I Omnist (TOT) Reality


1 It is a manner of existence for all Living, the fundamental plane where all applications of life take place.
2 It is conscious awareness for dreams and imagination to take form and eventually come true.
3 It is the physical limitations set on what can be done and what is said cannot be done.
4 It is the fibers of being that allow the senses to be indulged.
5 It is an unquestioned standstill that exists due to oppose our imaginations; without reality, there would be no imagination and without imagination, reality would not be what it is today.
6 Reality is comprised of the matter of fact that fiction cannot seemingly penetrate.
7 From fiction comes to life the fears, hopes, and dreams that drive realities for many of us.
8 It is for the currently unrivaled laws of math and the level of our physical senses that allows reality to be more than just a concept.
9 We can calculate reality and break down what we take in through sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, combined with the elements this shapes our reality. These combinations measure, weigh, and give substance to Living.
10 We are bound to a reality that the Living awakens to.
11 The sun rises and sets, thus, making way for the moon to run it’s course.
12 Day after day and night after night.
13 The reality of long ago was that these celestial objects were given names and faces; stories from long gone civilizations that worshiped them each as a god of their own, or something of the ilk.
14 Now though that is no longer considered the reality of it. Over time those things have been dismantled and torn away by those who felt so strongly about something else.
15 Had what we now know been considered then, the normal majority now may have been considered heretics of some kind and sacrificed or buried alive or fed to the lions.
16 That then, was the reality. The truth from then is currently considered fiction in the confines of what we now consider a reality, making those long lost beliefs fantasies to most of the current cultural norm.
17 The Omnist will take as much of those beliefs into a deep consideration as something that has forged a way to create the bulk of what is now present day reality. Combining their senses with the elements and look deep within their own minds to forge a new reality from their own imagination.
18 Taking into consideration what may not be good for another’s garden. The Omnist is on a teeter tottering path among those who fear and those who fight, among those who choose to force their gardens onto others in a ludicrous idea of peace, that was derived from strife and agony.
19 How so now is the current reality that has been forged that of something that the minds of others can be so suppressed in?
20 What power are those truly consumed and held down by, that they feel it is right to press themselves and their beliefs of what truth in this reality is?
21 Have we not found ways to break through the barrier that is reality?
22 Do we not make things up: the most imaginative of minds can bring to reality things that most of us would not even consider dreaming of. The clout of materialistic needs has dulled the imagination and is shaping reality into what we say we fear most, yet most of us assume the position of doing nothing about it.
23 Reality now is that we cannot breathe under water without the proper apparatus. Perhaps someday, if a large enough amount of Living feel so compelled to, we might.
24 Thus, altering reality, at least the reality that we presently endorse. In some other reality, mermaids would find it ludicrous that their form of Living would ever live outside of the confines of the vast ocean.
25 Is it not though, something that the Living must still come back to, or be deemed some kind of a crack-pot (by loose definition) by those that set a watch to the unquestioned level of reality: when reality is constantly being re-shaped by our current technologies regardless.
26 Rules and laws get based around the reality, giving to it more power and pulling more tightly on the chains that keep many dreamers held down. The dreamers that are re-shaping reality regardless of said chains.
27 The laws and rules give strength to whatever is held true, as a form of absolution to those who fear to roam outside the safe quarters of their confined reality.
28 Many realities differ, vary and hold their own weight on groups; doesn’t that hold true for all other groups?
29 Do we not each hold tight to our own efforts of what we see, and present it to other gardens as something new, thus, expanding ourselves and enriching the soil that makes our own garden plentiful.
30 If not for someone else’s grasp on their reality, would it be possible to come up with ones own reality?
31 Would we not be able to venture off and find a feeling of inner peace had it not been for the soil of another’s garden. That the matters of fact to that gardens reality is not our own reality, but a reality that many of us just deem as best suited to live in?
32 Some Living should hold tight to a safety net for broken thoughts of what reality is.
33 Reality keeps the Living safe and gives berth to the weary travels of our gardens imagination.
34 Without others holding true to their realities there would be no danger or fear, thus, offsetting balance and carrying with it no reason or logic for imagination to present itself.
35 There would be no hope for times of rest; times that, for the reality of some, is long overdue.
36 For others’ reality is at hand.
37 There is no tipping of the scales of balance, but the agreement that would make us closer to being one, should be that of; not forcing our gardens onto one another but, feeling content to help those that we see as our enemy, and being comfortable in keeping our own alliances with one another in tact
38 As redundancies begin to take their effect on you, this will come back and let you know that there is something involved and influencing you outside of those that deem you…unworthy.…

1 Sitting and seeing things (as are distinguished by reality) the things around you perceive you, as you.
2 Though, in the confines of reality a Living can drift into their own imagination.
3 Does one exist in the other or for the other: for some, their imaginations are their realities.
4 It becomes something else other than an escape into their minds.
5 They can make up and build their own worlds.
6 Their own made up devices, their own machines, their own animals.
7 Their own sense of Living that can be related to on the paths that their feet carry them through.
8 Day-dreaming is just a part of this reality. Without that level of imagination supported by reality, there would not be the great thinkers of our time, of past times, and for future times.
9 Imagine this reality in the future.
10 Most imaginations at this time probably support the idea of the end of our world. Through our own devices or by the corruption that some gardens feel content forcing onto other gardens. This is mental genocide on a large scale.
11 Genocide of feelings, genocide of how Living perceives this reality now.
12 Some time from our current reality may not exist and will probably succumb to the imagination of some corrupted garden that has built itself up to be an ultimate power.
13 That is where fear plays its part in this reality.
14 That is what fear of pain and death does to a Living.
15 These things are control devices that those whose gardens have been corrupted use to their advantage.
16 As they sit and spill out their poison, this is every Livings reality. What a horrible thing to do, to hold fear over the heads of those that depend on you.
17 Not all are like that, though; there are many out there that strive for something better, for a reality that only a dreamer can see.
18 This (Omnism) is perhaps, the beginning of that reality.
19 There will always be conflict of some kind to contend with.
20 Once peace has been established no doubt there will be a race of supernatural beings from a far off galaxy to bring about some other kind of conflict to keep balance.
21 Perhaps not, who is to say? At the moment, that is not an acceptable idea for this reality because it defies the laws that make up our current reality.
22 But killing each other “in the name of” or misinterpreting important teachings just to re-create something that we have already learned, is wrong. It is more or less us imagining ourselves living in the realities of antiquated pasts where savagery and barbarism were the mainstream of what defined societal norm; those in charge utilize this tactic to divide nations. Attaching ourselves to a time in our history that we are too afraid to let go of, despite the mistakes that our ancestors have made.
23 That too, is fear. Fear of letting go of power, power that corrupts no matter which way the confined pendulum swings.
24 Power of currency, power of force, power of taking because you are the bigger bully raising turmoil on the school-yard.
25 Is that not the reality, on a relative scale, that all of us have bore witness to or experienced in some way, shape, or form during the course of our lives?
26 Does the bully not get bigger with each passing decade as we grow?
27 Did that bully that you once knew on the school-yard grow into something else? Not the same person, but comparatively to something or someone that is doing nothing more than taking.
28 Taking something from others and telling them what to do, because they can.
29 No matter what walk of life you come from, this is a feeling that we can all relate to. That we have all experienced.
30 That is the reality that we all know exists as a societal norm.
31 What can be done to stop such bullying?


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