I Omnist (BOW) The Constitution of Silver Tongue

1. I understand and value the things that make me who I am. My afflictions are my strength and grant me access to territories most cannot comprehend.
2. I am the explorer of the heart and soul. All things dark will not take me, because regardless of what I feel at any given moment, there is a light that I do see.
3. I am not selfish, but I must first cater to my own wellbeing, to do good for others.
4. Aspects of fault that I have created are indeed of my own doing. Those that do not understand will not take pity on me forever. I must understand this about others as to stay reminded of torments threatening the outside world.
5. I must accept that most of the time I am alone, and I must KNOW that that is OK.
6. I am not useless, I am undiscovered.
7. I am loved.
8. I am loved.
9. I am loved.
10. I must accept and seek help when it’s needed. The other option is to perish.
11. I am human, and to be such means I will err.
12. To make better changes I must first be aware of the deception my own mind throws at me.
13. I am patient, kind, forgiving and all things good. Every day I must remember this.
14. I am challenging, courageous and caring. Every day I must remember this.
15. I am passionate, loving and honest. Every day I must remember this.
16. I am vulnerable, easily wounded and the world owes me nothing. Every day I must remember this.
17. I am loved.
18. I am loved.
19. I am loved.
20. I am distant, scared and helpless. Every night I must remember this.
21. My mind takes my feet down a path of treachery. Every night I must remember this.
22. I must not fall victim to my own dark delusion. Every night I must remember this.
23. I must learn to approach and walk through my own doors, so others can be aware that I need them.
24. I must learn to accept that some people will not understand. That some people have their own way of understanding, and this is out of my control.
25. I must learn to listen to understand, not to reply.
26. I am locked away, by a monster that is me. This does not make me bad, this makes me unique. My heart is held by characters that I can unleash. When I am ready, when I am steady.
27. I am loved.
28. I am loved.
29. I am loved.
30. I am not free, I am fettered to disease.
31. Agony, suicide and pain are a part of my daily thoughts. And that is OK. They are mine and I’m meant to grow stronger. For I’m the one to carry this torch, another would not last the night and fetal up amid the fight.
32. There will be times, when nothing can be said and nothing can be done. I have to understand these times in order to survive.
33. I have learned from my mistakes, and will continue to make them.
34. I choose to shine because of the storms I have been through.
35. I am Indigo. Every day I must believe this.
36. I am not seeking an end, I am taking longer now to be certain I do not fail.
37. I am loved.
38. I am loved.
39. I am loved.
40. I do not see things the same way as others and I don’t always see things the same way I used too.
41. Some days I can take over the world. Other days, I don’t move from my bed.
42. I must accept the fact that, as a direct consequence to my actions, certain things will not go back to the way they used to be.
43. I must do what I can, with what I have. This, I must remember every day and every night.
44. In many cases, I must remember there two things I can do when the situation is out of my control. Nothing, and like it. This will help to keep me humble.
45. I must take pity on those that have not gone crazy. This will give me empathy towards who I am.
46. I understand that everyone appreciates honesty, until I am honest with them.
47. I am loved.
48. I am loved.
49. I am loved.
50. I cannot trust those that hurt me and attempt to say it’s my fault.
51. This is how I feel about many things, but not one thing.
52. I must learn to resolve the past.
53. I must learn to create a pleasant future, so my future past will be a wonderful moment.
54. I write my own legacy, and for this I cannot be purged by any establishment, for I am free and I am will, and I am bound as a human to press the moments of my life until it is no more.
55. I will remember to do the things that make people smile, so when I am no longer around, I will be missed.
56. I will not ever give up on my dreams, I will always work harder to achieve them. Even if I fail, I will have inspired others.
57. I am loved.
58. I am loved.
59. I am loved.

Published by

The White Raven

Writer, author, philosopher, philanthropist, poet, imbecile, denizen gypsy. A rare bird of sorts is what you'll come to think of me. I love to write, play, and work diligently to prove one day fiction will become a reality. I'm very simple when it comes to my views on life, a backpack is ideally my best friend and I found my mistress with paper and pen.

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