I Omnist (The Book of the Wordsmith) Define the Undefinable

Omnism: The philantheosophy of the human disposition. The respect towards all religions and sciences and a recognition to the validity of all religions and sciences. Those who hold this belief are called Omnists.
Philantheosophy: The practice of better understanding religion and science, so that you can perfect your art for freedom.
~the Wordsmith~
“I am an Omnist and I believe in all religions”
-Philip J. Bailey- from his poem ‘Festus’

Published by

The White Raven

Writer, author, philosopher, philanthropist, poet, imbecile, denizen gypsy. A rare bird of sorts is what you'll come to think of me. I love to write, play, and work diligently to prove one day fiction will become a reality. I'm very simple when it comes to my views on life, a backpack is ideally my best friend and I found my mistress with paper and pen.

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