I Omnist (TOT) Water


1 Very likely one of the most powerful of the elements. Life, as we know it, cannot exist without water.
2 It can transform itself into a solid, a gas, and then re-form back into a liquid.
3 Without it there would be no Living.
4 No reason for the other elements to be what they are.
5 No reasonable use for fire, because without water, why would there be a need for fire: if it had nothing to quench it, it would ultimately run rampant and then consume itself.
6 It is the nourishing element for all Living.
7 Creatures of the sea, lakes, rivers, and streams live within it.
8 Plants grow because they need it, allowing air to fill the lungs of Living creatures, cycling oxygen as fuel for other living creatures.
9 It can have things added to it.
10 It can flow and destroy if pressed upon by acts that whatever you blame it on desires.
11 We can live on the water, we can live next to the water. But, we have yet to figure out how to live in the water.
12 It can be consumed to hydrate us much like it hydrates the plants. It can be used to help disinfect if brought to the right temperatures.
13 The rain washes many things clean, and some of us like to dance in it as it cools our faces and cleanses our spirits.
14 Snow and ice are frozen water. It can be something fun that Living can indulge in if they have not forgotten how to live like a child. Or, how to embrace the laughter when a snowball unexpectedly hits them, followed by the laughter of the child that threw it.
15 We can enjoy recreation in it as we take a dip on a hot day to escape the heat.
16 We have much exploration that needs to be done in the depths of the oceans.
17 We know more about the surface of neighboring celestial bodies than we know of what lies deep within our seas.
18 That is the depth of water, it goes further still as one cannot figure this all out alone; there is also the idea that the deepest secrets lay hidden deep in our oceans.
19 If this allows complacency then please indulge that for ones-self and use it to educate and give ideas to others gardens. But, do not press it upon another.

1 Sometimes the water can become fouled.
2 Much like anything else in our world it is corruptible.
3 It may happen Inadvertently, or on purpose.
4 Sad to say it can be done in the quiet times when some Living feels the need to do something very rotten.
5 How sad to use such a wonderful element to give no choice but to drink whatever poison it has been infused with.
6 These rotten ways need to have an agreed upon end to them.
7 But, alas, there will end up being other forms of horrible acts, as we as Living, progress together through life.
8 There will always be something that acts as the tormentor of water.
9 Of the fluid that brings us life and allows us to be Living.
10 As an enormous part of our world.
11 As an enormous part of our own genetic make-up. How is that such an easily forgotten thing?
12 Is it now only because that an overabundance of something allows us to think that we will not run out?
13 What will happen if we do?
14 Let’s hope that doesn’t happen and we remember how important all the natural elements pull together along with our senses to make something complete.
15 Without any of them it would be difficult to recognize one from the other.
16 The senses and the elements bring us all together and tie us to one another.
17 What is it that has created so much distance between us all?
18 What driving force has created a wedge so deep within us that we find reasons to hate one-another for our differences, instead of acknowledging the things that allow us all to have so much in common?
19 Many have said it, perhaps we should all (all Living) pull together and realize what it is that brings us together and be as fluid as the water.
20 Be scorching like the fire to anything that would drive a wedge between the things that, from birth, unify us as the same.
21 Be supportive, like earth, through each others endeavors to succeed in something that would bring common ground as we walk on her supportive lands.
22 Breathe in together the air, that fills us with vibrant life and gives us the necessary oxygen that much Living on this planet needs to sustain itself.
23 Use all of our senses in unison to touch the differences and look past them, into the inner parts of ourselves that we cannot see with our bare eyes.
24 It is a metaphorical burning that can be smelled and tasted. So let it be done in good taste as we strive for something that is seemingly impossible.
25 Let the final element be a part of us and us a part of it.
26 Let us be the humans that utilize our minds and hearts but not forget that we are also the animal element as well.


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