I Omnist (TOT) Living


1 It is an Omnist’s view that Living is of the utmost importance in life. The Living in ‘The Union of Four’ is what determines the existence of the other three factors.
2 Living is unto itself, whether Living is that of the largest organism in whatever world there is, down to the smallest cell on that world. They are all a part of the whole, without them there would be no Living.
3 All is one and one is all and Living is a part of it. Just a small part, but a large part all the same. From within a small place that exists in all Living stems a link in the chain to the next part of our existence.
4 The Omnist feels this and is also a part of this. The Omnist is no better or worse for being an Omnist. They can practice whatever they choose so long as their practices do not inflict on another’s garden, that is practicing peace.
5 Living is what is done, and what is needed for things to exist, everywhere.
6 If there is no Living then there would be no Everything, Nothing and the Source.
7 Living exemplifies the need to be something, to be a part of something that is far greater a whole rather than an individualistic lonesome thing
..we need one another.…
8 Living is capable of anything and Living is the moving factor that pushes Everything and Nothing around the torus.
9 Living drives the desires, the needs, and the wants. Living drives the love and the hate; it is all the physical mechanics that allow Everything to be.
10 Living is the feelings within the thoughts and the endless supply of energy.
11 Living feels the water, fire, earth, and air.
12 Living feels the God and the gods, the angels and the demons and even the lack there-of.
13 Living is the mythological creatures that inhabit a world that only exists in the minds.
14 Living is the boundlessness of the impossibility of dreams and the complexities of figuring out all the things that do not exist, yet.
15 Living is the wars and the peace, the dynamic dances of good versus evil.
16 Living is the unspoken/unwritten words and the mathematics that have yet to be discovered.
17 Living exists to ultimately not exist, these are the written words of an Omnist who believes in Living. These are just some of the factors that determine the Living. These are the things that affect the Living. An Omnist is aware that without the Living, they could not exist as an individual nor attempt to be a part of the whole.

1 Be good to your garden, give your internal land a chance to grow. Cater to it and be happy with the happiness of other Living. Learn and grow together so that the cultivation of your garden affects how others cultivate their own. Inspire one another so that we can carry on for an eternity.
2 Living is a thing of beauty, not just because you are alive, but because you have been chosen to be a part of Living. Everyone knows the idea of Living exists eternally and without limits. It allows for the idea that anything is possible. It warrants the need for overactive imaginations and unlimited freedom.
3 Living warrants the need to kill or to die. Living gives back all that’s been seemingly lost as a small gesture of being a part of ‘The Union of Four’.
4 It is never-ending and there is Living everywhere, even in the blankness of what seems to be empty. Everyone has that same blankness inside of themselves, that blankness exists in all that is Living.
5 Living is the only aspect of ‘The Union of Four’ that is self aware and gives sense to the existence of the other three aspects of the torus.
6 It strives to keep ‘The Union of Four’ together as a whole. It is the power behind what makes it all work.
7 Living gives meaning to push forward through the things that are not yet known.
8 It is the striving to look beyond fear and leave it to a place where it will serve a better purpose in Nothing.
9 Living is divided and within all Living are the thoughts, the ideas, and the feelings of existence.
10 Living itself is the only thing necessary for the satisfaction of moving forward through the Source as one. It is the self aware piece of the puzzle.
11 The ideas and feelings that are being brought to us are from everywhere and Living exists to sort those things out. Living exists with and without these things to always tend to making life whole.
12 An Omnist knows and feels that all are one and one is all, even during times of conflict and confusion. There is nothing more to life, than Living.
13 There is no servitude in being an Omnist.
14 There is no higher ground of being, there is wonder and enjoyment in Living and there is no reason to not be happy with Living.
15 Other gardens may force themselves on an Omnist, but several things that really matter are living without servitude, keeping the peace on the middle ground, and being a part of the whole.

1 All living things fear something and there are no two ways about it, but fear exists in the mind as to give us clarity towards danger.
2 Fear to an Omnist is part of Living, which means that fear both exists and does not exist.
3 It is yet another conflicting issue for an Omnist, but it gives to the idea of living in fear of something is not living a just life towards happiness.
4 Living cannot exist without fear. Living needs to feel fear to be aware of dangers in it’s garden. Fear cannot hurt you unless you allow fear to overpower your life.
5 Fear is felt inside and is created and instilled over years of rigorous “what to do” and “what not to do”. So, the basis of fear is to keep you safe from danger. However, do not live in fear.
6 An Omnist might have taught oneself to look at fear as a means of survival for Living and being here.
7 There is neither top nor bottom so there is nothing to fall out of or fall into, simply because, it just is.
8 Through Living, and gaining understanding from listening and interpreting, an Omnist may find no fear that is going to hurt them unless they find ways to scare themselves.
9 The reasoning behind fear is to keep Living away from danger in order to be Living even after flesh is gone, there is a degree of Living that is applied to ‘The Union of Four’.
10 Living for ones life may not be the sole purpose of every Livings’ life.
11 An Omnist will know that Living is as much separate as it is a part something larger.
12 Knowing only so much will allow you to be ahead of situations and it is a part of what has filled your garden. Other Living may take a part of that garden as they see fit, to indulge themselves in, and as you see willing to give.
13 If they fear your garden of Living, then they do not understand fear.
14 The rationale for Living is to incorporate fear with knowledge of what to do and what not to do. There are small things inside of us that keep us away from that.
15 There is no escaping your own inner fear unless you can think into the blackness of the Nothing inside of you, that is where the fear of Living exists for most.
16 An Omnist walks this line of middle ground to try to give knowledge of how not to fear, and to accept Living as a life that does not know all of it. But, as a Living part of the whole, will know Everything and Nothing.



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