I Omnist (TOT) Animals


1 It is important for us to understand that no living thing is beneath us nor is it above us; but, always with us.
2 Animals are just as much a part of Living as we are; they are breathing, communicating, and understanding.
3 Their languages are different from ours, we try to communicate and they seem to understand us far better than we understand them.
4 That is essential; it allows us to fill our gardens with the peace necessary to sustain our balance.
5 An Omnist finds specific beauties in the flaws of nature and it’s animals, forever adding to the perfection of our inner blankness.
6 We are one of the whole as are the animals.
7 There is no emptiness to them other than the hole in us that they have grown to see. The emptiness that our gardens grow from and what our gardens have grown into.
8 An Omnist may feel as though animals see us as darkness, not entirely in fear, but as something they do not know.
9 They do not have much understanding of mathematics or writing, as we recognize them.
10 Be grateful to say their disposition of peace is far greater than our understanding.
11 They are more powerful than us in the sense that they have no limits to freedom, save for the limits they give unto themselves and what restrictions humanity has placed upon them.
12 There is fluid mastery in their movements which we as a self proclaimed “higher species” have adapted unto ourselves.
13 There are deities created from the likenesses of animals.
14 That by now is considered not profound enough for them to be honored as an endless part of our whole.
15 They provide happily to sustain balance for first themselves, then for us, as we take more and more as a deal of unfairness towards them.
16 We are to live, but the time honored tradition of regarding the elements should not be forgotten.
17 We are not dominant of them; however, without them, there would be no sense of mastery.
18 What good then is being a master over another species?
19 What control would we know had it not been for animals: it would be a whirlwind of confusion had there been no animals to learn from.
20 The animals taught us our place and some of us have forgotten their power. No need for worship from an Omnist, unless the Omnist chooses to do so, as any Omnist could choose to worship as they see fit. That is their decision to make for their garden.
21 But a feeling of justification should always be sent to the creatures that have been beside us throughout time.
22 The creatures that we are still learning from and witnessing, from the lives of animals past we learn of our evolution as beings, and the evolution of God and gods, whether it all exists, or not.

1 The Living that share this planet with us are revered by some as guides and deities, mostly though as wild, and some as pets.
2 A metaphorical guide, a spirit guide, a warrior guide and so on and so forth.
3 To some that practice is considered wrong and to others it is a small part of their internal feelings.
4 Many hold high the animals that they own and cherish them as pets, others abuse the trusting nature or think it is right to abuse our animal counterparts.
5 While others are still in search of finding the most dangerous of game.
6 Fishing, hunting, trapping for food and the usage of the entire animal is a practice that each hunter should consider learning. It is something that our ancestors have done in order to survive and build a better world for their families and future generations.
7 Hunting for sport is just a simple way to prove that there is always going to be cruel Living out there. Cruel Living that care little for the feelings of the animals that are also a part of who the hunters are in this world.
8 A part of Living and a part of Everything, animals are a very close link to the things that we don’t fully understand.
9 They have souls, they have feelings, and they have emotions, we share these things with them.
10 They understand better the laws of the wild then most of us do.
11 The laws that our gardens once thrived on and still happen to be a part of who we are.
12 Though, that part of our survival instincts appears as though it is fading away and being replaced by a behavior that could be compared to as lazy.
13 We still have the basic need to survive.
14 We can revert back and learn what it is to survive if we have to.
15 Throw away the niceties that one finds so wonderful these days.
16 The safety and security of the society that they have confined themselves to and are now having spoon-fed to them. Causing them not to see for themselves what it is that humans have begun doing to this world.
17 There is safety in numbers, of course.
18 But, some numbers look at other numbers as lesser numbers.
19 Do we not live exactly as the animals in the wild, only now we refer to it as civilized.

1 What is domination over something?
2 Is it just a false interpretation of power and the conceit that comes along with it?
3 Who truly rules the things that should not be ruled?
4 What God of gods is it that can stake their claim to the providers?
5 Do the animals not share the same senses as us if
not already having certain senses more developed?
6 Do they not walk, swim, breathe and thrive among the same elements and share the same needs as us?
7 How then is equality taken away from them, other than the fact we have grown to have certain capabilities that we say they do not have, things like government and “advanced” social structures?
8 There are things that are undiscovered about them, as much as there are things undiscovered about us. Isn’t that a level of understanding to allow us the capacity to draw a parallel with them during our lives? Shouldn’t that allow many of us to share the same parallel with one another? Have we grown so ignorant and blind as to not see such a relation?
9 Do we not have the ability to understand each other on a deeper level, with hope for all of us, that we all share. Taught to us by the animals that we travel through life with.
10 There will come a time when wastefulness will be intolerable and hopefully become a thing of the past.
11 To take away from something that is thought to be weaker, leads to the lack of understanding the strengths that the weak have. Advantageous strength used to overpower is lack of understanding and an abuse of power; that in itself is a travesty.
12 It happens to all Living and it is an issue that should have attention brought to it. So that we may further our existence with the things that have meaning and share this world with us, as we share it with them.
13 Living of evil power are consumed by it, so let it come to pass that they are seen as something that is not good, let them see it for themselves. For they are the ones that are to blame, they alone are just plain [insert preferential derogatory name here].
14 That though, is essential for their gardens. If not for the unsympathetic, how would there been empathy for another Living’s life?
15 When all the animals are gone, when all the crops are harvested and when all the fish are caught, it will be then that humans realize they cannot eat finances.
16 So perhaps, it is best assumed, that the animals are the meek and that they are the ones to inherit the earth. For they have been known to guide our spirits and for us to guide them and bring compassion, love and the learned ability to care for one another. Without the animals, without our spirit, without their knowledge of the wild, we would not have come as far as we have.

1 In a variety of ways we are animals and animals are an element, we happen to fill the aspect of humanity in the animal element.
2 Our emotions and personalities can be compared to that of the other elements, we can take on and have a fiery ambition or temper, we can sometimes be air-headed or move fluidly like water in certain undertakings physically and mentally. We can be as stubborn and immovable as a mountain comprised of so much earth that nothing will shake us from our position.
3 It’s all tied in and we are all together here; our senses tied into the elements as we are essentially the element that is needed in order for the others to exist. Without us, without us thinking of these things, they would probably not exist nor have any reason for being.
4 That is the power of the animal element that we are, our consciousness existing for the existence of others. How is it we overlook the most simplest of things and continue to come to the conclusion that everything is so much more complicated than it actually has to be. When we go beyond our capacity to understand those that have once cared for us, it is time for us to understand evolution and gods as the same thing.


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