I Omnist (TOT) Source


1 The Source knows nothing of itself, nor does the Source know of Everything, Nothing and the Living. It has no awareness at all.
2 The Source is a removal expert (of sorts) in the respect that ideas are constantly moving, and that there are ways for Living to make things better or worse.
3 The Source knows nothing of these things. The Source cares as much as it does not care, if it even could care to do either.
4 The Source keeps its ways to itself, but is constantly releasing itself in the manner in which we see fit, the Source is not aware of any of this process.
5 The Source is not all there is. The Source is a portion of ‘The Union of Four’.
6 It will not bring great joy or happiness to anyone or anything.
7 It is merely a joining point for Everything and Nothing and Living to meet during the recycling process.
8 It is always happening and is a constant pit of our judgments that all Living contributes to. All partaking of recycling happens in the Source. But, the Source is not a thing of consciousness. It is both simple and complex in it’s own and came from the theories of both existence and non-existence.
9 No one belief has all the answers, but collectively they contribute to a power that is entirely unaware of itself.
10 This power is the Source; it is not a God, god, nor a purveyor of truth, justice, and matter of fact. Though it could be viewed that way if one chooses to do so. The Source is the peak, the beginning and the end so to speak, and Living is the veil that separates.
11 Everything is bound to the Source in order to recycle the Living to carry on what is meant to be upheld as all. An Omnist is not going to be able to hold truths that are constantly being bickered about.
12 It is not worth it to fight over truth when the truth is the various roads that we find ourselves in conflict about. There is no top nor bottom of a circle, it just keeps going and the paths lead out from the center, over a degree then back to the center and so on and so forth, on and on and on.
13 We as Omnists are intending to be keepers of peace and balance. For now, we walk the middle ground in hopes of making possible the idea of peace among all the things that we once fought over. We choose to understand the necessity of conflict and an arrangement of good intentions.
14 Good intentions for some gardens are not good intentions for another’s gardens. An Omnist should be more prone to not force their garden onto another’s garden, rather, take in the idea that walking the middle road is going to carry out a deeper meaning on the road to peace.

1 The Source happens to be one of those things than can only be found if we look within ourselves. It is the feeling that we have that unites us with some, and keeps us away from others. It is within us, and at the same time is open and free to the vastness of the universe.
2 The Source has no idea of it’s wanderings through the universes or through our internal universe.
3 You see, the Source is perfection anyone can use to fertilize their gardens with and it is a tool, a perfect tool. Perfection, anything that is perfect, could not be aware of its own existence and would have no need for anything or anyone, it is perfect with or without the knowledge of itself…it would not need to invent, write, nor utilize math…it is perfect.
4 Thus, having no need for any of these things or for any of the things that made these things up.
5 It would not matter to the Source if ‘The Union of Four’ is there or not.
6 Without this Source, however, there would be no reason for the other three things to continue flowing.
7 But then, the Living aspect of ‘The Union of Four’ would have no need to come up with the ideas of the Source, had it not been for the feeling of it that they have within.

1 Within, within, within and then bursting outward without even knowing it.
2 The jubilant feelings that we all have. Not to mention, the anger and rage that can be felt and sent out, as well. This is all an aspect of the Source that resides within us.
3 From our gardens that are nourished by each of our own Sources comes the feelings that we choose to share. Or, keep held deep inside for none to know or decide to tuck away for another day, to share with the ones that we see fit.
4 These are all contributing factors to what makes the Source what it is.
5 The Nothing and Everything that it is all tied to.
6 The Living that supplies it with it’s existence.
7 The power that it truly has, yet, has no need to even recognize.
8 The Source has no need to even accept it’s own perfection, it has no need to get first place or seek shelter. It holds all the answers it will ever need, yet it would never need the answers because they were already there to begin with.
9 The answers rest deep within the confines of the Source and they make their way out in time, all in due time. All ready and willing, yet no need for any of it.
10 How boring if you look to be as perfect as the Source. The beauty Living shares resides in it’s flawed nature. The crookedness of a tree adds to it’s perfect imperfection. The idea that sets upon the wonders of what made it grow so twisted and mangled, is the idea that first brings perfection into fruition.
11 To one, it may be ugly. But, another Living that views it may find it perfect.
12 What is it within your own garden, your own Source that makes you identify ugly: first see the beauty in your own flaws, understand that there is more power in the thoughts of Living than one can even begin to fully comprehend.



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