I Omnist (TOT) Nothing


1 A part of the whole, Nothing is…well, it is what it is (to turn a phrase)…so what can be said about what isn’t there?
2 Does and Omnist feel it: an Omnist knows it. An Omnist knows that it is not important to go around and be fearful of Nothing.
3 An Omnist already has Everything at their disposal. Nothing is just as equally wonderful in the sense that it is of vital importance to ‘The Union of Four’.
4 Without Nothing, we could not imagine, we could not bring about new ideas and be where we are in our existence now.
5 If there were no Nothing, there would be no substance to Everything and making it non-existent, Living things would not supply the Source.
6 Nothing needs not to be worshiped.

1 Imagine Nothing, if you can. It is emptiness that no Living can see nor comprehend, simply because it isn’t there.
2 The thought of Nothing has boggled minds for centuries.
3 It only exists because that is the term that a Living can place on it.
4 Nothing knows nothing, it is nothing, and it is the absence of Everything, there is quite literally nothing there.
5 Nothing but Nothing anyway.
6 So it is gone and it is constantly gone. But, it could not be gone, because in order for something to be gone, there would have had to be something there.
7 But there is Nothing there. You see how difficult it is to describe Nothing? The moment something is said about it, it moves farther and farther away, creating a black hole effect in the mind, but even a black hole is something.
8 Nothing is the space outside of existence that isn’t even there.
9 See, just like that, Nothing is gone again. Off into its endless nothingness looking for an Omnist fool to go and find Nothing.
10 What does the Omnist find when they get there?…you guessed it…nothing.…
11 How can Nothing be measured? Not sure there is a way to measure it, at least none that we have found yet, the moment you start to try it is back to Nothing and gone.
12 How can it be written about? That is perplexing in itself as the attempt right now is seemingly getting futile and repetitive.
13 Describing Nothing is an endless journey, a wild goose chase, but it’s there.
14 Just at the edge of Everything, there is Nothing, skirting around the outlying boundaries of existence. Hidden within its non existent confines are the ideas of tomorrow to either propel a brighter future, or decimate what we know.

1 Can you see it: suppose not, it is Nothing. It’s not even a devour-er nor a destroyer, it is Nothing.
2 Even to say that it is empty would put emphasis on the fact that there is something that comprises it. But, it is Nothing, there is no make-up.
3 But it is there, just the same. There, not existing, waiting for the imagination to turn it into something; then, it still remains Nothing.
4 Even the name Nothing implies that Nothing has a form and substance.
5 But Nothing is the best name to put on it, but it wouldn’t even have a name, it is nameless in a sense, because it is Nothing.
6 It is a part of ‘The Union of Four’ in the sense that it is the unknown meaning for balance.
7 The opposite of Everything obviously, is Nothing.
8 It is from Nothing that ideas are contrived; using imagination and knowledge they can be made real.
9 Thus, creating something from Nothing.
10 Is that a form of evolution? In some ways the agreement would favor the answer of yes.
11 Nothing, Nothing, Nothing. That too needs not be worshiped.
12 Even the name gives this a sense of something.
13 What a piece that does not exist
14 It’s perplexing lack of composition, is hard to resist.



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The White Raven

Writer, author, philosopher, philanthropist, poet, imbecile, denizen gypsy. A rare bird of sorts is what you'll come to think of me. I love to write, play, and work diligently to prove one day fiction will become a reality. I'm very simple when it comes to my views on life, a backpack is ideally my best friend and I found my mistress with paper and pen.

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