that there is something waiting for us or that there is nothing waiting for us. Both of such are futile attempts taught to us to say that this life is meant for nothing more than servitude. But who has brought about that idea? Who has been given the tasks of writing and re-writing these doctrines that say this is what it is we are supposed to do?
4 Through science, we can probably picture each and every god and devil just slapping themselves on the head and shaking it and saying “Oh, my me, what have these people done?” Then they look at each other and try to wrap their own minds around it in the hopes that one day, they look down and see that few of us have gotten it, but that then may give them hope within us, so that they may too exist.
5 That whatever does lie before us, we will make it and we have finally stopped looking at the inevitable end to us all and begin rebuilding for something that is meant for a better existence in whatever name thou so chooses.
6 Without the nature of lopping off heads or general sacrifice to something that could care less about the blood of a lamb or the genocide of an indigenous tribe that had their own feelings toward nature rather than a concern for a gold crown representation of a self proclaimed “god-king.”
1 Much of the futility that resides around our lives is that we are probably going to have to fight, in some way, in order to attain peace in this world.
2 It is yet another paradoxical thing about this Omnist. There are a great number of debates, conversations and fights that an Omnist can learn to stay out of and possibly see the good in both sides.
3 But, there may actually come a time when Omnists are going to have to stand up and call out the BS that comes along with things. That there are great aspects of every notion of god and science and lack there-of in both. There is also a lot of things that have been far more damaging throughout our history than there has been good derived.
4 This is the futility, because it will ultimately become an engagement of sorts. Hopefully most Omnists will be able to have thought past the physical endangerment of beginning these fights for peace, hopefully it is not futile to believe that peace is possible; hopefully, it will come sooner rather than later, and that whatever Indigo’s are out there paving the way for the next generation of children, then see past the negatives, will be doing so with a positive effect on the world around us. Little-by-little, step-by-step, things are unfolding and we are believing more in who it is we are and less on what we are being told how to believe.

1 They will always be there, but that does not make them wrong. What makes them what they are, is the inability to understand where it is they are coming from.
2 Progenitors of hate to one set of Livings may be nothing more than the Livings reading these words. That makes neither side wrong, it means they have yet to combine the positive ideals of each set of opinions and give up the negative aspects that each one holds towards the other.
3 You perhaps are an enemy to somebody, but, that does not make you negative Living. Nor does that mean that you are both unable to prescribe to the feelings of love that you have and have yet to indulge better and have in common the ideas of hate and negativity, thus, giving away common ideas of love and hate, for each side has its own opinion. Is that not a common ground?
4 What difference do the words make when you both share the same feeling of hate, anger, rage and discontent towards one another?
5 You know now to stay away from one another and that don’t make either one of you completely wrong or entirely right. No doubt you both have powerful ideas, is that not enough common ground for both sides to be heard?
6 Why then is it that one side sways the majority and becomes the right one, when both sides have valuable points to make, then, the ideas of the other are tossed aside despite any usefulness that their words may have had. Thus, instead of using the positive ideas from each side, one is tossed away and quite possibly, becomes bitter and melancholic, causing enemies.
7 Some, however, do manage to escape the discontented feeling in knowing that their time will come, this wait could be considered as a bit of a spiteful act, but at least it is a quiet act, and a patient method used knowing that they are not wrong, at least not wrong forever.
1 Every lost set of ideals begins to take hold in the heart of the one that set it in motion. It still grows in an abyss of swirling rage and contempt towards those that tossed it away.
2 Do not let pride consume the notion of peace so much so that the original positive aspects of these ideas begin to partake in actions of revenge and malicious plots to bring down something that may indeed be applying certain aspects of those once grand ideas without a conscious knowledge that this is being done. It happens in all life that the right path is taken regardless of the knowledge that the one walking the path has. There is an absence of certain knowledge as we currently exist that the idea that has taken course is not entirely correct without the unknown. That your lost idea may one day be a vital role in this, that one day it might need your views and that you may have made enemies for no reason, once again separating something that may have become more for the rest of us, taking us backwards in your rage and spiteful steps taken to become an enemy.
3 There are positive roles on each side, just because one cannot yet be heard does not make others deaf to the vital roles on the inside of ones idea. Some ideas require more work and more beliefs in them than others. Which means it would be more important to seek out those that have a positive belief in what it is that the lost idea implied, thus making it possible when the time comes to be applied to the winning idea. Not being an enemy, but running parallel to the idea that has been given a beginning, and being able to pick it up when it does fail, instead of stepping on it and tossing it aside as your idea once was.
4 Being able to follow at times and not be so possessive over the power that is being distributed, but rather, knowing that one day you may be the leader giving up the power that was just shared to you as you followed.
5 Understanding that there are very few reasons for struggling with power when power can be shared and incorruptible if shared properly. That the majority of things going into one basic may hold absolutely no power what-so-ever other than playing the part of a ruse.
6 One should not be so quick to fall for such a head fake, because the true power lay within us all and the moment we figure out how to share that, the sooner we will be able to work together as a collective unit and think of enemies as a long ago word that we were ignorant enough to hold onto for a farce of power.
7 Most of control is the illusion, the illusion that we have a great deal of control with the things around us, when we actually have but to control ourselves and the things we desire most will come to us willingly, because we are giving off good senses of energy and the desires wish to be around us in that we are what is desired, not the other way around.

1 We all have them, things in our existence that cause us misery of some kind. There is no way to not experience banes, they are necessary in our journey through our lives.
2 We have the ability to feel both negative and positive things that effect how we go about our lives; it is best to embrace as much of that as possible, so that we can endure the negatives, and live in the positives. Life gives us lemons, so let us make lemonade indeed.
3 How else would we have the capacity to understand that the earth is under our feet and that we have fears that both terrify and excite us at the same time?
4 We are ignited and brought to life by the things that have a polarity with one another. That alone is within us, it is a part of our being.
5 Why is it then that the only possibility is to prescribe to either one or the other? Why is it said that it is impossible to do both? When, we actually are doing both without realizing it.
6 As we experience misery, worry and anxiety we are entertaining the idea that it is going to get better, that it has to get better, that no matter what we are going to pull through this and experience the best part of life. That we are going to serve a better purpose and that we are going to get ourselves out of whatever rut it is we have gotten ourselves into.
7 Knowing that in time there will be an unavoidable experience with the banes of life again. There is no way out of losing a loved one, or going through a heart-wrenching break-up. Or the loss of a job and the worry of what are we going to do next.
8 Bane will lead to a feeling of futility, but, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. There is more to look forward to in life and the lowest levels of life that we may be experiencing are going to allow us to look forward to the good feelings that we long for at the moment bane strikes.

1 Isn’t it nothing more than an opinion as to what makes something an abomination?
2 How then is there the ability to go the distance so much to hate something so bitterly?
3 What justice does hate give when it all boils down to it: what then are we to do when there is only two of us left and we consider the other an abomination?
4 Let us sit and imagine for a moment; let’s just say, for instance, those that discriminate against something don’t understand and, are in fact, the abominations. The groups of those whom hate, and who spread the hate, are so full of hate, that they are the ones that are truly hated. Not being able to understand that one simply loves who they love.
5 For those to throw accusations at these Living are doing nothing more than taking ignorance further along the path of destruction and continuing our downward spiral into whatever hell that they may think that this world is headed towards.
6 Omnists should steer their gardens away from discrimination. All are a part of something greater than an attraction to genitalia, or the color of our skin, or a great deal of many other things that we simply cannot change about who we are.
7 The ignorant ones are the ones pointing the fingers and causing such hate to continue to tear us apart at the seams.
8 Perhaps they need to get off of whatever high horse it is and come down to the level of the Living that truly cater to the notion of loving one another and understanding further of what it is that they claim such hatred towards through what they are taught to feel about anything they consider an abomination, and instead feel what is truly their hearts.
9 Such ignorance should be frowned upon, there are names for people that commit such hate crimes, simply put, let those that subscribe to ignorant hatred be the true abominations, rather than those that have been oppressed for living their lives by the guidance of their hearts.
1 Again, that is not to say that each and every side of these differences do not have their fair share of ignorance. That right there is more of a reason to connect, for it is a common ground. Perhaps the best way is for all the negatives on each side of the debate to come together and work together and well, who knows: they may come up with a great resolve and a deeper understanding of one another than they cared to realize.
2 Each side would not be telling one another what they have thought of as right? Rather, it would be better to absolve the things that one has been told to think about right and wrong in order to come to a unified decision of the right aspects of things that matter more, rather than jumping at one another’s throats.
3 Dis-gracing one another by methods of not having an understanding is blind ignorance that feeds rage and spite and greed and gives nothing more to the notion of us progressing and all working together.
4 Instead what is used or proclaims the division of good, is far off from the proper interpretation of finding a better way to experience one another. By seeing what is truly within us and participating together hand-in-hand to free our minds from the fear of abomination. Thus, allowing us to learn how to embrace them as a factor in what it is that strengthens us through our combined fears and brings us to the understanding that we need to have for one-another.
It’s often times I’ve wondered what would have happened if Noah and his party missed the boat. What would have survived and been left to carry on? Or, was it that what was left to carry on, was Noah and his party, and many did miss the boat? What then of what we are now? What then of what any god decides to make us lest we are the source of that which is god. Not any god in particular, but, the god that we all envision together. Does it have to be necessary to take physical accosting upon one another? Or, could we actually find a way to let the idea exist and move beyond it together? The more that believe and imagine that the idea of peace is possible, the more we come together and collaborate with those that will say “There will never be peace” well, of course there wont, not if that’s what is felt by the majority in this world.
The belief there is a silent majority, that within all of us there is a small spark of hope and love, diligence towards finding the deepest meaning of who we are to god and wrapping our minds around how it is that god created us and we created god. There is a large amount of pride that would likely need to be swallowed by a large number of people; once the pride is gone, how joyous it would be to be a part of something that does exist in our imaginations. Not the negative aspects coming to life, but the shear fact that there is some sort of substance in all of our ideas. That we are more than just some kind of resistance or dark void, but that we are on the brink of understanding that void and coming closer to grasping it in manners of bettering ourselves rather than throwing one another to the ideas of savage brutality.


1 We all know that the young of this world are easily influenced by the ideas that are given to them.
2 It was us that were once young as well, as if to say that all that our foundations are built upon to make us the adult that we are today, has been a learned experience from our time spent as a youth.
3 How we handle most adult situations are only expanded responses from similar situations that have been given to us when we were younger. Though the situations may be more or less extreme, we respond to them in kind from base knowledge of how we handled situations when we were younger.
4 Each lesson learned about what to do and what not to do is derived from being a youth. We act on something, we acted wrong, we are reprimanded and know now not to repeat this act. Yet, we forget the playfulness that was the ignition of the act to begin with.
5 Once our youth is gone, we are taught then that we are to begin handling life as an adult, that adult situations will carve the rest of our lives. We lose our youthfulness, or do we? Do we each not have that inner child that sometimes comes blaring back through our minds to remind us that there is a place in there that was once full of dreams and innocence?
6 How soon indeed we do forget how we are told and taught throughout our lives to let go of childish mind-sets and make-believes. How much a shame it is that most children with youthful ignorance probably have better solutions to the worlds problems; yet, we seem to rely on those that have enough funds to secure their positions at the helms of our societies. Not all of these people are bad, but there are very few out there willing to give much of what they have earned up for a brighter tomorrow, in which many so eloquently claim in their addresses to convince the mobs and the youths of said mobs.
7 What then are youths learning now? As much as there is out there to draw from, it is still very limited in scope. A child can learn one history and then grow to be an adult knowing and understanding this history, only to find themselves in some kind of a debate about history whilst another Living has their own set of facts, now, giving two knowledgeable meanings to one history, thus contorting history as we have come to know it. We weren’t there to see what has happened, so how is it we know which aspect is telling the truth? By using fact, documents of old, and our imaginations all at once?
8 Then, there are the facts of questionable fiction to draw upon facts about what is going to happen with the future if we forget our history, when, in fact, we don’t even know which history it is we are going to end up repeating…how perplexing for the youths of this day and age. Quite a shame really, that minds will be so easily bent once they have moved beyond a certain age of discovery and onto an age of certain uncertainty.
9 Say for instance, that instead of giving to them ideas of how horrible our nature once was, we begin to instill in them the ideas for a peaceful future. Bringing to life a theme of the harmonious nature that rests deeply within our adult selves and dormant within the youths.
10 The lives that we live now affect the lives of the ones we are given the idea of love from, the ones that we would give our lives up for; the ones that we know will carry on our lineage and give the world a sense of purpose and a hope for us to lay down our weapons and our own lives too.
11 We all once were a youth and in relative perspectives we are still a youth to the elders. There are youths out there that we are elders to. We cater to the assumption that we will be here forever, although the idea of forever has been deemed somewhat impossible. When things are gone, there will be an “ah-ha” moment, there will be a reflection on what it is we have done with this life and what it is we are going to do with the time that we have discovered.
1 Childhood is quite possibly the most important aspect of a Livings life, so long as they have come to understand the full potential of whatever part of the child’s life they have become.
2 Children are meant to be protected and taught. To be allowed to grow for the better of all Living and for the Living that they are connected with, once we are gone, those children of our children’s children.
3 Look, and see yourself now and know and remember that you were once a child. We all were, all Living was once a youth.
4 Anything that is Living can understand how important of a role that is to be a part of something more important.
5 It is what we have learned as we grow, that we now apply to the rest of the understanding of knowledge that we have.
6 Do we now apply the idea that the things we once knew were wrong to a growing wisdom of those that were once children before us?
7 How do we deny the innocence of children as a true sense of wisdom?
8 Are we not born with our minds already full of the knowledge we will have for the rest of our lives?
9 Do we have yet to unlock the things that we already know and apply it to the rest of the Living around us?
10 To combine with some other Living and move forward together in a yet untried sense of unison.
11 How is it we defy our original senses?
12 What a shame to shame ourselves in the name of something that already knows better otherwise.
13 Children are born knowing the basic absolutes.
14 They absolutely have to eat.
15 They absolutely have to drink.
16 They absolutely have to learn the things that they are already meant to know.
17 The things that have been said over and over again for an unknown amount of years and ingrained in the minds of our senses geared to that of survival.
18 Standards for living that each Living has put upon their own needs, for survival.
19 So to the knowing, yet unknowing children, understand that the knowledge will come to you. How you get it, is up to you and how you take care of it, is up to you too. What you do with it will carry over to the children of your children and so on and so on.
20 Take care to bear in mind, that you are a garden that is in the same need as the gardens that other Living share with you.
1 Living doesn’t forget something that it has been taught, it can merely decipher the difference of the truth for itself.
2 Good luck with the things you do learn and see and hear and make and then, remember.
3 Another Living has shared their lives of past and have seen the things that you have seen. They have seen the things you would much rather care to unsee. Or, they have seen the things that you may in fact have instilled in your heart.
4 Despite the right and the wrong on both ends of thinking.
5 How difficult it is to succumb to something that you are not even yet aware of.
6 Then yoked to something that you are ill-prepared for without your own consent other than the time you cater to beyond your own youth.
1 A very important task for any Living to take on is that of being a mother. A mother of any nature is something that only one single minded mother can hold honest to.
2 All mothers know the duties that are mapped out before them. It is innate in most mothers. Though, many doubts are hidden behind a sense of false certainty.
3 Is that strength?
4 Is it uncertainty?
5 Is it a constant back and forth of both?
6 They are happy, sad, joyful, angry, care-givers, supporters and the list goes on and on and on.
7 A conditioner of sound minded certainty in their passing on of knowledge. Stubborn and bending all at the same time. Pouring out knowledge onto those that they bore.
8 A good feeling within, for each mother in their own right. Perhaps though it is best to understand how important one mother is to another. To respect the things that each mother shared during the birth of their child.
9 To come together and know that they share the pain that even some in this life and lives beyond may never get to know, but may still yearn for and find a way to endure in their own manner of being.
1 A father’s child is a part of them. Despite the things that any father may endure throughout the development of the youth, there are essential things that may not be fully developed if there is a lack of understanding among the parents.
2 Their endlessness is a part of their garden despite their nuisance and will echo throughout time through their children.
3 A father is not their child’s complete power. A father is the silence that lay deep within their children. There is a deep reverence that each child will find for themselves that is merely a small fraction derived from the father. This does not make the father of any more importance to the child than the mother. The mother and father are merely aspects of the whole product of that which is the child.
4 A father is not absolution as a father and nor are they any absolution for that matter. A father is just a Living among a sea of Living trying to figure things out to the best of any Livings knowledge.
1 We would not exist now, if not for the fact that we remain fiction-full and senseless full of fiction-less facts. Nothingness in the eyes that have condoned us and believe in our beliefs give nothing short of a sense of being.
2 The Omnist sees past the understanding of others and is the best parent, mother or father they can be, just as any non-Omnist parent would be. Fathers are steadfast for learning anything, anything that will make or contrive to a sense of existence. Mothers will hold onto the connotation of hope springing eternally through the lifelong dream that there is something more to care about, other than their-self.
3 A long, lost fantasy comprises itself, between the gardens of fathers and mothers.
4 A withered nothingness is all the father may hope to become and a flower among the meadows is all the mother strives to be. Both contributing to the ideas that may further their child’s imaginations.
5 But so much more a part of Everything, all you fathers and mothers are.

1 Not to bring about any insult to that of not keeping Christ in Christmas. Xmass, through the perspective of Omnism, is meant as a representation towards all the holidays celebrated among the various religions.
2 Just the indulgence of something that brings joy to ones life is an important factor to bear in mind throughout all of our lives. It doesn’t matter if it is Kwanzaa, Passover, Halloween or even some great leaders’ birthday. There are so many days throughout the entire year that allow Living all over the world to come together and embrace one another through harmonious celebration.
3 X = place holiday of choice here, MASS = the number of Living involved. Thus, XMASS as seen through the eyes of an Omnist.
4 It could be any holiday throughout the calendar year, any kind of holiday whatsoever that puts Living into a frenzy of good moods and brings about smiles on the faces of the youths. That there are times of year that even the most troubled in life still find time to embrace the love that they share towards one another.
5 Holidays for an Omnist could consist of the things that simply bring people together. There are, of course, the zealots that would stand against certain holidays. Why ruin someones time of joy? Just simply keep out of the gardens that congregate with one another for a certain time of year, so that they may have their degree on what it is to feel complete.
6 If only it was possible for all of us to keep the feelings of good nature throughout the entire year. Waking up everyday to the simple fact that, well…that we simply woke up….
7 That alone should be worth celebrating, granted, there are some out there that may not prefer to wake up. To them it is implored that they try day in and day out to embrace the things that have caused them such deteriorating levels of pain; to seek deep within themselves the true meaning of joy for them, without losing sight of who it is they are, and that whatever higher power there is…that one may subscribe to…it does indeed, love you.
8 It is a huge part in a large majority of peoples lives, as well as, something that is not known and everyone still has something to celebrate, what reason is there that this important moment was meant to utilize and to divide?
1 Birthdays are probably a good basis for this idea of XMASS, for we all have one, all over the world each and every Living has, or has had, a birthday.
2 We all are born under one of the signs of the zodiac in some way depending upon our culture. Well, one may not exactly believe in that sort of thing, but none-the-less, it is your birthday. That alone is something that we all share with everything else on the rest of this planet, and none of us are better or worse than the other for it.
3 There could even be methods to celebrate the birthday of an alien from planet XYZ. They would know the time of their birth on their planet, and they would probably have some kind of a sign that they were born under in order to navigate as far as Earth.
4 This would merely be their perception of XYZ in relation to the galaxy that they may be from.
5 We would then be able to correlate that birthday to a sign on our planet and they would be able to do the same thing with us on their planet. It is a great way to connect.
6 It is not a method to predict the future or to keep one so adjusted to a life pattern, but rather a means to share certain similarities between one another. It is a fun thing to do and it is a nice thing to celebrate, because everything on this planet has a birthday of sorts.
7 Everything in the universe probably has a birthday, at some point, it came about, but it remains eternal with our thoughts of it being eternal. Why is it then that eternity is somewhat unfathomable? Could it not be something that only exists within us that we had to put a name on?
8 We have yet to fully understand ourselves as a whole. So let us enjoy the Omnist celebrations of birthdays or XMASS, because it is always happening, all day everyday, year round as the solar system makes it way through the galaxy and the galaxy through the universe. Into oblivion that has to be there all because we can think of a way for it to be. Happy XMASS.

1 What is valuable to some may not carry the same amount of importance or value in the eyes of another. Likewise, what is valuable to others, you yourself may be unable to recognize the value of.
2 At this current time in our lives we tend to value finances on an unhealthy level. As if nothing in this world has ever been accomplished without the need to hoard valuable gold and riches.
3 But how valuable are these things?? To what point and purpose do they serve??
4 Does one ever wonder why it is we find it so essential to have this as a part of our lives, to allow the numbers in our bank accounts fill up without ever even actually physically holding these funds? To consider yourself as valuable as that number that sits so firmly in a dimension that we are constantly viewing.
5 Where is all that money, actually: if you go to your local financial institution, can you withdrawal all that money at once without there being some question as to why? Is there not a limit set on your own finances?
6 All monetary talk aside, what is true value and where is it? How do we find it, and when we do find it? Why is it that over time, it is so easy for us to lose or have it taken away from us: what then are we? An empty shell of sorts, one would think.
7 Do we not hold our own lives as the most valuable of things? Or do we take into consideration our children (if we have them) as the most valuable of things? Yet, beyond them resides a future that we in this generation will never even see. Although no matter how small of a value we place on ourselves individually, we do indeed impact that future.
8 One single person can plant an small forest within their lifetime, if we take the opportunity, imagine what we could all accomplish together if we cherished that sort of ambition to be greedy about the ongoing nature of life…instead of the ongoing nature of our bank accounts….
9 Value your lover, and work together with the time you have to accomplish something so wonderful that perspectives change. That the outlook of life makes the 180 that we have needed it to make for so long.
10 That over-indulgence by one may kill another that you could have shared with and saved. Who knows how many valuable Living have been lost during these tumultuous times. It is sad, but there is hope. There is hope, there will always be hope as long as there is a Living to think of such a thing.
11 So long as we see within one another the values that we do share, then there isn’t a thing that can’t be accomplished among us.
12 When all the elements and senses combine, when the journeys come together and we can share our minds. Then, we may have found a value that is only a whisper under the sun at the moment. That hope and love and numerous good things will rise above and beyond the current torment. And that whisper will echo through eternity and bring to others the long awaited connection, so that we may value forward movement in goodness, instead of negative regression.

1 Yes, it is. Though it is currently very faint, it is still there regardless. Present at all times much like the other great teachings, much like the fact that fiction doesn’t exist in a reality other than the one that it can contrive itself from, but because we can place non-existence on something now gives it existence.
2 If a feeling is true then so is a thought, if faith is there then so are the numbers of physics, if physics breaks down at some point, then what of physics? It is still there, just as a feeling, just as a thought, just as the spaceship behind the moon.
3 Omnism takes its role as the present feelings that attempts to protect them all, for all is more important than one and senseless arguments over disproving are less important than the small points made that are right.
4 When all is said and done, what then is the difference and what then is the matter for anything more than living a good life for one another? Some Living is simply compelled to start fights, so, they fight then, they will have or they will simply be ignored and find their actions negative by those around them.
5 Zealots have a right to say the things they do and they have the right to feel so strongly about what they feel, when they are ignored, however, they have to accept the right that the ones ignoring them have. It is a two way street, if you are going to set out to tell someone something that they don’t want to hear, accept that they don’t want to hear it and move back into your group that wants to play games of righteousness with no respect towards others’ feelings.
6 Sit then in your fear of the unknown instead of being hand in hand with something that is and has always been beyond your fear. We as Omnists will be happy to ignore such actions and will carry on in our lives and be happy when we meet another that chooses true peace over ill induced rants.
1 We are everywhere without knowing it, we may not agree on every level of thought, but we will appreciate the differences that do allow us to learn something new and take knowledge from something that makes us a better Living for the next Living that we meet.
2 That when we learn from all that is around us we become all that is around us. Taking with us respect and manners, responsibility and dignity in the direction that our moral compasses guide us. Life will change us, life will bang us up and we will grow stronger for it. We will allow it because there is no real choice in the matter.
3 What comes our way we must learn to embrace as best we can and not let it get the better of us, but take from it that which will make us better. Better in the sense that we can walk and speak with our heads held high and bring joy to another Living, and bring meaning for another that may have lost meaning. Not through an offering of salvation, but through an offering of meaning that there is more to apply each and every one of our lives too, rather than being told that this is all there is.
4 That there are still things left undiscovered that are all around us everyday, we just need to open our hearts and minds to inner things that allow us to feel fine. Not to what we are told is fine, or what is witnessed as cultural norm as what defines fine.
5 What Omnism allows an Omnist to discover is their own self, they know who they are and accept the things about them that they may never know. There are aspects of each and every one of us that we will not attain in this lifetime other than what we are meant to know. There is more than whom it is that we are; what’s truly important is what we give to those, after we are gone. That once we have found ourselves we understand more about attaining the knowledge and asking questions, rather than thinking we will ever have all the answers.
6 Once that is understood, fear may begin to evanesce, fear towards an eternity of punishment, fear of death, fear of fear itself; hope will begin to take the place of loss. Absolutes dissolve and we begin to discover a deeper meaning for our purpose in this small fragment of time that we have to make an impact.

1 Contradictory in its definition, Omnism is a rather complex and confusing (but more importantly fluid) set of beliefs. It is ever growing within its own definition and is incredibly versatile.
2 It is so large that it encompasses and passes through all the beliefs due to its ability to accept the things in this world that most would find contradictory.
3 It passes into the degrees of the degrees that complete the flower of life. It dives deep and chooses to find the good nature in all of these beliefs…well, as many as one person can understand….
4 It begins to compromise itself when it comes to the belief in Atheism as something that is practical, and it is within the practicalities of things like Atheism that an Omnist is able to dive into other areas of understanding and can connect the dots and how Everything and Nothing are tied into who we are, as well as, how we are tied into all Living. Regardless, it is all one thing brought together and feeding the Source, which happens to be us.
1 It is the common ground that is needed to be understood, more so than the comparisons for each set of beliefs to find ways to rival one another.
2 It is for Omnists to accept, respect and appreciate the feelings another gains from each and every other system of beliefs. But, we may happen to believe that they are all degrees of the truth. We all search for hope and peace in some way, although some may be moving in opposite directions in search of hope and peace. And to them, we may be moving in opposite directions, when in another way, none of us may be moving at all save for how we perceive each other internally, on emotional and metaphysical levels.
3 You see, try to understand that we each are in fact on a journey for our own inner peace, and the things that we have found that nourish our gardens time and time again may not do the same for another. Yet, many times we insist that it may work for another and each time it is refuted and shucked aside by them only to leave us feeling disappointed. That being written, wouldn’t it suffice to say that that dismissing of what gives us inner peace, is in and of itself for that person their way of seeking peace for them.
4 It may seem as though it is a vicious act of sorts, but it is nothing more than one person not fully understanding the level of the journey those we are trying to reach may be on. There are all aspects of each little nuance that each Living carries with them that they may have to cater too. Those nuances we may not have ourselves, for we have our own that they may not understand. But we still remain in-tact and forced positive with our friends and loved ones.
5 The attempt was not futile, it was only something that each one the other may not care to comprehend, or may have their own paths towards such comprehension. It is their journey to find that aspect of life that they may understand, and what you take from that person’s garden may help you in future travels for further inner-peace in areas of trouble that you have yet to experience, yet that person may have already been through.
6 It is best to keep an open mind with those that seem close minded, for they may have more knowledge about something that you have yet to understand. That you may, at this time in life refuse, but at some point it may all click and there again is the AH-HA! Moment.

1 Those moments when you smile for no reason other than something that reminded you of something that you once did, that was good.
2 It is obvious that good things are more important and valuable than bad things. Though, doing good deeds may be slightly mundane at times, it is more important to trudge through these things because the means will certainly justify the end.
3 Obviously it is known not to murder another person, or to kick the household pet, but there are Living out there that do commit these things. Let us stop being the Living that commits these things, for justice will come to those who do, just as the truth always comes out.
4 Let us ascribe to the obviousness of good doings and being well behaved; to follow our moral compasses as it guides us on the right track down a war torn road of the negative times of our ancestors. Let us begin doing the obvious good things for the future of our existence.
5 Let us get through these final dark times of 2015 and open up our eyes to a new renaissance. It has to happen, for if it doesn’t then we may be doomed. The more of us that believe that world peace is possible, the more likely it will come true.
6 The sooner we understand that we are all power and we can use if for the good of the grandchildren of our grandchildren. The sooner we can understand how powerless we truly are once we are gone, at that point, the deeds that we have done will matter more to the ones we left here, until they get to where they need to go; perhaps our deeds can be some kind of guide as we begin to build a new road, once we reach the end of the war torn road.
7 The obvious road that we have been down over and over again all throughout time. The road that has shown us the atrocities that have either happened or haven’t happened.
8 What fact is obvious? Each and every side of any story or thing in existence has had its own set of facts to represent its sense of being a part of history. Some facts tell other facts that their facts are fiction and likewise the latter to the former. What then does that mean of truth? And what bearings do the past facts or fictions give to our future?
9 Let us begin to move passed the things that we are uncertain of, and give the day our feet walk the world on a bit of a chance. Living in the past is doing nothing more than putting us six feet in the grave before we get there.
10 Outdated systems, corrupt leaders, greedy warmongers, control freaks, outlandish over-bearing zealots, corruptible churches, power crazed people of law…etc…etc. ALL OUTDATED!!
11 Time to obviously grow up morally, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically and look passed looking to these Living that are doing nothing more than trying to turn the world into their own personal ship, and taking our world down with them.
1 How is it that we can hope to begin this next renaissance? Clearly we must get through these times we are currently experiencing.
2 These times seem to be testing the world and all of its inhabitants. It is affecting everything around us and is re-shaping what is within us.
3 Once we are through these times, one should hope that science and religion would find a way merge together, not to find one truth, but to realize that both are merely degrees to truth, that instead of fighting one another, we should learn to have fun with our quest for knowledge and views of faith, in the hopes to reach any god and understand the love that comes from all of them in some way..
4 Imagine not having to worry about what it is that is going to happen to our immortal souls. Imagine if we are all one, that there is a train of consciousness a purple line that is obviously connecting us all.
5 As a term from childhood comes to mind we may call this line Purple Jesus, for Everything is Purple, Jesus!
6 How one is to go about finding this Purple Jesus is by whatever course they choose that will open up their minds. So long as your garden flourishes and one is not harming another, all that you seek to know will find you, so that you may share the good news of Purple Jesus in kind.
7 If one chooses another religion, that may keep it as the Purple [insert savior here] it does not matter for all the saviors of any holy book listen to the same song of love, though it may be playing in different keys. Why is this not obvious? Is it due to ignorance? For open mindedness accepts knowledge of all good teachings and breaks free of the chains of fear embedded in ideals of thousands of years ago.

1 Tell one again that they can’t get to the ones that they love the most. Tell the one lost that there is no hope, there-in resides the lie. There-in lay hope, within the deepest portions of our gardens resides our need to know that there is something beyond what has been put in front of us that keeps us believing that we are supposed to, instead of the fact that we can.
2 That there is an aspect of which it is we are together that has been taken away from us by methods of spite and hate and rage and zealot’s. To keep our gardens from thriving together and growing in unison. That the prescription of fear is so deeply instilled into us that we have forgotten the true nature of what any gods’ love has meant to us from the beginning.
3 That the Source itself is what is within us and we are more and beyond just our birth, that we are soon to be something together and united, be it through the lack of boundaries and considering the fact that we all breathe, bleed, live and die; feel pain and come together in times of need to be a collective unit. That we are not even always right in those larger aspects of what we band together as, but that we are certainly more of something that we have been told we are when it all comes down to it.
4 That we are both nameless to many, and named to few. That the labels that we place on one another have mattered so little throughout time, yet, we can’t seem to find our way past them. That there is more involved with who we are within, for one another, instead of being bribed by some precious jewel that would probably make better fuel for sustainability rather than filling the pockets of some corrupted politician or horrible Living.
5 We are more than just what any statement says. We are easily side-tracked when we begin to believe spoon-fed lies instead of actual truths. The world has been corrupted and exploited and we the small are the ones dig-dugging the placement of those who proclaim leadership and feel nothing beyond humanity, and feel even less for the animals.
6 We sit united in bondage and consider doing nothing about it because we can’t see beyond our own greed…for now…. But, there is hope, and there will come a time when unison is accomplished. That there are better things out there and that the twisting of the words of God can be proven to be heathenism and that many gods may come together and entice unison among jealous, greedy, necessary worship that has demonized so many aspects of life that are so vital to all of us.
7 Get rid of the word as something being evil, and understand it more thoroughly as a word to scare, as a tactic to place the horrible things that we should not forget into something that once may have been giving hope, only to have been destroyed by an enormous lie that does nothing but sweep itself across nations, divide and then conquer.
8 That those who understand better the laws of science may not be entirely right, and that any god may exist within the lack of mathematics that religion and science together has yet to offer.
9 That there is more value in the acts that one pretends to not understand and that there is unison in both aspects of these walks of life.
10 That there is more value in understanding all the things we care not to understand and that we can come together, hand in hand, as a dream once so greatly impacted a nation and stand in some kind of unison across this globe. We understand impossibilities and neglect the fact that there is nothing that is impossible if 8 billion people stand together and find it within themselves to give up on selfishness, pride, ego, greed, hate and spite towards one another.
11 That no god by any standard of their own existence would care to engage in war had it first not been brought about by the ignorance of our own existence, and that from those mistakes we can be something so virtuous towards one another that the past will soon be something to smile upon so that we may walk hand in hand in a dream that is our reality from our imaginations.

1 A hard pressed truth is that we all have responsibilities in life. Although, it would be nice to play all day and to be able to smell the flowers day in and day out. To indulge in recreational activities that we find more meaningful than the mundane aspects of life, but there has to be someone there to plant the flowers as well.
2 Plus, how else would we be able to share other life experiences in important levels of discussion if liabilities where not a large part of the coffee/cooler conversations. It is essentially the duty of those who wish to hold the higher end of handling tasks that have the utmost responsibilities. Yet, each job is just as valuable as the next. That person pushing papers is clearly less qualified to pick up trash, and would probably protest doing so, but someone has to do it, none the less.
3 So, the liabilities of those that are necessary to pick up trash, doesn’t make them any less valuable to those that push paper. We are all indeed humans first before we are defined as white collar, blue collar, politicians, lawyers, used car salesmen, writers, hippies and anything else that we have used our rights to become.
4 We all have to do something in some way, we all have to contribute to one another, granted, there are a great deal of arguable jobs in question, each one refuting the need for the other until the other is long gone.
5 It is a vicious circle that for some reason keeps on going; there is no longer uses for certain jobs due to time passing them by. Yet, there are those of us out there that still indulge in reverent practices of those jobs of yore. They take the time out to learn crafts on their own or hone the skills that have been passed down to them. Some, are so skilled that they have managed to make a living doing so, while others just do so for recreation and the tireless hope that they may reach someone beyond themselves.
6 That there is more than just endless existence within ones own mind and heart, that we have things that we want to do in life, that we need to do; these liabilities are best not ignored, for no matter how daunting the task may appear to be, these are your dreams calling out to you, to touch as many of those lives with your love as you can, and that dream may just be the thing that teaches you how keep yourself liable to your dream.
7 Best of luck to you all on all your adventures par-taken in towards full-filling your dreams! Or, at the very least, you’ll be teaching those that are watching you, so they may know how to pursue their own dreams.

1 Aren’t we just that? Dynamic, turning and collapsing within ourselves over and over. Do we not need something to view us in order to feel as though we exist?
2 Imagine the toy sitting there unused, no single Living to view its magnificent yet simple make-up. What then happens to its existence? It deteriorates and will eventually go back to where it came from, biodegrade as it’s known. Its tubing and mirrors and the little sands and glitz and glitter all go back to something that it was once a part of.
3 Omnism is very much like the childhood toy that kept us amused and occupied with wonder. The difference is, Omnism is capable of not being confined to its tube. Its wonder and mystery are adaptable and mold-able to whatever it chooses to be a part of.
4 A single Omnist can see the beauty that this world does offer; the passion of ones convictions are more important to the positive feelings of their garden, it is not so much the rules that are meant to be applied, these rules are obvious from birth, but not all are followed due to their off balanced ways of control through fear.
5 An Omnist sees through this, they see past the fear and understand the need for control without being controlling.
6 They work for peace through comparing the passion of each side of a debate, rather than being involved in the argument. It is not sitting on the fence, it is silent opinions built through what we have learned from others, what pages we have taken from another Living’s book of life and and applied it to our own.
7 Omnism keeps its own peace and it moves and drives forward with the hopes of spreading that peace. One may keep the beauty that their lord grants them, one may keep the rules and regulations that help guide them through their lives and makes them a better person for the greater good of a whole, so long as that garden is not pressed onto another garden. This is the beauty of being an Omnist.
8 It is rather difficult to describe, as this book alone will not have all the words to define Omnism. When an Omnist is gone is when there is a better defined way of living for other Omnists. A life as an Omnist is something to cherish in this time, for all life is to be cherished and given a chance to succeed, learn and grow.
9 The next time around, after Everything has expanded and collapsed, there will be a collective knowledge of how to do things better. Perhaps we end up in another universe. Or, just maybe, you take your soul to the land of milk and honey and you sit next to your god on its almighty throne in heaven while you shake hands with Diana and Zeus.
10 The Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) and George Carlin give you a hug and you can look at the sun together and give the finger to liars.
11 You can dance around the fires with thousands of other gods of long past and long demonized and Jesus can whistle his favorite hymn through his hands and we can watch and learn in wonder as to why he kept those holes there.
12 Mark Twain can read Letters to the Earth and we can all share a drink of choice and a laugh as to how silly we all once were….then, the kaleidoscope makes its turn. And it’s time to go back, time to try again for enlightenment, time to seek the answers deep within our world and our gardens. To look into the galaxies that may only be there because we see them. To be misguided and re-guided and saved and pressed upon; to argue and debate and come to terms with fighting back when backed into a corner.
13 To distinguish how meaningless things truly are in the hopes to get back to where we once were when they meant something. To where things made more sense because it is heaven, because it is good, because we now understand what each other means to one another.
14 Because we’ve experienced love and doubt and fear and hate and reality and imagination and the things that we are told that cannot exist, when they actually go deep within who we are, whether or not you have the numbers to make sense of that is entirely up to how much you choose to have within you. Absurd indeed, but what’s the difference when after all is said and done we are powerless in all our power?
15 When we all become nothing more than the ground that the next civilization of fools get to walk their own paths on. For the next Omnist of that world to try to bring things together for the better of all things. Then, the kaleidoscope makes its turn. Again, and again and again.
16 So, choose your own heaven, choose your own walk in life and choose what is best for your garden so long as it is not pressed on another.

1 It’s openly available in various ways to be interpretive towards most subjects. Matter-of-fact is typically always an issue when it comes to determining reality from imagination, thus, determining what it is that gives you a physical nature in appearance to those Living that interpret you.
2 Each and every one of all Living is viewed by another and in those views we are thus interpreted into being. Perhaps we are in existence for that reason and none other.
3 Many animals outside of the human element fear humans. That has been their learned experience throughout generations of senseless slaughter. However, we as humans, can define our own interpretations of ourselves and classify ourselves as a species that may think it is on top of things. We, in fact, our interpretations of ourselves and share little difference from that of the animals that fear us.
4 We interpret ourselves as a race of humans, then, we re-interpret each race individually, then, that is broken down into sub categories which then determine our structure of beliefs; then, throughout our lives, we are given a set of rules/guidelines/laws. Whatever it is to tell us how we are supposed to act, re-act, respond and etc. All of this from methods that (deep within them) essentially are good but, have also been so convoluted, trans-fixed and misinterpreted so much so, that how is it we are to re-interpret what was initially a good moral compass from birth?
5 Our birth as human being, a birth that brings us to what we are from the get-go. Directly out of our mothers we are born this (human) before we are introduced to anything else.
6 Then, thrust onto us are so many one-sided opinions to bring out a nature that does indeed exist within us all; the nature to argue, fight, win/lose, hold grudges and it is essentially the worst parts of us. It doesn’t allow us to interpret properly both sides and all aspects of any one argument we were involved in.
7 We as an individual may have been taught ways to interpret the world around us; that does not mean that our interpretations, based on one set of teachings, is indeed, by itself, entirely correct. Contrarily, there are many varying degrees of interpreting truths, so as to say that each has their own way to view the truth. That each sees the light in different manners, but there is one light and that light may not be so one sided as to re-interpret our interpretations of it.
8 Thus, whatever the truth may be, it sees only it’s interpretations of us and cares not for the way we each interpret “it.”
9 Yet, there is no religion without love and there is no religion higher than truth. There are however lacks of love that thwart many ways to view truth; that those ways are their own interpretation of the manner in how to live. These things make valid points in certain areas and those points in those areas should not be forgotten, nor should they again be prescribed too, lest we roll backwards in our quest for answering new questions. Or forget that we have not yet come out of our shells and shone down on one another with the brilliance of our minds and the depths of our hearts.
1 In art, it is not the artist that determines their own art, but it is the viewer of the art that makes it worthy.
2 The artist reaches deeply into their own mind, heart and garden; revealing to the world, who it is they are.
3 Sometimes though, those in the world are not yet ready for certain artists. Or the dive was far too deep or esoteric. In the ways that it may take quite some time to fully grasp the music, pictures, words and many various other aspects of artistic value.
4 Those that interpret draw deep to see the depths the artist goes, then, holds tight to understand their own interpretation. Sometimes it comes to some quickly, to others it may take years of study. But what’s worthwhile to us as a race of humans shows its true sincerity in time, despite being lost and recovered again once the artist is long gone.
5 It’s in this time that the artist has blazed their own faint trail in history, a trail for those to interpret and discover the path that may have become so overgrown with others clout of interpretation and to have the light of truth finally be set upon it.
6 The artist will see the distance in between the lines much the same way another would only see the lines. That is each interpretation that is to be discovered; there are depths in both the lines as well as in the distance between. But an artist will see this as a landscape, instead of just two simple parallel lines.
7 And that is just one artist’s interpretation of what it means to be the kind of artist one may strive to reach, with great practice.

1 It is meant to entice laughter, to bring about something of a small moment of glee by something said or done in such a way that is meant to be…funny!
2 Omnists are allowed to laugh and smile just as much as any other Living in this world. Some articles of jest may not be gotten by all, but then, that allows for another merit of jest indeed, at ones expense. Not meant at all in a harmful manner, more-so meant in a playful way.
3 To be happy and able to accept ones own flaws and laugh at them, in order to encourage the fact that we all understand one another through jokes, and that there is not always a serious manner in life that looms over us all the time, even during dark days.
4 That even though there are times in our lives that are bleak, that we can laugh and exchange a simple smile with those that we may have once considered someone that we never would have associated with in the first place.
5 Take the two most distant people you know, odds are, there is something that they would both consider funny, a jester of sorts in their own minds that they have locked up tight; finding now that awkward shared moment when they are making a connection of laughing at the same jest that had just occurred.
6 That should be a simple aspect to build off of and share quality relations with. What one has been told is right, is not right for everyone around them, so? One person celebrates one holiday and doesn’t acknowledge the holiday the other celebrates. So? Why is that an issue when all comes down to the common grounds of smiling at a simple jest?
7 The smallest of smile shared among enemies is the beginning of some kind of XMASS. Things like this should be made note of for ones own garden to take into consideration that even enemies can begin to smile at the same things. That something as small as a smile may carry beyond the hatred that teachings have brought them to.
8 So, in other words, it’s good to cut loose and smile once in a while. You never know who may be laughing with you.

1 Keeping track of oneself is a vital role in obtaining happiness. You can reflect upon your own life if you have written words to help you negotiate the trek of your life.
2 To view a portion of your life that is gone and look back into the past and see where you have made mistakes that could be relating to a current situation.
3 Where discipline comes into play with the diaries is that you are molded to remember yourself as your most important guide. You can view the path your moral compass has taken and you can attribute mistakes to any current situation that you currently find yourself in.
4 Using this type of discipline is an important sense of self awareness. Each Living is going to be different in this respect. Some will keep an internal diary about the course of their lives, not ever having to write anything down. Others will set out for home and open their journal/diary and record the events of their day and perhaps even reflect upon their own words.
5 How meaningful it is to them that they have held onto these desires and how the situation had panned out for them to get them to the point they may currently find themselves.
6 We all want to have some sort of meaning to what it is we are. We all have experiences in life that we can share with others, connecting us no matter how far across the world another person is.
7 Going tit-for-tat with one another about whose life has been better or worse is nothing more than a reason to begin conflict. We all have our own trial and errors, perhaps it is best to look deeply into the disciplines we don’t notice that have derived from these circumstances, so that we may combine our life experiences and move on together, instead of moving away from one another.
1 In manners and methods of how it is we look back on the path that we have paved, it is important to let others in. Let them in in such a way that all of our lives inspire one another. That we have had no meaningless journey through our own lives and that every aspect of it represents something that another can hold into meaning for making their lives better, and so on and so forth for others beyond even their individual lives.
2 We are all teachers to those youths that struggle so blindly on their own paths. We record deep within ourselves the things that may cause them to tread a path of good, or evil. Some of the worst things in history have been derived from those who may have had the best intentions. In such ways it almost easy to give into such bleak aspects of life, to look upon the negative aspects and forget the positive that lay just under the surface of those that still hold onto hope.
3 Let our lives give and inspire hope to do something so wonderful for one another that there can be no misuse of our own ignorant innocence. For we have all gone through trials and tribulations in our lives and we find the hope within whatever means necessary in order to prevail. Those that fail will serve great reminders in the diaries of our own lives, in that we will learn from the immense mistakes that they have made in order to serve their own failure.
4 We are all going to experience failure in some way, shape or form, it is how we rise from this failure that gives place to the courses that our lives follow. We all experience it, we all fall and some of us may fall so hard that we may never rise again, but that does not mean our lives and efforts in our lives were futile.
5 We look at those that fail and fall as those that have lost, when, in some actuality they have won the life lesson of being vanquished. Even Jesus experienced this, as well as all the heroes and the legends of yore. They have in a sense failed at life but have moved onto something greater throughout history.
6 Their lives of discipline have become the diaries that many of us apply to our own lives. Their lives have inspired us to write our own course through history, to leave our marks on those that matter most to us so that they may prevail beyond where we failed. So that they may see our losses and struggles and become close with us once we are gone so that they may experience their own lives to the fullest.
7 Hopefully…hope upon hopes…giving their disciplines to others in ways that not everyone will be able to understand, but hold onto the fact that we are all doing the same in some way for someone that we care about, even though the methods may be different.
1 You could almost say that this entire book is nothing more than a diary for the author. The author that carries no real religion of those that are being taught, but carries faith in the Omnist view point that all are equal and none are right alone, but have much to give to those in need of it. We are all the authors of our own lives so let us share the goodness of who we are with others.
2 The author that caters to no church other than the church of oneself. The church or temple of oneself that each and every one of us must cater to in order to do good for the needs of others, because they have seen and felt how good does for their garden, instead of taking from others in order to nourish their garden.
3 If all soul searching involves is the need to feel good then understand that we are always on our journey, and that it is endless in the sense that the things we seek most in life will always be just out of reach, and it is more important to hold onto the things that we have been taught. Take those things with you on your own personal journey and share them with those that may be interested in listening, but understand that there are others out there that have something to share as well, so listening to them may give you something valuable to add to your garden, not one person knows all, but we all know one another in some way.
4 Through some struggle that we can relate, through some tale of victory or loss that we may be able to share, those tales of happy and sad will echo through eternity to someone listening to them. Much the same way each and every Homer passed the tales of great down through word of mouth, until someone discovered how to write.
5 That there is the discipline of story telling, through fact or fiction each one of us are the weavers of our own tale, a tale that may never get shared in full, but aspects of it will do many things for others. It may give hope or doubt, fear or courage, what to do and what not to do.
6 The whole of our individual lives may be mundane to many, but the aspects of our bravado will carry on for generations beyond our time here. We have each done something wonderful and glorious in our time, though it’s all relative on a scale of comparison to others great deeds. So let’s not let it go to our heads, lest we become the villain instead of drifting quietly away as the hero and let others fill our shoes for their attempts at something wonderful and inspiring.

1 We all, at times, run risks and hope that luck will come through. Even if one doesn’t believe in luck, as just being luck. The idea is still attributed in some way, be it to their god, or by a certain circumstance that is beyond their control.
2 Not knowing is quite possibly one of the best aspects of life. It allows us to test our own mettle with whatever chance may occur. How we react and what knowledge we take away from the act of chance allows us to be more perceptive towards the next act of chance that comes our way.
3 We then give ourselves a better chance within the chance that is to occur again, making us stronger and a little less leery towards taking another chance. No risk, no reward, right?
4 There are terrible lingering times in our lives where perhaps we did wish to know, and ultimately, we will find out, the truth always comes out in time. With all hope in our hands, we will endure the odds against us and take the chance and run with it when it comes to our conscience knowing the difference between right and wrong.
5 There is the wonder of discovery involved during these times of not knowing. The excitement that resides in something along the lines of the thrill of the hunt, so to say. That what resides just around the next metaphorical corner may be the game changer in our lives, we just have to take a chance at the opportunity to clutch it and assume control over it instead of just letting it take us by chance.
1 Many may argue that everything happens for a reason and nothing is left to chance, many may rely on happenstance to interfere with their lives to steer them in the right direction. There is nothing wrong with either one of these lines of thought.
2 Many hold tight to their god determining all that happens in life and there is nothing outside of the boundaries of that and there is nothing wrong with that.
3 Many feel that this is all there is and all there will be and that essentially, things just happen for no reason at all other than the fact that it happens, and they hold tight to facts and the things that they can see and hold. Is there something wrong with that? Nope.
4 All these things and more are just aspects of how we view one another, of how we view the world and the things beyond our own comprehension, it is by chance that these things are pondered about and never answered. Because there is probably no answer that we will be able to come to terms with when one objects to it, so why then can it not be all of these things: someone here is saying that it is all of these things existing for one another and because of one another and it is all possible as much as it is impossible.
5 The structure of thought is probably diagrammed somewhere, but this still is just some complex illusion because we cannot fully comprehend the actual size of our own mind and brain. There are things that we have yet to even think of when it comes to thought.
6 There are the small percentages of chances that haven’t been taken in this world and those small percentages of chances are probably the ones that should be subscribed to. LIKE THE CHANCE OF WORLD PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 Is it not there just outside of our reach: but some over active zealot has the nerve to try to create conflict, for what? In the name of what? Why? Take the damned chance of doing something right for a change in the name of instead of going off the deep end without understanding the notion of love.
8 Such hypocrisies to peace should be given a chance indeed, but give them a chance outside of the world in which we are trying to make better. For thousands of years it has been the primary hope that people like this will eventually kill one another off. It is difficult to take the chance of peace when there are those out there that choose to provoke a fight.
9 The answers are beyond this time and day and age, the answers will come through just as the truth always does reveal itself, but that may end up taking time and sadly many lives in the process. Not many people out there want to think that this disaster will end up happening in their lifetimes, but once it is all said and done what chance do we have after that?
10 We now know the weapons that a world war three may end up being fought with, but it is true that world war four will indeed be fought with sticks and stones. How charming that what we thought of as being civilized is nothing more than a ruse to keep us from what truly matters.
11 By some chance we may eventually find that and come to the conclusion that each view of god has it’s own quality all to itself, it is not necessarily the Christian God being spoken of, but a god far beyond that. That does not need to reveal itself because it is already there and has no concern for the plight of degenerative human condition, but holds true to those that are incorporating themselves to the chance of something more wonderful than the things that history has given us to prescribe to.
12 Murder, rape, ignorance, apathy, torture; all these things and more should not be forgotten, only reflected upon as a past that has riddled our humanity and kept us in a downtrodden manner of being. That should not be, lets take the chance and remove those in power that care for little more than what their greed can line their pockets with and put into power those that truly care to make a difference and give nothing more than themselves to an ideal of peace over tyranny.

1 This compilation of ideas would not exist without me writing it.
2 But, I couldn’t write it without the feelings that I have had my entire life and without the ideas of others that have been a part of my own journey.
3 In many ways for many of us that may feel as though we are wandering, that is how things operate.
4 There is no dispute on any religion that myself as an Omnist, is trying to make.
5 I have written these words and have chosen to share them to gain a better understanding for myself and my feelings and my ideas to be shared with others in hopes that there is a connection in some way. Not just to me, but to share with another fellow Living that may have, at some point, carried a quandary of ideas that hopefully, until now, have been perplexing to their way of looking at life.
6 These ideas are not entirely perfect. Perfection is unobtainable by the Living. Also, perfection to me seems rather boring. If anything at all, gardens would not seek the need to be perfect. For it is imperfection that allows us to grow and change beyond the confines of our known reality. In itself, the Source is perfect. But it is completely unaware of its own perfection.
7 We as Living are the fuel that Everything and Nothing supply to the Source. Of this Union of Four there is existence and we as Living are the Source, and are not the Source.
8 Without anything working properly and forever there is neither reason for reason nor beginning and end. These things always were and always will be.
9 Even as I write this now my intuition is beginning to sense the dangers from other gardens. Other gardens that do not understand their own inner blankness of fear.
10 Other gardens that will try to poison my garden with their own fear, without first understanding and carrying out the idea of love.
11 It is to them I say that I am an Omnist. A person of peace and love towards you.
12 I will not do battle unless it is only to defend myself or the rights of others who stand in a brighter tapestry of the good will of any faiths light.
13 I do not encourage you to go out of your way to see what I see, to feel what I feel. I ask only that you feel peace in the way that you see fit, without harming others.
14 Know love and yourself, before cruel rules and past justifications cause you to ruin another’s beautiful garden.
1 As the Omnist which I am writing about now, these words are not the end all be all of existence.
2 Telling of how relative aspects of understanding towards one another and the Union of Four should be made.
3 Even now the implementation of imperfection is being worried about.
4 This Omnist has told how I felt about what I feel, that alone, like Omnism, is always changing and growing.
5 My own constant, inner duel, is kept at bay within me. It is in words that I both love and attack myself without anyone knowing.
6 I rival not the gods of the world. Nor do I choose to disgrace any teachings that hold high the virtue of love. It is not mine without you and it is not yours without me.
7 I only draw my feelings with words I have first had and then taken from them new feelings for my own Omnist feelings. Bringing to life the Omnist that I have always been. My own way of living among Living. My own internal peace, my own lack of knowledge and journey towards what I hope to learn.
8 I keep true to my efforts of love and balance, I seek not martyrdom, nor to be assaulted for my words and beliefs.
9 As the Omnist I am, I am a small part of the whole. Other Omnists have their own feelings about being an Omnist, and all are a part of the whole as a whole is a part of all.
10 Omnistic lifestyle is that of walking the middle road. It is that of complacency and of feeling and knowing that they are flawed. That inner perfection is the most boring part of us, which alone, is the Source of who we are as a whole.
11 The beauty in the flaws is a design of perfection. If you can’t see past your own flaws then I would urge to look more deeply into another’s garden, if they allow you.
1 In imagining a world at peace there are thoughts of conflict.
2 Within those thoughts, contains the balance of all as one.
3 Conflict is necessary for the idea of peace to evolve.
4 Working together through communication, we can absolve our differences in a peaceful sense of conflict.
5 Peeling away the layers of stubborn pride and ego to work together outside the physical limits and creating a much more manageable and obtainable audience as a collective one.
6 Omnism is not a revolutionary tactic, nor is it a disapproval of beliefs.
7 It is a belief in all aspects of life coming together as a collective whole. In having respect for one another’s feelings so that we may work together and succeed because of our differences, not be torn apart by them.
8 Once that is obtained, there will ultimately be another burden of conflict that will arise in order to sustain balance. [One thing at a time though]
9 An Omnist should remain a purveyor of peace, but will have to know when it is time to take the helm against controversial and discriminatory acts.
10 The absolution that an Omnist has is that of walking that fine line that balance has laid before us and seeing beyond the confines that we consider our realities, in order to discover the balance in peace/conflict to push Living forward.
1 There is an immeasurable amount of untapped potential in the minds.
2 We become more powerful as a whole unit than we do as solitary minds.
3 Instead of combating one another with our differences, we should unite by the things that our differences allow us to have common ground with.
4 Catering to the fact that we all have differences that define a part of who we are should be the first big step in understanding what unites us all.
5 Once there is a full on agreement between our own inner divisions away from one another, there may be further acknowledgment to the things that could possibly unite us as a whole.
6 This book is written in the hope for like-minded individuals from different walks of life to unify with.
7 It is far from complete on its own, as these are the thoughts and actions of me. Through ideas and purposes that have been shared with me by others.
8 If you run a parallel with Omnism that is through that of a church, or any temple of worship, then feel free to bring your strength in with others that hope to attain the same level of love that is sought after by so many, from so many.
9 Continue to add to the ever growing ideal that Omnism allows and encapsulates itself around.
1 This book is meant to be interpreted.
2 The design is built around the flaws that lay within it’s make up.
3 It is something to assert into ones self and correlate with other beliefs to share favor in values.
4 The story of the fool is not meant to be reflected upon as that of being an idiot. It is designed so that others may view their connections with one another during their lives. Not to be taken in as the tarot’s major arcana, but to be shared as a connector through the experiences that we all share during our own fools journey.
5 We are each a part of something and something has named us under right of birth.
6 To many, it may be non-sense; to others, there may be an “ah-ha” moment in the words. Thus, connecting a line of thought that can be carried and followed through with.
7 There are no intentions of rivalry to be found, but there will be rivalries made by some. The usage of this book is meant to entice thought and not to disband the feelings that bring us all together.
8 It is in the hopes of being able to see eye to eye at the base idea that we can, in some ways, understand each other through our disputes.
1 Just like the beginning was made, the end will be forged in the same manner, justifying our own questioning. That there is always a question that needs to be answered, to stop asking questions would be to succumb to an existence that none of us will ever have the full answer to. To not question is to not gain understanding of whom and what we are, nor will we fulfill our own purpose for one another.
2 I don’t understand the wholesomeness of destroying one another on small levels, then, destroying other Living through our own base level of understanding. What one thinks and feels is not the absolute truth. Without some acknowledgment towards another’s understanding of ideas, there is no chance of resolve, only a blind walk through life.
3 How then, is it that justification is made by those that we had no choice but to put in there in the first place: so now there is a reason to blame people for the hard times we have to begrudgingly take up under the belts.
4 Thank you Mr. or Ms. so and so who’s stated that we have to.
5 I have stronger words for said people, but derogatory names should be shied away from, it is little understanding on my part if I do not have the whole picture as to why it is more meaningful for us to live a life in destitute, instead of working together towards a better tomorrow.
6 But, they would use the righteousness they feel they have against the proper wording. Justification in “the name of” has so much clout around it that many in this world feel it is right to serve their own judgment on another, for shame.
7 Here I go again, going off. I really tried to refrain from using the word I.
8 It is how to identify ones ego, and I hope irenic is the only portion of this book that I have used the word I in.
9 As I stated prior. I would much rather disappear into obscurity and not so much be the largest part of something to feel about being an Omnist. The Omnist Tenets are of me, for all. There will be more to come.
1 Despite our religion, race, creed, nationality, sex, manner of being. Despite our hate and idea of what reality is and what it isn’t. Despite our disputes of imagination and reality, or the deities that give some hope, and others bad ideas.
2 Aside from our laughter and our ability to touch upon one another with a smile.
3 Feelings reach us despite all of that. Outside of what you feel. Inside of whom you are. There is more to all of us that we have yet to recognize.
4 It is difficult to accept that, because so many gardens are growing around us all the time, right now.
5 Grow your own garden, and be your own garden, if only for the better of another’s garden.
1 As an Omnist I feel as though the more my soul/garden has tried to have been saved from various ideas of another’s heaven and hell, the farther it takes me away from absolution being the truth.
2 The more I am trying to be convinced into living a life of servitude, the farther away it takes me from who I am and what it is I choose to live my life as.
3 I feel the sooner this revelation comes, the better this world will be without the catastrophic effects of war, derived from those who claim peace through any god.
4 Breaking away from the need to convert or the overwhelming nature of arguing who is more wrong instead of accepting the right bit of criteria from all things. The things that lay within us to make all of this possible.
5 It is in the nature of Living to destroy, but it is also in the nature of Living to create from the destruction.
6 Let us stop destroying and just simply keep creating, creating a world that is free from attacking ideas of what is not, and enjoying the ideas of what is possible.
7 The destruction of the destroyers is necessary, but it is more the destruction of what leads them to the idea of being the destroyer that is important.
8 Breaking that cycle of insanity is not going to happen in my lifetime, I am sure, but hopefully this book will begin to lead Living to ideas that will guide them even farther from the things that may teach them and make them believe that it is essential to destroy. I say destroy in your own mind, only to see which direction it takes you to create for the better of other peoples’ gardens.
9 Let us evolve in our own minds, and break down the words that contribute to the destruction of physical things so that we may break down the things that we created, that created us, that go beyond all of those things and break through the barrier of absolution.
1 If your belief is in that no God exists, no devils nor deities, and the importance of your intelligence is what matters to you most. Then that too is the idea and belief in something. That too, is a garden that should not be pressed upon another’s garden.
2 Belief in yourself, belief that this is all that we have, this one thing, this one idea of existence. That we evolved from a small pool of microorganisms, or a big bang theory and humans come from something that once resembled an ape, there is also nothing wrong with that. But, understand, that it is still a belief.
3 I would much rather take into consideration that that is a part of the Living in which I am involved.
4 Not because of any gods that decided to think of the idea of evolution and this is all we have.
5 But simply because all are ideas derived from a collective imagination.
6 Much the same way that the deities that are rejected were once plucked from Nothing and turned into what some gardens see and feel today.
7 Much like the Atheists garden is more inclined to believe in them-selves.
8 As opposed to believing in another’s God or gods.
9 All are beliefs. Just not the same beliefs.
10 Is that really worth hating one another for?
11 Is that really worth attempting to poison another’s garden?
12 For-shame on those that infiltrate gardens, for they are the destructive nature that Living will be held back by.
13 I don’t know their story, I don’t know where they’re coming from and they know me just as well.
1 Those who have always felt different or rejected and have never been given a breath of freedom, I hope they may find solace in these words. For I share with you the same feeling of being suppressed.
2 Not different to the way of there actually being a normal.
3 Just different, or special and really feeling it.
4 Not making any one of us better or any worse than anyone else, not different in the way of our egos overshadow everyone else’s feelings of who they are.
5 But, different in the sense that I was meant for something and it wasn’t to sit and listen all the time.
6 I was meant for subtle actions and I was built for reaching into the depths of things.
7 I built myself for being able to feel others’ feelings while still having the complexities of my own; to be able to heal others’ gardens without them being able to know.
8 I am an Omnist and I am at peace with this. I am comfortable with the idea that there is nothing higher or lower than myself.
9 I am happy with the fact that I am truly a fool and a god, beyond gods, beyond the gods of God, for a god, by a god, to a god with/for a goddess and without them all.
10 I am an Omnist and I hold no church, for I am my own church and I am all that is needed for the whole to be all and for all to be whole.
11 I am unified in myself with who I am, through my losses and victories and my faults.
12 I am a gracious Omnist that is far from social, but comfortable in crowds.
13 I am a silent standout that is a walking contradiction. The necessary conundrum that is needed to maintain balance.
14 I am that fool, there are many fools like me; they too have their own journey.
1 When approached about being an Omnist, and what Omnism is, I respond with; It is the belief that all gods and all religions are all a portion of the truth, but not one is true as a stand alone. That they are not complete or have been corrupted in some way through the power hungry ego of us throughout time.
2 Then, I am asked how it is possible to believe in all gods and all uncertain truths, or how is it that I don’t believe in just one god, but in all of them?
3 I respond kindly with, why is it not possible to believe in them all?
4 Who’s idea and what purpose is it to confine ourselves to just one god, or to just one structured set of beliefs?
5 Why is it so hard for many to lack a fear of something that lives inside of us all in some way, shape, or form?
6 I have long since given up the idea of there being absolution through a heaven or a hell.
7 I have no fear of being cast into an eternal pit of fire due to the mistakes of two ignorant beings formed long ago.
8 I do not strive for enlightenment to become something better (or worse) in the next life for my next time here on this planet.
9 Although the idea of heaven is wonderful, my heaven this time through may be to come back filled with the knowledge, knowing what I know now.
10 How wonderful of an idea that is for myself and perhaps others.
11 I am not stating that heaven and hell and enlightenment or even the blackness of Nothing is not something that others have the need to strive for in their existence.
12 I just have my own feelings and thoughts about such an ideal, we all have the luxury to change our minds.
13 Not to dispute or dismantle someone’s garden, or even fight to justify my own means and beliefs and feelings.
14 But, to be told that I am wrong about how I feel is a garden pressing upon me that I have tried very prudently to remain unbiased towards.
15 Though, I have more exposure to certain structured absolutes than others.
16 I still do not frown down on the feelings that such things give to others.
17 The warmth and wonder that they give to one another and fill each other with.
18 That is the feeling of goodness, but when the false comes out in them, and I am told I am wrong because of how I feel naturally. That is where my line is drawn and that is where they can keep their feelings.
19 It is not contempt, nor pity, nor a feeling of hatred towards any ones belief’s only a simple effort of peace through their own scriptures.
20 Sometimes it is best not to say anything at all and let the blind indulgences of another’s faith justify it enough for them to feel satisfied.
1 Omnism is not meant to bring out the negativeness towards another’s beliefs/gardens.
2 It is meant to be a dose of listening that may or may not take you down a path that will fulfill you on your own fools journey.
3 Personally, I prefer to stick with the ways I have always felt throughout my life, through my journey as a fool. Omnism is how I have felt my entire life. I search for no god, but I understand and feel the good that comes from what is meant by them.
4 I do not blame any demon of any kind for any wrongdoings that happen in this world, it is not evil that scourges Living, only the idea of evil to take away from life. Only Living to subscribe to words that impact so deeply and only to live those evil words to indulge the idea of holding onto hope.
5 Nor do I thank any god or gods or spirit for all the good that is granted.
6 For some, this may fill them with all the things they need to justify their joy and misery that has been the course of their life.
7 But, in the end, we are all fools on our own quest.
8 We are all experiencing our own chariot ride and the wedge put between us and a lover.
9 We all have the people in our lives that we have looked up to in some way whether that person realizes it or not.
10 We are all on the same type of path through this world.
11 Though our experiences may differ.
12 Broken down to the bare-boned structure of what it is we are going through, at whatever part of our journey, it can be relative.
13 Through that, we are all connected internally.
14 As I have stressed in the book of fools. It is by no means to be calling anyone an idiot, moron, stupid or anything of the ilk.
15 I am an Omnist fool just as we all are in some way, shape or form.
16 Be you a follower of Jesus, or a peaceful Buddhist.
17 There is nothing wrong with any of that. As an Omnist though, I just don’t feel that they are true without one another.
18 They could not stand alone, not one without the other.
19 One thing may thank another for the growing of feelings.
20 Without one, there would be no enemy nor would there be balance among them.
21 Think for a moment if the word religion was simply non-existent.
22 What then would we call how strongly we feel about something that we have had yet to make up?
23 Before such ideas, we had to have the imagination to keep warm, to drink, to smell our way towards something that is enticing.
24 To see and to feel our way toward one another, without those senses and needs where would we be?
25 Odds are we would be thinking about it, and perhaps as we think about it, it would be the hope that we are not alone.
26 That we are not drifters in an endless dark sea devoid of imagination.
27 I pity the Source, more than I care to be like it, I do feel I am a part of it. But let it remain unaware of us, as well as its own existence.
28 Let it remain perfect, and without knowing the fact that it may be bored.
29 Let us as Living be that boredom, let us be that part of balance that remains in a Union of Four.
30 Let Everything continue to carry us further on our expedition to the next level that we all, in our own way, aspire towards.
31 Be that heaven or hell, the top part of whatever philosophical mountain, or even the discovery of a blackness in the universe that goes deeper and darker than the black holes that we can see.
32 Let us find the numbers that we have no knowledge of.
33 Let us think of the things that are to still be plucked from the void of Nothing and make them a part of us as Living.
34 Let us be Omnist and not attack the things that make us different.
35 But embrace one another and everything as if it is a growing part of who and what we are deep inside.
1 I am an Omnist
2 My choice in being so is devoid of slavery and servitude to materialistic religion.
3 I am not torn away from god or gods. I am just not for any one specifically.
4 I am an Omnist, and I am not against the idea of god or gods.
5 I am also not against the idea of there not being any god or gods as well.
6 I am an Omnist and I worship no Satan.
7 Nor do I feel the need to partake in Pagan and Wicca rituals. Nor would I disrespect them.
8 I am an Omnist, and I am for the Greek and Roman Myths.
9 I am an Omnist and I am for The Norse and Egyptian gods and all that rest in between.
10 I am an Omnist; one life into another, and another over again and again until you reach the enlightened state of Zen.
11 I am an Omnist Brahman and Hindu gods are fine by me.
12 I am an Omnist; each of these is all one thing to me.
13 I am an Omnist; each of these means nothing to each one the other.
14 I am an Omnist; I see that none of these would probably exist without the other; none of these things would exist without an Omnist.
15 I Omnist.

1 Although there are a lot of negative aspects of our lives touched upon in various areas of this book, I have tried to make more of it positive, in that there is a bright side to everything.
2 I am merely trying to set apart the physical connotations that these ideas and acts eventually lead to.
3 There are methods used that build up to something as terrible as war. How propaganda and zealot like behavior lead to acts of spite and retaliations. How terrorism eventually leads to the need to be stopped due to the fact that it goes so far beyond the rules of engagement, when in actuality, when it comes to war, who wrote the laws of it? Is it no more than an act, there is even a book called the Art of War which breaks down strategies and tactics, further still it goes into acts of trickery and manipulation among the various soldiers under ones command.
4 Again, as an Omnist I believe that this may be the time to begin to look past these horrible acts, but not forget them, it is (and will eventually be) our past. It is time for us to start to build a better future. So that we may be the ancestors looked upon as those that began sowing the seeds for good. Instead of being the ones that continued to reap the rewards of greed.
5 I hold onto the fact that I do not have all the answers, Omnism is more than just myself and the books I am writing for it. I hold only what is best for my own existence among all of you, so that we may come together for the future. If not for you then I may indeed not exist. If not for the notion that these ideals are not a part of my learned experience through life, then what right would I have to utilize a gift for wordsmithing?
6 For that is all I am, nothing more than a human among the rest of the Living, a part of the Living, a factor of Everything and Nothing and a driving aspect for the Source.
7 There happens to be a large percentage of our own minds that contribute more towards there being something greater out there than what it is we currently experience. Great thinkers of the past knew of it, it is only a matter of time before it comes on full force and begins to take effect. There are many out there now that believe we are near the end of our current dark age and are paving the way to a new renaissance.
8 I have faith in all of us being able to work together and come to our basic senses, as well as, unlocking the senses that science will not accept. The senses that religion will tell you is their greatest evil and temptations should be avoided in order to obtain absolution.
9 Let go of your own fear and come to the realization that certain absolutes are meant to confine the heart from the mind. Thus, allowing for a separation to only question the things placed directly in front of you, rather than moving further along and accepting something that was given to you directly.
10 Free will is something that we all possess, and it is something that I take and run with. I am guided by a moral compass to do as many right things as I can within my own power. I cannot do for others if I cannot survive, although, there are a great number of things on my wish list when it comes to starting to build a world at peace.
11 That is what I believe Omnism is capable of. Of looking beyond the negatives that bring us so far down that we have nothing but the hope of death to rely on, and moving into the brighter aspects of life that I am hoping to bring about in the next books on Omnism.
12 Even if I try and fail, at least I am aiming for the stars and hoping to hit the moon. For there is nothing worse than having to not have tried anything at all. With all I hear, all over, with all opinions, I respect the passion that comes from the person saying what they feel and not so much what it is they are saying. That doesn’t mean I am right about anything. All that means is that I feel their passion, rather than hear the words. The words come to me later, which, is a bit of a weakness, in my opinion, but I go with my gut and follow what I feel about another person, rather than the words that may be lies.
13 I feel I currently stand with a small amount of Living on this planet that is completely unaware of the potential that they possess, or they are afraid to use it due to some kind of discrimination or for the sake of their own lives, which is understandable, as an human I would not ask anyone to take their lives. But when you do find something worth holding onto, Omnism plays its role in that, regardless.
14 I feel currently that there is an awakening going on and we, as Living, are starting to feel one another.
15 I stand at the fore-front of something greater than what it is we all currently know, and I hope to be a small part of helping to move it forward. I cannot do it alone, but if all of us are joined together, there can be something more for our children’s children, something that they can hold onto and live together and move further.
16 Evolving and still keeping hold of how important it is to unify their faiths, instead of allowing them to tear one another apart. Instead of taking physical actions with words used thousands of years ago and instead understanding the importance of those long standing traditions of cutting off heads and stoning someone to death without practicing such things.
17 These things, these ideals of long ago, are viewed by the vast majority of the world as heinous, yet, they continue. It is time for these things to end, it is time for these things to not be subscribed to and it is time for those that choose to commit such atrocities to gobble each other up. It is time for them to understand that there is no longer any sense of fear in us, that we are waking up and there is nothing they can do to stop us.
18 There are more of us, than there are of them and we will stand united in the face of any tyrannical acts or leaders.
19 I am utilizing my Omnistic views so that you may understand that I am taking up arms with my pen, with my words, with all that is in my garden that knows that there is going to come a time that we will move beyond all this horrible behavior, accept the fact that we have screwed up far too many times, lest we forget the negative, we cannot begin to influence and believe and feel the positives that we do have to offer one another.
20 We are all different, some are shy, some are outgoing, some are rather rambunctious, some like to fight, some prefer to love, some like it hot and some like it cold. Some may never again see the outside of prison walls and some may endure the freedom of the open ocean or the vast wilderness that they choose to hone their survival skills in. Some are afraid of the dark, some want nothing more than to be enticed and drawn into its mysterious nature. Some like to be scared, while others will have nothing to do with it. Some are of many different faiths and some are of no beliefs other than what they can physically grasp.
21 What then, if one of those things did not exist? Would the other? The age old question of the chicken and the egg, I suppose.
22 It is more important to be happy with the ability to question, than it is to think that we have all the answers. The questions are what keep us going when it comes to understanding Nothing. When it comes to reaching into our own minds when we meditate, pray, wish and dream. All these things are allowing us to feel, so let them allow us to feel one another on a better level for one another, rather than having us beat each other for thinking another is wrong for what they believe.
23 Imagine if each one of us were our own place of worship, instead of fighting over differences, understand that there are going to be differences, then, let us work and recognize our likenesses, that we all will not be the same, but that we all feel.
1 If the reader decides to deem these words as fictitious in nature, then the conclusion would be drawn that the reality that I live in within the confines of my own mind would be nothing more than fictitious.
2 That my imaginations are allowed to run wild and rampant inside of me and that perhaps what means more to me for something in the future, is currently, nothing more than a dream, it is nothing more than something that is only hoped about.
3 A world at peace is said to be something that is impossible, if that is the case and I am laughed at more often times than not when I say it, am I still not giving the idea that there is someone, something even anything out there that can understand and help bring to life a dream such as world peace?
4 For I am not the only one that would like to quell the negative connotations of our own selves. Not to get rid of these things, but to remember them as something not to do. To not be greedy and to not over-indulge in pride. To not give into wrath and to learn to satisfy our lusts through the love that we share with those around us. Our lust for something other than the physical meaning of lust. To be cautious with our envy and to find a balance in between gluttony and sloth as to where we can lead healthy productive lives without the need to fill a bank account so that we can get stuff we don’t need.
5 I am human, I am gender, I am race, I am faith and I am a citizen/denizen of this earth that I share with so many other Living.
6 I am these things and more, because that is simply the hand that I have been dealt. I have learned many things in this life thus far, and as I continue to grow, I will keep learning and unlocking the things in my own mind. Allowing Omnism to grow along with me. It is not entirely up to me, for each Omnist has their own views on Omnism, I am just trying to give something solid to hold onto for those of us who are simply, Omnists.
7 Those of us who simply respect the ideals of love and enjoy stitching together the fragments of our hearts and minds that get so contorted along the way through false teachings and acts of negativity. For those of us who try to put things together only to be told that what we feel is wrong, that feeling is of more importance to the principles of knowledge and that imagination and reality can coincide. Of all of us and who enjoy encompassing something that is forever going to be growing into something more than what these books are attempting to accomplish.
1 Feel freer than you have ever felt when it comes to writing your own ideas within the blank spots of this book. So that you too may find a way of understanding for yourself.
2 So that this set of beliefs may carry on further and further throughout time and that all the ideals of being an Omnist can carry on with my words, your words and our words to make this world a better place.
3 Please, I encourage, implore and insist that you bring about new ideas from those questions that you may fear you’ll never have answered. There are things out there that have something to relate to your own experiences and they may be just around the block, on the other side of the world or maybe just even at the end of your dreams.
4 The answers are everywhere, and within Everything there is the Source, within all Living there is Everything, Nothing and the Source.
5 Whatever you feel the Source is, is so much more important than one Omnist’s interpretation towards causing a debate. It Is more so that we gain understanding from one another, for one another, so that we may stop destroying one another.
1 Fight, if you have to fight, but live for one another, be there for each other and be there for one another after the fight…lick your wounds and go home and study.
2 I have not deemed any of this book entire fact, nor have I deemed any of it entire fiction, for this is very much a large part of my belief system. So much so, that the fact that exists in it is the capabilities for the many thousands of other systems to deem it as fiction, or false, just as many claims the other as misguided or false, or thousands of wonderful stories based on lies, or that science is not the answer and that each and every one new discovery leads to an assortment of questions and so on and so forth, and then the kaleidoscope turns yet again.
3 It is my own personal feelings that lead me to believe that each Omnist is an individual on their own fool’s journey. Within each and every one of them they understand the importance, as well as, the difference between reality and imagination. Yet, the more of them I come across, the more and more devoted they seem to things that have yet to be fully discovered and understood. Not in a dreamy sort of all of life is peachy fashion, but in a more introspective view that they are trying to share what is inside of them with the people that they feel are willing to be touched deep within.
4 That each one is finding their own personal meaning of what God truly is and they would not want that discovery to go to waste. That some of these attempts are futile, but they are also subtle, meaningful and peaceful in nature.
5 That the understanding of the importance of questioning is more important for existence than having the knowledge of all the answers, I do feel that if one has attained that, they then become the part of perfection that is the Source.
6 The more I listen to what many people have to say and the more I research the history of where we all came from and how we operate, the more I am noticing inner Omnists in more people than they would care to realize. It is not a shame that I can’t wake them up to the coming of things yet to be. All I can do, is explain to them what it is I am attempting to begin, which is the idea that world peace is possible. I don’t mind the laughter or the snickers, or even the fact that it is a connundrious idea when it comes down to the necessity of conflict in order to hold onto peace, but also that the more people in this world that at least hear there is a person out there daft enough to propose such an idea, the more people may actually, just give it a whirl.
7 Call it enlightenment or heaven, call it divinity or even call it heresy and sacrilege. Once a person passes a certain point in life, they realize that there is no reason to fear the absolution, because there is no perfect absolution that has any need for the intention of inflicting pain, it is beyond that as well as it is beyond eternity, and that happens to be beyond our comprehension.
8 I don’t care for hell. I am irenic.
9 I am an Omnist.

I am ado among my heart and mind,
I am that which is gone and gone hunting for god along side the side of witches.
I burn my candle from both ends and desire nothing from those that have sent.
For they are long gone by now and I have no regress. My time is short and limited, and with you all the same it remains.
In one small, Irenic poem, the term Omnism remains the same.
For all that are and all that will be, I will digress into myself and understand better the meaning to be a Fool, rather than be a foolish fool.

How long, can one subscribe, to the dynamics of their own mind?
To give so much definition to the words lost among all said.
I am just as smart as I am stupid.
I am Omnist; I am remaining shiftless on all the things that are prescribed to me. For I am not subjecting myself, to the overexposing of majority rules;
So thank you for connotations in an attempt to reign over fools.
But, I am an Omnist. I agree with your passion, your strength, with you being you.
For I am an Omnist I care little of what you think of a Christian, Hindu or Jew.
For I am an Omnist and I have little concern with the bloodlines before you.
I am an Omnist and I have been called to untie those prior sentences.
I am an Omnist, and I care nothing for silly repentance’s.
I, as an Omnist, give favor to those who share like minded ideas of respect towards one another’s feelings.
I, as an Omnist feel the things that have separated us so much, as much as I feel, the things that bring us together.
I, as an Omnist, have that luxury and that bane of existence to try to fight so whole heartedly for the ideal and ideas that perpetuate peace among us.
I, as an Omnist, understand that I will not matter for myself, but I will matter for the things that are yet to come, for the things that hope to be and for the things that will remember who I am and the things I’m yet to be.

Now there is a place in this world that many people decide to search for, to search away from, this place is called Atlantis. Throughout much of history in all the sciences, philosophies and religions, this place exists deep within those that hear its call every time the name is said. Just because we have not found it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. There is no approval that can be dissuaded about how this place exists, because the measure of the mind cannot fully be measured, much can be said about the existence of any god. There is not a full sense yet of heart joining together with mind because we have yet to even accept that as being a possibility. As has been said prior, we are all as equally stupid as we are smart; so brains do not matter more than heart. There is a place that resides within all religions and sciences that involves the hearts of all those that live. That place is only so mildly described and presented upon as something that has fascinated us for thousands upon thousands of years. That what is not important about what we think of others in our lives but how it is we think for others for the lives of others. There are aspects of numbers that do not want to represent this, but is it not a fact among those that subscribe to the notions of physics that they haven’t already found a way out of the big bang theory? Can I at least be a philosopher here?? To examine the idea of the subject of that which is Atlantis, and to be at least as silly of having a worm on my head….I (the ego) is so tired…(;

10/16/14 Lehigh Acres, FL – 10/16/15 Williamstown, NJ
By: Charles L. Poore



I love the dominoes. That simple little flip of the finger and one after another down they all goes.
I’m waiting for whatever this feeling is I am having, to subside. For the tears to run their course on a long-dried face, now creased with desperation and despise. Loathing myself I wish for an end, to be rid of this disease and my own trepidation. This glass armored man and his vile life fluid that washes away my fleeting thoughts, as I vampire my way down to the very last drop. How then do I rise from my position of servitude, how then do I stop? Loch Loa has his own silent form of control. Control over me and of my long lost free will.
Loch Loa silently demands you on your knees, so you become suicide by your own design when you bow before his throne. Much time is lost in a dizzying haze, pulled down to the depths of Loch Loa lake. So full of regret and unwelcome times, in bantering tongue that slur with no rhymes. A wonder indeed this monster…this demon…that serves hard injustice to men and women. It plagues day and night and knows little of time, this master Loch Loa, serves up spirits and wine.
On the very first day, the thirst takes its grasp on a life that’s worth living, yet, just out of reach. We see through the blindness of this nightmarish disease, and hope that one day our solace will breach. He causes disaster, divine ruination, calamity, deceit to cripple foundations. A manner of life that delivers terrible doubt, behind a delightful face, your life he will rout.
All the pain you’ve tortured yourself with, pointing the fingers and keeping a distance, to all the love lost and not to be regained, dredging the bottom of Loch Loa lake. Cunning, baffling, and powerful, this demon Loch Loa is. Thrust upon his live-long throne and happy to be there, this master of ways to deceive the mind so frequently does he appear. He is cunning disease that plays tricks on your mind, as if he has a mind of his own devoid of you. Desperate attempts to feebly maneuver yourself around such a threat, end with confinement, jail and/or death. Those that choose to separate you from this monster Loch Loa see just how fruitless an effort it is. This bastard, this demon, this petty disease, often so often he dares to bring fiends.
This beastly negotiator tends to lend his hands into whatever conversation that you may draw from nightmares. his wondrous applause signals a night gone by so far-fetched, that even the bravest of dogs would not chase the stick. This disobedient pup, one of loyalty with the grandest schemes ensued, dares not seem too wonder how you might be included.
The Laser-eyed center of vision is the advertisement put upon you by this ill-fated beast. The last thing you want is the number of how to see from him, to say the least. It’s a despicable lie that draws many in, and it sees not the color of your skin. So blindly he rages amid much sages and cowers to none in his wake. This wonderful illusion leaves you disillusioned staring down into Loch Loa Lake.
Call your friends and call your bosses and all who seem concerned. Lose your life and welcome a time, in reality ill-discerned. Loch Loa is indeed the remedy to all the things you’ve once deterred, and in time it’s a shame, because this friend is no friend, and indeed is a fiend, and the wonderful blunder to an unpolished glean that reality does portend.
Loch Loa, the ultimate sleep number for being what you are, the natural device to subside things that are. The way to be when you’re locked up in your mind and the digression of humor that reverberates through time simply…echoes across endlessness, in a sea of brilliant minds…. Minds that lost this fruitless battle to sustain. To sustain the presence in a moment that for once life smiled upon them, and that all is not lost in this momentary lapse of reason. For it takes a moment to strike, then all the apocalyptic horses make their way into your life.
Ka Dov, Rob Boun, and Weeb Nire all take the mantle of horsemen in Loch Loa’s insidious plan. They all simply stand still and take their place in erroneous delight. It’s a shame, looking through the glass this way, looking as if the end of the world has come and you’ve done little more than surrender your will to a vicious master of disguise. Causing you disgust for yourself and the insidiousness of formulating your own demise in such an obliterating way.
It’s all there, laid out before you in times gone by. By others who have managed before you to subdue but not fully over-come this creature of ravenous habits. This creature that kills from the inside out, after it’s taken your outside away. Stripped you of the dignity you may have once deserved, but now you’re alone, negotiating internal burns.
The horsemen love your hammering ways, to live out another too bright-a-day, day. To cause you to cower and stay in your bed, locked up from the outside world that promises flashes of dread. Dread of the past that you can’t remember because of Loch Loa your mind is dismembered, because of Weeb Nire your stomach is sour, Rob Boun and Ka Dov caused your head to feel dire.
To cause you to think things, that may not be there. Or, to help you forget that they might just be there. To quell a pain, to be your own therapy in the nights you can’t sleep they will kill your dreams. Dreams for your children, dreams for your family, dreams for the ways you want the world to be. Dreams, as everything else in Loch Loa lake, get pulled to the bottom beneath still watered wake.
Not caused by others, the fault is your own. Too have shaken hands with Loch Loa may find you in the blink of an eye, waving good-bye, to a life that may have been better. Yet, it cannot be helped, this is a disease and Loch Loa was your families’ friend. A longtime partner in many good times, but now the good times have come to an end. They went out with a bang, or was it a whimper, and now all of you is forgotten. Alone you attempt to swim to the top, but Loch Loa lakes undertow has pulled you under.
What a fitting end for a wonderful asshole, is possibly just how you’re remembered; what a cruel life it is when Loch Loa has you and you prefer a lonely place. A lonely place on the shores of Loch Loa lake and a moment here will introduce you to the after. The place where all your memories went, the place where you caused the fights. Where you stood, and listened in swerving attention to things that you knew didn’t matter.
Loch Loa panders. “Look at all I have created with my mind, the disparaging all that has now become mine! Look, and see the things that I lay down before you in your own desperate time! What I do is not right. Yet, I beseech you, I’ll win, for I am Loch Loa the innocent sin. Day and night, I’ll tempt you with a good time, until you realize it’s too late for you. Until you cannot turn back and you’ve become the artist of your own affliction. How beautiful indeed my divine ruination! Look now as all that you know succumb to my liquid temptation.”
Loch Loa states. “When I am alone with you, I’ve found what I am looking for. When you cry ‘God’ you’ve forsaken me. Help me, I implore! When that has vanished and my bottoms up you’ll see the depth of my world. I will have had my way with you and vanquished all the good unfurled.”

Dear copyright people, this is the part of the book that is different.
Much like the Wordsmith I am not looking for millions of dollars, I am not looking for the large mansion, nor am I interested in growing in power to control. I want Omnistocria to come to fruition. I want Omnistocraticism to work. Even if those aren’t the names selected, I see the world now in a much clearer fashion. I want to do right by my boy and I want him to know that I am thinking about him and his future. Even though there is little I can do now to engage with him, I want him to know that everything I am pressing for is so that he can see that I was a good man. So that he can read my words when they are in print.
I want ‘The Omnist Tenets’ to succeed so that the Wordsmith’s daughter can have a future to look forward to. I want her to know that he loved her in a way that she will only comprehend when the time comes to make the sacrifice for the better of those other than yourself. I want to re-ignite the torch of open-mindedness. Being vigilant towards peace for all humans and for all Living. I want to see the way the Wordsmith had seen. And I want my voice to carry through deaf ears the way Silver Tongues did, so that they may hear.
I want, but I must remain humble and understand that this may not ever come to pass. I will continue this pursuit of Omnistocria. After me, there will be another, and after them, there will be another. And so on and so on. I am now the Wordsmith, not because I want to be, but because I have to be. I am now an endless Seigh and that is the way I hope to remain. If the Wordsmith and Silver Tongue taught me anything, it’s that immortality resides in words. That a time will come when this aspect of our souls will be tied into eternity, and people will build a wonderful place because they were inspired by our stories, by our thoughts, by our ideas and by all the collective thoughts that we’ve supplanted into Nothing. So that they may be plucked from their darkness and made into form.
-Seigh Pten-
Ran to the store for prescription. Propane just ran out.
I thought you would drive, it’s cold out. OK be careful, I love you.

To read The Omnist Tenets and other writings about Omnism, from an Omnist, check out:
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Other information can be found at these pages.
I’ll ask myself a question,
something that I don’t know,
and figure the answer out for myself.
This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this work are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances are completely coincidental. 
I should have written this book first, only, I didn’t think about it then.
The views expressed in this book are that of the author’s thoughts and opinions. Any similarities of concepts, ideas, characteristics and characters are completely coincidental. This book is for various faiths (or those living a purposeful life for those who don’t care for the word) and beliefs.
This is not a get rich quick book.
This book may contain controversial material. Please monitor all officials who cannot understand the subject matter.
This book is based upon The Omnist Tenets which is a true work of fiction.
This book is based upon many various intimate moments of my life and how I feel, that I choose to share with all of you.
This book is deeply inspired by all the heroes I found in all walks of life, and all the monsters inspired by Loch Loa.
It’s amazing how something as simple as a little fist pound will last throughout time. Contact…that is all it is….
If you’re going to love something, start with the things that you love to do, that you admire to do, that you wish and dream to do. Do the things you want to do, so long as no harm comes. For if you live your dreams then you live to inspire those that follow and pursue theirs. That is eternity, whether you realize it or not.
This is all supposed to be very serious. This whole entire concept of who we are, as if we are some simple being trying to make ourselves noticed. “Oh, please save us!” For thousands and thousands of years this is what we’ve been taught to believe. “Oh, there is no reason for saving, there is merely being.” That is what we have grown to learn and accept.
This is all a myth, this is all a myth, this is all a myth…I, am the legend of said myth….
Copyright 2017 by Ward Smith and Seigh Pten Publishing
All rights reserved.

Omnism: The philantheosophy of the human disposition. The respect towards all religions and sciences and a recognition to the validity of all religions and sciences. Those who hold this belief are called Omnists.
Philantheosophy: The practice of better understanding religion and science, so that you can perfect your art for freedom.
~the Wordsmith~
“I am an Omnist and I believe in all religions”
-Philip J. Bailey- from his poem ‘Festus’
Until this chronicle the only texts written on the subject of Omnism are ‘The Omnist Tenets,’ various articles on-line, and an increasing amount people on social media. Aside from writings, The Urban Omnist shares his videos on urbanomnist.com and gives a very insightful meaning to Omnism. Much of what gives Omnism its fluid capability is that its true definition is carried within those who consider themselves Omnist. Any Omnist will likely insist that you hold tight to your doctrines of Christianity, Judaism, FSM, etc…. As many Atheists like to state, they are imaginary friends. And there is nothing wrong with that, either. Where the line gets skewed is when we begin to impede on the kinder natures of these beliefs and theories and attack each other for it. We tend to get lost in the heat of the argument and force what we think is right, down another person’s throat. Instead of considering the endless possibilities of one truth being everything, rather than one thing.
My burden of proof will reside in the future of what I am attempting to do with Omnism. I make no claims about being able to see into the future, I do feel that I can understand uncertainty better than most. I’d like to dismiss Christianity, but not Christians. Islam, but not Muslims. Atheism, but not Atheists. Religion, but not fables…and so on…. It is not that I can’t say this, it may be that most people will have trouble accepting this as a possibility. Just like a mathematician can work numbers, I can do anything I want with words. Hence, the importance towards care I must take when writing about Omnism. I share this power in service to those who come after me. So that they know there is no longer room for fear if we are to continue progressing.
I am solidifying my own personal take on Omnism. It is not the end all be all definition for an ideal that moves more quickly than I can think. That however, is what makes it such a wonderful device for freedom in this day and age. I can only begin to imagine what it will have turned into a hundred years after we are all gone.
I do believe that imagination is the very fiber of our existence. Thus, imagination is my God and I can go anywhere with it. It is the one thing that we can all relate to having; so, it is proof by majority rules. It coincides ideally with faith and explains the great myths of before even a Hebrew God came into existence. It precedes any form of writing and math until we first have records of them. I can imagine what anything can look like or even be. I feel that despite being confined to a physical reality, that reality can be shaped more and more by an ever increasing and growing collective imagination. I do believe our minds are the deepest source for our existence and we will always be on the path of discovery about how to tap into it. We are limitless. This, to me, is how I feel Omnism should continue to take shape and continue to grow.
“Science does not know its debt to imagination.”
“We are not given a good life or a bad life. We are given a life. It’s up to us to make it good or bad.”
-Ward Foley-
“The two most important days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.”
-Mark Twain-
“Life is short, don’t be a dick!”
-a bumper sticker-
“Walls do more than keep people out, they also keep people from escaping, just look at a prison.”
“I wonder how confused people reading the bible were shortly after it was written.”
“Because I don’t like living in this society, I’m choosing to live on a boat, on the sea, with no worry of money.”
“I could teach you to be really good at losing at chess.”
“If you want something, go to where the pigs are, but only if you can’t get it for yourself, and only if it’s an emergency. Fucks sake! There’s more reasons not to go to them than there is to go. Haha!!”
“Lets stop building things made out of gold.”
“Everyone is an Omnist, there really isn’t any choice in the matter. Not because it’s against your will, but because we haven’t discovered what’s beyond it and what is behind it.”
“The reality is, I can be both the hero and the villain, technology teaches us that.”
“There are very few people out there that exist the way I do.”
“If I could prove something with my life, it would be to prove that any person honest with themselves can lead a life with no faults. So long as the person has the proper morals in not hurting another person. All aspersions cast are nothing more than judgments based on another person’s character, rather than identifying with the person being judged.”
~the Wordsmith~
“Not even the sharks want to eat the Wordsmith. Out there swimming with all those monsters and not even a shred of fear on his face. He knows it, and he knows that they won’t touch him. That’s why he’s the Wordsmith.”
-A Wizard-
Thank you to those who have spent the time with me and who know that I have value.
Thank you to my family, the ones I have left.
Thank you to those I have wronged and to those that have wronged me.
I’d like to give some recognition to one person in particular that has brought so much into light when it comes to what Omnism is, that person is The Urban Omnist. This is a gentleman that I feel brings a much different approach to Omnism than myself. He happens to do the videos on urbanomnist.com and is very well educated in the realm of religion. He is also an author of fiction, writing a wonderful novel titled ‘Storm Dreams.’
His videos educate and with that education he brings a level of lightheartedness to a normally difficult range of topics being discussed. He makes Omnism simpler to understand for those who learn better by viewing and hearing, rather than reading. Thank you for being a forefather and breathing some life into such an obscure subject. I have yet to shake this man’s hand and play him in some chess; in time, I hope to do so.
In his videos Omnism is explained with a delivery full of manners and respect, and he doesn’t deviate from the fun factor. When I searched the term Omnist for the first time, he was the most active on the subject. What I’ve learned from him is that it’s OK to be on your own and it is best to judge your own character as a good person, when you are as such. My writings on this subject are free to all, I stand to make no riches off of this, only freedom and that is what I write about; I do feel I grabbed that understanding from him as well.

Dear Indigo’s,
It’s been decades now I’ve sat alone, waiting. Waiting for this moment when all I’ve felt is finally beginning to blossom. I found my sanity as an indigo, I found my faith as an Omnist, and my reason is sound as a human. Once they came together so much more made sense to me. My path had been revealed and it was up to me to set it ablaze to leave a beacon for those waking up.
I was fortunate, those that loved me in my tender youth must have seen it all before I ever knew. I did not fall prey to the diluting of my mind as so many in my time have. Now, I can take up a mantle and watch as more pavers follow a dimly lit trail and leave torches of their own. They branch off to ignite trails of their own and that is beauty to look back upon.
In the distance, I can see a world built by us that has not been seen nor documented before. A world free of greed and the tyrants that generations before have bowed to. We are readying ourselves to stand against those that suit their own needs and disrupt the track that this world has been led down.
We are keepers of peace, but we understand what is worth defending when it needs to be. The how’s and whys are revealed in our most dire of times and we come out on top. Not too be recognized, but to know that what we’ve done will echo through time. That we changed the world for the better and became the ancestors that brought greed to its knees and made it kiss our feet. That we built from the bottom up because there was nowhere left to go once we questioned digging their holes.
We see what’s to be done, we see the power in ignorance towards their power, for they have no true rule over us. We are here to bust the systems that no longer work. We are growing, gathering and in time our voices will fell the greed, the racism, the blind hate, the terror. We will become the silent night for those that stand for unrest amidst the souls we feel. The pain that we take on is being collected, and with that we will make weapons to dispose of those that hold our world hostage, those that dangle our freedoms as a carrot and watch us fall over the cliffs edge.
Yours in earnest,
~the Wordsmith~

‘The Omnist Tenets’ is a book written by Charles Poore (I always liked to refer to him as Wordsmith) and that book happens to be a compilation of his thoughts as best as he could organize them. He explained it to me as a way of plucking his racing thoughts and placing them on paper where they would be still. In time, he learned how to do this repeatedly until his thoughts came together and formed a picture of sorts. He felt it gave him some type of intuition on situations that had not happened. He was a difficult person for most to get close to and he found it difficult to open to others. Every now and again he would bring up indigo theory (I will get into this later, it’s not the send money to our cult thing you read about on-line, any true indigo will see through this) and highly sensitive people, or HSP. This was very seldom though as he didn’t like to refer to himself as anything other than a normal person. His bouts with alcohol, I think, are probably the hardest struggle that he’s endured. However, I do feel they are necessary.
One day he just up and vanished; along with that disappearance he left me his writings. These were just a jumbled mess that I was given the pleasure of (I stretch this, for I am not a very good editor) organizing and combining with my own thoughts. The Book of the Wordsmith is a tale about how and where I would have liked to see him end up and what it was he was hoping for out of life, out of people, and in many ways the direction he would have liked to see the world go. It’s a collaboration of the writings he left me about a one world order under the dictations of Omnistocraticism and a new world called Omnistocria. I like to think that this mixed bag of nuts is my own little contribution to Omnism and a new addition to The Omnist Tenets, for I am an Omnist and I took Charles’ advice and opted to write my own personal set of Tenets. Granted, it is fiction, but I too believe that imagination is the most powerful aspect of thought, and through it we can make any fiction a reality.
Life is indeed meant for the Living and us humans are only a small factor in all that is around us. In time, I do believe that all we know will come to an end. What remains for who is left will be a small portion of what we are as a species. I also believe that this will prove little more than history repeating itself, and the proof of that will be worth nothing, to no one, other than those left to rebuild a new society. I only hope that someone that comes along after we are gone interprets these writings and says “hey, someone actually made a lot of sense back then. I don’t get why they thought it was ever a good idea to sacrifice their kids, vote for the lesser of two evils and not see that science and god both come together to form a bond of existence.”
If you take the time to look around in this day, and age, you will see that common sense has no value in controlling the masses. Power is taken and held hostage in a place that none of us could even dream of. It is not shared, it is only manipulated and filtered so that we may see a tiny bit and squabble over that. Scraps from the table that, in some strange way, we have made up all our own. We, as a collective whole have allowed ourselves to become corrupted by what we have made up. We choose to see and keep lousy world leaders, and bombs, and guns, and murder, and rape, and plight, and dishonor. We were and are a warlike species and some of us are evolving beyond that by not getting caught up in meaningless squabbles about who created what. We prefer to understand what is. With the help of God, Allah, or whatsoever you desire, it no longer makes any difference to argue. Because even if we are a factor of primordial ooze, some of us may have been made by a god. Why is it that we must put all of what we are into there being only one truth? Again, as it’s been stated before, maybe it’s all of these things.
Senseless debates from these issues are easy to push along, getting people fired up, and it makes it easier to control the flow of the masses when they have a figurehead separate from what the real issue is. I lean towards the idea of the ignorance of the masses, that for the most part they are indeed sheeple. I dislike that I am using that term, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…it’s a duck…. I do also believe that the reason for such ignorance resides in what I mentioned earlier. That we are the designers of our own realities, and if the mass majority wants to have this illusion that there is some kind of manipulator out there in control of everything we do and say, (making their rounds to view what you search for online and controlling the weather) then they can keep it. I, for one, choose to imagine my own way devoid of these wretched people. Instead, I prefer to live life as the Wordsmith had. Free and without restrictions so long as he was not harming another person.
It’s not to say that these things aren’t going on, but the simple fact is we as a group of peoples allow these things to take place. The most important factor in stopping these things is to cut the funding to them, which means to come together as people on a planet, more-so than, a people of a nation. History does repeat itself, and an underlying fact of an empires demise is the dominance that it must adhere to in order to sustain itself. And that dominance is easily faltered because it is the funding. Essentially, I am suggesting to rebel, but rebel by not allowing them to take from you what is not theirs. Rebel by listening to the people that want and ask for nothing other than the freedoms that they have had stripped from them. Read, research, question, listen and rebuild. You may find this daffy, but in the book of Exodus and Omnistocria, you will find a very interesting idea as to how to do this.
This next thought may seem a bit mad as well, but, for anyone out there that can’t seem to figure out what is wrong with them, just know, that there may in fact be nothing wrong with you. You simply are the way you are, not broken, no fixing needed, no doses of anti-depressants that big insurance companies try to spoon feed you so that they cash in on the brain-damage that ensues. These people don’t care about you, they care about money, they care about more and more, they have and will continue to succumb to greed. It’s obvious, but if you want to keep shoveling that stuff down your kids’ throat’s, then by all means, go ahead. It just contributes to the retardation of society, so that more indentured servants can do the bidding for capitalistic gains.
Indigo theory basically suggests that there will be a group of people having an awakening of sorts. These people are the Indigo’s and they will pave the way for a new generation of children that will bring about a new society (This has also become a less known alternative for people dealing with autism). Now, I suggest that you do all the research you can, I just wouldn’t recommend sending your money to anything that seems like it’s a little off (basically, any group asking for you to put your money in a hat, just stay the heck away from).
Indigoes tend to be on the clairvoyant side and are more resistant to authority on a deeper level, as when they witness it being abused, it hurts. They may seem bratty in the sense that they know their place. It just so happens they must build that place first. They will be ahead of their class or will involve themselves in whatever is more important to them at the time. In many cases, they see through the bullshit nonsense that our society deems as “normal” has placed in front of them, and may be fighting to buck those systems. But, I can only speak from personal experience why or what is driving them to do so, I do not speak for all of them. They only draw from a deep impulse to make others aware that the systems in place that have gotten us this far, are just as easily bought and sold to the highest bidder, just like anything else on the market.
Most Indigoes tend to be unaware of their role in society. The Wordsmith would say that he could feel certain energies from certain people. Some he would approach, and in time, would come to find out that they all shared the same characteristics of being depressed, or anxious. Only to further discover that they would be filling themselves with so much medication to help keep them “balanced.” There was nothing he could do about this due to years of having their heads shrunk by people and being led to believe that there was something wrong with them that needed to be corrected. Luckily, for the Wordsmith, he could trek a course in his mind and stay focused more on embracing these qualities in himself. He took the route less traveled and was always sure to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find his way back.
He lived a meager existence and could actually have been considered somewhat selfish. He lacked empathy yet, would always be willing to help. No smile, no frown, just a constant, resting bitch-face. The thing is though, his presence could be felt when he entered a room. Unfortunately, much of the time spent away from writing he was rather inebriated and had to be carried back to his boat. A couple times he fell off the boat and right into the water. But, he was a tough S.O.B. and managed to climb himself back up onto deck and go to bed. The next morning, by the time I would wake up, he would already be gone. Off to work to do whatever he did there, then, home he came to write, drink, repeat. This was a form of self-medicating that I wouldn’t recommend for anyone. Much of this led to his social anxiety. I could see though how he was always trying to overcome this. He needed people in his life and around him. He didn’t like to force anything, he only wanted to understand himself better, so he could be the person that others told him they would have liked too see him become.
He managed to get ‘The Omnist Tenets’ written and the ideas he shared were groundwork for how people could converse about a thought that they may have in common with another person. Ultimately in the hopes of contributing his visions for a better world. It is a book meant to start a pattern of thought for people like himself. To find the courage not to be afraid to break away from the inequalities that are put directly in front of them. To not be afraid of the browbeating scriptures of yore that promised them eternity through servitude; and to no longer feel alone.
Fear and greed are two things he was very much against and they both exist all around us. Keeping us sedated, telling us how to live and who to send money to and what to buy. Lying and stealing to push products in our faces, grant us with an all-day smile, along with a lifetime of bitterness, and buyer’s remorse. Clouting our visions from seeing the fact that if we turn our backs on them to provide for ourselves and share with one another, there is very little beyond acts of violence and treachery that any establishment could do to remain in power.
People were good to the Wordsmith, there was little question about that, it was the lack of people’s understanding of him that caused him to keep people out. That and having a bit of an acid-tongue after a few too many different drinks. The Wordsmith was not a violent person by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just that some people have this knack to know how to say only a few words and piss off more than enough people to get thrown out of a town.
Had it not been for me being there at the time the Wordsmith would have probably ended up with more than just a hangover the next morning. A few broken ribs, certainly a fat lip and broken nose…busted eye-socket maybe…to say the least that is. All this because a person with a mild-mannered disposition was speaking his mind and calling out a person that was, indeed, interfering with what was turning out to be a wonderful conversation. The man who was insulted, however, happened to be a big-boss type man of the town, and he happened to have hired about ninety-percent of the bouncers in the downtown district of Fort Myers.
It was that feeling that crept on on the back of your neck when you know you are being followed. I (having done various shows at some of the bars we visited and becoming friendly with some of the bouncers) had noticed that we were indeed being followed. Later in the evening the Wordsmith would have admitted that he noticed it too, only when the feeling first started. It was the intuition he possessed that had picked up on several suspicious characters, he said “I just got that feeling that things were getting to be a little…off….”
The last bar that we went into happened to be where I had performed the night prior. Thanks to said performance I could pull some strings and keep the Wordsmith from getting rolled out the back door just after last call (which was five minutes after we arrived).
“Get him and get out of here quick, sound advice would be to let him know not to come back down here again, because they know what he looks like, and they will get him.” Probably the coolest manager of any bar I had ever performed at. But, some people only had enough pull and at least I was there to…well, to save a life. To be honest, I’m still not quite sure it would have mattered either way to the Wordsmith. Up until the Wordsmith I hadn’t ever met a person so wrought with hope and dismay at the same time in my entire life.
I really do think, in some ways, the Wordsmith knew so much about the inner workings of people that he could almost see the future. There had been times that he called numerous circumstances like the last one out of no-where. He did have a certain way of sharing a bold-faced truth and became rather dis-liked (people don’t like hearing the truth). Telling the future or just knowing a person at a glimpse, I’m actually not 100% certain about which, but the dude was bluntly honest. He opened his mouth with a brutal honesty that consisted of three words, called out a big-shot and caused us to be tailed for the remainder of the night. Needless to say, he wasn’t welcome back into the town that, strangely enough, he was born in…huh….
When he and I met, he was in the end phases of drowning out his natural calling with alcohol. I like to think that I had helped him with being rid of alcoholism. He referred to this as shaking hands with Loch Loa. He was no servant to it, however it helped to muffle the little nuances that made his mind motor. He would catch other people’s thoughts and know exactly what another person was thinking. He would explain to me that while he was at work, these random thoughts would pass through his head and would cause him to have feelings that weren’t his. He realized one day (years ago) that they weren’t his thoughts and that another person’s thoughts were just hitting him at random. The most difficult thing for him to handle was that at the time of discovering this, the person that should have been there for him turned her back on him, and from that a snowball effect took place. He made [sic] the steps to figure himself out, rather than depending on another person to attribute consequence to his affliction. He embraced who he was becoming rather than continuing down a road of clinicians and doctors.
Loch Loa did indeed help to quell certain pains. But those times when anxiety hit (I could tell they hit him hard) he wouldn’t be seen for days on end. Little to no response when you knocked on his boat, he wouldn’t be seen coming out for neither food nor water. A couple of times we thought he was dead! When we took it upon ourselves to board his boat you’d hear a yell from the cabin “I’m alive, thanks!” and that was all that was needed to suffice.
His father came by one day due to a call from the Wordsmith’s job. He was a no call, no show for two days and they began to worry. When he popped out of the hatch to see his dad he was white as a sheet. Eyes bloodshot from crying, smoking, or both. In several ways, I do think the Wordsmith needed times like those to separate himself from his imagination, delirium, reality…whatever you prefer…. Whether it was done with a ridiculous amount of alcohol or just a steady, constant high, I don’t know. Regardless, he wrote a few books in the process. Once he took himself away from strict fiction writing, he began to inadvertently write about religion, philosophy and politics. It helped to hone him as an Indigo, and gave a fluidity to Omnism that ultimately led him to become a better person.
Lunacy and psychosis are things that most “normal” people don’t dabble around with. When you’ve lost your mind, it means that you’ve followed your heart. I am not talking of homicide, murder nor acts of violence in the cruelest of fashions (and this thought includes war); what I am speaking of is understanding the lengths that you will find yourself going for the one you love as being, ‘immeasurable.’ He allowed his mind to snap and learned to always feel comfortable with doing so, so that he could find his heart after it’s been broken. This is one of the ideas that the Wordsmith wanted to bring to Omnism. Defining a way of living by sharing who he was with the world. That’s a part of what ‘The Omnist Tenets’ are, a base level of what we all are and how to relate despite our differences.
Eventually, he did live off grid. His boat ‘The Gina Marie’ remained his home for as long as I knew him. The solar panels, the water maker, the batteries. He could live on this boat for as long as his mind and the devices allowed him to. He found for himself what made the universe tick, both with and without a God that is held hostage by religion. With and without what made sense about star-dust and an everlasting form of energy. Call it whatever you prefer, but the Wordsmith found his Source.
Do you have what you believe and hold it wholeheartedly, not forcing it upon others? Do you have happiness and have you acquired it without the risk of another person’s happiness? If so, then you have discovered truth within yourself, now would be the best time to begin sharing it with others. Not in the name of anything other than happiness. And to understand that your happiness is not another person’s happiness, and that is OK. You can only open yourself up so that others may find their own within you. This, is truth. And that is all our journeys as fools on their way to obtaining the world.
Take the most important day of your life and make it a happy one, you’ll find in the long run that there will be more than seven. Heaven is in the past with all your best memories. So, keep making good memories and you will have a beautiful heaven designed by you. You see, to confine something as dynamic as a soul to one notion of beauty, is to corrupt it straight out of the box. The fondest of times that you reminisce about happens to be an aspect of heaven that your soul is attached to. There is no going back for us, only the hopes that more times like that happen. So, that when we are finished with our time here now, we can re-live again, only next time make the best of different situations. So that the part of time our soul lingers in can go onto its own parcel of time in heaven.
How hard is it and how long does it take to concentrate on the topic of death, not just thinking about it, rather deeply focusing on and understanding it. The way it happens when it’s someone close. Where are they going? What are they doing after they get there? Or, are there more aspects of our past that allows a notion of heaven to even exist. What parts of us go there and how fully aware are those parts upon being there? What happens to this part of our being and are we still aware of that after we are gone? Perhaps, there is an awareness of a god paying that close attention to us, in an infinite amount of time and seeing how many of those around us we make up.
How far into a non-existence can a person look? Not on all things that happen, but on the most obvious of things, and then on the not so obvious things, and then connecting them, and then observing more deeply into those areas of the future. Does an obsession of the things yet to be begin to make those things happen? Can a person bend reality by believing imagination is the reality? That the unspoken words remain so in tune with the deaf ear of reality that they shape existence together? ‘It is what it is’ always seems to be a diplomatic response for the questions that are always the most difficult to answer, or have no answer, for that matter.
So then, the things we say are nothing more than the embodiment of others, for us to see each anothers vibrations. There is little more out there beyond the fractals of our collective imaginations. We are focusing so internally on one another that we are the embodiment of our own existence. Maybe Bill Hicks was right in his theory. That life is just a ride and that…well, that’s all he really specified, simplicity at its finest…. Not sure what I’m getting at here. Somewhat lost I suppose, lost in thought now. What does that say about existence? Life’s quirky little nuances are relative to this perception. Without the nags of pondering there would be no notion of appeasement.
There are people out there that don’t abide by certain rules. They are sometimes referred to as loose cannons, anarchists, anti-social, defiant, non-conforming…etc…. Ignorance will contribute to chaos, not knowledge. If we see ourselves as an attribute to bring revolution, then let us do so with knowledge. Bringing experience in showing how to be both a peaceful anarchist, and a wise bearer of knowledge. Make both things possible together and working in sync, so the possibility of all things is no longer impossible.
I’ve stopped worrying about debating the truth of the past, now I attempt to write for a future. Stop paying taxes, stop identifying borders, stop standing behind governments that are crooked. Stop caring about things that you are told are supposed to matter and start caring about the things that do matter: people, compassion, love. If we all just turned our back on those that tell us they are in charge, they would simply go away, because we are their power, they are not ours. Take a concept like sharing our knowledge and keep doing it, don’t repeat what you’ve heard, understand what you’ve heard and share it with others in the manner you understand it. That they may carry on that knowledge throughout time.
I know what it’s like to strike solid objects, so I have no reason to pull a weapon out, therefore I strike now with the strokes of my pen and the objects that my words create in another person’s mind. So let’s see what happens next with this esoteric take on Omnism. Again, as was stated in ‘The Omnist Tenets,’ this ideology is not for me, nor is it only for the person that writes it. It is of the people that write it. Those that write assume a position to entice a revolution of the mind and heart. So that our consciousness may finally begin to transcend. To move beyond the objects that currently hold us back from loving one-another day to day and begin to lift our spirits, together. Those that choose to stay behind cater to no fault of their beliefs, they only cater to ignorance, thus, creating chaos.
This wave of Omnism will reverberate through time, it is a wave that breaks every day, all day, and I intend to be one of the first to ride it. Wreck-less abandonment of oneself leads to a discovery that will encourage, inspire and write a world into place. Breaking the confines of a forced reality and allowing a disposition of imagination, that will, encourage a notion of freedom with high moral regard towards others. Bear in mind that there are no heroes among thieves, making us all equally valuable on a relative scale. Basically, if your good time is ruining someone else’s good time, then the smaller aspects of what you do, will make for a bad time for all, so ignore others’ good times and just have your own, without interfering with others’.
It’s a scary thing to learn how to hold the power of words in your hand, the pen is indeed mightier than the sword and any story can come true, so much so, that the only thing that keeps it fiction, is that the facts dissolve into an essence of life that eventually is going to leave this state of existence. Then, go on to view time from a non-linear plane of existence. I am no scientist, I am a progenitor of peace and I’m here for as long as I am. Before I begin to fully write on about the things I feel I can bring to the table of Omnism, it’s only appropriate that I at least pay homage to the Wordsmith. So much of this book is about the life of the person that taught me what life to him was, and in many ways, I think, writing this will help me understand life better until the day I die.
I’m hoping to breathe life into a personality that may touch some sort of a meaning to all of you. I was given much of the Wordsmith’s writings and I have tooled around with them a bit. However, much of it is in its original state. I am hoping to relate the Wordsmith to you on a level, as to derive understanding about feelings directly from you, back into you, while not trying to convince you that this was a person that you’re reading about, and instead, attempting to convey that you could be the person to have felt and written these words. As if you are indeed the Wordsmith.
He left in-order too carry out a mission that he was given. He told me one night he was sitting alone in a drunken stupor and he heard something in his mind. It wasn’t as if he heard it though, more that he felt it inside of him. He said it stated that he was to take a year to write a book, from there he must head west. Essentially, his year had passed the day he departed and off he went across the Gulf coast. Too me, as the person to carry on this legacy of art, hope, pain, understanding, these things and more, was what the Wordsmith was trying to get across to the world. This philantheosophy of life will indeed take a lifetime, one that the Wordsmith will give without regard to consequence. The Wordsmith had little (if any), fear; if it was there, I couldn’t see it and I had spent a lot of time in deep conversation with the Wordsmith.
The Wordsmith’s understanding of power and how to share it frightened me, because that knowledge by itself is power. The Wordsmith is nothing more than a person, a person that knows there are several paths to enlightenment, and there is no set path when it comes to Omnism (or any religion/philosophy for that matter). As if there is little more worthwhile in this life than taking every day as a happy experience; and taking even the most severe of tribulations and forgetting all the things about them that can make us bad. Too understand and move forward toward the good side of the rest of our lives. To me right there, that is a wonderful Omnistic perspective, and I am a scarecrow, so I can say that. (What I can’t do is tell anyone what to do, because it is not right, and I knew all that before I knew I was an Omnist).
I’m still not entirely certain how one person couldn’t have been consumed by so much, I think maybe the Wordsmith was far more than what most of us can imagine, and it was imagined by the Wordsmith, so reality is difficult to understand at times. Maybe, we aren’t ever supposed to understand it. It wasn’t ever so much in what I learned, but what I had derived from what I learned with my time spent with the Wordsmith, so that I may have this opportunity to share.
Should I bother to stand on my own again, or should I continue to write about a world that does not yet exist (I’ll do both). Should I continue to attempt to create something from nothing (I will try). To use my words to unlock the secrets of freedom (my hopes are that you grasp that from my words). A way to live without being confined to money and oppressed by those who have succumbed to greed. I should like to think that I will go the route of the Wordsmith. Sailing off into the horizon with little more than wit, and a hope for freedom. To pursue the consequence of an unmarked grave and challenge thousands of years of absurdity, just to follow dreams. At least now I can feel comfortable with my own contribution to Omnism, by giving it a character that people may be able to relate to on some level.
I’ve included some of the Wordsmith’s original poetry sprinkled throughout these pages, to put some backdrop on some of the stronger feelings the man shared with me. It was (and still is) comforting for me to know that he at least in some point did know love. Love for another woman, love for his child and a love for himself that he had left to discover. In time, I truly hope he finds these things again. But, I may not ever know, and I have come to terms with that.


You are still a child, and there is so much you have yet to learn that I may not be able to teach you. I would imagine it may be best that you do not know what I know until you are old enough to comprehend. Perhaps the time will come when I can speak to you first hand. About how I love, about how I care, and about the way certain people just simply care to not understand. I can surmise that the only way I can do that is by writing down the things I wish I could have been there to teach you. So this way, you can read them with your own eyes and they remain locked forever on paper and unscathed by those who may choose to silence me. By those who twist words and convince others they are wrong for what they believe.
In this book, I shall tell you of things, many things that wasted me and made me feel ashamed. For all the things, I have yet to be to dote upon your eyes. there’s all the things that helped me fall, made me…me…, then inspired me to again, rise.
For you my child I wish only love, and love throughout your life. What’s in the past is done and over, as well as, all the strife. All the things that hurt me most, I gave up; but you weren’t one. I hope one day you read these words and understand just what happened. That you learn to love and dismiss the things that do not really matter. That your mind is not as plagued as mine with less than delightful clatter. And that in these words you find the courage to stand up for your dreams and be a person far greater than I.
You may find hidden, in all my words a notion and decree. To share myself with the world so that they may indeed see me. To see me and say that life’s not unfair, but pain it seems to follow. To show the world that me, is me, and that ‘one world’ is my motto. I may not make this kindly pass into a dream upon a dream, but know in time that I will continue the hopes of goodness in your grotto.
The grotto you built for yourself in times you feel alone. The place that’s there when all is gone and those you love seem made of stone. The place of mind, and of time, that lingers in your brain. The place that listens, as you listen, when you’re dancing in the rain.
In time, I hope I change the world, for it’s all I have to do. All I have and nothing more if I cannot see you. The world is rough and monsters make it so, and there’s no reason for them to hide. A timid, meek and mild heart, is steadily on the rise, to blank out all the ones who leave us in distress. To no longer care about the things that cause us such duress. To destroy the utter wasted wastes that threaten abundant life. To make it so, as it was said, it’s good to multiply.
You are my shine and I am yours girl, after all, we do share blood. Those infrequent moments of time everlasting and we can’t control the flood. There are demons there and there always will be I can only just surmise, but if you’re like me and of those I abhor you’ll simply find your way. Then, you’ll see and find for yourself the world’s our only place to stay.
My tale is not a depressing, nor a gloat upon depression, just an eager strike at words while a parent lay in recession. A stroke of madness glimpses me and I’m sure you feel the same, do not regress and keep it simple until you understand the game. My child, you see if not for me you would not read these words, too know there is discovery and freedom in these verses.
It’s not about abandonment nor starting a senseless fight. It’s about what one deems wrong and the other has found right. There is no vicious enemy or convincing otherwise. Just know there is a delegate watching you all your life. I am that person thrust aside with vigorous intent. My response, is quelled rage, and diligent lament.
The things I’ve learned in life is what I want to pass to you. The best way that I can see how to do this is by writing it to you. So that you may see I had a tender heart throughout the years I was not there, and that you may understand it is the best way I know how to prepare you for when you do finally comprehend the way that I see life. That way, you will not be filled with the same fear and doubt that wrought me for so long. You will know someone is on your side, ready and willing to fight.
One day you may read these words and know that so much of what I do is geared towards you being happy when you think all hope is lost. That life is giving you an unfair throat-punch and you just want to throw in the towel. Don’t kid, just stay the course and know no matter how difficult things seem that life doesn’t give you any more than you can handle. It’s tough, but if I succeed in my plans then (as I said to you before) you will see that dreams do come true, and I want yours to come true for you…whatever they turn out to be….

I am no trophy wife, I am free and I am me. I resented being placed on a mantle and told what my womanly duties should be. Despite a deep love affair with the Wordsmith it became clear to both of us that we would make better friends. He had his work, his writing and of course his visions of freedom. These were indeed something that I could not compete with. These he had love for and little else filled that void for him. I thought perhaps it would be nice to be a part of that, but, much of the way he sought to achieve his goals were ways that I wasn’t ready to follow.
Our end was not bitter and our time spent together was almost always blissful. I had a night life that didn’t seem to agree with him though. He couldn’t stay out and preferred to be alone save for a companion from time to time (I suggested he get a cat). And I, well, I had prior engagements that required a delicate attention…I’m married, rather, I was married…. This too, is something that the Wordsmith cared little to par-take in.
At first, I found it hard to tell him about this due to a fear of what I thought he would say, how he may not ever choose to speak to me again. The pain that I may have inflicted upon him after already being through so much may have had some serious consequences. I did listen to how strongly he felt about honesty and I chose to throw caution to the wind and tell him the truth, reluctantly. After all, I did deceive him, thankfully he still had forgiveness in his heart.
After finding out though, my husband proved to be quite the opposite (I chose to do this after the Wordsmith left). It was a marriage doomed right out of the gates, he a chauvinist alcoholic and myself a barroom singer that understood all too well the ugliness of Loch Loa. He fell in love with my voice, and said I was beautiful. Those things began to fade as his own Loch Loa took control of him. I had to leave, but I wasn’t ready to let certain aspects of my life go. Eventually, I found my own place, moved out, tried to become my own woman. That all fell into place after the Wordsmith and Silver Tongue left. I missed the minimalism of the lifestyle of living on a boat. And it was simply the only lifestyle I could afford.
I did eventually meet a man that was nearly as full of hope as the Wordsmith and his name was Seigh Pten. He filled that void for me that I was unable to fill for the Wordsmith. Spending time with him gave me the courage to buy my own boat. Seigh left several months after the Wordsmith and I am soon to follow. I hope to come across one (or all) of them in time, but that is my own fools journey that I have to muster up the courage to proceed forward with.
What the Wordsmith did become for me had more of a master/apprentice sort of dynamic. I loved and adored the way he saw life, and for him I was the one he needed in order to help spread a philantheosophy of life that most didn’t possess. I’d also like to think that I was the friend he needed at the time. He enjoyed my voice and my taste in music, we would sit together on the ‘Gina Marie’ and he would type while I just reflected on the hypnotic sounds of the wakes rapping on this tiny chamber. The sound of the laps against her hull created a rhythm that I would find myself humming along to. I can’t help myself, I love singing, and he would listen. That is something that vanished with my husband’s drinking, that sense of peace.
Over time he would open up to me bit by bit. He had been through quite a lot over the course of three years. Homelessness, jobless, drifting around from state to state. His ex-wife had played her cards right and, even though her intentions were for something far better than both she and himself, she still really screwed him over and drove him away. Basically, these were all wounds I could not heal and could still see that they were not yet scars on the Wordsmith’s heart.
I did want to see him happy (despite the fact that I wanted him all to myself), I knew however, it would not be. Due to the fact that I had no intentions of leaving my husband (at the time). I did however know of a young woman that would sing from time to time at The Blue Room. She was a singer that I admired and she was amazing. For the life of me I could not understand how it was that she was not making a fortune recording and selling out stadiums. Her voice soared, and it had a somber undertone that brought a sadness to the most upbeat of songs. There was joy in her heart and lots of it, that was for sure! But, you could tell that deep down, she was in need of something that she feared she may not ever find, that is why I brought the Wordsmith to her.
Her stage name was Silver Tongue, she put the audience in a trance whenever she sang. That alone is a talent to have, but when you can do the same when speaking to people it’s a bit of a danger in the wrong hands. She handled it rather well though, and she only took what she needed to skate by in life. This is how I knew that she and the Wordsmith would make a wonderful alliance, and lovers.
She was young, but eager to learn, and she had a spine that would cause her to not take any shit, even when people weren’t giving her shit. Her complexion was as dark as the ebony wood bar at The Blue Room, if it wasn’t for the fact that she was in the spotlight you may not have ever seen how gorgeous she truly was.
It wasn’t long after they met that the Wordsmith and Silver Tongue left Florida. He said his farewells to me and off they went. He headed west out towards the Gulf of Mexico. Even now, when I pass over the Tamiami Trail Bridge, I still miss looking west and seeing the ‘Gina Marie’ at anchor.
Seigh’s departure was far more sudden, one day he was there, the next he was gone. I could tell he was troubled by his past and when I told him the stories of the Wordsmith it would bring a settled look to his face. As if it eased him to know that he wasn’t alone in a miserable situation. He had his boat that was a bit more rugged than the Wordsmith’s, which he named ‘Shadow,’ and upon that boat I learned much about boats in general. So much so, that I bought my boat and named her ‘Miss Conduct.’
I’m a bit more prudent when it comes to knowing how to do things. I’m not going to do something as brazen as just sail off without knowing anything about how to do it. It’s mid-August now and hurricane season is upon the state of Florida. I sail ‘Miss Conduct’ and sail her quite well. She is a Grampian 26 and suits me just fine. She’s my girl, I now have my writing and a well mapped out philantheosophy of life to share with the world. The Wordsmith gave me that and I hope to be a part of changing this world for the better, even if I don’t see any of them again…Seigh, if you read this…I love you, and I’m coming to find you…and slap you…!

It was the end of 2012 when his world came crashing down on him; his family was ripped apart by his obsession with the entity he dubbed, Loch Loa. This trickster was cunning, baffling, powerful and (in the Wordsmith’s mind) alive. Yet, day after day he took part in Loch Loa’s desire. The poison would gladly be ingested by the Wordsmith until everything around him had disappeared. There was nothing left but a blank slate to re-build an empire that could only have been imagined in the mind of a drunk. No one could have anticipated that so much thought about love could be manipulated by one person, and unknowingly by the person, at that. Deep down in the soul of the Wordsmith something had been brewing. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t shake the feeling that what he was meant to do would mean so much to so many. Being credited for doing so was always far from his thoughts.
Often, the Wordsmith would find himself in a state of mind for self-reflection. Much of this time would be applied putting pen to paper. But, even in those times of repose, his mind was always wandering. It became frustrating to him that he couldn’t collect his thoughts rapidly enough to get a point across in a conversation. Even after getting as much out as he could, he had all but forgotten the point he was trying to make. It was futile for him to engage in hard-pressed conversations, so he found solace in writing his thoughts to be remembered for future engagements. Writing became the Wordsmiths greatest ally in changing the world, harnessing his imagination to mold a very real future out of a very fictitious adventure.
All the words eventually became meaningless; all the time spent in study, all the time spent in doing things the diligent blue collar way, all the politics, all the money, all the family, all the holidays, none of it mattered. No smiles, no joy, no sense of self-worth. No love, no hate. Just a cold, infinite world of apathy. The only joy that could be found was that he wanted to change the world. He had said for the better, and his intentions were as such. The way his words of his first book ‘The Omnist Tenets’ became twisted to mean something other than what they had intended, convinces me that he was a bit on the right path. By playing peacemaker and keeping a cold manner of being, he was least suspected. This is a very clever tactic used to fly under the radar of those that become suspicious.
Writing ‘The Omnist Tenets’ aided the Wordsmith on his journey towards a relatively new philantheosophy on how to live his life. That philantheosophy is called Omnism, and a person that practices Omnism is known as an Omnist. It is a fluid set of beliefs and principles derived from the good nature of our moral compasses. It does not mean that a person following this is in the right or wrong about anything. It teaches us to grow from good standards of teachings and belief, from all religions and sciences. An Omnist understands the basic principles of these various teachings and concludes that much of it is indeed a colorful combination of how to behave. The core dynamics of each system weren’t ever meant to be separated, rather, understood and enjoyed from taking various paths while enduring different aspects of each.
Hoping to use his words to blend together being an Indigo with the freedom/art/philosophy/science/religion of Omnism and living the life of an Omnist, ‘The Omnist Tenets’ came to be. So many people can be helped as long as they understand themselves; and so much has happened in order for the Wordsmith to finally understand himself. It’s hard to imagine anyone in the Wordsmith’s shoes not being nearly to the brink of mental exhaustion (as a struggling artist myself I can only hope to be able to live a life from that point of view), despite how hard it would seem too be able to wake up every morning. Being one of the first pioneers in anything can be frighteningly cruel. The Wordsmith carried the torch as best as he could, and was always willing to give others a chance at carrying it.
Those eyes, those jade green eyes. From the memory of lying next to him it’s those that come to mind most. How I was granted the ability of seeing into what a soul is. I saw what my soul could be and the Wordsmith let me in through those eyes. It was a scary world that resided in the confines of this man. It was unlike anything I had experienced with any other individual. There was neither love nor hate. No bitterness, just cold, empty and without existence. It was as if the Wordsmith could see into your soul and that instruction was happening without even saying a word. If, for some reason it scared you for a moment, you’d instantly be eased. Harmless really, but a very powerful characteristic to carry around with you all your life. And very lonely to come across few that could understand you weren’t bullshitting them when you explained this.
The eyes are indeed the windows to the soul and the Wordsmith knew how to use them. It was the Nothing that he tried to describe in ‘The Omnist Tenets.’ He was somehow able to tap into it and no matter how hard he attempted to steal away from it, it started to consume him. That distance from God that is spoken of in Christianity may be an easier comparison for most. One could call it hell, but I don’t exactly believe in hell (I’m an old testament God fearing girl myself). It was without form though, as if existence had stopped in the Wordsmith and all could be filled to the brim once again.
A vagabond, the Wordsmith would always quote Bernard Moitessier saying, “I am a citizen of the sea.” Bernard, a vagabond himself refused to beg and found a different way to live. The Wordsmith only found one thing wrong with writing a biblical story for Omnism, it was that there was, quite literally, nothing wrong with it. Omnism itself was a fluid set of philantheosophical beliefs that will always continue to have new passages added to it. That each and every individual is free to draw from everyone and everything that they feel is good. So long as no harm was intended and another person’s good feeling was not taken. This basic tenet is what the Wordsmith liked to call a garden and all that made you feel, good was tended to by you. This philantheosophy helps you better understand religion and science, so that you can perfect your art for freedom.
The Wordsmith had once stated “Why dictate from what most people expect from their own words. Why not write an entirely new prophetic book about one end of the journey to the other? Then, begin to live out the life that you wrote down. People will begin to see that you mean business. That you no longer abide by the rules that some crooked government has laid out in front of you. You owe no one a damn thing, and you’d be best to carry on with your life with the time you have. Follow that course of freedom, if that means you must plug away in some form of indentured servitude to pay your taxes and be a good old-fashioned law abiding citizen, then so be it. I’m not suggesting to break any laws, what I am saying is that the only thing confining any person from living a free life is swallowing the crap that is given to them. Once you become unfettered to society’s needs, you are free to bend society as you see fit. That’s what I am going to do. When the time comes, I intend to turn rain into lightening and watch the trails dance in the sky.”
Currently, most of us read and hear the words in our minds. Where-as if we read the same sentence aloud, it carries a different tune. The Wordsmith felt that there was a better way to go about getting what would be necessary to survive and live. The trail would be blazed and there was no notion of defeat in what most would view as a quite desperate situation. I can only guess for myself that this is still the way the Wordsmith lives. I haven’t seen much of him for some time. Though, here and there, I catch glimpses on-line, but they are merely his clay soldiers. The Wordsmith would dream and imagine a world as much as time would allow. In time, it would be brought to life. No matter how hard the situation seemed, the Wordsmith would always find a way through it. Sometimes accepting the generosity of others; most times accepting a draw of fate, and understanding that there was no other choice but to choose to make it through the current tribulation and succeed. Or die trying.
The Wordsmith is the one that taught me that Omnism is a philantheosophy that has no boundaries, and that it was what we made it out to be. So, that we may share our experiences with others, and so on and so on. So, that it may be known that Omnism is not entirely for one individual and that it is not about keeping power, but about sharing it. In between writing ‘The Omnist Tenets’ and seeing the vile nature of what the world had to offer, the Wordsmiths mind had been skewed. His spirit was saddened and he had been done with everything else in life save for bringing about the end of it, not for himself, but to share that desire of peace through destruction. In only this manner could world peace be achieved and he would watch the plumes of smoldering cities from the deck of the ‘Gina Marie’ as he fished for supper, and just waited to become target practice for some bored submarine in the waters of…wherever….
Others viewed the Wordsmith as a person losing his mind along the way. I prefer to believe that freedom had been found within the confines of one person defining their soul. Witnessing that brought a personal sense of peace to me. Those that came across the Wordsmith outside of myself may have seen signs, signs of a person breaking away from who they once were. The twist is that the Wordsmith wasn’t ever there in the first place. It was only a matter of time before certain people find a way to split themselves in two, and then three; the Wordsmith became aware of this and did a very reasonable job isolating it. It is indeed a form of madness, but it was madness that happened to be self-induced. Shaking hands with Loch Loa daily is something that many people can relate to, but few find a way to break away from this relationship without help.
The Wordsmith’s enemy was found best to be a part of something made up instead of being an aspect of status quo in the field of lunatics. To put it in simpler terms the Wordsmith wasn’t crazy, he drank too much that’s for sure. But that was only to quell the feeling of being too far ahead of the curve and waiting for someone to catch up. Working alone as one of the only Omnists wasn’t easy, especially when no one had ever even heard of Omnism. That alone would have sufficed, but living in the bible belt of southwest Florida and being scoffed at for coming up with a notion of obtaining world peace did a number on his psyche. He knew he couldn’t do it alone, he needed a queen. Alas, it was not me. I was merely there to satisfy the sting of loneliness.
Thankfully, in time, he met Silver Tongue and she took his side when I thought no one would have been able to. Thus, the responsibility of writing the tale of the Wordsmith had been handed over to me. Had he not vanished the way he did the odds are that he would still be drinking his life away in the middle of the Caloosahatchie River by the city that bore him.
I like to think that certain cells in the Wordsmith were sharing the secrets of immortality through words. Much the same way thoughts cross the mind and share a perspective of life that is about to change for the better, and all I am hoping is to be a part of paving a way for that. In other words, the Wordsmith knows to pass on this knowledge, so that it may be shared with others (the few currently with us) in the hopes that there may be more. So that we can all learn, grow spiritually, and evolve together in all ways, God included (not a God of any religion in particular). The hardest part is accomplishing this without exposing it in a manner of annoyance. (Emphasis over redundancy.) [sic]
I had always just looked at the Wordsmith as a person that seemed to know how to integrate life from word. But, there is so much more to Omnism outside of the Wordsmith. More than anything beyond the comprehension of intellect. Having to take on a venture like writing a book about a philantheosophy that attempts to make a one world religion is a feat in itself. It’s almost a cruel twist of fate that he was given the task to do it and not by other Omnists. I’m basically trying to say that he was appointed by, well…God….
The Wordsmith knows how to think, and that is a more important quality in life to have when it comes to the dynamics of a soul/garden. The Wordsmith knew how to recover from some of the most damaging of things that could happen to a person in life. I can only surmise that the length of life will run out for the Wordsmith. But…at the same time…it will continue into the understanding of immortality, not for renown, but rather, for the understanding of a better world existing in the confines of one person. So that that knowledge could carry on throughout time. The Wordsmith would always say “someone like me has to exist to understand that the darker things are only what we imagined; and that I could imagine things for better purposes than reality seems to convince us of. It’s simply how I live.” He sees with his heart first and trusted without naivety. The Wordsmith learned how badly betrayal hurt; how badly a broken heart felt and how it was all just a part of life. Beyond all learning experience, there is another learning experience. The Wordsmith decided to do the best thing and share this knowledge and teach it. For a better concept of the world to materialize one word at a time, because he imagines it will.
Life is beautiful flaws and all. Within those flaws (amid the pain), the Wordsmith learned how to find this beauty. For a person to live so deeply it did grant him a rather reclusive nature. Living alone, far away from anyone the Wordsmith knew, he learned to make friends and realized there was nothing left to lose, except for fear. The Wordsmith adored the anti-hero. I could closer assimilate the Wordsmith to a Silver Surfer, Riddick or a Dr. Manhattan. Just a normal individual all alone with a great understanding of their own personality and contributions to the world around him.
‘Pauper non en spe’ indeed, I am no longer “poor in hope.” I know now that the Wordsmith helped me find a way to disperse the darkest of things and turn them into light for their own personal greeting towards any aspect of sharing life. Not everyone can understand how to see things the way the Wordsmith did, but it’s there just the same, even if it is imagined, it is still a reality for some of us out there that care to see things in a better manner of being. That does not mean that we know better, it just means we imagine something better than what we are told. We are taught we have no choice but to succumb to this way of living and that is not the way the Wordsmith would care to live. That is not freedom, that is not endless opportunity. That is suppression of life, that is a decades long quarantine and the Wordsmith refused to kneel to structural, lying institutions.
The Wordsmith’s depth rivaled that of the sea, so much to understand and there seems to not be enough time. There’s nothing in these books that is more important than one life, but the words about Omnism may help to save at least one life, completing a duty to the human existence. The Wordsmith was always too happy to let the word responsibility be a bother. This kind of life was a blessing so that the times of being an asshole were put in the past and from those mistakes, the lesson of being a good person was learned, and earned. As a trailblazer, the Wordsmith only really knew the potential capability of how to handle a situation when it arose, there wasn’t ever really any particular direction for him other than moving forward.
You could make it up that it happens, or you could make it up like it has already happened, or you could make it up like it hasn’t happened at all. The point is, that there is Nothing that is impossible. Only not having it never happened at all, because what difference can we make if we start imagining that it all happens, instead of not happening (or even despite it all happening). It’s up to no one whether we choose to live or die. ‘The Omnist Tenets’ are a metaphor for how you choose to live your life. Respect each others past, because all we are taught, is equality is taught. See for yourself, learn and teach one another, there is no shame in sharing agony, only shame in lack of compassion.
We are all just a fool on a journey of their own, as the Wordsmith always used to say. The Wordsmith could see the beauty in life. The divine has no interference, because its limitations draw the same line as darkness, the difference is you can see it better in the light.

My mind is restless and calm with the thought of the times our chests press together. In the tired passion of eyes that burn with weary tremors from the furies that yearn within our souls. Sitting now; wondering as my heart connects with thoughts of you in my mind. Droll and dreary the time seems to some, without you, that time…well…, it seems just fine. An act of brilliance and a stroke of color will go against most odds to find one-another. Decisions are made and all that’s to be will come true. Guided by intellect and of our past decisions we’ve kept locked in our little glass room, we’ll be honest (not liars) so there will be no big fires; when push comes to shove, we’ll break through.
Striving to be masters in what we do, our collective minds drift away so we can adore being strange; in ways of precision that most don’t quite get, there’s things about us that we cannot neglect. As individuals, we know how to survive. But it’s just as good, and in fact it’s better, when we find that admirer that defines alive.
I must tell you something that does not involve your hair; something more deeply personal, that I’d like to share. I know a lover, not yet my lover, but one I’ve come to know; one whose words have taught me much, yet, one I’ve yet to touch. In time, I hope to meet this love, directly, face-to-face. So, that I may tell them, until now, love’s been my saving grace. So, that we may dissolve into time and meld unto the stars. So, when we see the universe we know it is ours. To share this time in patient distance knowing only how to yearn. It has taught me this; reminded me, from love I cannot turn.
After the tryst that had been made between the Wordsmith and myself I had known that the visit to the city that night would bring about a change in his heart, a change for the better. One that I could not seem to imprint on him. I knew she would be singing, and I knew he would feel love at first sight. She was all he was looking for in another to share his life with. She wasn’t his Gina Marie (she was a gift. From: Life To: Death), she was more. Together I knew they would form a bond; (so long as both Silver Tongue and the Wordsmith didn’t go and drink it all up) together, they would carry out the dream of Omnistocria.
Her voice carried through the doors of The Blue Room and out into the sultry night. Both the Wordsmith and I heard it simultaneously and I looked up at him. I could tell that he was captivated. The siren was doing what she was born to do, and with that I knew I had lost the Wordsmith. Because I knew I couldn’t compete with a voice as divine as hers, and it was very rare that that look made its way onto his face. He was entranced and had to know who it was, his pace quickened and I took his hand and led him to where I knew she would be.
We entered the room and she was performing a song that I was unfamiliar with, it didn’t really matter. She could take some garbage, non-sense song and turn it into something that captivated any audience. I could tell that the Wordsmith was fighting the feeling that had overcome him. Considering the situation I reminded him that sometimes things like this were meant to be. I told him that I had brought him here because I wanted him to meet her. The rest now was up to him, and he rose to the occasion.
I let him go into the crowd, so that he could find his place among the rabble, and so that she would somehow find him. How I knew this is beyond me, but there was something about the Wordsmith that drew the right people in when it was needed most. He said that’s how he decided he wanted me in his life. Not that he willed it to happen, but that he felt it happen the moment he saw me. That he, for some unknown reason knows people that are going to impact him in some way. But, he doesn’t ever know the outcome until he gets crushed. You shouldn’t ever have to force a person to make a decision that involves love. The answer will come in time. Patience and tolerance is the key to accomplishing this. An answer thought of with love in mind is rarely wrong about anything.
She completed her set and walked off the small stage. No one ever enjoyed going up after her because they knew that there was no way to top the natural beauty of her voice. So, what would typically happen after she is finished, is that whatever musicians are left to play follow her up with some simple tuning, as too say, “yeah, we are almost ready, just getting our shit together to blow the roof off of this place.” Too late though, it just happened.
Silver Tongue stayed humble and walked with grace every time. She didn’t dress flashy, it was almost always as if she sprang to life from off the bohemian wall art and decided to sing. Now, I wanted to witness the moment their eyes met, but I couldn’t see where the Wordsmith had stolen away to. I only knew the direction by her mannerisms as she walked down the steps. I saw her head turn slightly and felt a shift in the mood of the room. She had drawn him there (with a little help from yours truly) and he had done whatever it is he does, to grab her attention.
Through the crowd, he and Silver Tongue came. He was in front of her and she followed with a smile on her face while people told her how much they loved her voice. The Wordsmith came to the bar first and I saw a smile on his face that I hadn’t thought existed. His eyes were brighter than I had ever seen them before and a twinge of sadness crept across my being. It didn’t last though, Silver Tongue came up and gave me a hug, she whispered thank you softly into my ear and just like that the moment of sadness subsided. For once in some time I felt like I had done something right. The Wordsmith told me that they were going to go for a walk. I smiled and told him my car was parked nearby and that I wanted to hear all the juicy details in the morning.
They left, so I did what I wanted, I turned and looked forward to my night with Loch Loa. First a shot of vodka followed by a bourbon. Then a beer to wash them down and a glass of wine to finally keep some sophistication about me (I am a lady after all). “Cheers to Loch Loa and his horsemen!” The rest of my night could have ended up as a salute to loneliness, had Seigh not mustered up the courage to finally approach me. But, that’s something I prefer to keep set aside for another story.

Several days had passed and I heard little from the Wordsmith. I didn’t go looking for him and I didn’t really have any expectations for him to call me right away. I didn’t feel as though I had been cast aside, I felt as though I had moved on to what it was I was meant to do. I did finally get to spend time with the two of them and I could see firsthand how wonderful they were together. She complimented him perfectly, she was his Babylon, she was Silver Tongue. She spoke where he could not. She was the social butterfly that the Wordsmith needed. She was his strength where there was weakness and she filled a void that was missing (she was also good at talking when he was trying to write, so it fit perfectly). What he could do with words in print, she did verbally, and that accentuated his very fiber. A match made in heaven and a union upon which to build Omnistocria. His queen to protect him, the strongest piece on his chessboard. The Wordsmith had met an equal, and oh how they fought.
The Wordsmith welcomed her in a way (that I could only guess from what he had told me) that he once welcomed his long dead love. She was far more beautiful than he ever would have expected and it was out of nowhere that she appeared. It was not the same as it had been with anyone prior to her. She was different in regards to the feelings that he had before. She was ebony and far darker than what his normal taste would have likened him to. With eyes to compliment her skin she could see into you without you knowing. She matched him in depth and it was someone that he knew he could take under his wing from the moment he laid eyes on her. She too, was an indigo and she changed everything for him. She helped him to think more clearly about what it was he wanted to do with life. About how it was OK to feel the dark feelings that he had. About how he was not running, only building a wave for others to ride, and that they would see him without seeing him. She was all he needed to know and he trusted her more than he had trusted anyone. She was free, and that set him free.
Her laughter filled rooms but more-so it filled the empty spaces that people had inside of them. It filled them with joy as she expressed her own being into a shared thought. Time evaporated into her and it was instant acceptance no matter where they went. They were a team, people could see that one was light and one was dark. The irony in that was the tone of their skin was opposite to what they each represented. She was more on the side of a hope that the Wordsmith once possessed. This would encapsulate their many different debates, in which, Silver Tongue would easily out talk him. He appreciated this far more than she ever noticed, had he possessed the glorious nature of quick speech he would have decimated her. Thankfully, it was a weakness and she knew exactly where to apply the right touch, with a tender sleight of wordplay.
The level of uncertainty disappeared and the not knowing aspect of life didn’t matter after a certain amount of time. Once they figured out how to let go of what no longer mattered they would be able to take over the world. They would be able to remain nameless as a couple of vagabonds that brought about the collapse of an unacknowledged dystopia. A new civilization would be built on the spirit of their thoughts. They were all right when it boiled down to a matter of fact.
“I met you when I’d least expected it.” I had overheard the Wordsmith say to her. “I haven’t thought about pride in quite some time, having any, or even acknowledging it. I simply stopped feeling it one day and what replaced it was happiness in apathy. A dim twilight is how we spend our days, in moments of what others may see as a gentle haze. I get lost in your laughter and your precise words. The way you speak is something I admire.” His words would touch her in ways that she had never been touched before. To her, he gave a sense of self-worth. Prior to him she had been made to feel worthless. Tossed aside like an unappreciated heap of a person. He listened to her once she taught him how to do so. He could see that she needed him as much as he needed her.
I cried the day they left. I cried harder than I had ever cried in my life. I had someone so brilliantly beautiful in front of me, for such a brief period. And now he was gone. The world was gray save for his writing. The job that the Wordsmith had left for me to accomplish. To write his story of who he is and how he lives. About how much an Omnist inspired me into being something more than just a piece of shit that settled for a life with a drunk. He gave me freedom, he gave me hope, he gave me a smile and courage. He made me feel all the things that I thought were once silly and just spoken about by people in movies. This is my testament of the Wordsmith. Not so much the man, but the things that he made me feel.
I laugh now when I think about them lying together and eating clementines, watching movies and smelling each others’ farts. That’s the kind of love that I am looking for. I am following suit and I want to be a part of the nation of Omnistocria. I want to contribute to a world at peace and be a founding person. I want to add to the doctrines of ‘The Omnist Tenets’ and I want to bust the system that once kept me confined. I want the world to see that there is freedom out there if you are willing to work for it. I want the world to know that you don’t have to live on a boat to find this, you must live as beautifully as a person that has found freedom without money.

I started small. When all the cities were the same, all the places remained and all the things yet to do were beyond my lifetime indeed. All that I’ve endured helped me to understand a lot of what I would be capable of accomplishing in my lifetime. Those things have taught me how to create a self-sustained way of living. I supply my own water, my own food, and my own electricity. I am a minimalist just like the Wordsmith. I too, chose to live on a boat and its name is ‘Shadow.’ It has proven to be quite a challenge, but, a rewarding endeavor that all should attempt someday. Not necessarily living on a boat, but living for themselves. To see that it is possible to do this without the need of a government.
‘Shadow’ was a wonderful modified cutter rig. A 33′ Islander that I painted mostly black. On the starboard side, I had enough black paint left to do about half of it, so instead I opted to do a design resembling piano keys, it was comical to me. Black happens to be a peculiar color for a boat due to the heat. It attracts heat not only from the sun, but from local fuzz as well. The piano key paint job became even more comical after I found sails. They had treble clefts stitched into them and all I could think to say to strangers when they asked the meaning behind them was, “seeing ‘Shadow’ in the distance, they would notice music in the horizon.”
The people at Prosperity Point were all very nice, but I have a hard time fitting in anywhere I set foot. Not that I was not nice and polite, myself. I just didn’t make myself very visible. Being a greenhorn and having little sailing experience I was also rather shy and embarrassed. I’m stubborn enough to want to learn as I go by making my own foolish mistakes, and when it comes to single hand sailing, any number of mistakes could be your last. I preferred this feeling as well because it kept me on my toes (not to mention alive).
‘Shadow’ became mine on a handshake with the owner of Prosperity Point, in regards that I maintain the grounds, and do any work I could offer to the boats coming in. Most of which being a handyman service and some minimal carpentry skills with the tools I had at my disposal. I fixed the dryer, mowed the grounds, offered tech skills to those in need of repairing their computers. I climbed to the tops of masts and ran electrical wires to those that cared little for being strapped into a bosun’s chair. I scraped barnacles in shark infested waters. I sanded and repainted the docks, as well as, the decks of derelict boats the marina would be willing to re-sell. I continued my part time job at the local supermarket to earn a small living for food and scrape together enough to afford the repairs I had to make on ‘Shadow.’
Most of the repairs needed were minor. ‘Shadow’ needed a new set of sails which I managed to save enough money for. I purchased them from a little old lady that happened to be in between the two-mile foot-hoof to and from work. Her husband was a drummer and had recently passed, she was just clearing out much of their old belongings and I happened to be in the right place, when she was bringing the sails out of her garage. Here, I jumped to the conclusion that she was just getting rid of her dead husband’s belongings. It just so happened to be something else.
I remember her saying in a rather soft voice. “Oh, my Sparky was a sailor in the navy, he didn’t care much for boats after that. Our son had a sailboat some time ago and these sails are what’s left. His father had them custom made and the kid only got out a handful of times. Eventually, he realized it was too much work for him and that booze, was a much more important commodity than freedom. He has long since vanished, and I haven’t heard a word from him in two years. He even missed his own father’s funeral. What kind of son does that?”
[Me, I thought to myself.]
That aside, I purchased the sails at a reasonable price. I took them back to ‘Shadow’ and right away had to know if they fit. It was one of the most exciting days of my life raising those sails. Thankfully, the wind was light and I could get away with putting them up without causing any kind of damage. They fit wonderfully, and I got laughed at for the design on them. However, I found it rather brilliant. Music on the horizon! I still laugh when I think about it. I had a working jib, a storm jib and a mainsail. All the sails I needed for a cutter, unfortunately the genoa I had stowed needed a lot of stitching to be even close to functionality. But, I knew in time I would have it done.
I ferreted away hand tools that I knew would come in…well…, in handy. I stored gallons and gallons of water along with the 35-gallon hold that I filled at the marina. I had pump faucets that would draw water up, I had a small camping grill that was fueled by propane. I stowed canned vegetables and dried goods as often as I could get my hands on them. I managed to save enough to build a small bank of house batteries and found a 100-watt solar panel at a nearby flea market I would use to charge them. I had a little 9 horsepower outboard that I lucked into and reluctantly got running, along with a hand operated water maker that I received in payment for some barnacle scraping (a sweet deal mind you, I think the man feared for my life due to the bull sharks in the area). My dinghy was a little kayak that someone left behind after their boat had sunk in the middle of the Calloosahatchie. The cracks and holes were patched with duct tape and a rudimentary fiberglass repair job, but it didn’t take on any water and A to B was all I needed.
My departure that day would have been viewed as rather abrupt. A week prior I had finished my duties at the marina, and finalized some work that I had promised to finish for some fellows that had just purchased a nice sized liveaboard. The owner told me it was OK with him if I wanted to stick around and work on ‘Shadow’ in the slip, I told him I would think about it because I did like it there. What prompted me to leave so suddenly was this need to finally just overcome my self-doubt and throw caution to the wind. Over the nine-month span of time that I was there I could pare off the things that I no longer needed.
I decided to go when I realized that working day in and day out was taking its toll on me as a good human being. Hearing all the time that this is what you’re supposed to be doing did not sit well with what I felt as though I should be doing. I didn’t long for that sought after managerial position, or that upper-echelon of supervisors whose asses I wondered they had kissed to get where they were. There was no envy or aspiration for me to do that. I simply wanted to be free and one day I realized the only thing keeping me from being such was my own self-doubt. I departed on April 1st 2015 (the joke was in the thought that I’d be back) and didn’t look back at the marina I had called home for nearly a year.
I decided to motor East towards Lake Okeechobee, I figured at least this way I could get some basic maneuvers under my belt and finally get firsthand experience with tacking and jibing while staying out of some rougher waters. I could drop anchor when I got tired, and run the motor if there was no wind. Once to Okeechobee I could be in a bit more of an open environment. I could take the ICW out to the Atlantic, where I would then head North. Why? Is beyond me. I think because hurricane season was approaching Florida and I wanted to steer as far out of the way as I could think to go, until I got to Charleston.
I had about $1000 cash which I knew wouldn’t get me very far in the long run, I stayed vigilant in not spending anything though, unless I absolutely needed to. I happen to be very stingy with my dollars and cents, along with that, I re-purpose items and love to fish. Doing all of this happens to require permits that I didn’t have, let alone a legal boat. I was lucky enough to have dodged a few bullets when authorities just passed me by. The paint job drew attention. But, it was good attention in these waters, and other sailors enjoyed tethering up with me and asking questions about ‘Shadow.’ This meant that because of the respect that I held with a certain fellowship of people, most of the patrols would just wave or ignore me all-together.
I took a heuristic approach to maneuvering ‘Shadow’ and once I felt comfortable at the helm, he sailed perfectly. I stayed at anchor when it would rain, I would paddle back and forth to shore whenever I needed to resupply my provisions. Most times this was a bit of an effort considering I had to store everything in an oversized hiking pack, paddling it back was always an adventure as well. Kayaks are rather easy to tip so it was always a balancing act with anything I had to bring aboard. I must have looked ridiculous.
Since it was only me I could use the water maker daily without worry of the bladder getting rotted with bacteria. So, that was a chore that would keep me occupied for much of the trip. Another chore that kept me busy for the first month was patching up the gennie sail. Once I had completed it though it was nice to see it in action. ‘Shadow’ had come equipped with a nice furling system which made life much easier when single handing a cutter rig.
About mid-May I arrived at Okeechobee. Having the luxury of some open water was nice, I was down to my last gallon of fuel and became a bit concerned considering the weather had not been ideal for a greenhorn like me to sail in. Once I was in the open I mucked around enough to get the basics down. Close reach, broad reach, runs. The books I read instructed perfectly on how to operate a sailboat. But, I’m a hands-on kind of fellow and I learned best by fucking things up a couple of times.
I ran aground once and a nice couple was there to tow me out. The boats name was ‘Lili’s Pad’ and the captain had sold his sailboat some fifteen years prior. I invited him to come aboard for old-time’s sake and he obliged. I told him how new I had been to sailing and he wanted to know how stupid I was. We had a laugh at this and he was happy to share his wisdom with me. It was nice to have some fare company for a bit and I cooked us all a lunch of scrambled eggs and hot dogs. We ate on the cockpit and afterwards he helped me set up my bimini properly. So that I wouldn’t be sitting out in the sun cooking while I sailed. That was a lousy situation turned into a beneficial and memorable moment of my life.
After a few days of awkward seamanship, I finally took to mastering ‘Shadow’ (at least on a lake) and felt comfortable enough to head out towards the ICW and take into the Atlantic. I took a few extra days to do some fishing and resupply on food and propane. I made my way to the campgrounds along the shore to stock up on some more dry goods. All this and the enjoyment of the scenery along the hiking trails.
Once I was ready I made my way out the St. Lucie Canal and towards Stuart, FL where I anchored for a few more days. I talked to some other boaters there and they all asked the same question that ‘Lili’s Pad’ had, they wanted to know how stupid I was. Again, all I could do was laugh and for the most part agree. I kept reminding myself that these people were typically out for a day trip or a weekend retreat. When the weekend ended, they all went home to their recliners and 56” televisions to watch the news, sports or, whatever was popular on the tube. Not that I think there is anything wrong with this. It’s just that once you learn how useless television is, you don’t ever regret not watching it.
Once on the Atlantic it was considerably more challenging. The waves alone made it more interesting when ‘Shadow’ was at anchor. The bobbing back and forth helped put me to sleep, but boiling water was now out of the question. At least it was summer and the weather was nice enough to where I could enjoy the sun, especially now that the bimini was in a much better position. I took to writing in composition pads and that soaked up much of the time. Mostly shitty poetry here and there and a rough draft to some epic poem that would pop into my head I titled ‘Jordyn’s Exodus.’ It was about a guy named after myself that happened to have an extraordinary power on how to shape reality. Ultimately, he caused an inadvertent apocalypse since he had no idea the power of his kids’ imaginations. Basically, I should have been logging down my trip, but I felt it more fun to write stories of fiction and ramble on about the birds and the bees and their absence at the seas.
There wasn’t much about FL that I had missed. It was hot, Ft. Myers was a shit-hole. If the sharks and gators didn’t eat you then whatever flesh eating bacteria making its way through the Gulf of Mexico would. If you had some open wounds and a less than adequate immune system, that is. Memories of a person would come back to me from time to time. She was a singer at ‘The Blue Room’ that would sing there on open mic night. Most times I would see her there with some fellow that I recognized from Prosperity Point. He didn’t live there, but he would come in from time to time and leave through the gates. Most people called him the Wordsmith and I would catch a twinge of jealousy every time I saw him leaving with my favorite singer, Clarity.
I couldn’t figure out at first what she may have seen in him. They wouldn’t ever show up together and many nights, the Wordsmith, would already be there when I arrived. He’d be sitting at the bar with a full beer and his head in a composition pad writing away. He wore glasses that were scratched beyond repair and the right arm was bound with electrical tape holding it to the frame. His hair used to be long but one day at the marina I saw him with a roughly shaved head (he must have done it himself) catching a couple of zings from the guys at the dock that knew him. He didn’t ever go out dressed to impress, of course, neither did I so I couldn’t knock him for this. He wore a fisherman’s hat most of the time and liked to walk despite having a car parked at the marina. He stood about the same height as me at 5’10.” He had these eyes that would make you feel as if he was seeing into you.
I mustered up the courage one night to ask him what he was writing about. He was so drunk that I could hardly make out a word he was saying, turned out it was ‘The Omnist Tenets.’ At the time, he called it ‘I Omnist.’ I didn’t know what an Omnist was at the time, and I didn’t take any of it seriously, I could have cared less. I just scoffed it off as some other drunk talking non-sense and looking to make a fortune. That’s when Clarity arrived and I could finally get a chance to talk to her.
I’ll admit I was relieved to hear that they weren’t a couple. I was also surprised to find out that Clarity was at the tail-end of a lousy marriage, and that the Wordsmith was giving her some direction in life (and giving her a place to stay on his boat in the mean-time). It turned out he had sympathy for her situation, her husband had been running around on her with her sister and the Wordsmith had been through a somewhat similar scenario. She explained to me that he wasn’t looking for love, only freedom. At the time, I didn’t know what she meant by that, but once I discovered it for myself it made more sense to me. I guess you could say, I was given some clarity.
Omnism didn’t become much of a pursuit for me until I woke up one morning to see the ‘Gina Marie’ was no longer anchored in the river. During the weeks that passed I no longer saw the Wordsmith at The Blue Room, it wasn’t until a month went by that Clarity finally decided to start singing there again. I thought she had vanished with him, I was happy to see that she hadn’t. When she finished that night, she approached me and we had picked up like we hadn’t missed a beat. She told me mostly of what her path had become upon finding a place of her own. She told me about how the Wordsmith had left with a singer there called, Silver Tongue, (who I had only seen perform once or twice) and that she had no idea where he went. Only that he spoke of sailing west.
Clarity and I came to know one another over the course of the next several months. She too, fell in love with the liveaboard lifestyle and ended up spending more and more time on ‘Shadow’ with me. Eventually she just completely neglected her place all together, sold her things, kept the sentimental stuff and bought her own boat for $500 from a marina around the corner. It was much smaller than ‘Shadow’ at about 25′ and she named it ‘Miss Conduct’ which I thought rather fitting due to her loose cannon personality. It fit the woman perfectly though, it had all the sails and a little outboard motor. The most that she had to do was clean her up and make it a home for herself.
The Wi-Fi at the marina was far from the best. The one thing I wish I would have picked up before I left was a Wi-Fi antenna, but I did happen to do all the research I could on Omnism while I was there. Clarity had given me her insight and personal feelings about the philantheosophy, as well as, what the Wordsmith had taught her. There was so little on the subject and what I found made sense to me. The Urban Omnist really helped to shed a lot of light on the subject for me. He was educated and spoke on a down to earth level that was easily relate-able. I would sit and watch his videos and hope to one day shake his hand. I found myself becoming more and more of an Omnist, and through Omnism I found that I was simply becoming the person I was meant to be. I’m not much for titles, but I did love the idea of honing a belief system with no real boundaries. I could make a part of it my own and I could contribute what little I had to offer to Omnism, and no one would know who I was…I liked that feeling, freedom in obscurity….
It was easier for me to leave than it would be for most people. I had no ties to anyone (except for Clarity) my son was north in Indiana and the chances of me seeing him again were nil, since I had been run out of my hometown by my ex-wife and her band of misfits and meth addicts. I’m guessing that is why I really headed north, for some reason I thought maybe I would be able to see him again. I always held onto a hope of that. But, I knew the chances were slim considering I was poor, had no address, no phone, no money, and no way of supporting my boy. Hope is basically all we’ve got.
Initially, I had no destination when I departed. I romanticized about it turning into some kind of suicide run to Amsterdam so I could just smoke freely and have as much freakish…uh, pleasures…as my ruined heart desired. However, it’s funny what life throws at you when you least expect it. The more I thought about Omnism the more I came to realize who I was, who I am, and who I hope to be. It helped me begin to understand and accept how little I do know about anything. I came to appreciate that about life, it keeps me curious, involved and most importantly, understanding I’m flawed in all aspects of my life. The older you get the sooner you realize the true value of life, and that value, is unteachable to others. At each moment, you are learning something and so are those watching, that’s what makes us all unique.

It was nearing the end of September and the weather was going to get much colder on the Delaware. I had no winter clothing so I was getting nervous about how I would handle the fall and winter months of the northern states. I hadn’t ever been here before but I knew Indiana would see some lousy weather with a biting cold. I dropped anchor just south of the Walt Whitman bridge. Philadelphia to port and a town called Gloucester City at starboard. Commercial shipyards were all I could see from Philly save for some of the larger buildings in the distant skyline. Gloucester was littered with run-down factories in kind of a no man’s land that once thrived long ago, but now stood as a graveyard and a bleak reminder of an industrious time.
I decided just above these factories would be ideal to get ashore. There is a park I spotted on the Gloucester side that I could kayak into and go pick up some much-needed supplies. I had little money left and I wanted to stay away from the city as much as I could. I could go broke in an instant with the prices they probably charged, and there really wasn’t anywhere to paddle into that looked safer than what Gloucester had to offer. I threw my newly inherited satchel over my shoulder and splashed my dinghy into the water. I used to always hate this part, I had tipped my kayak nearly every time until, ‘Lili’s Pad’ suggested I stabilize it with the davit and it was a wonderful tip, none the less still all-together tricky.
Just like any river park there was a barricade of cement to get around. It was low tide so I jumped ashore with my kayak en-tow. The river rocks were always slippery so I had to be careful. I found my way up and about a half-mile down there was a foot-path, just like anywhere else I had been. I tied off my kayak and, as always, hoped that it would still be there when I got back. This was always a gamble for me, but I had little choice other than to take it. It was still warm enough to swim, but this Delaware River water is dirty. I tied my kayak up to a tree and clamored up the footpath, that I can only imagine, had been used a thousand times over by the local drunks. It was a good hiding spot with lots of empty 40oz. Bottles and dingy Kassar’s pints.
I reached the top and blended myself into the path along the river. I could see cars parked along the barricade and looking at what the drivers had probably thought of as some kind of a view. It was industry at its finest. Smokestacks and shipping cranes with a smell of something toxic burning off in the distance. They probably hadn’t noticed though, assuming they were the local Gloucestorians. The nicest part of this park was the gazebo towards the center. It had about a hundred steps leading up to it and they encircled the entire structure. I decided to mosey up there and have a seat to collect myself and possibly, get a vantage point of the street as best as I could.
I took an easy pace with my head down as I got to the top, narrow steps suck!
“Brisk paddle from music.” A deep voice said, giving me a start. I must have walked right passed him. I looked up and, for a second, I had to rub my eyes to be sure they weren’t playing tricks on me. It was the Wordsmith. He was sitting on the bench that wrapped the gazebo and faced the river peeling an orange. “A-fuckin-hoy!” Exclaimed I.
“Looks like the Port Authority took notice of your boat. I hope you’ve got your credentials.” I turned towards the direction of ‘Shadow,’ only to see that he had indeed drawn some attention that I didn’t currently need. “Only a matter of time before they call the fuzz. I suppose you could call this fate. I haven’t been here in years, you might be in luck, Seigh.” I didn’t ever panic, but this was a damn scary situation for me. I had little choice but to follow the Wordsmith’s composure.
He offered up the seat beside him and I accepted. From the gazebo, we watched as ‘Shadow’ became the center of attention for some bored Patrol that saw an opportunity to make a name for themselves. I told the Wordsmith that I’m in a world of shit if I lose that boat. He acknowledged that Gloucester is not the best place to be up shits creek without a paddle. He made a phone call which only took a matter of minutes. For the next fifteen minutes or so we sat and watched as the patrols put the pieces together of where ‘Shadow’s’ occupant may have drifted off too. We could see them with their binoculars spotting my kayak and radioing to, what I could only guess had to be ‘the fuzz,’ as the Wordsmith put it.
A few minutes later the cops cruised up to where I stumbled ashore. “Time to face the music maestro.” The Wordsmith said sarcastically, raising his eyebrows. He stood, flipped his hood over the hair that had grown back and started walking towards the excitement, I followed.
Once we got to the “scene of the crime” the Wordsmith explained to the officers that he had arranged for the sailboat to be hauled out of the water. That his man was on the way and would be there within a couple of hours. They radioed back to the port authority and just like that they were on their way, away from ‘Shadow,’ a calm filled me and the butterflies took flight out of my stomach. “Just make sure you get that boat out of here ASAP. That’s a heavy shipping lane and this guy’s lucky it wasn’t towed!” Spoken in a cop-like, authoritative fashion.
“Yes-sir, a matter of hours’ officer.” The Wordsmith responded in a light, matter-of-fact tone.
We sat back at the gazebo and waited, I didn’t know what to say, this came as a bit of a shock to me. Had he not been there I would have been completely lost. He spoke little, asked little. If he hadn’t recognized me what would have happened, I wondered. Later I would come to find out it wasn’t me he recognized, it was ‘Shadow.’ Within a couple of hours the truck appeared and the Wordsmith made his way towards it; I, once again, followed.
The man and his son exited the truck, a kid no older than twelve. The Wordsmith shook his hand and explained to him the situation. He introduced himself as Bob. I learned that his son liked to be called Jet. They explained to me what they were going to do. Bob took his zodiac from out of the back of the flatbed stowage and inflated it. He then attached a small outboard and took to the loading ramp at the end of the Delaware River Park. Jet boarded and kept it tied up to the dock while Bob went back and got his truck. He pulled it over and backed it into the river, I couldn’t believe it!
He left the truck running and hopped into the zodiac. Then, he and Jet quickly motored over to ‘Shadow.’ I watched as Bob boarded him, and Jet handed an A-frame up to him. In a matter of a half an hour I watched as Bob un-stepped ‘Shadow’s’ mast…down it went…. From there, he pulled up the anchors and ‘Shadow’ was making his way towards us, with Bob at the helm. Once getting close enough they tied ‘Shadow’ off to the posts at each side of the ramp keeping him centered. Bob got into the zodiac and made his way back to shore and his truck. From there he pulled some levers and up ‘Shadow’ went. At this point, there was an array of onlookers watching the spectacle as if waiting for some misfortune to happen, I was simply in awe, I hadn’t ever seen the process of laying up a boat done this way.
‘Shadow’s’ stern raised out of the water and, for the first time, I could see the bottom of him; he was covered in barnacles, it looked like how I imagined some awful skin disease would look. Bob hopped back into his truck and yelled, “moment of reckoning!” That’s when the butterflies realized they must have forgotten something. Bob pulled the truck forward and I saw ‘Shadow’ slowly coming towards us and rising from the water, following Bob’s truck like some kind of…shadow…and out he came. For the first time in as long as I have known ‘Shadow,’ he was out of the water. I could see all of him, and as ugly as it looked, it made me love my boat even more.
I looked over to see the Wordsmith helping Jet roll up the zodiac and put it back in the stowage compartment. Afterwards, Bob approached and I heard the Wordsmith tell him the destination was the same as last time. “C’mon Seigh, I’ll give you a ride to ‘Shadow’s’ new ‘temporary’ home.” Bob and Jet pulled forward and the Wordsmith and I walked. I watched as the truck hauled ‘Shadow’ through the long exit out of the park and down a worn road in the direction I had seen the factories. (I felt as if the truck should have had a name, poor thing, all that work, and no name.)
We arrived at the Wordsmith’s car and the first words that came out of my mouth were “I hope you know I don’t have any money to afford all of this.”
“Pay it forward, Seigh. It looks like both you and your musical number could use a bit of relief, I’m happy to help.” He unlocked the door to his little black car, got in leaned across and unlocked mine.
“How’s Clarity?” This caught me a bit off guard and I wasn’t quite sure how to answer, I hadn’t spoken to her since before I left FL. He could seem to sense my discomfort and laughed a bit. “OK. I’ll go smaller, tell me about your trip?” That was far easier to answer, so I told him.

The ride was mostly congestion and ugly highway until we finally got into what looked like some more rural areas. The Wordsmith explained to me that he had grown up in that town, that all the factories I had seen were indeed abandoned (save for maybe two) and that the road was named Water St. He said he used to swim in the Delaware when he was younger. I could only guess he meant a few years ago, I was astonished to find out the guy was thirty-five years old. He looked like he was early to mid-twenties at the most. Incidentally, his youthful appearance was due to working in coolers for the past fifteen years as a meat cutter. The cold air had apparently preserved him (evidently so did swimming in that scummy water). Aside from Clarity, sailing, and testing our immune systems in nasty water, that’s the other thing we had in common…retail….
We drove for about a half an hour and I had a hard time believing how quickly NJ had went from some crippled industrial capital, to Smallville wherever. It was as if all the traffic had vanished in a moment and everything that surrounded us, the noise, the smell of exhaust, the sound of the road, all of it had just…went away…. The Wordsmith took a left turn crossing a median, tucked away behind a little propane filling station I could see a rundown box truck surrounded by overgrown weeds and two tractor-trailers. One truck was Bob’s, along with it ‘Shadow’ was already being set on boat jacks. I missed the whole process of dropping my boat on the hard. It was as sad to miss that as it was to miss all the stupid holiday assemblies I missed at my boy’s school.
It was, however, all very exciting for me looking through the windshield of that little black hoop-d. The Wordsmith put it in park and got out of his car. Again, I followed with my satchel still around my shoulder out of sheer habit. As I rounded the car I could see tucked away behind the worn-down box truck was ‘Gina Marie,’ poking her bow out at me. I had only ever seen her from a distance but I recognized her right away from the dark blue of her hull. I had always thought she was larger, it turned out ‘Shadow’ was longer than her by a full five feet, not including his bowsprit which added another three feet. She was a simple sloop and was only a 27-footer, a Hunter model.
She was beautiful though and the Wordsmith kept her cherry, the netting around the lifelines added a ghost ship appearance as it did to any boat that had them, for some reason though, hers seemed far more haunting. All the lines had been rolled up, tied and thrown over the side to prevent mildew from stowage. The life jackets were hung as well. She had been winterized and sitting up on jacks. That’s when it hit me, how the hell did the Wordsmith and ‘Gina Marie’ end up here? I was given the impression that he had sailed her west. So, I blurted it out before I could bite my tongue.
“I did head west. Both Silver Tongue and I decided it best to change course and head to Charleston where she had some family that she wanted to visit. We spent a few months anchored there. Once the time came we decided to head north. She and I also have family here and I figured I would have one last go at reconciliation to see my daughter. My brother knew Bob and he could haul my girl out of the water so that I could re-fit her to be a bit cozier. I’m going to hole up here until April and then I should be on my way. My book is taking off and people are becoming more aware of Omnism. So, I’m hoping that that will grant me enough income that I can finally quit my job and just sail the world as I see fit.” He said this behind a coy smile, I knew little about the man, but I could tell he had something up his sleeve.
Bob made his way over and I saw the Wordsmith hand him a wad of twenties. I felt a little ashamed about the fact that I couldn’t pay him myself. He shook the Wordsmith’s hand, looked over to me, waved, nodded and off he went.
The Wordsmith turned and said. “I do apologize for the swiftness of how all of this happened, I probably should have asked first instead of assuming about the paperwork on your boat. But, I went with my gut and your look told me a lot already.”
“Oh, no apologies needed. If anything, I’m grateful and you’re right about the look. I’m far from ready for the winter up here and I have been racking my brain for about a week now as to what I’m going to do about ‘Shadow’.” (Clearly, this was not the most well thought out trip, but I loved this journey thus far all the same.)
“Cool name, makes sense. I dig the keyboard.”
“I figured it would be a hit in Amsterdam. You know, music on the horizon.” It had just occurred to me at that moment that it had been nearly a month since I had spoken this much to anyone. The sound of my own voice kind of paralyzed my mind for a moment.
“Amsterdam? That’s a heck of a trip. Not to pry, but don’t you have a son?”
“How did you know?”
“It’s amazing what you pick up at the end of a bar. The ambient noise would help me write a lot and whenever something relative would be heard, my ears would zero in on it. It just so happened that night we spoke I overheard you and Clarity, I remember quite a lot despite being drunk off my ass. Thankfully my drinking days are behind me. Hey, listen though, I have some things I have to take care of and I’m going to be gone for a few hours. I’m not sure how you have ‘Shadow’ set up but there’s a little ma and pa shop up the pike about a mile if you wanted to get some grub. There’s also a Korean restaurant across the street if you want to have a sit down and some fine cuisine. You good on cash?”
“Yeah, I have some money.”
“OK. Make yourself comfy here, try to stay as low-key as you can, technically it’s illegal for us to be here. Off grid living is a bit unheard of in these parts. I love disregarding borders and governmental restrictions though. This place would make a fine Omnist Diary, but, oh well for now. See you in a few hours.”
Off went the Wordsmith and I was standing alone with ‘Shadow’ and ‘Gina Marie’. God! I felt so small standing under the bows of those boats. You don’t realize how big they are until you’re looking up at them. Thankfully, I have the luxury of being on the ground with this view instead of in the water. Aside from the realization that I forgot my kayak in all this excitement, it occurred to me that I don’t even know that guys real name.
‘Shadow’ has a keel hull, which means that the draft isn’t as deep as ‘Gina Marie’s.’ He sits much closer to the ground when he’s up on jacks. Despite this, he was still six feet in the air and I had to find an old pallet and prop it up against the transom to access the cockpit. Man, he was covered in barnacles, and the zinc was near deteriorated. It was indeed a good thing the Wordsmith was there, otherwise I would have found myself in quite a mess if ‘Shadow’ remained on the water.
I hoisted myself up, slunk in under the davit and pulled myself through the pulpit at the stern. It’s funny how much dirtier the cockpit looked from what I remembered leaving it when I left. This old boy needed a scrubbing for sure. I opened the companionway doors and walked down into his cabin. It was mid-afternoon and despite not doing much other than rowing I was exhausted. I grabbed a quick snack of sardines and crackers and made my way to the v-berth. I remember laying down and feeling overwhelmed at how still ‘Shadow’ was. In the distance, I could hear the traffic screaming by at a much faster pace than my life had been the day prior. I heard a plane overhead and propped the hatch to have a look. A resistant noise filled the air and I looked up to see parachutes opening, people were skydiving! And I was asked if I was stupid…hmph! I laid my head down and felt the breeze flow through ‘Shadow,’ then, I fell asleep.

Thank god for social media! It is the new Tower of Babble, [sic] and the Internet could certainly be compared to Babylon.
I slept for what felt like days. I woke up at night to the sound of sirens blaring nearby. It was something that I was no longer used too and it gave me a start. For a moment, the stillness of ‘Shadow’ made me think the anchor lines snapped and I had run aground, and that the city had gotten closer than I had hoped. Then I came to my senses and recalled the events of the last time I had been awake. Christ, I didn’t even know what time it was.
‘Shadow’s’ hatches were still open and everything was as I had remembered leaving it before falling asleep. I moved out of the v-berth, through the salon and out of the companionway. I looked port off stern and noticed that ‘Gina Marie’ had some lights flickering inside. I wasn’t certain of the etiquette about knocking on your neighbor’s boat when it was on the hard, so I winged it. I klutzed my way down the pallet and knocked on ‘Gina Marie’s’ hull. I immediately heard some foot thumping and the companionway hatch slide open. I heard a siren beckoning me to come up, and I followed.
‘Gina Marie’ stood about ten feet off the ground but it had the same DIY pallet rigging snugged up against the ladder that folded down off her stern. I made my way up and could see right into the salon. I swung my leg over the pulpit railing and turned to see that the Wordsmith was sitting at the table in the salon. The woman greeting me was the singer they called Silver Tongue. Small world indeed, you venture a thousand miles, run into two people that you barely know to pull you out of a situation that would have landed me with next to nothing.
“Welcome aboard! Come on in and make yourself at home. We cooked some steak and I hope you like apple juice.” That woman could convince me to eat anything with the voice she had.
“I’d love some, thanks.” I said as I entered. ‘Gina Marie’ wasn’t anything special inside, much cleaner than ‘Shadow,’ I will admit. Plenty of head room and I could stand up straight. The steak smelled great and she had told me the Wordsmith cooked them up. It must have been recently because the smoke was still clearing out of the cabin. I wondered if they worried about carbon monoxide, but it hadn’t killed me yet, so I suppose it’s the same trifle for them as it is for me.
“I got a surprise for you Seigh.” The Wordsmith said with a sinister little grin on his face. I had barely gotten over the surprise of meat and potatoes and this guy just kept ramming them in my direction.
“Social media is indeed a wonderful thing, and I just got in touch with someone that has been missing you quite a lot. I asked you about her earlier and now she would like to speak with you. I told her I would let you know, all I’m doing is passing the ball onto your side of the court. I don’t like to interfere in the affairs of others.” I knew right away who he was talking about. I had left her without saying goodbye. It was a dick move on my part and I should say that she would cross my mind at least once a day.
“Clarity?” Asking as if I didn’t already know.
“Yep, she gave me her number if you’d like it.”
“I don’t have a phone.”
“Well, I shall lend you mine, feel free to talk if you like. When you’re ready, of course.”
“Is she upset?”
“HA!” Silver Tongue let out a burst. “I know I would be if I was her. Clarity was always kind to me, if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have ever met him. If I were you I’d start working on your apology now, I know she’ll forgive you, but damn dude, you just up and abandoned her. That would hurt anybody that loves you.”
“Love!? That’s a word I hadn’t thought of in a while. I didn’t think what we had would have amounted to that.”
“You both lived on boats. Do you have any idea how many available women there are out there willing to live on a boat? NONE! And you should feel lucky that you met her. She’s a good woman and I think you two looked like you needed each other when I saw you at The Blue Room. She told me about you before I left and you made an impression on her that lasted. Of course, you made the impression of leaving too, which is a tough pill for anyone to swallow.” If it wasn’t for the fact that he helped me out so much I would have left the moment he said that, but he was right.
“MY MISTAKE! Could you please stop reminding me, I get it!”
“Ease up babe, let him eat. Small talk, my love.” Simple words that totally suppressed the rising testosterone in the room.
“Sorry Seigh.” A momentary pause lapsed and then he asked. “So what do you think of lovely New Jersey so far?”
“It’s OK. Not sure what to make of it yet, it has a lot of roads it seems. I’m sure there’s a lot more to it, but I can at least say the company has been more than kind.” I finally started eating my steak and let him talk.
“OK. I suck at small talk. How much into Omnism did Clarity go with you?”
“Babe! Let him eat.” She interjected.
The steak was quite delicious. I don’t know if it’s because I hadn’t eaten one in some time, or if he really was that good of a cook, but damn, it was done too perfection. It was odd to watch the two of them as I ate. I could see that he expressed a love towards her that you don’t find in most couples. It was like they had just met and they joked as if they hated each other. I brought up the subject of Omnism to answer the Wordsmith’s question, but he shucked it aside and suggested to save it for another day. For them, it was near time for sleep. He handed me his phone and told me that I have some amends to make with a very special lady. I took it, said good night to the two of them, and made my way off of ‘Gina Marie.’
There was only about fifteen feet separating ‘Shadow’ and ‘Gina Marie’ and in that thirty second march the phone illuminated in my hand. It was a 239-area code and I knew it was Clarity. I hadn’t even begun to think about what to say to her, so I just answered.
“Hello.” If it wasn’t for the light breathing on the other end of the line the silence would have been deafening. In the same instant, it seemed, words sprang to life.
“You’re the person I’d spend time on the phone with and how determined a phrase that is. To not believe it until it actually happens is something that I have yet to understand and it is most certainly one of the quirky little elements of life that I would really love to continue discussing.”
“Did he tell you to say that? Or is that something that finally came from your stubborn heart and through your lips?” That kind of scathed.
“It just popped into my head, I don’t know exactly where it came from, I’m actually still getting used to the sound of my voice again. I haven’t talked to anyone in months.”
“WELL IF YOU DIDN’T LEAVE YOU COULD STILL BE TALKING TO ME!” I had to hold the phone away from my ear. Singers sing, but they also know how to scream as well. I could hear the pain behind it though and knew she was just venting.
“Listen, it’s been a hell of a day, I mean shit, I don’t even know what day it is. And…”
“It’s Tuesday.”
“OK, good, it’s Tuesday. How’s ‘Miss Conduct?’” I’m still trying to break the ice…the very, very thin ice.
“She’s fine.” Bitter cold.
Sigh. “I’m sorry.”
“There, that wasn’t so hard, now was it? I’m leaving in April. It’s all planned for me. I would like it if you to stay there for the winter and get to know the Wordsmith and Silver Tongue. I want you to make your own decisions about what you want to do with your life, and I’m hoping you choose to have me be a part of it. I want you to listen to what the two of them have to say about Omnism and I want you to find how it relates to your life. You have more in common with the Wordsmith than I think you realize, and I want you to know I fell more for your differences from him than for the similarities.”
It was in that sentence that I realized that I wasn’t so alone in the world. All this time the best thing I had, I left behind. I thought she was still hung-up on the guy, I could kind of see the attraction to him. But, I could see how happy he was in the moment I spent with he and Silver Tongue on ‘Gina Marie.’ I realized that I wanted that, I wanted someone to share my time and experiences with. What I had before fell through, due to drugs and alcohol. I thought my life would remain in shambles and instead of looking at the bright side, I had been viewing my life as more of a desperate attempt to live fast, die young and leave a good-looking corpse.
We continued to talk into the night, until the battery died on the Wordsmith’s phone. We spoke about a plan to meet one another again once the winter up here was through, and she was ready to sail north. We spoke about things that we hadn’t spoken about face-to-face. At a distance, we learned more about one another than we had when we were near one another. It all felt like a cruel joke, and at the same time, it felt right.
We talked about Omnism and what it meant to her. About the things that the Wordsmith was able to make her come to realize about herself. That the true notion of this philantheosophy is that life and systems reside within who we are and what fits our being. She said how the Wordsmith was hoping that one day the world may see this, and that his writings would be arranged into a system to be followed once the systems currently in place, collapsed. He was looking to build a better world out of his fiction and a lot of what she said to me had made sense. The feelings of god and science, the reality that we live in and how it is derived from imaginations. That the collective of the majority embraces ideas that keep them restrained from true freedom that resides within. I was already living that life, and after all my questions about god and religion, I realized…I was an Omnist. It’s simple really, life is short, don’t be a dick.
It wasn’t scripture, it wasn’t meditation, it wasn’t going to a building once a week and seeking peace with an all loving being. It wasn’t sacrifice of animals, it wasn’t a maddening desire to shout a name from the rooftops. It wasn’t about going out and condemning others. It wasn’t drawing circles on the ground and lighting candles, it wasn’t about finding which card suits my personality best based on when Jupiter is rising. It wasn’t about reading all the theories about the ins and outs of the universe and mocking those that found peace from some invisible being. Yet, it was all these things and whichever one I chose, even if I chose to make up my own.
Right now, the Wordsmith was making it about being fearless in the face of tyrants and those with a need to suppress. It was about the teachings of a rabble rouser looking to fulfill a prophecy to stop crippling injustices done by those fueled by greed. It was endlessness and value based on time utilized to care for one another. It was hope and peace and love being pushed by a guy on a boat. It was good morals and the common sense to know not to murder anyone. It was a standard of living that seems to have been clouted by all the things that we don’t need. It was anti-greed, it was anti-hate, it was anti-asshole, it was Omnism.
Had it not been for Clarity telling me about this, I would have not ever been able to put a name on how I felt about all the complexities that this world had to offer. They would have remained a jumbled mess in my mind to be either ignored, or a cause for distress. Instead, now, I had a better understanding about these things in which I had so many obvious questions. What Omnism taught me is that I hold the answers within myself, that no question is wrong and that the best answer I could receive is the one I go out and find myself, by looking within.
It is indeed all there, laid out before us in a manner so we can put it together to form a picture that best defines how we feel. Some conclude that Christianity is the proper route for salvation. But, without the fear of Hell there is no reason to find comfort in a God that was written for maintaining order. I found my god in imagination, and I can only draw the conclusion that Moses may have either been telling the truth, or just got tired of living in a system that was oppressive. That he wrote and wrote and wrote until eventually people began to see something wonderful in his words. Writing things about Omnism (in its fledgling stages of understanding) grants the luxury of knowing that I am not a religious fanatic. Finding Omnism at this undefined time in its existence allows me to apply my knowledge into making it a wonderful system for beliefs.
I’m getting off track here, I did eventually fall asleep and woke up to the rapping of someone gently tapping, tapping on ‘Shadow’s’ starboard hull. “Wakey wakey” echoed through and it was the Wordsmith, come to call. “Good morning, sir. I trust you slept well, and I hope you had a good talk. I do however need my phone. I have work, and today you walk.” At first, I didn’t quite get what he was saying. It was only after I handed the phone down to him and he hopped in the passenger side of his car that I realized. I’m on foot and Silver Tongue was taking him to work. I guessed that pretty much meant I was on my own to explore what little this town had to offer. That, and he wandered into my waking thoughts…Wordsmith Wizard indeed.… It became another moment of clarity from that point on.
I didn’t mind walking, it was a nice day out, there was a relatively large road out in front of the propane station that I would later find out is named the Black Horse Pike. A Main Street existed and this little motorway town was named Williamsville. I would later be told by the Wordsmith that this is the area he spent a lot of time in, and that it hadn’t changed much from the time that he was two. He would also tell me that he had come back for his daughter in the hopes that he would see her again. It would be his last effort at it and it seemed to have worked out.
Except for the distances between any major outlets this town was just like any other. It had the big box section, the ma and pa shops down its main street. It had churches everywhere but not like you would find down in the southern states, this was clearly the Catholics domain. Some United Methodist which I’ve learned are humble enough to let you sleep outside overnight, so long as you were gone in the morning and picked up after yourself. Jehovah’s Witness seemed to be in full force. Mostly though, the New Agers and an assortment of characters.
All the major coffee outlets you could ask for, no boating supply stores though. There had to be a hardware store somewhere, but I simply hadn’t found it yet. Probably a big box, but one stop shopping is OK too, when it comes down to it. The time was leaning towards late morning and I realized I hadn’t eaten anything since the steak I had last night. I noticed a small coffee shop humbly named ‘Ma’s’ in an older looking strip mall called Title’s Lane, I said screw it and drifted my way over.
It was coffee shop simplicity and I could smell food was being cooked. Behind the counter was a young girl in her early twenties. The woman in the back looked as if she was her mother. They both shared the same pear shaped body structure, and both were equally as beautiful. I ordered a pork roll, egg and cheese on an everything bagel, poured myself a cup of coffee and had a seat.
There was some show on the television they had hung in the corner. The people on it were yelling and jumping up and down and I could care less. I began to drift away into thought and found myself reflecting on where I had been, the things I had seen, the things I had done to get to this point. The miles I traveled by car, by bike, by foot, by boat. I must have had a zoned-out stare on my face as I drifted away into the back of my mind. I saw the women making my breakfast and then boom! Everything was still there and all was gone.
This could be considered as about as close to meditating as I could get. To be lost in my mind and rifling through my thoughts one by one. My journeys, my wins and losses, my feelings. I’ve done this before on various occasions just before I would drift off to sleep. Close my eyes and lie awake until I would drift into the back of my brain and sit comfortably there. Not so much analyzing my day, but analyzing myself. I was asleep, and at the same time, I wasn’t. I would feel so peaceful and now, here I was out in the open doing the same thing. A rogue in public and a vagabond wandering my own mind.
It would be the Wordsmith that would explain to me that this was indeed meditating. That it was not a part of Omnism by itself, rather, a part of everyday life for most people. He would explain to me that this was something that few people accepted as natural or even accepted at all. They would blame this peaceful time of being on something other than what it is. That this moment of reflection would be what keeps them awake as they attempt to slow down their day in their minds. So few people have the opportunity to fully appreciate what their minds are made of. Mainly, since if they shared these thoughts, those around them would claim that they were out of place, but this isn’t ever the case. Everyone felt this, everyone did this, and few accepted it as normal due to the nature of being normal.
He would further explain to me that the very nature of being normal in this day and age, is to find out what is wrong. That there was a diagnosis for everything that happened and a pill to swallow to make it go away. The Wordsmith would tell me that there are indeed those out there that do need help. But, they need help in a way of understanding their own differences, so that they can embrace the small group of those that share the same affliction. A fast-paced environment crushes this nature. The demand for more of the things we don’t need in order to keep order seems to come first in this world of consumption.
“Pork roll, egg and cheese, babe.” Just like that a blissful order up call from momma pear breaks away my moment. I got up to claim my almighty greasy sandwich and asked what I owed. “already paid for by Yolanda.” she pointed at the corner of the shop and there sat Silver Tongue. “Well, alrighty…thank you….” I picked up my meal and made my way over to sit with her.
“Lost in thought I see.” She said as I sat down with an indifferent look on my face.
“It happens, I was thinking about some things.” I shrugged, hoping she’d ask what.
“Ah, thought. That happens to me from time to time. What were you thinking about?”
“It was more of a reminiscing moment, kind of like just before you go to sleep, I like to think it’s meditating but I’m not that savvy when it comes to looking within.”
“I get like that when I think about existence. That there is really no point in being, other than being. I get to a curiosity in my own mind that finds me curious about the next plane of existence. Ya follow me?” Despite the question, she continued talking. “I like the concept of aliens, not so much in the Scientology way, but that they put us all here. That we are under some kind of a, a…microscope… and they are simply observing us. It goes a long way out, but I suppose that if they are that far beyond our comprehension of the universe, and they haven’t discovered the universe, despite having traveled so much of it, why not consider the beings that they have discovered along the way? The universe may be in them.”
“You mean we are a science experiment?”
“Not exactly, I mean we are the only beings that they have found that they themselves cannot comprehend. They get the galaxies, the stars, the solar systems, they get the beyond because they have been there, or at least they have documentation of it. But, they don’t quite get…us…the humans. They can’t comprehend the universe because they can’t find it, so they look for it in us. They have reached the bottom of the glass of realization and are now seeking a godlike figure in order to understand it, and they see it in us. Even if they did create us, even if they didn’t, even they still don’t know because they just keep coming back for more. If you ask me, what better reason is there to come to this planet?”
As I gobbled down my sandwich I listened to this and hesitated to respond. In that moment, I realized that she wasn’t looking for a response. She wasn’t looking to rope me into a debate and she wasn’t looking to be right. I could see that she was saying this to be herself, to be the person that she feels to be. It was uplifting in a way because I had been so exposed to debates about this, that it was nice to not have someone cramming a thought like this down my throat. It was open, it was quick, it was her, and I had no real reason to argue.
“Is that what an Omnist believes?” Is all that came to mind to ask.
“It’s what I believe, and I’m an Omnist.” She said with a kind certainty.
“I’m still a bit green on this concept. Clarity explained a lot to me on the phone. It’s like something that was obviously there and I felt like a fool about it. As if there was something I wasn’t getting. Despite all the debates and things that I have seen when it comes to religion I still can’t quite grasp this whole Omnism thing.”
“Well, love. That’s because there is no whole thing to it. Omnism itself is not a whole without the past coming together to make it something. You, are one with it regardless if you acknowledge it or not. All things come to an end before they must start over again. Omnism gives neither hope nor despair in what it is. It is only largely there in regards to what you make it. It is lawlessness with regard to the good nature of life. It is chaos with a cause. It is unobtainable with a small grasp on what we can hold onto with our own perception of how things work best.” Now I understood why they called her Silver Tongue down in Florida. I was going to have to get into more detail about this.
Time evaporated. Just like that, I was done my sandwich and in the little black car with Silver Tongue. I had forgotten about ‘Shadow,’ it was easy for a guy like me, especially being in a car with a woman as beautiful as her. She made sense and her words drifted into a place of being that struck me in all the right places. It was as if a flash had happened and I was happy to be there. I had no idea where we were going or what we were doing, it was a surreal time for me. She took me back in time. It made me think of how good that breakfast sandwich had been.
It was one of the most memorable places and I won’t forget it. It was named Batsto, and the place was preserved in time. In the middle of the woods there was nothing else but this place. Walking in there was a small museum that held all the artifacts of a town long gone. Various articles of information littered a tack boards about the surrounding area known as the Pine Barrens. This trip didn’t happen to be so much about this little village, as it was a more of a “getting to know you” for Silver Tongue and me. There was a dark magical solitude about these woods. If the Jersey Devil was real, you could certainly feel why from being around here.
As we walked down the trail that took us towards the main village we could see the mansion surrounded by trees that, at one point, were saplings at the time the home would have been built. There were the remnants of an old barge that obviously wasn’t finished (or sunk). There were mills where they used to process wheat and grains, a blacksmith, a pen where they kept livestock and even a slaughterhouse that I thought was somewhat morbid in a creepy old fashioned way.
My favorite part to all of this had to be the sawmill. It sat along the end of the Mullica River and you could see just from looking at it how this whole process operated. They floated all the logs down the river to the mill where it was processed, and later, used to build all the structures and houses that this little town needed. I wondered how they built the sawmill prior to this technological breakthrough.
Silver Tongue and I had the usual conversations of the who’s and what’s that made up the basic nature of our individuality. She told me how quickly she had decided to jump into a relationship with the Wordsmith and how their lives had been a bit of a dull adventure sailing up the east coast, and back to NJ. She had also told me about her own travels down to Florida and about how Tennessee had been one of her more favored spots to be, as far as scenery and musical influence. I had only heard her sing the one night at The Blue Room and Clarity had told me on various occasions how she had envied the girls voice. Telling Silver Tongue this caused her to be taken back as if she didn’t already know how good she could sing.
She mentioned to me how her and the Wordsmith would share their little black car. About how they managed to make ends meet as best they could while they were in this rather expensive state. He got back to working as a full-time meat cutter and she would sing at locales in the surrounding area. She told me how it was a bit difficult for the two of them in regards to her singing because they were both alcoholic. The Wordsmith frequented these establishments very little. When he did he would only stay for a short time to hear her sing, the rest of the time his nose was either in a composition pad writing, or just admiring her and listening to what she had to say. I suppose she had to wonder whether he was writing her thoughts down.
She brought up the fact that we would indeed have to be leaving soon, because the Wordsmith would be done working and she needed to go pick him up. But, we could take their time getting there, there wasn’t ever really any true rush. Life in her mind moved at a slower clip, she’d mentioned, so this way it was always a matter of living easy and thinking first. She also mentioned that the marina they planned to splash ‘Gina Marie’ at was about ten miles up the road and called Norseman Yachts. She said the place was stacked! Pool, day spa, health center, onsite maintenance…the works…far more than Prosperity Point had to offer. That kind of hurt my feelings, considering I had pretty much been the handy man.
Eventually, I asked her what the Wordsmith’s name was and she told me she liked to call him Chuck, and that the Wordsmith was a nickname given to him by a Wizard. But he’d answered to that, as well. She explained to me that he wasn’t much for being known. That he was hoping that his writing on Omnism would eventually bring about world peace, in a way that most can’t even fathom. That she thought everything he was trying to do was beautiful, and that after reading his words she too felt that it was only a matter of time before people discover this philantheosophy. He had cornered the market but all he really wanted to do was be free. His ultimate goal would be to build a nation, be a part of it, as one of its people. He felt that upon the establishment of this nation, they could prove to the world that a place does exist that does not rely on valuing money, rather, valuing time and the amount of work that goes into creating such a place. He dubbed this nation Omnistocria and one day he hoped to see it blossom and thrive.
The drive back proved to be just as quaint as Batsto itself. This quiet, little, middle of nowhere place had its own resting spot in the Pine Barrens. There was so much history out here and it was all hidden away, still to be discovered (I at least liked to think there was some mystery left out here). Miles and miles of pine trees and not a house in sight. A person could really get lost out here had it not been for the eventuality that they would stumble across some road that either started, or ended, depending upon the direction you were facing when you found it.
When we finally arrived back at the propane station Silver Tongue dropped me off and told me her and the Wordsmith would be back shortly. I was welcome to climb aboard ‘Gina Marie’ and wait, or do whatever. As she drove away I noticed the back window on the driver side (you know, the little triangular one between the back-seat window and the back window itself) was all taped up in what appeared to be black duct tape, I guess they weren’t rich. I turned and looked at both ‘Shadow’ and ‘Gina Marie’ and I opted for some alone time with a girl that wasn’t mine…how covetous….
I must not have noticed the night before how cool the Wordsmith had set ‘Gina Marie’ up to be. The floor was grass on the inside and it was so plush that walking on it barefoot looked delightful. They had also had a cat whose name I would later find out is Lucy Fur. I found this a very punny name considering all the things that I had heard and read about the being. They were both Omnist, but they didn’t worship Lucifer, nor did they pray to a Christian God. The Wordsmith would tell me about how much he adored the story behind Lucifernarianism when brought to the table of religion. About how Lucifer himself was on the side of the humans and rebelled against Adonay for holding all the knowledge to himself. Thus, he was cast out of Adonay’s heaven and given the keys to his own kingdom. Now, in this day and age, there is so much animosity sent out towards certain belief systems, and in essence it is really not fair, but such is life. So far, per certain writings, Adonay is winning in the death count.
I learned a lot about the Wordsmith and who he was that night. If not for his openness about his own humilities in life I would have figured he was a mad person. Yet, I like to think this is the moment that we all decided together about a serious place called Omnistocria. Myself, Silver Tongue, the Wordsmith and Clarity (on a phone of course). He would share his dream with us as if it was already in the process of happening, like he was living it. What got me most was when he would talk about how he didn’t even really want to be there. He still felt that perhaps after all of this he may still have the yearning for freedom. He was indeed a warrior of a different type, in times of peace, he knew his place.

It was most of that winter of 2016 that I took to the interior of ‘Shadow.’ I showered that little boat with gifts of my blessing. I re-purposed all the crap I pulled apart and I made capabilities much easier for myself. Clarity and ‘Miss Conduct’ would be meeting me after the boats were launched. We would come together in Charleston, SC and from there the intentions were to sail the world. I wanted ‘Shadow’ to be as presentable as possible.
Much of what I collected came from people who were throwing out the old and replacing them with their new Christmas gifts. Evidently, someone had decided to redo their floor in their home, so I was able to lug quite a bit of older, already refurbished hardwood from the trash. It made the interior lining look that much better once I could cover it. All the small leaks in the cabin that had been coming from the deck were sealed with some liquid rubber and then re-painted red. I suppose my boat now looks like the Jersey Devil, but one may not ever know. All of this having been done in the cold, I’m not sure how it’s going to work. But, when you live like I do, you only hold onto the things you have at the moment. There is no real value on things other than who I am. The sentiment I would hope revolves more around my absence once I’m gone rather than when I am around. This is a Wordsmith teaching that I understood over this bitter winter.
For months, it was as if most our conversations took place at night. The oil lanterns would be ignited and their easy lighting made the confined space seem vast. I would learn how to read tarot cards, we would play chess and talk into the early morning hours. We would listen to music and just enjoy the night sky in the warmth of our little sea RV’s. The company was certainly something I had to make an adjustment to. It was nice, I felt like I had finally found friends. People that would understand me for me, and I could tell that they were invoking me into their world. It was wonderful. Full of delight and a passion for being alive. Not hurting a single person and living off the land.
They wanted control, but only over their lives as they would see fit. The allure of this lifestyle is difficult to resist. You’re allowed complete access to anything that you set your mind to. And once you follow your dreams, there is no real way to stop you from achieving them, save for yourself. I found that structuring the rest of my life around this simple existence is how I wanted to live. This is currently all a part of life. This time to gather the life experience I need to survive. I love it, and I wouldn’t want this journey to go any other way…it’s been perfect so far….

I had come to realize one day that I had no real way to end this story. I decided to suffice it as a part of my delusional mentality. That true delusion I lived was the one that everyone has been trying to sell me. There has been little offered that I could not obtain for myself. One of the things I needed to seek out was the love of another. I found that in Silver Tongue. I found that in those around me that showed me there is a better way to live. I have not given up on my dreams, I am merely doubling my efforts to make them come true. I am almost there, and I feel I have proven my worth to the other Omnists in the world, those that I have encountered up until now. This has become my life, and as such, I hope to continue sharing my dreams.
Am I a figment of imagination for Seigh, or is it the other way around? We are both indeed each other’s clay soldier. Each a figment of the others imagination. Yet, we are all very real entities composed of someone else’s mind. We are the harmony to complete someone else’s symphony. I created these clay soldier’s years ago as a means to express art. I had to find out who I was and how to get my imagination under control before it began to control me. I did so, and thus far I have come up with various stories of how I imagined my way out of not imagining. What’s been the biggest pleasure for me, thus far, has been writing about Omnism. I adore the work, it has become a ministry of sorts. I love being able to shape something. I think everyone should have that in their lives in some way and it is something that Omnism offers. There is nothing wrong with allying yourself with good intentions to pass on to others. Now, when I say this I mean it is time to move away from substandard laws of yesteryear and adopt something more deserving of who we are as humanity.
I wanted to say Seigh bumped his head and went to bed in this, but I found it more fitting for it to be my delusion. You see, I cannot abandon my reality, and that is what I am trying to entertain in this conceptual aspect of Omnism. That eventually all of this will come true, and much of it has already happened. Most people, I think, would refer to me as some kind of false prophet. I am no Nostradamus, nor an Edgar Cayce. I have merely come to understand the consequences of our actions towards one another.
The simple fact of the matter when it comes to this story, is that I haven’t lived much farther than the point where I have left it. I will always be writing The Endless Seigh, because it is a chronicle of my life after finding the term Omnist. It is something that I am still working on in another book for the ‘I Omnist’ series. I do change people, places and things. The story is altered some to fit in with the concept of fiction, but the feeling behind the words is still the emphasis I am trying to get across. I love living life the way I do, it is simple. It is only when others get involved and begin to think that they can dictate to me what it is they think I should be doing. I do not respond well to these scenarios, unless what they say has made sense, too me.

1. I understand and value the things that make me who I am. My afflictions are my strength and grant me access to territories most cannot comprehend.
2. I am the explorer of the heart and soul. All things dark will not take me, because regardless of what I feel at any given moment, there is a light that I do see.
3. I am not selfish, but I must first cater to my own wellbeing, to do good for others.
4. Aspects of fault that I have created are indeed of my own doing. Those that do not understand will not take pity on me forever. I must understand this about others as to stay reminded of torments threatening the outside world.
5. I must accept that most of the time I am alone, and I must KNOW that that is OK.
6. I am not useless, I am undiscovered.
7. I am loved.
8. I am loved.
9. I am loved.
10. I must accept and seek help when it’s needed. The other option is to perish.
11. I am human, and to be such means I will err.
12. To make better changes I must first be aware of the deception my own mind throws at me.
13. I am patient, kind, forgiving and all things good. Every day I must remember this.
14. I am challenging, courageous and caring. Every day I must remember this.
15. I am passionate, loving and honest. Every day I must remember this.
16. I am vulnerable, easily wounded and the world owes me nothing. Every day I must remember this.
17. I am loved.
18. I am loved.
19. I am loved.
20. I am distant, scared and helpless. Every night I must remember this.
21. My mind takes my feet down a path of treachery. Every night I must remember this.
22. I must not fall victim to my own dark delusion. Every night I must remember this.
23. I must learn to approach and walk through my own doors, so others can be aware that I need them.
24. I must learn to accept that some people will not understand. That some people have their own way of understanding, and this is out of my control.
25. I must learn to listen to understand, not to reply.
26. I am locked away, by a monster that is me. This does not make me bad, this makes me unique. My heart is held by characters that I can unleash. When I am ready, when I am steady.
27. I am loved.
28. I am loved.
29. I am loved.
30. I am not free, I am fettered to disease.
31. Agony, suicide and pain are a part of my daily thoughts. And that is OK. They are mine and I’m meant to grow stronger. For I’m the one to carry this torch, another would not last the night and fetal up amid the fight.
32. There will be times, when nothing can be said and nothing can be done. I have to understand these times in order to survive.
33. I have learned from my mistakes, and will continue to make them.
34. I choose to shine because of the storms I have been through.
35. I am Indigo. Every day I must believe this.
36. I am not seeking an end, I am taking longer now to be certain I do not fail.
37. I am loved.
38. I am loved.
39. I am loved.
40. I do not see things the same way as others and I don’t always see things the same way I used too.
41. Some days I can take over the world. Other days, I don’t move from my bed.
42. I must accept the fact that, as a direct consequence to my actions, certain things will not go back to the way they used to be.
43. I must do what I can, with what I have. This, I must remember every day and every night.
44. In many cases, I must remember there two things I can do when the situation is out of my control. Nothing, and like it. This will help to keep me humble.
45. I must take pity on those that have not gone crazy. This will give me empathy towards who I am.
46. I understand that everyone appreciates honesty, until I am honest with them.
47. I am loved.
48. I am loved.
49. I am loved.
50. I cannot trust those that hurt me and attempt to say it’s my fault.
51. This is how I feel about many things, but not one thing.
52. I must learn to resolve the past.
53. I must learn to create a pleasant future, so my future past will be a wonderful moment.
54. I write my own legacy, and for this I cannot be purged by any establishment, for I am free and I am will, and I am bound as a human to press the moments of my life until it is no more.
55. I will remember to do the things that make people smile, so when I am no longer around, I will be missed.
56. I will not ever give up on my dreams, I will always work harder to achieve them. Even if I fail, I will have inspired others.
57. I am loved.
58. I am loved.
59. I am loved.

As a song that I admired would start, the moment had a way of creeping up from behind, and that’s how it all happened. The total madness that I could remember about the things in all of our lives. There was little difference in how I sang the song, what swayed the best emotions in me was the thrill of pleasing. Sharing about me what I loved most with those I didn’t even know, just so they remembered me. I can’t be certain what that makes of me, my words don’t give the best rhyme, and in each breath of mind’s respite, we still manage to find time. And it doesn’t make much sense to those who cannot hear me, they wouldn’t know the difference about who it is that’s been spoken of in all these measures. We are all clay soldiers.
It took him years to trust another person. I was lucky to know it was me. I was wasteful towards him. He kept giving until he could give no more. I don’t know if his mind snapped, or if I was the one responsible for allowing things to go that far. To know that I inadvertently used the Wordsmith because all I could think about was myself. That had caused me to miss what he said earlier on in our relationship. I try to remember, but those nights were such a blur for myself and for him.
It’s not to say that anything was wrong, but I kept a curtain in the back of my mind. It was a safe place for myself that I didn’t realize hid the power of who it is I am. All I am is more than what he dubbed me. Being away from him has given me the most lost feeling I have ever had in my life. I tore my own self only to discover who I am, so I could know who I am…so I could be who I am…and that was what I learned from him, only, I didn’t realize it until after he was gone.
And there it was again, that lackluster feeling in the back of my mind. That cold sound of selective silence of when you are right. It’s a harrowing emptiness inside your mind that you have to adhere too, in order to stand your ground. Temptations alongside, on a writhing experience of tethered rebounds of back and forth, until the sound of emptiness rejoices in being alone. I would sit alone and go over our conversations again and again in my mind. I’d remember each word, and to know that I live for an eternity in them, has made me happy. To know that all the outcomes with the Wordsmith resulted in the best possible memory, I knew that each moment alone meant more than an eternity. I could not comprehend him, and he learned from me how to speak persuasively. He adapted his own silver tongue beyond the words he wrote. The world would eventually become his, and he cared enough about it to not be there to rule.
In the beginning, there was no longer innocence for me. The Wordsmith was long past his due time of innocence and represented that with a charisma that I could not match. How quickly I understood his metaphors and felt so immediately attracted to that. That helped me to hone my understanding of myself, and still utilize the ability of being able to control those around me with my words. I learned how wrong it was to use this power by practicing with the Wordsmith. To various degrees he was my teacher, and I appreciated that about him, and I adored that he knew it. Until he was gone I couldn’t quite wrap my mind about how he was preparing me for the time when he wasn’t around. Sure, I could get away with anything, but only until I was caught.
Sometimes, It is hard to admit that there is nothing I can do about all aspects of my life. And it’s better to admit that I feel that about everything I do. It’s so bittersweet to know that there is so little for me to concern myself with outside of Living. It is what I feel for and what brings my spirit to the realm of my own capacity to feel it.
He could feel people from a distance, I remember that much; then, after meeting him, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I only knew his name now, but he was in my mind. Yes, in my mind, as if the small conversation gave him all he needed to know about me. What’s funny is, I knew he knew I knew. I’m no longer confused about that, I know he was there and that’s how I know. I’m sure our difference in age made for some modest confrontations, despite being an old soul myself. I can still acknowledge that I have not yet learned all I need to know in life. The thing I know most is myself, and as best as I can, I will share of my soul with all of you, what I can. That is something taught by him that I can remember well. That even after spending so much solitary time with him I came to understand that he wanted to teach me how to do that. Despite his acid tongue and the cutting words to strike me where it hurt most. It made me aware that I could be just as despicable as he. If not for the Wordsmith I’d still be toting my possessions from couch to couch in an endless affair with alcohol, coke and playing some sucker, in order to make the quick buck. I didn’t feel like an awful person until I was clear headed enough to look back on the decisions I had been making. I was so stubborn that I didn’t want to accept that it wasn’t normal to lie to get what I wanted. Only then, I didn’t realize that I had to lie; my natural gift of speech could coerce nearly anybody, into anything. Had I kept going this route I would have ended up going down the same road that every junkie before me had traversed. I was stubborn and shallow enough to believe that I was different, and thought that the depths of the cities weren’t going to swallow me up. What that boils down to is that I am nothing more than a street urchin selling other street urchins (by and large). I like to think that I am an independent person in a lifestyle that involves manipulation, stealing, cheating and, at that, I do rather well. If not for the teachings I had been brought up with this would have certainly resolved me to my constitution. By this, I mean I can form these words into my own mind now and apply it to everyone. That there is little difference between us all, and that little difference we all congregate at is what causes us to begin accosting one another; that, with this, there are differences among each of us that triggers this effect. Once we begin to understand this difference by listening to one another, we will then grow to appreciate each other. That difference bears a striking resemblance to the emotion of the want for things, compared to the need for them.
He needed my love as I needed his. We shared this over a bitter winter. We had our neighbor ‘Shadow’ and he was quiet all the time. It granted me so much time being back on land. I could think about myself and what I meant to other people. He meant the world to me, and sometimes no matter how deep I would get with him, it was as if he wasn’t interested in small talk like that with me anymore. He wanted to always know me, every moment, every detail. He was creating some of the happiest moments of our lives. He was doing the things he told me he was going to do. He had all the things I thought I wouldn’t ever be, until I realized that I already was those things. That’s what he saw in me and that’s what I saw in him. In his darkest he would be dancing with Loch Loa and in those times it hurt me the most. For if I was reflecting him, then what did that say about myself?
I would get so wrapped up in those moments of speculation that I began to understand how he thought. That with each word spoken we watched each other grow. To me, it used to be a thrill to know I had control, but he broke everything apart: it let me know that I was in control of Nothing and from there I could free my mind. He taught me little, only that it was most important for me to understand this and learn Everything from there. Once I was granted this knowledge it was only imperative that I continue living. Within all of this, I would find a Source, and that whatever it was it would work best for me. There is no escape from any of this because this is all of who we are as humanity. The length of time we have, to learn how to do this from one another, is decreasing. Things like social media have allowed this and I am all for it. It allows us to break the mold and connect with others thousands of miles away, or an old flame just up the street.
All these things come inherently to me, I only needed to be a part of the experience to know how to do them. In other words, I understand the concept of having all the knowledge we are supposed to have in our lives. What now am I supposed to do with all this knowledge? I have learned to grow from it, to always remain humble as I continue to make mistakes. Heavy indeed is the head that wears the crown, for his head weighed high on the margin of profit. How he broke free from this is something that most people scoff at. He didn’t want any of it, but he knew it was his to bear. The times that made me wonder were when he was lost in himself. It was far from pretty and by the time he got there I had to learn to back off, otherwise I was uncertain of what animal had been running around in his menagerie.
I am a singer, he a writer. It seems like a wonderful pairing, until you meet a writer. There were times, early on, I had no idea what to fathom when he said certain things. All I had come to understand was that the plunge he was taking me on was indeed at ‘my own risk.’ I came to grow a bit resentful about certain things he would try to help me out with. Pride again, knocking me down a peg, as if I needed help or something :/. I learned to accept it and acknowledge this. He wasn’t necessarily trying to help me with my matter at hand, he was giving me advice on how it worked best for him when he was going through it. I only ever knew people like this as the worst kind of individual. Keeping safe harbor behind the already damaged barricade, it was a recipe for disaster in my eyes and the things that he didn’t say were always what helped me to stay in line with life.
How unfair I thought it was when I realized how emotional of a person he was. At times, he gave me more than enough reasons about his character to know that he wasn’t mad. Sometimes though, I just wanted to fight regardless of wanting a drama free life. I was seeking both, and I found I could fit only one into a blissful existence.
So much of our future is always so uncertain, so it’s so unbelievably difficult to accept the things that we are successful with. Shaking hands with Loch Loa is not for everybody, but the moments of true understanding with a person that you don’t ever really want to know, can alternatively give you some of the most peaceful understandings that we can entertain for ourselves. Many times, we come to realize that the person we want to know the least is indeed our self.
A lot of what the Wordsmith was readying me for was the loneliness that consumed him. That loneliness happens as life goes by for all of us, with him though, I think he felt it all. He felt every loss, every dark or negative emotion, and I could see the beauty that resided in his heart. That is why I was the one that hurt him the most. I can’t blame myself, sometimes I ponder at the thought that he allowed it to happen, that is only because I am happy now. I like to think that it was all a part of who he was. A different type of person that managed to be successful in feigning normality.
He also taught me that all of this was changing around us, always. There is no real normal, only the normal that we can convince ourselves exists. This alone could define who we are, if it wasn’t for there having to be a standard opposition. The Wordsmith wanted to expose the non-sense in this regard. That anything that we find harmful could mostly be ignored. Now, on the smaller degrees of this, one to another, this is blindness towards our fellow man that is not helping. What he aimed at were the larger targets, the ones that ran the regime of pitting one against the other. The greed that controls humanity.
I would always try to tell him how beautiful I thought he was. He would respond with how he knew it too, but it didn’t matter how beautiful he was. The decision to leave him was the hardest I ever had to make. It was Christmas, it would have been just as painful had it been any other day of the year, for as Omnists we recognized Xmass. Which is the celebration of every day. His love extended more than the confines of my heart. I could not share, and I thought it best to go our separate ways. I found it hard to keep up with his ways, he wanted more than I felt I could give. I know I was wrong about this, but sometimes you only see things from all ways after the fact. Hind sight is 20/20.

Twelve-score years ago, a fledgling nation had a dream dedicated and proposing the right that all men are created equal.
Today, I (as well as you) have a dream dedicated now to the proposition that all humans are indeed equal in the world whereupon we share.
That throughout each nation’s history all have known the sting of a questionable past; and that everyone, of each nation, can look within and honestly compare such atrocities.
However, In the lands that we each call home there is indeed a sight we’d each wish to share.
That now, in the face of ideals derived from fear, we can all stand united as a race of humans from all walks of life.
Even lands that have remained in the quiet realms of the world can now equate themselves to the effects of terror used to promote fear and to compromise the unity of one person to another.
Declare for yourself and stand now united in the face of such horrific opposition. Forgive yourself and one-another for the transgressions of time gone by and open your hearts to the wisdom of knowing that one soul taken in vain is as if the world has fallen; and one saved is as if the world thrives. Love thy neighbor and dwell in no confines that boundaries and restrictions imply.
Break-away from a time of fear-mongering and inequality, when levitications and sharia law took advantage of fear of the unknown. Rather, stand together with common sense and moral implications that rights are not given…they are built in our own unique essence…manufactured by an unidentified source that our spirits name God and our sciences seek to know.
Allow not the future generations to look back into history and view us as the predators that took more than they needed and refused to give back. Instead, let them see that we took the steps forward to prove to one-another that each grace we were given we gave back two-fold with sanctimonious empathy.
Let it now be the time to reconstruct our world from what has collapsed in front of us and hold true the pen is mightier than the sword; and the language barrier be shattered so that we find one-another in social media under one tongue. Emphasizing that our common word is more powerful a piercing of the heart than any bullet, and may we do so with a non-accusing standard among individuals.
One nation under threat and fire is indeed a threat to the world. Under such implications of threat and fire we all recognize a bond in feeling, and that bond will not sever under such duress, only be strengthened in the face of the menace at hand.
“Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work; it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” [unknown] Let us then be the calm for one-another and push through this barrier of division and conflict. That we see the beauty that resides in each individual, and share this time in history as a world united “in the name of”, and not be torn apart by it.
For one world, (our only world) granted to us by an unaltered source so that we may all dream, share, and harmonize together.
~the Wordsmith~
The Pine Barrens, NJ 11/14/15

Now here we are, in a time too late to explore our world, for we are all told it has been discovered. Now here we are, in a time too early to explore the stars, for with all our technology we can’t reach that far.
Now, here we are. Corrupted and seeking answers from our past…for our future…. Yet, neglecting the discoveries within that hold no hostage to another’s warm delight.
Now, here we are, taught to be scared and fearful of the night. Preying still on the weaknesses that we see as weakness, and conforming to tyrannical rule.
Now here we are, feeling hopeless in a mindset so consumed by the want for more, that we’ve forgotten the small aspects of what has brought us to this vacant point in life.
Now, here I am. Alone outside a weather worn box. With my ill concern towards those that move people like pawns on a war-torn board that’s shared by billions.
Now! Hear my battle cry and rise to discover the stars that only come out at night. Fear not the limitations that you’ve been led to believe and stand tall, above the walls of oppressive greed.
Now! Come one come all to the unlimited world where hearts and minds meld as one. Where we reconstruct by standing up and leaving the ruin behind.
Now, here I am, awaiting the trumpets sound. The nonviolent conclusions to be drawn from unison, and not succumbing to frivolous needs for ‘things.’
Now, I say! It’s your world of wonder to sit, stand or crawl. It’s your world to take for yourself and face the consequences of seeing what’s behind the wall.
~the Wordsmith~


The world I am writing these words for, is a world that does not exist save for only in my mind, heart, and quite possibly the minds and hearts of others. The one thing under the sun that has yet to be, happens to be world peace. Many people think it is impossible, the more that that is said and believed the less likely world peace will be possible. To reach this goal many things need to happen. Sadly, one of those things may involve a depopulation of humanity. In other words, a humanicide. Not one group of people targeted, but a natural inevitable cause, Mother Nature’s response towards our actions of the misuse of her body. Call it an apocalypse of biblical proportions, whatever term best suits your needs. All in all, many of us must go for this to work. Perhaps not dead, perhaps we can colonize another planet or something of the ilk. Underwater habitations, on-water habitations. So long as we can eradicate greed, I do believe that the want and desire of things will erode and we will eventually realize that we do not need to depend on killing one another for humanity to continue.
It is within me to continue to strive towards the most impossible thing imaginable. It is my belief that nothing is impossible and that we have yet to be revealed our true potential as a species of humans. Essentially, if it can be thought of, then there is a clear method of getting there. To pursue such a task, we must first understand the darker aspects of our humanity as guideposts in our existence. These things do have to exist to understand a level of complacency towards who we are as individuals. Some people like combat, while others like tea and biscuits. Hence, those that like combat shouldn’t murder those that like tea and biscuits. For the simple fact that they are just two different types of people doing different degrees of right things for themselves. You see, neither is wrong in living their life, the first to press upon the other is in the wrong.
Once we do see beyond the limits that we currently place upon ourselves, there will be a revelation of sorts and we will become a unified humanity. A humanity that drifts past who we are now and goes into the future for humankind as something wonderful. One that will begin to delegate what they feel others are supposed to do, rather than compromise togetherness because of the small differences in all of us. Negative Livings such as this have lost touch with a beautiful reality. They have been corrupted by greed and power and they feel others should see and begin to make what they see fit a reality without sharing power. However, people that drift beyond the confines of the illusions that are given to them see a better way of life. It may at first appear tougher to those that succumb to a sloth-like existence, but those are the types of people that will learn to survive, or simply starve.
After the economies collapse and the warmongering countries of the world have all but obliterated one-another; after the meek of the planet get too sick and tired of rules that make no sense. After all the things in this world other than the lives of others become meaningless. After all of this has come to a halt, and there is nothing left but one another, there will arise a need to build a system that is not rooted in money and greed. Once we begin to realize how important each Living on this planet is; once we see beyond the confines that we have been held hostage to a tyrannical rule of government. Once we are rid of the dictations put upon us by the organizations of selfishness, and we can see into each other’s souls/gardens and connect in ways that are far more important than the sizes of our bank accounts to define who we are…when the systems implode and the walls of each nation crumble and there are no more nations, just a world…then it would be almost as if someone came around and simply told everything and everyone to stop! for just a moment, and let’s not continue to waste time and life on patching up holes in the dam. Let’s finally let the dam break and allow the waters to go back to their natural positions, instead of trying to convince ourselves that all the silly mechanisms in government and religion used to control and oppress are any good at all. There are good aspects to be taken from each and all, but it has already been twisted by those who see fit to use these systems for their own advantage, instead of using them as they were intended. Thus, making their original intentions to be taken advantage of.
Granted, I am only speaking from exposure to American culture (this is not to say there is no relative basis formed from all of this though. I do believe I am granted access to freedoms that many countries do not have. But, I do also believe that those freedoms are being taken from us in an open manner, so that an entire country can’t turn around on its government and say that we weren’t aware of it). I have only read the things about other countries that America allows its citizens to read, I no longer watch the news, nor do I watch television. I read, research, and listen to what others say, I have kept my mouth shut much of the time. Instead of wasting my time and energy supplying ideas on how to fix a government, I came up with a new one. My ideas, at first, may seem to be on that of the radical side or even a simple jest (I assure you, it is not); I say to get rid of a corrupted government, ignore it. For there is no government that will survive without its people. So, if everyone is together about being ticked off; if everyone has all the answers and it causes a stir, a stir enough for there to be some kind of a revolution and to do what may be considered maniacal, to ignore any government would be to take people away from their most dependent state of being throughout the history human-kind. Simply by not even recognizing government rule, it is that simple…is it not…?
This, I feel, is when Omnistocraticism will be adopted; it is not a political party. Any attempt to make it so will be ruined beyond precedence among its futile attempt to overthrow it. It is indeed a system, but it is not a governing system save for the self-governance of the words that it is derived from. It is common sense, it is fair and there is no greed involved. It is a sharing of time and a system of duty to one another rather than an establishment. Omnistocraticism, Omnism and Omnist philantheosophy are words; as such they will not be bought, sold, nor fought over.
The way I express myself about being an Omnist is a part of my fool’s journey, that is one small part of Omnism. ‘The Omnist Tenets’ were written as a part of the ‘I Omnist’ series. So that Omnism may grow as an ideal for understanding each intricate part of who we all are, both together and as individuals. And that we consider the differences we all share, and embrace that as common ground. Omnism cares little for the price-tags that are placed upon something. That having rules on top of rules to repair rules and cross out other rules and then dictate senseless rules is distracting us from removing the uselessness that veils our eyes from what freedom truly is. This kind of clout is only there to confuse the masses, I say there is no Illuminati, but they are always going to be the ones to blame no matter what the name. All forms of government have been proven useless in a system that’s been bought and sold time and time again. I disagree with the notion of giving power to ideas that only allow us to consume one another. Move now beyond the things that have been conspired and begin building toward a future that has no worries of such things. A future away from those that assume control only take the worst of our ideas and put them into motion. All the helpful ideas that produce an abundance of renewable resources are bought and kept tucked away, because there is no money involved in worth-while ideas that are backed by diligence and hard work to yielding an abundance of peace and prosperity for all.
No doubt that there will be a large amount of scoffing at this idea, people fear things that can’t be bought because there is a lack of understanding as to how to live happily without money. The happiest people that I have come across in life have had little more than the clothes on their backs. They have always seemed to be able to give more than they could without any regard towards their own well-being. This is not to say that they didn’t care for themselves, they were more than willing to share what it was that they did have. With whomever they saw fit to deserve their compassion and empathy. Despite all things that let them down in life, they still managed to press on and be a part of life in their own fashion. Still, time and time again, they are the ones finding themselves having more and more of their rights trampled on by a system that was designed to not have this happen.
Simple, and easy as it once was. Humble and replenishing. The combined knowledge that we have out there and are sharing with one another should be a wonderful salute to everyone contributing something to the rest of the human race. So long as those that wish to take more and more are dealt with accordingly, then Omnistocria will come to be, and Omnistocraticism will be fluid, and all forms of worship will band together in places known as Omnist Diaries. One ring to rule them all in a world without rules, I suppose.
What I will be doing with the ideal of Omnism is taking the sins that reside within us all and exposing them until their definitions begin to taper down into something tangible. So that we may be able to re-build from them. That we will be able to realize that the existence of these things should be left in the past. Yet, be aware of the important role they play in what not to do. The seven deadly sins to be more specific and how they identify to our past, and how imperative the meaning of that past is to us as human beings. Greed, lust, envy, pride, wrath, gluttony and sloth. These sins tie in together and each one is a step down a road that many people do not realize that they are following until it is too late, and that is their journey to take.
For the longest time, I have been racking my brain to figure out how Omnistocraticism is meant to play a role in this world. Yes, it is indeed a word that I have made up, I do not like the idea of using it in politics; yet, I am hoping it is something that may allow us to see past political parties and all the silly quarrels and debates that come to fruition, and keep us from our true potential. Yes, it is meant to be a world ideal. I have realized though, that to do that I must share all that I am with the world. So that the greedy in this world knows there are those out there that are not afraid to reveal themselves. Yes, I am very much for Antichrist theory and a part of me does want to see the world burn, only to know that what will come of it will indeed thrive, and that the teachers of the past were intending something along the lines of Omnistocraticism; and that by identifying with their goals we’re not so far away from the intentions of any god. But, we come to understand that any god could be written in as a means of controlling through fear. Thus, giving the masses something to look forward to outside of the boundaries of a meager existence. Building empires for the kings and rulers of their time, and hoping that they are striving for something beyond this life in the ideals of something greater than a king.
I am going to reveal as much as I can about who I am, so that those who want to strive towards world peace may be able to dissect me and break me apart through my words and know, that I know, that they know, that I know that I am not perfect and neither are they. I have made mistakes and I will continue to do so, for I am human and I am meant to err. For me to forget my mistakes is one of the worst things of all, for if I forget such things about my life then the course is bound to repeat itself. If I fall backwards into the disparaging aspects of my past, then I am seeking a bleak future. If I take the path of not dwelling on such things then I steer clear of the anxiety created by the guilt I would press upon myself, due to my past; and fail to create a better future for the generations that care nothing about who it is I am in regards to my mistakes.
I have learned from my mistakes, I continue to make mistakes and I always will, as well as learned from the mistakes of others. It is essential in Omnistocraticism to do so. To be able to admit to your flaws and learn from them. To be able to share those and all experiences with one another. Not in any way should this result in some sort of judgmental exercise to degrade one another. Opinions about each other should be a wonderful guide to discovery and not lead to negativity. The flaws that we all share can be taken as something beautiful. If each of us can learn from the rest of the world with understanding and empathy, we may finally move forward as a species of humans, rather than separate races, religions and whatever other reasons you have been taught to dislike another human being.
There is so much to be said about one person, about their ego and how it can become some kind of, manifest diary, and be taken for the long haul as to how others perceive such a person. About how I, myself, am writing about myself to propel something that I, quite honestly, would rather enjoy. But, I accept that I may not ever see in my lifetime. Or, that I feel I may be some old man on his deathbed hearing the bells of serenity that announce that peace has finally been attained around the world. I would care not if anyone knew my name because I remain aware that a world built on the shoulders of one person will crumble. I am a human, a wordsmith and a vagabond, nothing more.
I am but a small part of the full potential of Omnism and Omnistocraticism, but the ideals and the writings and the journey that we all take and share are equal, and this makes us equal with and for one another. It would be such an enormous shame to see all of our lives go to waste when in this technological age we can share who it is we are with one another. That scares those that prescribe to power and want as much of the power they can seize by any means necessary. There is little true power outside of the confines of an individual, until the individual is willing to relinquish that power to one that seeks it. Thus, we may move onto a better form of power to grow and become something better, for the better of all Living. We all have that capacity, we must realize that money is not power, and control by this means only feeds a delusion. Thus, forming a reality of illusion.
It is going to take my entire life for me to be able to share all that I am at all moments because every second I am growing, learning and diving into deeper degrees of who it is I am. But, to be told I am wrong for feeling the way I do about peace in this world, or being told that it is impossible only causes me to strive harder, write better, love unconditionally and be an all-around better human being. Basically, I have the mentality of those who said it couldn’t be done are standing in the way of those doing it. Those that are truly ‘woke’ are the ones that they are hunting, and no one may ever know or believe that if there are none of us left to tell about it.
All it is that I truly can do is just hope upon hope that you discover who it is you are, by reading the words about who it is I once was. So that I may prove beyond my words alone that I am legit in how strongly I feel about accomplishing the thing that has yet to be accomplished. Those in the past that have tried have ultimately set their watch to their own demise. I too, am essentially doing the same thing with these writings, so I care to only enjoy the time I have in this world, and I should do so with no fear and no fear to sell. I have lost everything but myself and many say that I have lost my mind. The best phrase I can come up with in response to that is, yes, I am daffy, but I’m daffy in a good way.

Do not murder.
Be honest.
Owning another human being is forbidden.
Do live your life to the greatest extent of influence upon good that you can.
It doesn’t matter who you love, so long as you are in love.
If something offends you, understand the only thing in the day that has changed is you are offended. Nothing more will come of it, just move on offended, or move on with a sense of new knowledge.
Try; always try. If you fail, you’ve learned a lesson and it is time to move on. If you succeed you have triumphed and it is time to move on.
Know that God is seemingly reclusive, if something like that wants you, it will come and find you.
Life gives death gifts that death will keep forever.
Omnistocraticism is a world view during the time of no nations and no boundaries. An overview of a subtraction of greed and a negating of economic principles ruling the world. Officials of high rank are elected based on morals and values of ethics towards human-kind and regulated by the whole of human-kind for the necessity of living together as individuals valuing each other equally; as well as understanding that value. There is no hierarchy, but respect towards individuals in power is imperative and numerous voices speak for all, beyond things that are unnecessary. It is based more on the obligation of the citizens of the world subscribing to the needs of one another with regards to a lifestyle based off indigenous cultures. But, enjoying what has been earned based off what has been given back to society as an individual unit, benefiting the whole.
Every clan, tribe, society, civilization, country, state, territory, continent…etc…etc…is separate, yet acting as a small faction to the Earth. Goods that benefit each can be shared in a sense of barter as to push greed to the bottom of the barrel and allow life and lives to thrive on, within, about, and for one another. Aid from one to another should be given when needed through a pay it forward system. The idea is that paying it forward is the best principle to base these actions upon. To pay something forward is to do a good deed for someone in hopes that they do good deeds for someone else, while not expecting anything in return (other than helping someone else). If we can all rely on each other to accomplish these deeds, then there is no reason to be hateful towards others in life. So long as there is no corruptible source from the start of this, doing something without the threat of being taken advantage of, or threatened is imperative for this system to work. Remember, this is a system without money, the deeds spoken of in this method are deeds from the heart, not deeds from withdrawing from one’s bank account, because there are no personal banks, only time banks. These deeds are not to be measured in comparable size. Each individual deed is just as important as another person’s deed. They are meant to be built upon in terms of the heart and nourishing to one’s garden. So, that a kind gesture in return from another person is only amplified towards the deeds you place on the next individual. So, that one may feel good about themselves in the eyes and minds of whatever divine purpose their life is built around.
These are simple guidelines for a norm among cultures throughout the world, these base tenets must be free of greed and negative manners of taking advantage of one another. Rivalries should be set aside as they affect innocent Livings and the direct is placed under the looming shroud of tyranny.
This is not to take away from forms of entertainment, nor is it to take away from one’s own personal interests. There are people out there that just need a place to put their rage, to entertain their strategic mind, to indulge in things that others may not agree with. So long as these things are mutual in the sense that gladiatorial type behavior is some form of entertainment, does not mean that there is not peace. For if these people run rampant and had nowhere to place their aggression, then it would be taken out on innocent people that have no want to engage in these acts (that would be an example of pressing on another’s garden as written about in ‘The Omnist Tenets’). To take away this need for aggression, would again, be a form of pressing upon the garden of another. Though not all of us can relate to such forms of behavior, there is indeed a warrior understanding of the world, and their practices are that of their own type of divination. It is their way to nourish their garden, no matter how many may feel this is wrong. Taking this aspect of life away from those who thrive on it is far worse an act than the allowance of such indulgences. This also is not promoting violence towards others, to simplify it “don’t take may cookie, and I won’t take yours. If I don’t like to fight, I won’t. But, I won’t stop you from enjoying the thrill of what you love to do. So long as those involved want and choose to be there.”
There are those out there that want to do nothing at all, these people are simply allotted nothing more than the means to survive until they contribute to society and understand that their own sloth like mentality will grant them nothing other than a life of destitution. If they become willing and see that contributing as a member of society will grant them access to the things that they so choose, then they are welcome to engage and see firsthand the nature of compassion and empathy being emphasized towards fellow human beings and other Living in this world. Otherwise a person that sits and does nothing will be obliged to find their own method of survival, if that person chooses to harm others, then proper actions will be taken upon them, for they only brought it upon themselves with such selfish behavior.
Omnistocraticism is interwoven as an ideal of living morally, like Omnism, it’s approach is for that of peace and understanding. Thus, exposing in nature of the smaller, more power hungry and greedy people that would choose death and famine to control the understanding of a combined heart and mind.
People that commit petty acts and negative deeds are taken to the center of their locale for a day (the town square of their neighborhood where they are known and recognized). They are confined there not too be treated as a criminal, but to be reminded by those that know them about the good deeds that they are remembered for. This type of reprimanding is meant to encourage the person. So, that they understand how valuable they are, and have been, amid a community of their people. It is rehabilitation on a pedestal of peace. Embarrassment and shame will be combined with empathy due to one’s own past good deeds.
Religions should be as free as the methods of peace that they promote. Free to all that are open and willing to devote themselves to a notion of peace through prayer and worship. Free to the seemingly lost, free to those that feel a certain doom in life that they cannot overcome. And if a religion does not work for an individual, that by no means makes the religion wrong, it means the person has not found in the religion their own internal notion of God, gods, or lack there-of. There is a necessary adjustment that needs to be made that involves the break away from violent teachings in each religion. That the places of worship that feed off the backs of people, and are filled with scum of all kinds, should be rendered useless as the one-time followers see fit on a personal level. But, the former follower should not shed bad light, for all judgment about a place of worship is an individual judgment and should remain as such. We are all our own place of worship despite the need for funds. So long as the base level of a place of worship is to help, rather than control, then the true nature of the places of worship will show through.
These words toward religion should be viewed more as a reminder of what we once were instead of forced onto another who doesn’t share the same belief. Each religion is meant to be understood by each other religion to identify the truth of love within each one. Not for each one to dictate the rules to another set of structured beliefs. Omnism and Omnistocraticism is by no means an assault on any religion or place of worship. Omnists find their fervor in the religion that best suits them, perhaps Omnism has helped them find their path towards God, but it may not be the same definition of God that another religion has put upon it.
God, gods or lack thereof should indeed be taken seriously, but each form of a Source is an individual fabrication and representation of God, gods or lack thereof. Over time these beliefs of a higher power dictate their own play among the Living. Be any god real or not, the idea itself exists and grows, or it becomes lost in antiquity. There is no swaying of views on a Source, even a lack of a belief in a Source is still a form of a Source.
If one is on an endless quest for nothingness, then they are still seeking knowledge on which direction they are taking to get there. Not to say that they will end up in Nothing, but Nothing is where they are plucking these ideas from. Out of an endless oblivion that has yet to reveal the inner workings of the universe, so that we may continue to answer questions in an endless, eternal placement of what our time spent here means.
Atheism is a mindset that should be taken rather seriously as well. Though Atheists have no belief in the beyond, they still have a practicality in life that makes sense in being a decent person. Without religion, many Atheists have managed to discover things that may have remained unknown, or at least have been put on the back-burner while we wait for any god’s instructions. It’s difficult to say what may or may not have happened in another realm of existence. For this is the realm that we live in. We live in a world where we fancy a bitter argument over the existence or non-existence of something. What all it really boils down to is a sense of control. Atheists do not want to be told just as much as zealots of other kinds do not want to be told. Essentially, each side has its zealots and that sort of behavior is one of the first steps towards putting a bad name on two things that are, good. The nature of both beasts is to exist. But, if they are constantly attempting to compromise each other’s beliefs, then eventually we will find ourselves burning Alexandria once again. Get off and stay off your high horses…all of you zealots.
In Omnistocraticism it is vital to always remind one another that there are people out there that have been thriving as a small civilized culture without the need for modern niceties. Their simple ways have stood the test of time. Perhaps, if not for the “civilized world” getting to involved with their way of life, they may outlast even the self-proclaimed great nations that fancy themselves as something better, or above the rest. War torn cities still manage even after nations have come and gone. What’s left now is a heap of dirt and debris, little to no water and infertile land. Yet, these cultures thrive, and it appears the lack of understanding wants to cripple these ways of life to pave a way for what? A new fast food chain? More oil? More and more greed?
The need to break away from a societal norm (willingly, of course) to discover the means in which smaller tribes have managed to find their peace, requires a method of utilizing the simplest aspects of living, and combining them with a larger scale of living. We must learn to customize our lifestyle so that we may learn from others. If some method of living does not suit an individual, that does not mean either side is wrong, nor are their methods. So long as no harm is being done, then there is no real wrong method of living under the standards of Omnistocraticism. Granted, there is a level of cleanliness that should be adhered to. But, if one does not know how to do so, then perhaps it is best to teach them. Therein lies a sense of barter among people working together for one another with no money involved. The Sloth can be taught a sense of self gratitude and appreciation towards their neighbor’s methods of cleanliness and they may in turn help to repair a piece of machinery or potentially play an instrument for entertaining or something just as minor, but pleasant. Mow a lawn, do the laundry, write a bible just to give some examples.
Situations and issues should be pondered over by whatever use of patience one has instead of rushing into something. It is vital to retract from a path that, throughout time, has taught us nothing but the tactics involved are malevolent, with the result being destruction. War and things that lead to it must be avoided at all costs. There is a swallowing of pride that the lesser of the evils must endure, to better recognize the negative outcomes that will ultimately come to fruition, if forward progress of defending false pride is pursued. Make peace with one-self to better understand your neighbors view on how it is you operate. So, that together, despite differences, two may accomplish something and build a better suited sense of inner harmony, rather than disputing over things that did not matter from the get go.
As all countries first formed they were built by men that understood how to implement servitude through fear all too well. They took advantage of the unknown and gave birth to a concept that would anger any god, and the writing of such breaking away from servitude is documented throughout history. All mysteries work in ways that we can attempt to blame on God and essentially, it is all the fault of a God, but not the Christian God, not Allah, not Brahma, Zeus nor Buddha, not the Flying Spaghetti Monster nor the Pink Unicorn and certainly not the God that doesn’t exist to Atheists. It is not the Pagan gods that have been demonized to instill fear among believers and to justify their negativity towards one another. It is our belief in them and our tolerance of fear that manifests into a crippling desire to spread fear among one another. For it is far easier to implement the illusion of control through fear, than it is to relinquish control for peace, love and a simple existence.
The main aspect as an individual is to take yourself apart and allow others to break you into pieces, so that you may share the small aspects of the individual that you are with others around you. There are many ways to go about doing this. But, we each eventually come to terms with who it is we are and can still find a way to ascertain wisdom. The mind fills up to capacity but those are only the numbers that math can use to materialize reality and existence. There is an area of existence where those things do not hold any full-fledged weight. That area is within the imagination and it is imperative to hold together in each other’s imaginations so that we can continue to reflect and nourish each other’s gardens and hearts. For there are areas of each individual imagination that we manage to make connections with, those connections cannot be severed because the memory of that time still exists within the minds of those involved.
Each person (or Living for that matter) that we come across in life is little more than a fool looking another fool eye-to-eye. Now, that being stated, how do we observe our observer? Is there a set regulation to see this? A lot of it (among higher intelligence’s) resides in that of the zodiacs, how that is determined, is from that initial introduction or even the walk up to the Living. We get a gut feeling that tells us and allows us to administer the vibrations that are going to follow. That there is going to be something learned and taught or that you are both some sort of kindred spirit tied into the web stated in ‘The Omnist Tenets’ as Purple Jesus. That we will all somehow propel one another further along on each of our journeys, so that the separation will be bittersweet, but ultimately necessary to move further along in life.
When it comes to hate in Omnistocraticism as well as Omnism, it is best to understand that the existence of hate relies heavily on love, not as an opposite, but as a quick irrational feeling that endures only because of love, and is an emotion all on its own that we must learn to come to terms with. Love lasts longer and is much more difficult to understand. But, if served properly love can be utilized in conjunction with quick spurts of hate and rage. There is no truth higher than love and there is no emotion as complex as love, for it encompasses everything. One that loves can even learn to share emotions with those that show apathy. Though, if one prescribes to apathy it will be harder to turn back down the path of love because we must make the venture back through the hate that dissolved into apathy. I could just as easily begin to give myself up to hate. But ultimately, it is showing an emotion of some kind, some need to be noticed and I would much rather be noticed for the love that I have left and care to share with others, rather than the dastardly attempts at destruction that hate boils over into, ultimately causing a surrender to apathy.
Instead of identifying the importance of an issue, I place the issue itself in a relative scope. Those that argue one side of something justify their side just as much as the side they are arguing. So, it would be easier to squash the argument to the point that the bitter rivalries do not matter, but the contestants do. Placing value on each element of an argument and then negating the argument all-together. That is not to say though, that the feelings shared do not matter. On the contrary, the feelings are what was important and not the substance of the debate. This is just one example of clarifying individual freedom, noting that it is not worth the fight. But that the value is in the words and feelings and not who wins and who lost. There is no such thing as losing, only winning and a lesson learned.
Essentially, what I am attempting to say is that the learning process itself needs to be re-formatted. What we are taught that matters, and what matters, seem to be two different things in this society. Which crook is going to benefit me is the one I should be voting for does not make much sense to me when it comes to electing leaders. That is like choosing the lesser of two evils and when it comes to power, who the heck wants to be under the ruling thumb of evil? All I hear is how none of this makes any sense to anyone. Yet, they continue to just go along with this silly idea that freedom exists under the faulty flag of greed. What then happens when they return home? What of those that understand home as being anywhere they are, and have given up on commonplace traditions and futile attempts to survive under rules of meager means. How much longer can we continue to fight, murder, hurt and do all these things that we know will lead us down a path towards our own demise. If I chose not to take up my pen and get the ball rolling with this unfathomable idea of world peace, how much longer before someone finally would stand up and do it? I am not saying I am the only one attempting this. I am saying that I am utilizing Omnism and Omnistocraticism as it is meant to be used. As a mechanism and a piece of the puzzle that we all seem to be missing to some degree. Through Omnism all religions and gods are only degrees of a much larger picture. Omnism itself is not a degree, it is the weaver of the circle that forms all of us. But, without all of us, the notion of Omnism being such a thing wouldn’t exist.
Under Omnistocraticism the people that do severe wrong (murder, rape and child molestation just to name a few) are used as batteries. Hooked into a perpetual state of never-ending servitude and linked into a virtual reality. They are not dead, but they are no longer among the living. They are not killed, only sentenced to a lifetime of servitude in virtual blackness. They may see god, they may see Buddha, they may see Jesus, they may see themselves. However, they are gone into Nothing. Because some people just want to see life that way, and they deserve no better, nothing more than blackness, no anything other than Nothing. This is capital punishment.
Democracy is not gone; all things can be put to a vote in Omnistocraticism. Even if it means removing an official. It is swift adherence to the balance and sharing of power equally. It does however render a multi-party system obsolete. All votes are in favor of the peoples’ majority and the people are the ones voting on regulations, rules, balances, major decisions, and basically anything that will directly involve the productivity of the said world. The proper leaders put into place are there to ensure that we are certain in our decisions. They guide, more than rule.
There is no one ruler, there is no emperor, there is no king, there is no president. There is no congress, there is no due process of law save for a sense of moral service towards one another. There is no use for money because it is understood that all things being done are to benefit human-kind so that we may move forward and evolve. Unjust greedy systems are only good for any notion of good that can be plucked from their pages. Not all aspects of the past are bad, however the reliance on systems in place that are easily bought and sold will be tossed aside, so that we can no longer be taken advantage of by those that choose gold over life. This system implies the preciousness of that which is life. Instead of insurances the insurance is in the will of another person that has trained with others and with themselves to continue with the want to help another human being, not consumed by the flashiness that the bogus insurance companies have lined their pockets with that has corrupted them.
Anything that grows naturally on this planet will indeed be made legal, but that does not mean all these things are good. It is up to the individual to decide their own level of intake on such substances. Remember, some plants are poisonous. Marijuana and hemp will indeed be legal and more research in the benefits of these substances will be essential. Alcohol will be legal, tobacco will be legal. Drugs that are used to influence the nature of people in a negative fashion will be done away with. Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, non-sense pharmaceuticals. The only reason alcohol is legal is due to the mistake prohibition had proved to be in the past. I myself am an alcoholic and can attest to the negativity that it does offer. However, those that do enjoy alcohol responsibly should, for no reason, have this right taken away from them. The same could be said for much harder drugs, but their efficiency to destroy families far exceeds that of alcoholism. The help that AA offers does wonders for those that choose to understand their malady.
Abortion will be a choice made before a heartbeat is heard. Most of us can agree to the fact that anything with a heartbeat is indeed a living thing. There are many willing and loving individuals out there that would love to have a child of their own. I cannot in good conscience agree with a late term abortion. The thought of children’s body parts in plastic bags is rather disturbing.
Water should be nothing less than potable. There is no reason that each person on this planet should not have a source of water. The wastefulness that is involved in the most vital fluid in our existence is intolerable. It is inexcusable and all things that contaminate that which allows us to live should be done away with.
Power and electricity will come from renewable sources. The world that we currently reside in seems to want to continue this trek of consumption and has no problems with disasters that could be avoided. Anything other than a natural disaster is an accident and, for the most part, avoidable. So why should we continue to risk our own well-being in the face of nuclear radiation, smog, and all things that destroy our environment. A much more beneficial means of energy is out there and we are currently at the cusp of better times technologically to research and reap the rewards of such.


I have to give some sort of recognition to Moses, the writer of the first five books of the bible. In my opinion, I do believe that this man had a very vast imagination. I also believe that he envisioned a future for the depraved that he lived among. That, for them, he created a new way to view life, love and divinity separate from those that suppressed them. He traded many gods for one almighty one, if only for the simplicity. He created a nation that did not exist, gave it laws and a notion of peace under a flag of fear. A different kind of fear than what was oppressing him, a new fear of sorts. A fear of God. For this I admire him as a writer. I commend such an imagination, because I could sit here all day and say that I have been ordered by a god to write for a religion that encapsulates all of them. That may or may not be the case, but either way, Moses serves as proof that it can be done. Those that followed serve as proof that it can be corrupted and misconstrued.
I could be just as likely to be insane, but I don’t hear voices. When you are touched by what I could deem as god, it is a feeling. You don’t hear it, you don’t see it, it just happens. Moses created a promised land, an Exodus, a lineage, a book of laws. Someone may have picked this up hundreds of years after his passing and thought it a good idea. In those times, how would a distant land have been able to prove such a legendary tale? How do you prove a flood without the technology to distinguish the dirt? It’s a rather amazing theory, but it works for me, and it brings me both the comfort and the capacity to relate to a great visionary from 4000 years in the past.
I do believe that imagination is the very fiber of our existence. Thus, imagination is my God and I can go anywhere with it. It is the one thing that we can all relate to having; so it is proof by majority rules, it coincides ideally with faith, and explains the great myths of before even a Hebrew God showed up. It precedes any form of writing and math until we first have records of them.
I can imagine what anything can look like or even be. I encourage a feeling that, despite being confined to a physical reality, that that reality can be shaped more and more by an ever increasing and growing imagination. I do believe our minds are the deepest source for our existence and we will always be on the path of discovery, for we are limitless. This, to me, is how I feel Omnism should continue to take shape and continue to grow.

From the Wordsmith’s writings on Omnism, a new nation had begun to form, it was called Omnistocria. It started off small, with Omnist Diaries springing up on the outskirts of small towns all around the world. The word Omnism had taken hold of people, and the mindset that it brought allowed them to consider one another for their differences. From this understanding they worked together at breaking free from the crippling governments of the world.
Much of what took place at first was simple and it would have seemed like a cult to those viewing it with a negative perspective. The Omnists stole away to the diaries, and they were free to come and go as they pleased. Omnistocria required no funds, it didn’t rely on an internal revenue other than the time put into it by those building it. Each diary can operate without any centralized leadership and, for the most part, all they did was tend the land and take care of one another. They lived on and made trade deals with outside companies. The people were still citizens under the rules of their native lands, but they were building something better right under the noses of the institutions that oppressed them.
They took the power by means of their own two hands, and shared it enthusiastically with those that were willing to snarl in the faces of a monster. These were tactics of the divine and utilizing them caused the disbanding of nations and the end of borders. The separation that we as humans had grown to understand as life had begun to dissolve away. There were no longer misunderstandings and by the time that was realized, half of the people in the world were gone.
The first pyramid cities of the world were built by the nation of Omnistocria. They towered above anything that had ever been built before. They rose to the reaches of skyscrapers and spanned the length of seas. They rose in the reaches of the world that we currently deem as uninhabitable. These cities were built to sustain life and balance resources. The land below them grew into a once again beautiful earth. Plants and animals thrived without human interference. The resources were harnessed in all aspects of these cities, people were free to wander the world. To live a nomadic type of existence, meeting people from all over the world, and doing so at their own risks.
A clay army was indeed the backbone of Omnistocria. It was a general idea until the people decided to put themselves into the clay soldiers, thus becoming the army. The people of the nation became the army, though no army was needed, they just couldn’t give up the term…lol…. They began to love and encapsulate the idea of one day becoming free of tyranny, free of ridiculous formats of politics and legislation. Free of congresses and kings and queens. Free of the ‘he said, she said’ and who was going to come up with some new idea to take a few more cents off the top. They were going to be free.
The Diaries would one day be abandoned or sold to whomever would choose to buy them at a fair price. For this time to come an island had to be bought, ships had to be purchased and a lot of refurbishing had to be done. Food rations had to be accumulated, a population had to be established, people had to learn how to navigate and be a contributing member to this society. They had to work together to farm, and to know how electrical systems worked aboard a boat. They had to understand the equipment that would get them there, fuel consumption, the capabilities of water makers. They had to be blue collar as well as white collar. They had built themselves an Ark. An ARK, an ‘Act of Random Kindness’ and they had learned how to do so from within them. That’s where the journey of this unfathomable expedition begins. The way it is built, the beginning construction of this. All this wonderful bliss set in front of us for the taking and we can think of little more than how to take meaningless possessions from each other.
It has been proven time and time again that it is not Gods fault, so I would surmise it is in our fault. For if someone as meager as the Wordsmith could bind these concepts together then it would be absurd to think that the idea of any god would not have thought of it already. Know now that a god would be tired of thinking of it, add infinity and there you have the non-sense of how we best perceive a reality created by God. That we listen to those that choose to tell us what to think instead of thinking for ourselves. That we allow our pride and ego to separate us from understanding. If we are wrong about something we tend to continue going forward with that wrong until life (or something of the ilk) changes our perception and steers us on a path of doing right, not just for us, but for others too.
The Wordsmith’s proposed plan for an actual ARK and the nation of Omnistocria all started in the Diaries. From the backs of those that chose to live the same dream of freedom came such a nation, and they knew they needed to work together for this dream to become a reality. The idea was rather rudimentary, buy used cruise ships and redesign them to support a society in high seas. The vessels would be very efficient at sustaining themselves over a large amount of time. Funds rolled themselves over with interest and those upon the vessels catered to outsourcing needs, technological research and advancements at sea. It helped to launch ideas in the space programs around the world and expand upon deep sea research.
Omnistocria was a peaceful nation from the beginning and many of its inhabitants were happy there. They would contribute time as an equal share of the work that needed to be done on each ship. One ship being designated for freshwater holds and reverse osmosis equipment to desalinate seawater. Freshwater for drinking and keeping clean and raising a stock of fish for food and hydroponics. Another ship designated for livestock of the smaller kind, chickens, goats, pigs and various other creatures that didn’t take up too much space and could be easily worked with, and many of which could help dispose of certain edible wastes.
Goods were traded with other countries that accepted this lifestyle. As such, people were free to come and go as they pleased. Tours would be granted to see how this country operated. Many landlubbers were sure to be curious and always had questions about how they kept their funds in order.
The laws that governed this country became known as Omnistocraticism. It was very simple in its design and based mostly off how indigenous tribes operated. It was a pay it forward system and everyone aboard these vessels understood the importance of finances funding their home, their community, and their nation. Their first ever nation of freedom on the open ocean, with threats of pirates and hostile countries’ naval forces seeking to abolish a threat of a peaceful community working together successfully. A community that understood that they were in fact in control of all the things they had at hand. They were building from scratch and the wonders of mother nature and acts of god were the largest threat, and this was an acceptable risk.
They worked to build bridges and long spans of interlocking mesh-work to travel from one ship to another. Over time, they purchased more and more ships and tethered them so that their strength in numbers grew while in the confines of the ocean. In more time, the bond of the bridgework made their floating community far more stable from the threat of rogue waves and freak storms. Every so often they would have to break off two or more ships to re-supply with neighboring countries. Fuel, parts needed for solar equipment, wind and wave generators. They managed to purchase a small island and continued to build from there. Creating an Atlantis of sorts. Binding the ships together around the island and eventually immobilizing the inner circle of interlocking ships. Using it as a port for trade embargo of fragrant goods manufactured in this distant, bizarre utopia.
It was a nation nearly free of pollutants, as in over time the fuel was only needed for minor passages along trade routes. Much of the established land had restructured itself around running off solar panels and wave-based electricity. Wind turbines were built on the outer banks and life was simple despite being highly technological. Much of the fuel would be run from the waste created by the living beings on the ship. Broken down into biodegradable material and reconstituted.
There wouldn’t be any going back for the people on the ARK. There would only be moving forward and going places. Proving to the world that it is possible to live in peace without kneeling to money, greed and corrupt political systems. The control is in the moral fibers of each individual working for one another to live and be happy. There is no so saith the Wordsmith, for it is a civilization of understanding one another, for one another.
As time passed, Omnistocria did became known as the new Atlantis. It’s shape was formed by ships and in the center was their crescent shaped island. A unified force with wind turbines and wave power. They manufactured a large variety of soaps that became highly demanded throughout the rest of the world. Along with perfumes, shampoos and various other household items of the bathroom kind. The most alluring part to being in Omnistocria was the fact that you were free to come and go as you pleased. There was no iron-fist rule and the funds you received were paid out to you based on your time put into being a part of the country. But, in Omnistocria you didn’t need any money, it had been rendered obsolete. Greed had been eliminated and the foundation of Omnistocria was built upon the need for one another. So, if you went to the market for food, it was understood that you had played your role in bringing that food to the table. If you were in waste management, or if you were a simple craftsman, or if you had stayed home for weeks on end working on the next best thing, it was understood that you were a valuable member of the community and contributing in some way. It’s kind of like volunteer work, but everyone played their part and there is no variation in class.
You did in fact carve your own path, but everyone was there to encourage you. The only reason there was money involved was for the sake of other countries. It was indeed viewed by Omnistocrians as a necessary evil, but they understood that without it they’d be scavenging for scraps when they visited other lands. They did come to abhor other societies’ greed and wants. Their need to want more than they already had was absurd to Omnistocrians, and being on the outside looking in they could only surmise that the Wordsmith had been right about the upcoming events that would tear the world asunder. Thankfully, they were in high seas, so to speak, and they could flee at any given moment. Once the war-monger, powerhouse countries cut loose on one another, that is exactly what the Omnistocrians did.
By keeping close allies with most nations and establishing trade and commerce with them, much of the products that came from Omnistocria were highly sought after. The quality was of some of the finest that could be found, but it was in limited quantity and only processed at certain times of the year. Their spices, their jewelry, many of their crops that were all grown aboard the ships that rounded the island. Tourism was an enormous part of how they were able to keep in contact with the rest of the world. People were highly inquisitive about how such a place thrived. There would be tours of the ship-land island. Naturally there would be cruises out to high seas. People that just adored the night sky would go out in the open water and observe the stars from a perspective that very few people know exist.
Astronomy changed due to the creation of this island. Omnistocrians could chart a part of the sky that at one point could only be observed in passing. Science was enormous in this land, as well as, a free-form of philantheosophy. Topics were discussed rather than bickered over and Omnistocrians would pity those that were at war with one another, claiming that peace could only be found by worshiping their god. It was all foolish to them, and they did indeed understand their regard for the word fool. It was a respected word, not one of negativity, just one used for lack of understanding, and these Omnistocrians thought bright in their logic. Far from fools, but humble in knowing that they will always be nothing more than such. The value of life is that it does end, in that short time that we are here we experience everything we are going to need once we make our way to the next journey (whatever that may be). That becoming known, made the Omnistocrians the white whale of the world.

Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won the keys to his own kingdom – Lucifer.
Rules for Radicals
Saul Alinsky

Revelation has always been coming true, the trouble is that the scriptures that teach us up to this point do not allow us to see the forest for the trees. The world I see, now has zombies. They are zombies that know only fear. It’s a fear that has been instilled by people consumed by greed, and know no better about how to treat another person. Instead they have large resources to exude an overwhelming amount of crowd control. It is amazing to see those droning on through life with a false sense of liberation, all the while, not realizing that it has been little more than crowd control to billions of people. Civilizations being tweaked and modified over the course of human history; terrifying I suppose…mass amounts of people just rallied by one religion, or one leader, or one nation. I’m not trying to put blame on one thing or another, but it is what it is. I just think it is important to know that we are all at fault and it’s time we start doing the things that we know, deep down, are better.
Our soul is our eternal salvation and there is so little about it that we can speculate. Despite what know or think we know, we do indeed know next to Nothing. When I have no doubts that what moves our souls forward is the prospect of a wonderful world laid out for future generations. In order to find this within ourselves we must first break free from zombie like behavior and understand how powerful our imaginations actually are. Once this occurs and these zombies have been used up by the systems that they rely so heavily on, there will be an inevitable response from the numbers that were far easier to count, but much harder to control. Unnerving that it’s been spoken of and written about several times, and it’s so much more involved than all theory and rhetoric in religions and science. This is what people choose to put their faiths, minds and hearts into. And for some reason we have been taught to believe that this notion of freedom through art is an act of evil.
The world I see now is corrupted. Various truths told by the media are neither truth nor news, and their mediocre attempts to spread a promise of wealth is faulty and mind-numbing. There is no wealth to be had in finances; only fragmented statements to keep our minds occupied and away from the sincerity that we should be having towards one another. We have been blinded so much by greed and a hope that things will get better, that we feel the need to seek answers in the places that keep integrating these problems to begin with. They rely on us and hold up their hoops of illusion, in order to keep us diluted.
I’ve no clue when this revelation began, but seeing the world as it is presented to me, I do feel as though we are during such times. At what point we are at it is difficult to say. Is it the one spoken of in the bible? I am not entirely sure of this, but near as I can tell the Antichrist is said to bring peace and all the devout and full of faith will be on their way. Cool. Or, is that only a small factor in all of this? I can, at this point in my life say simply, that I would much rather prefer the nickname of Little Horn than become a dictator. For I can agree and attest to the idea of not so much a genocide, rather, a humanocide will be brought about by nature in accordance with the laws designed by this planet, for it to survive as a being.
The way in which this world corrupts leaders elected for peace is despicable. I feel that God has lain its finger on my back and fused three sets of wings as to represent the Mourning Star as I see it. The enlightenment granted to me is both a gift and a curse, for there is no good nor evil, only how we act upon ourselves. Such control and power can only be brought down by a lack of recognition. But, it is indeed the powers that be that are currently the ones blowing each other to bits. Despite what scriptures of yore say, I find it difficult to bow or succumb to a god/source described as being so war-like. It is far from Gods intention to be so ruthless and bitter, for such things are far easier to control, and with them comes the guilt and anguish of decisions made.
It is with little sorrow that I write these words as an Omnist. I have come to recognize divinity, as well as, having the capability of seeing those with fraudulent intentions. My heart has become hardened to those who lie (and commit other horrible acts) yet, my deeper being and soul cries just the same. If it is a duplicitous notion that seems impossible to those that hold tight to reason and logic, then I suggest you continue further research about the capabilities of a mind; when you run out of things to research, then that is where you will find how it works.
All our history is currently being written, so let’s write a good one. When we know what we’ve already written, we know what we will do again. So, why not let the things that haven’t been given a try, a shot? If the words in this book touched you in some way than let it be known that all of my words and intentions are for the better of all humankind. For all the ways that I can think to treat the animals better. For all the ways that I can think to say how to do what is indeed, and the best ways I have come to learn to treat another person. I am certainly not the best at this, but I learn from all mistakes. I can be rude, but I have learned how to be rude in such a manner that the situation will do no one any good. These slight characteristics about myself are a part now of what makes me be able to look at another person doing the same thing in return, only reminding me of myself. If this has taught me anything it is that all people I come across in my life have all had the same thing in common, it’s that we are all humans. This small concept may be able to help us conquer racism, hate, greed, vanity.
In science, our findings must be written down, so that they may be understood, pondered over and discussed. If this is not done it is forgotten and lost into Nothing to be re-discovered again. Is this not a one in the same idea when it comes to faith, and God? We as humans are subjected to a level of near extinction and will be given no choice but to evolve or take steps backwards…or do both…as we are a dynamic enough of a species to do so. Only it has been shown in theory that those that go backwards resort to a more primitive instinct and rely more heavily on fear-worship to control one another. Those with marks in rationality and reason take steps that are seemingly in forward fashion. The major differences in each of these lines of thought are that one is ‘control of,’ and the other is ‘in control for.’ Time and time again we have seen both attempts fail. I personally feel Omnism is neither of these, nor should the claim of an Omnist grant entitlement to attempt these again, we are in control of nothing.

I am neither conflicted nor confused about the world. I am just not picking a side, I have chosen to create a new one. So, that those of us that cherish freedom, have something to resort to.
Hello all who have made it this far, I am the Wordsmith. My writings on Omnism are what I choose to put my all into. It used to be I would struggle with what kind of plot to come up with, now, it’s as if even my meager attempts at writing fiction all get sucked into a vortex of Omnism. Although this tale is fictitious in nature, most of what happened is true. Save for the fact that Silver Tongue and I are still together and striving to make this world a better place, one moment at a time.
Let it be known that I go by various aliases, I like to dub these names clay soldiers that I have had the freedom to spend my days making up. For years, I was deemed insane by those who were supposed to have known me best. Now, through all the mistakes I have made in my life, I finally understand that it wasn’t them who had to know me, it was me who had to come to terms with who I was. I was consumed by the fleeting feeling of emptiness. The only thing that mattered at that moment was someone needed me. If not for the fact that I kept that thought in my mind, I may have died.
Over the course of about four years I have done little more than research, write, and drink far too much (more so in the previous two years, than the latter). This world that you are reading about has spawned from a humbled homeless (well, I was homeless for those four years; I am and will always be a vagabond) man’s imagination. I am alcoholic hence, Loch Loa and the three horsemen: vodka, bourbon, beer and wine translate to Kadov, Rob Boun and Weeb Nire. They have shown me an apocalypse of sorts, a revelation perhaps for myself. I still see these things from time to time, but I try not to let my imagination get too far into darker subject matters. My point is, we seem to have found more ways to legitimately destroy ourselves than save who we are as a species. So, it would be pointless for me to make attempts to hasten this process.
I’m not sure if I said that already, but that is a very important statement when you think about it. We have so many options. Most of what I hear and read leads me to think it is all the end, some kind of demise that humanity is destined for. In that scenario, there are no survivors. I do believe that we should learn to terra form at some time in our on-going evolution. But, I believe before that, we need to learn to take care of this planet first. That means we need to learn how to consider one another really fucking quick, or we run the risk of a lot of innocent lives being lost.
All of this may be moot until I see the rest of the world. I think social media is a wonderful universal language that most us have come to understand. I feel the Internet is a wonderful thing because you can roam freely and find for yourself what is and what is not, until there is no more. Very much of that is up to whomever decides to dig deeply into what it is they want to know. All of that digging for me came to the term Omnist. Before that, I had found the term Indigo.
People affect me now in a way that I can hardly even explain in words. Their emotions, their tempers, their joy and sorrow, their pain, their happiness and their fear of tomorrow. All these things I feel from others, but some of them I do not feel for myself. I take so much of it in and have taught myself to keep it at bay, I have built a diverse wall of protection around my garden, so now the effects of this pain are defended against. What seeps through is very little and I can focus on that to find out where it came from. I have also learned that it is OK for me to say this and it is OK for me too feel comfortable saying so. Because I have found those who love me and whom I love.
I do dream of a world at peace and I have always said since I was a child, one day I want to take over the world, but I do not want to rule it. That may seem ominous, but it is not and wasn’t ever. I have learned that power is more powerful when it is shared. Unfortunately, the current power in this world is greed, and by design it is no good to share. I feel we can begin to take that away. There are many more out there like myself and from what I’ve noticed, the feathers have indeed been ruffling because I can read your words and you can read mine. That’s the Indigo in me and that’s what we do, we’ve accepted your delusion and it’s done little good in this world. Now it is time for you to accept ours. What you don’t give, will lead us to no other ultimatum than to take it when the time is right. I can only hope this will help to sway humankind in a much better direction.
I currently don’t want to see any more of the US., I want to visit other countries and I want to be able to write more of myself as I grow with these experiences. I cannot state if I will ever stop writing about Omnism. It has become an enormous part of who I am and I do feel that it has helped me to become a better person. I hope to be able to share with all of you how it is I view the world, what it is I see coming next, and what is being said and done elsewhere. I want to be able to do that freely, I feel every person has a right to this; (so long as they are not a murderer, rapist, pedophile, or just all around villain) and that it is only when we put restrictions on where we can go that we find ourselves under the jurisdiction of the corrupt.
I intend to do this with little more than what I need as a person to survive. Writing these books on Omnism and what it means to me to be an Omnist, is not for me to make a small fortune and squander it on things I do not need. I intend to sail off on my ‘Gina Marie’ with Silver Tongue to see the world. The one thing I would like to do is buy a large spread of land and start what I call an Omnist Diary. I do not feel I should need a passport, I would like to think that is not necessary. But, it is my identity, so for that reason I will get one.
This is not a book about madness, it is a book about revolution and about how to create a new government. A government that is so large that it controls what runs our governments. It is a way to understand how to topple our established being of destruction and rise again with the collective thoughts of those whose voices go unheard. This book is my vanity and I can attest to that. Each writer has their own self to constantly be critical with. Not because we are different, but because we are all the same in regards to having no limits when it comes to our imaginations.
The ironic twist is that without readers, I could not exist in some form or another. I learned to get out of my own selfish ways and I ended up succeeding at that. I have also learned from all of this that the whole ‘none of it matters’ thing means we should live for this now. But, not as the way we have learned to do so. It is time for a change in how to do things. A change in how we perceive one another and a certain degree of appreciation towards how others view us, as individuals. From there we aim our well-intended ways towards eternity. Because someone else out there is listening to all of this whether it’s God or not. Our imaginations can tell us that much.
Maybe all I am writing is indeed me going insane? Then now at least you have documentation of what a mere vagabond can do. After meeting Silver Tongue, I knew what I wanted to do. At the very least I could write the book on how to do it. I thank her for that so very much and I don’t even think that she is aware of it. She asked me to give up everything about who I am and I told her no. That if I did that, I would not be the man she fell in love with. If this creates a barrier then so be it, for if you fall in love with more than what you are, with another, then grasp that knowledge of who you are for yourself. If love does not come right away, then be happy, for you tried and had a brush with happiness that will last a lifetime. The pursuit, the thrill of the hunt, the journey, not the destination.
It is another day and I am still here writing this book. A thought had just popped into my mind about how important it is to treat other people, and I will be the first to admit that I have not been the best at this throughout my life. I try though, every day I work harder at correcting things about myself that I view as a flaw. I mean, I don’t go around cursing people out or starting fights. But, I think that in some way, somewhere, I have truly offended you and for that, I apologize.
If you are defending money, then you are defending a reason to propagate and promote greed; you are defending a necessary evil and accepting being ruled by evil. A system has been created in which there seems like there is no way out. We run rampant and defend these measures long beyond the point of our own essential being. There is a duplicitous nature among we humans and it’s to say that it’s OK to destroy those who want for nothing. Because I want to have my something and those people are proving that all I’ve toiled for is wrong. When in fact it’s not wrong to have what you’ve earned, it is wrong to expect others to do the same things that you have, for things they don’t want.
They stop you when you become powerful enough to be recognized as a threat. So, how do you stop this from happening how do you become so known without becoming known? You become unknown. You keep with little to no renown and you stay happy with that, when you get renown for this, share it. Give away the good things like that for free and you spread good things and stay unknown.
If you are attached to money, then don’t say you haven’t seen all that’s going on in this world to be a surprise. It’s as if everyone expects to learn about turmoil and reasons to despise one another. I know that all of that is already within me and I have chosen a different path. The one that takes the road less traveled down the path of indifference. We see within each other all the things we find disgusting on a personal level and expose that. Thus, causing this rift. Blaming it on religion, governments, society, and not accepting the fact that it is our own individual structure that we need to change. Once we can accept that and learn how to do it on a consistent basis, we can free ourselves from the burden of pride. We will be able to enjoy humble humility. From there we can move forward and no longer be held hostage by guilt.
People are tired of seeing committees and boards and assemblies congregate to make decisions. Too many bad decisions get made by them already. Why not let kids start making some of these decisions? Look at how terribly the adults are doing! I’m not saying let the children go in and do all the manual labor or expose them to nuclear radiation. What I am suggesting, is that some of the most honest answers you ever receive, you’ll get from children. Many of their solutions to world problems make a good amount of sense in the sincerest form of simplicity. Look at it another way as if you have kids, you know that you would die for them. They don’t want to see that happen anymore than you’d want to think about it happening. That tells me that their natural instincts will find a better solution because they have remained uncorrupted. For that reason, their responses towards things like violence, race issues, water and hunger shortages; environmental problems, police, health care and many other issues to our lives are far less preposterous once taken into consideration. Their innocence allows for them to maintain freer thoughts than either you or I seem to be able to remember. They’re so young and free until we box them up and allow a system to structure them. A system that you know is corrupt and you feel there is nothing you can do about it other than keep it moving. BALLICKS [sic] to this! You can do something, you can stop it from moving. I have given you the answer on how to do this, now it is a matter of putting these concepts into motion.
It’s as if you all want it to be the end, just so I can say I told you so. I don’t like that thought, I want to be wrong about those things, I don’t like feeling that from people. If I wasn’t tempered to be as strong of a person as I am, I would have been lost with many others that I can liken myself to. I consider myself happy and cursed with this aspect of my life, and that I carry that as an enormous duty to my fellow humans. It is a blessing to be able to share all the wonderful things I’ve learned. I do not intend to educate on matters, only share my discoveries. My words are a reality to me, I love them and share them with both empathy and apathy. I use my imagination to shape how I perceive reality so that it works best for me, and what I learn, I express.
Some time ago a friend of mine stated that it’s imperative to express the bad things about ourselves, this way the honesty is cut and dry from the lowest point of who we are as a person. The negatives expressed in this book are that of how disgusted I have become with the world I see and those who run it. Many of my solutions are expressed here. The writings in this book are backed by the love that I have felt throughout my life. Upon writing these words I am currently writing with the love I have from those that live, as well as those that have died. My love is not for that of a nation, but for that of a world. My love is for a time that is not yet here and I’d like to know that at least I went out pushing for that, rather than pushing for some greedy economy. I am an Omnist and I am for the people of this world. I express that there are fewer powers out there greater than words. And with words I intend get the ball rolling on how to bring about the end of tyrannical rule that causes more confusion and chaos than was ever intended. I’m exposing the weak that hide behind a clout of brainwashed zombies. I am insisting that we break free from methods of manipulation and terror. I recommend that you take from my writings the nature within yourself on how to do this. For you, it may be something other than words, but you know that anyone that buys these things from you will make you feel as though you’re owned. These words are 100% of my free will and I will not shy away from them, for I cannot. This imagination is of my essence and in that, resides God. Without it I would not be, I carry a future in my words.
I have drawn certain conclusions towards the notion that there is little we can do to stop the ongoing effects of what we have done to one other. The pain that we have caused our fellow human beings, due to aspects of life that are out of our control, must come to an end. I do also believe that we are on the precipice of discovering this. And upon that discovery resides a fear that nearly half of the world’s population may not accept. One thing will eventually lead to another (in our time), at the collapse of our civilization. Perhaps, it will be some alien race that discovers us, and we somehow figure out a way to get there. Odds are, we are going to be the ones that want their resources because by then, we will have nearly run out of our own. I would not feel comfortable nor safe with these aliens meeting our current world leaders, from all I’ve seen thus far, most are imbeciles. Those that aren’t seem to have been the ones to find themselves dead before their impact could be made.
I like to think that I will rise from the ashes of my obscurity and fuel a fire that has been burning in those that can hear me. Those that can relate to my words and know that the time is coming when we will be needed most. The time to stand up and tip the scales on those that commit atrocities. Let us take their money and burn it all. Show them how little of them we need. Give them food and clothing and shelter. Keep them warm, show them your grace. The greatest punishment for them would be trying to live the life of a survivor.

Hello, Gina Marie, how are you tonight: this evening?
I’m welcomed home to the sound of you as you sit upon your jacks. Till the day does come when you welcome me with the sound of water laps, splashing up against your hull or whatsoever Neptune decides, like my father said ‘bon voyage’ as we sail into the sunrise. It’s been ten years since the time you graced me with your presence. Now, here you are only in spirit to face with me unknown torrents. A bittersweet compliment (I can only guess) that’s told in Poe-like fashion, you’re my Lenore, my sing-song muse, my imagination ration; the name-sake of a silly boat dubbed by a vagabond. One you knew once as a youth, one who knows you now as gone. And so, I go, attempting prose in unconventional ways, it’s the tale that’s told though, not he who tells it…that’s the one that stays….
You are my Magdalene, my Persephone, my Kore and when an artist’s heart is open there’s no such thing as a door. A distance though, with space between, is all that’s there the rest is to be seen. When kindred hearts and worlds collide; when a loss engaged has no end in sight; the powers that be will see just how, two lovers decide what is right. There may be pain and time to deal with…but patience is the best ally…when two lost souls know what to find.
To hold our stock from day to day while our emotions wax and wane and ponder over quaint and curious words we all had once endured, once heard long ago before. Hearts ramble on and build together, re-adjusting the minds torrential weather, approaching storms and peaceful weather each dangle us as upon a tether. Insightful words and perplexing prose combine with vibrant strokes of colors; ’twill bring ashore what’s been adrift in unforeseen waters. Certain things (I think) are supposed to happen, things that revolve around the unknown. The things that most may take for granted, the things that we aren’t ever told.
An artist does not leave their muse, the muse doth leave the artist. For when they go it is abrupt and the distance seems to be the farthest. It is not over my muse, my dear…I will come for you when I am through…so we can explore the stars together and do the things we want to do. And when I meet you (if just to greet you) it will be at a moment’s notice. Simply to acknowledge that we can each say “this is what, we had told us.”
That strength in lovers defines the way to share this energy, and once we have this time together, there’ll be no goofing when we breath. We’ll weigh and wander, just like the cheese, together we’ll both be pleased. Inoperable by others until we find the spots, and throughout time we’ll not digress and learn to tie great knots.
Hello again, my box of bones. If I knew there were a heaven that’s once been spoken of; I say you’re there in single essence unaware of what’s to come. To know a bit of how you lived and know a bit of faith, those injustices are not good enough to encapsulate your former grace. If indeed your God does care he’d welcome you with open arms, a warm embrace, and as a lieutenant amidst his stars.
As difficult the loss of you is to bear I simply soldier on, you’ve taught me how to love another and that a muse isn’t ever truly gone. Despite the sadness that dwells within I know we’ll carry on, in eternal slumber you’ll wait for me until my time is to come.
It’s obvious you are no longer here, but I hope day to day that heaven has a wish mode, and when I see it, it’s in my sleep, beyond existence and our wildest dreams. I feel you when you’re in my dreams, and when we part our ways, I’m saddened then to wake up in those bright, depressing days. Your smile and laugh filled my mind and melted away my heart, in endless waking happy hours your absence pierces like a dart. Too know your smiles returned to dirt and how in the days it shined so bright, it was the furthest from the morning star and sending fear out of the night.
Hello my love, I’m sending you a message. I’m breathing in the cold, and delegating words that you were once told. I see into your eyes with mine and have thoughts of how we’ve grown. I was indeed, my only guide, down the path of the unknown. Forward thought Is before us, persevering towards the sights we have set for-us. Your dream resides within you as your eyes stay sewn and closed. Your beauty held within you, as your body lies in repose.
How little we both knew about life back then. How fierce we were together and our names not said, one without the other. And still you’re there and I am here holding onto the hope of heaven. My heaven resides in the past with you, all the good parts of life we shared, in some way all I ever wanted was you. Your embrace, your time and your telling me “it’s all right.” I hear those words in dreams my dear. This is the Wordsmith’s best response. I’ve come to endure missing you every day, now I am certain there is no shortcut to forgetting us. There is no time when we draw near in dreams, and your absence when I wake up convinces me to shape reality.
My heart stood still when I heard you died (you fell, from a four-story plateau). A part of me went into the cold; and I wish I knew then, just what I know now. That the tranquility of my own heaven had just been defined, as if forever was in your once learning eyes. A kiss of life was given and a kiss of death as well. The moment when I feel I’ve risen I will take the time in eternity, to give hearts spell.
Goodnight, good morning…and good-bye, my love…. Our entire lives we find ourselves preparing for death, no matter what we do. Yet, now your memory remains eternally written by those who have loved you. I remember you still in this wonderful time and wake up forever knowing I am alive. In broken-heart phrases I write this song to-ya, this song of songs, this Song of Gina. I hope you read this, in spite of your wake. I know I’ll be with you some day in the stars, and this I pray for no lord to take.
My muse, my angel, my immortal.
Born: 8-20-85
Died: 1-26-08

I Omnist
The Omnist Tenets
The Book of the Wordsmith
By: ~Ward Smith~
41617 (I wont ever be done, for I am relentless.)
Published in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey