I Omnist (TOT) Earth


1 Well, it is an element, is it not?
2 Much like its sibling elements fire, air, and water it is a basic thing that simply always was.
3 Living walks/crawls on it, burrows into it, grows out from it, decays, and gets consumed by the things that dwell within it.
4 We grow our food in gardens in much the same way we tend to our own gardens.
5 These gardens too can be poisoned. They can be poisoned by another Livings ideas of what to put into another’s garden and that is not fair.
6 Unknowingly they may end up suggesting something that would actually be no good for the garden. Thus, killing the fruit and vegetables and herbs and flowers that you may be trying to grow.
7 How delicate a balance a garden needs in order to sustain. Changing that balance could result in devastation to your garden. But, that does not mean that it will be gone forever, balance can be re-established though it may not be the same as it once was.

1 Earth, as it has proven time and time again, can be very powerful and naturally, should be respected like its sibling elements.
2 It moves, it crumbles, and it caters to the needs of Living.
3 It can also destroy Living; though in Omnism it has no need to be worshiped.
4 With or without Living, earth will probably still be there.
5 But, without calculations derived from Living, how is it that could even be proved: is that not much like if a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it…does it make a sound…how is it that the element of earth, like the other elements, would even exist without Living?
6 Is it better to assume that it just would: because without Living, it wouldn’t matter anyway…would it…?

1 Much like the senses that we have just gone through, the elements work the same way in correspondence with the senses. There is no specific order to the elements. Although, we are astrologically inclined towards some more than others. Oddly enough, earth is one of those elements, and astrology does not hold all the answers.
2 There are many little nuances involved among each individual Living to bring together all of the answers.
3 But, we are all connected in the elements, and we all have a birthday, even Jesus was an Aquarius. If an alien comes down from another planet (assuming they exist), they may have their own birth-date on their home planet. But here, it could be calculated as to what sign they would be on this planet when their birthday rolls around. Thus, linking us in some way, shape or form; and inviting the alien into a form of Living that many of the people on this planet adhere to.
4 Of course, many also don’t adhere to it, that doesn’t make either one ideology or the other wrong. That just means that each has their own garden to tend to and knows what’s good for it.
5 Earth, is a fixed element, it is not going anywhere anytime soon.
6 It was here long before us and will likely be here long after us.
7 But, where were we then and where are we bound to go?
8 Some say above earth, some say below earth. Some say the earth is flat, and in 150 years it will be discovered again and the debate won’t matter.
9 Who is to say? The earth could probably care less either way, and the element of earth alone probably really has little say or concern about it.
10 Unless, of course, you are essential for it to be here. Perhaps the element only exists in your imagination, or even because we are here.
11 The thoughts could get astronomical and have to be dis-proven, if calculations of random thoughts exist. Not sure, but they can be written down at a pretty good speed.
12 At least we know we are all connected by the element of earth.

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