I Omnist (TOT) Air


1 One of the necessary elements in order for us to live, survive, generate power. Air holds many other aspects of just one of the natural elements on this planet that we have yet to fully harness.
2 It is the smooth breeze that cools us off.
3 It is a part of our natural consumption in order to sustain us, making us whole.
4 the air we breathe is just one important matter of fact that all Living have in common.
5 Yet, beyond the fact that we all need air to live, we cannot be happy with that simple fact that it is vital to all of us.
6 It is free…for now.… No doubt though (unless we can find a way to see beyond it) those that serve the notion of greed will find a way to convince us that we need to be charged for air.
7 Air is just another thing that we can (and should) find common ground with. Something as simple as what it is that keeps us alive. It’s something that we share with the animals yet we can’t even appreciate that among one another, and soon enough someone greedy will come along and feel as though they have the power to put a price tag on it.
8 Shouldn’t we all be able to appreciate the air? Without it, we couldn’t do anything. There would be no fire to keep us warm. There wouldn’t be a need to appreciate being cooled off on a hot day by a simple gust of wind.

1 As an element it is a double edged sword. It has power that could topple great structures. It’s co-relation with temperature could cause us great pain in the climates that are situated in the cold.
2 It has great power and we recognize this power. Yet, we forget that this is a vital linking point in how we all must live.
3 It can carry sounds across a field sending messages to something that we cannot see, in the hopes that our message reaches its destination.
4 It carries smells, though sometimes, they may not be nice smells (giggle) it is still something that is, in itself, interesting.
5 It could be a smell from some far off distance, or the smell of approaching rain.
6 It gives us a hint of what is to come, or something that we may or may not come across.
7 Acknowledging that should be something that we can all at least sing and dance about.
8 It is not complex, it is there and has been there, it is an invisible part of us; and we know even though we cannot see it, we still need it.
9 Without it, Living suffocates and dies. If it goes, is that perhaps because we willed it to go: and what Living would be around long enough to even answer that question once the air is gone?
10 Perhaps the Living that learned to smell underwater could answer.

1 As an Omnist, there is no need for worship of the air, nor any of the elements for that matter.
2 Just one more way to look at how we should all be linked together.
3 It is something that is taken for granted. The air is something so taken for granted, that we only remember the negative aspects of it when they happen.
4 There is study of it, no doubt, but the most understood thing about air is that it is vital for Living to live.
5 It can be used as common ground.
6 Beyond all we know and think of ourselves and hold onto how smart or powerful we are with whatever it may be that fuels our own internal engine.
7 We would relinquish all of that, if we were to lose the air we breathe.
8 That too, should be a sense of common ground for us to find within one another.
9 That we are able to understand and appreciate the air we breathe.
10 There are some that would prefer to not breathe. Sadly, that is still vital to the appreciation that we have it to breathe.
11 That we have it to utilize and combine with other elements to keep us warm; to appreciate the refreshing breeze that blows right when we need it most.

1 At one point in time it would have been thought impossible that something that cannot be seen can hold weight on its invisible spine.
2 But, it was found out, through imagination, then science.
3 At one point in time it was said, “We cannot fly like the birds.” Not sure who exactly gets the credit for that phrase, but kudos anyway! Without you, it wouldn’t have prompted us to try.
4 But, we can now, the math was there before, but the concept of it was nothing more than that of fantasy and diluted ideas of those that were considered, aloof.
5 Yet, just one more thing that can bring us together with air.
6 The marvels in the sky are something that may be thought to be some kind of abomination by some.
7 By others it is a miracle, but it is something that is, like the air, taken for granted.
8 It is forgotten about and taken advantage of.
9 But at least us flying is no longer non-sense.
10 It is a truth that we have harnessed the power of the things that keep us Living.
11 Sometimes we forget the initial importance to us though; air is just one of those things that is set aside and not given much thought about. Until it is taken away from us. Then, it becomes the most important thing in our world.


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