I Omnist (TOT) Taste, Smell, Touch


1 Satisfaction, that is the word that comes to mind when taste is fulfilled.
2 The little buds on your tongue have craved the taste that your mind so desperately wanted fulfilled.
3 Be it sweet, salty, vinegar, bitter, alcohol or water.
4 Something to satisfy the taste buds…to satisfy the minds cravings…tobacco, strawberries, fresh meat or something that has been stored away in the cold for six months.
5 Gluten, pink slime, trans and saturated fats.
6 Natural peanut butter or s’mores while sitting around a campfire.
7 Good taste is a relative term, some have a “sweet tooth” while others prefer wriggling and raw.

1 Taste can go beyond the mouth and into the areas of our lives where we find ourselves in a tasteful position that others may agree with.
2 Is this book written in good taste? Are there flavors in another’s mind that this book has hopefully been able to satisfy? Was that a tasteful thing to say to the Living that just walked passed you? The behavior of some intoxicated Living that was at the event last night, were any of their actions done in good taste?
3 Who and what decides that? Societal norm? Common sense? A combination of both of those things?
4 The realistic things of what to do and what not to do all in favor of having good taste.
5 It is a combination of what satisfies our palate and our minds that could bring us to our own personal level of what good taste is.
6 What we do sitting alone in the confines of our own room may be good taste for us. What we do alone defines our character. But, if witnessed by another Living, that may bring about a conflict or a feeling of disgust. Or, even an agreement on how good of a taste the particular Living feels we have.
7 Is it only opinion based around chance and the statutes of majority rules being the “normal” that defines good taste?
8 But, due to an over-bearing societal norm for us to express feelings and emotions, many of us have opted to suppress these natural feelings because we have been led to believe they are a factor that makes us weak.
9 Some of those who have good tastes are afraid to share them.
10 Has this not been commonplace practice throughout history? Does good taste dictate the majority rules of society? Does that not resonate throughout culture?
11 Without taste, would we not know what satisfies our minds in the smallest of portions? Why is it then good taste is related to that which is trendy?
12 Perhaps we just mush our minds away from what truly is tasteful for us by buying into the diction of societies rules. Thus, allowing us to be controlled one taste bud at a time.


1 Things that could define sweetness too, is also derived from the nostrils.
2 A sweet smell is something that may put a smile on our faces, or something that may be pungent and make us cringe.
3 What may smell alluring to some, may not be the same enticing aroma to others;
4 It may be the smell of a skunk in the distance that one is drawn towards, adoring the noxious scent.
5 While another may be inclined to hold their nose in disgust and travel far away until the smell is quelled by distance. The sweet perfume that one may wear may be comparable to some to the smell of fuel being pumped. Or the cooking of garlic may, to those who like it, smell as sweet as a rose to another.
6 Smell can draw us in, or steer us away.
7 The smell of rotting flesh is something that can lure in animals that wish to feast upon the carrion. It can tell you where a Living has just recently frequented, if they have been in a place of flowers, or in a less desirable situation.
8 Waste and refuse deter us and it may cause us to wear masks due to the things that may be floating around in the toxic air at the site.
9 Does smell allows us to remember things by lessons: meaning that we have learned many of the things we like and dislike through smell. We can associate so much with just the simple smell of something in the distance. That it allows us to conjure up a reflection of the past. Something along the lines of “smells like what mom used to make”. Or, that the smell of smoke may alert us, so that we act in order to not end up like crispy carrion.

1 Do we think, we as humans, are the only ones on this planet with the capacity to understand and know that smell warns us and draws us in? That it brings about reminiscent thoughts to the mind.
2 Is their nothing Living can’t do? When they are finally together and look at what their imagination has made, a part of Living and other Living that sees and identifies this will begin to create a well.
3 There are many things that go beyond our understanding. The smells that we are unable to smell underwater, isn’t that something that we have yet to accomplish, to smell underwater?
4 So what capacity is it that we’ve made-up that we have not sorted out yet, and that we have yet to understand?
5 Is it just a physical make-up?
6 Is there a human Living out there at the moment actually practicing the concept of smelling underwater?
7 If there is not, is that just an idea that was plucked out of Nothing?
8 A human, a mammal, a rat, a dog, a cat, a bee, a tree, a leaf or even a bat.
9 Any one of those things coming up with the idea to smell underwater.
10 Just one random thought, supposedly.
11 What can you come up with about smell?


1 Here’s a big one, touch, to be able to touch everything.
2 To be touched by the ones we love and that love us. Touching us physically, mentally, emotionally, deeply. Touching us all over, us touching them. Skin to skin, heart to heart, mind to mind.
3 Seeing inside one another and having the ability to connect with that-one other Living in the confines of our minds that currently hold us captive.
4 Perhaps we are the one Living that feels as though that there is not another out there for us.
5 Singling ourselves out to live inside our own microcosm that only we get to touch, see, taste, hear and smell.
6 Imagine the fact that there are others out there with that same ability to create a microcosm. There world may have something in it that your world desires.
7 Imagine one day actually getting to touch that world.
8 Two minds/worlds (mirlds??) coming together through the senses to make another kind of sense.
9 Is it not a touching thought. Knowing that there is more out there, more outside of the world that you have built.
10 Another Living that may be craving the things that you have once thought of as distasteful even in your own mind.
11 To think that another may not ever get to experience it. The colors and the way the purple mist may run down into the electric blue caverns. Deep into the richest confines of your own mind. The things and ideas that you may have yet to pluck out of Nothing, k and allow it to become a part of Everything.

1 One of the five senses that we all relate to, touch lets us know that we as Living are engaging something that is physical, something that is of us and a part of something larger than just the physical alone.
2 It can be a benefit to us in letting us know that something is causing us pain. Or that we feel the spray of water refreshing our bodies, as well as, the cool breeze on a hot day as it gently blows.
3 That is touch, Living has this and it is another innate thing that we can all relate to on a base level.
4 We are all born human before we are born anything else. Another humans touch ignites us, when our lips touch another’s, it brings about even more emotions from within that may cause excitement, leading to even more touching.
5 It brings alive the imagination when our eyes are closed. We may not know what it is we are touching, but we can imagine something/someone that causes us a generalized touch in either physical or emotional ways. That is a power of the mind using the sense of touch, combining it with other factors of who we are as Living.

1 How touching it is, to touch and be touched.
2 To understand being touched in good taste, and the way that the pleasant scent touches the memories of some long ago time in the kitchen, at the movies, in the woods, or off to sea.
3 How touching and fitting the idea of understanding an unlimited kind of touch.
4 That the taken for granted idea of touch of just reaching our limbs out and being touched outside, as well as, touching and being touched on the inside.
5 To forget in those moments in the culmination of our senses, the word becomes meaningless, and how touching an array of emotions gets swept over us in the moments that our wonderful indulgences come out to play. That is all of our senses being touched and working together to touch others.




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