I Omnist (TOT) Imagination


1 The ability to fabricate from the mind is one of the most important abilities that any Living possesses.
2 To imagine world peace, a fairy god-mother, or something lurking in the dark.
3 It is there, but at the same time, it only exists in the mind.
4 Even the animal gets startled with it’s thoughts of something approaching. That gives the notion of the animal’s capability to imagine.
5 Even a Living born with no senses still has thoughts; still has the ability to imagine what it is that their surroundings are and what they are composed of.
6 Something that has never bore witness to a physical object, will still take form and shape of some kind inside their mind, in order to give substance to their existence.
7 Just because they are unable to see, touch, feel, smell, or taste, it does not make their own thought of what they are non-existent.
8 This idea delves into the mind and carries with it the thought that there can be something from Nothing, applying that to Everything, making its contribution to the Source, through the Living.
9 One form of imagination is the creation of something that does not yet exist.
10 It is the thought process that brings light and fruition to all gardens without knowledge of what a garden is.
11 Had there been the want to grow something before the knowledge of growth then, would be the imagining of a garden.
12 Imagination, applied to knowledge, further emphasizes how powerful a mind can potentially be.
13 Have we not already witnessed this power first hand?
14 Destruction is the first thing that comes to mind. Because it is the easiest response.
15 But the attack of imagination, by any means necessary, is something that an Omnist might give up their peace treaty for.
16 Large scale numbers being lost with, and through, the manipulation of imagination is one thing that this Omnist in particular, would not stand for.
17 Nor should any Living, under any circumstance, commit an atrocity for such an order to be made. It should be good reason and sound judgment that are practices of an Omnist, as well as, a practice of good Living. Hold tight to good faiths and regards towards one another’s gardens.

1 Dreams are a part of our minds subconscious to par-take in imagination, nearly uninterrupted.
2 Dreams allow us to fall deeply into a state of unwillingness to conjure the things of non-existence.
3 If one cannot dream, then the non-dreaming part of their life is perhaps wildly fascinated with the imagination. The non-dreamer may be at a stand-still within themselves as to the existence of the things they cannot see.
4 In their waking life though, their contribution to imagination is more thought provoking than one may realize.
5 The non-dreamer wants to know what it is to dream, they become an instructor of reality.
6 The unknowing instructor will probably offer advice from a matter of fact point of view, which at time may seem abrasive. But, just keep in mind that no one wants to be wrong.
7 In turn, they themselves can imagine better in waking life what it is to to have dreams.
8 Be steady not to force your garden onto others, non-dreaming instructor.
9 It is very easy to overstep your boundaries and forget to apologize.
10 That may take an Omnist off course, causing them to have a loathsome opinion towards the skeptic, making them skeptical towards skepticism.
11 The Omnist is strongest if you are strong for yourself. Thus, making you stronger for others and them for you.
12 No matter who you are or what you feel you may be, there is reason for you to be strong, and to be strong in your mind and heart so that others may be strong as well.
13 Despite the lack of dreams, at times the insight of the non-dreamer is as important for all, just as much as the dreamers ideas of things that do not yet exist.
14 The dreamer needs the non-dreamer as much as the non-dreamer needs the dreamer. Much like the Yin needs it’s Yang and the Yang needs it’s Yin. These two opposites appreciate one another for what lies on the surface of one, and what lies below for the other.

1 Make something up, make up the six-legged frog that can breathe fire and wears a crown.
2 Make up the missing link.
3 Make up the three-eyed dog that never stops chasing its tail, that three-eyed dog that is constantly running circles in your mind.
4 Propelling ones mind deeper and deeper into conscious levels of ones own imagination.
5 Eventually these things are going to have an opposite to represent what it is they are, and what they define.
6 The frog may be a king or a queen of some distant land that is under assault by the giant wasps of the realm of 1derland or something just as equally absurd.
7 That makes all things that were once a part of imagination absurd. At one time there were no gods or God, just the same as there was no science. Or, perhaps the notion that another they were all existing in unison at the same time, but something happened to destroy that pact.
8 On the relative level of things there are Living out there that use their imaginations for far worse things, as well as, far better things. There just happens to be no money in peace that can line the pockets of those that can exploit our fears.
9 Why is the nature now the nature that the things that are far worse exceeds the imaginations of things that are far better for Living. The good guy has to win every time, the bad guy only has to win once. But, how often does the bad guy even know they are bad?
10 Perhaps one Living is excited to blow something up, or set it on fire. Thus, inspiring the imaginations of other Living to be the one to put out the fire, or stop the weapon that blows something up.
11 Is this not a form of balance? Is that balance now what is completely taken advantage of because that is all we know and witness in reality?
12 Is lowering ones own moral standards on a large scale more important that seeing the beauty of our imaginations take place for the sweet things that we so rarely indulge in?
13 Then, the animals we live with, they are imagining too. All they may be imagining is you.

1 It is difficult to measure imagination.
2 The imagination alone can look beyond that of numbers and words.
3 Making something up and then having it come to fruition from ones mind, or many collective minds, is a great accomplishment.
4 Why then do we imagine inflicting pain: we know it is wrong and that it could seriously damage another’s garden.
5 It could steer them down a path that they may not care to go.
6 But that path would then be chosen due to the power of another’s imagination.
7 That is tempting for some, to find themselves in an over-indulgence of inflicting pain and cruelty onto another Living, sadly, that sort of Living does exist.
8 One can imagine something that is needed to understand what it is that truly matters to many of the good Living out there.
9 Mother Nature invokes her own imagination through the acts of natural disasters.
10 Because, all-in-all, Mother Nature is a Living as well, the world we live in is a living, breathing thing.
11 Without Living to imagine the blue skies and the deepest of nights, would it even matter if it was here or not? Would the earth really care one way or the other?
12 The world has shown us time and time again, that any of our achievements will be brought down in the wake of a small fraction of power that the world puts out when it gets tired of our parasitic nature.
13 What then are we to do? Perhaps it is time to imagine new ideas of the things that govern us and dictate our lives. The advancements that we have achieved in life all stemmed from someones imagination.
14 Instead of currency maybe value of work should be placed on the time put in and we all pay it towards one another. Rather than being put in a rat-race that does nothing but divide us with numbers. Perhaps we should protect the things that are more important for our survival as a whole. Instead of chopping off each others heads “in the name of” and bashing one another due to the attraction towards genitalia, maybe there is A much more rational way to consider each other. A Living loves who they love; it is as simple as that. A Living is taught who and what to hate by orders of so called “divinity”.
15 If out-dated teachings cause one to prescribe to a nature of hate, then we are doing nothing more than moving backwards by claiming that love brings wrath and fury down upon a group of Living.
16 ‘Tis the largest affliction, brought down by certain gardens onto another group of gardens. Thus, forcing ones views of what life and love is onto another group. This is not love, this is genocide of the mind and heart.
17 Let’s imagine that there is something more out there for us, more beyond the wretched fear of going to whatever hell after death one prescribes to. That there is something more valuable than servitude towards something, in order to be granted access into whatever Heaven there may or may not be.
18 That there is more to life than just the aspirations of there being absolutes that must be followed in order to get somewhere that is, in large parts, doubted by many and TRULY believed by few.
19 Even by the many people that stake claim to their devoutness, certain acts by Living are just simply unforgivable “in the name of”. So, it can be understood as lunacy when one subjects themselves to kneel down in blind faith and do as commanded.
20 Sounds all but something that can be thought and felt passed, once you look deeply into what fear truly is and its existence is to steer one away from danger, not further into fear; to steer us away from wrong-doings in order to get somewhere that many Living do not even consider possible.
21 Imagine a new creator, or a new deity. Imagine the roles are reversed and the greatest words that have been written are nothing more than the bad seeds and the largest trick ever pulled.
22 Imagine, if you hold true that there is nothing more than this life, that there are other Living out there that need more than that to go on.
23 Is the basis of both of these thoughts not a connection to one another in itself?
24 Abolish the zealot behavior and the compulsion to defend each idea as a whole, and understand that both are very good means and ways of thinking that were, at one point, the imagination of some great thinker/teacher. One perhaps that utilized the capacity to carry a written word before many could understand what it was. Writing about servitude in order to break away from slavery…out of the frying pan and into the fire.…
25 Through imagination though, through the minds of Living used initially, for hope, love, and the idea of freedom and peace which demanded faith and rigorous levels of servitude. Good for some sure, but not good for all.
26 Others rely on themselves in deep meditation to experience inner peace.
27 Others need to have a name placed on each of their gods.
28 All of which are trying to make their way to the same places.
29 None is complete without the other.
30 So let’s imagine them together.
31 They are there whether one likes it or not. Hence, how we are all Omnists without even realizing it.
32 So, as it was once said, imagination is much more important than knowledge. And the brilliant words of one of the most influential songs of our time still carries a message of peace to the world.
33 If only we can imagine ourselves in between the words and see deeper into the meanings that carry the true nature of peace, maybe one day we will all just get along.

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