I Omnist (TOT) Fire


1 Oh yes it will burn.
2 It will cook, singe, and make Living feel warm.
3 It will make Living feel pain, give them light, a source of energy to run machines.
4 It will give us something to look into and get lost in.
5 It will also give us something to fear.
6 It is an element, yet one that would not exist without the other elements.
7 They are essential for balance towards one another, and fire holds no power over anything. If it wasn’t for the power of the other elements working in harmony, fire would be unable to keep its structure of a formless nature.
8 If there were no elements of earth and air, there would be no fuel for the fire.
9 If there were no water to put it out, the fire would consume the earth and the air.
10 It is essential to survival for Living that this powerful element is in our grasp.
11 That we can harness it and utilize it in harmony with the other elements.
12 But, to think we control it is just ignorant, as well as arrogant.
13 Living is at fires whim, not the other way around.
14 Living needs fire, but fire will do just as well without Living.
15 It will be, as the other elements would be, for they themselves are an existence all their own.
16 We as Living, do not control fire, nor do we control any of the elements. We are at their will. They can do much more damage to Living, than Living can do to them.

1 Say for instance there was a way to measure the “alive” aspect of fire.
2 If the fire could talk, what would it say?
3 Has this not once been recorded in history, was that fact shaping history, or fiction shaping history: the answer all depends on your level of faith in imagination, one would suppose.
4 Perhaps we should all go out and look for a burning bush.
5 But it’s not as if we cannot create it through props and things of the ilk.
6 Of course it is only a hypothetical and theatrics, at least for the moment.
7 One day perhaps the imaginations of all Living things will come to life in some way, shape, or form.
8 Just think of how many evil spirits and ideas that run rampant through our minds now, many of which are related to fire.
9 Even though one could sit down at a campfire at night and be mesmerized for quite some time, simply by the hypnotic dance of the flames.
10 The ambient noise that it creates from the wood popping and releasing air.
11 The company that is shared around the glow and the warmth that draws them all close enough to have a sense of unison.
12 Unison that could only exist if the elements are working together and our senses are taking us elsewhere. Allowing us to feel the touch of the Living sitting next to us.
13 Amazing what fire is capable of doing, ecspecially when it is contained.
14 Surrounded by a group, all of whom are engaged with one another through the fire, as the fire encompasses them.


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