I Omnist (TOT) Fools


1 We all are partaking in the journey together. By fool: absurdity, idiocy or anything negative is not to be taken into mind.
2 By fool: it is meant that we are all innocent Living. Contributing ourselves (either willingly and/or unknowingly) as a portion of the whole.
3 By fool: it is meant and open to interpretation that every living organism is a portion of the whole.
4 By fool: it is meant that we all have our journey to take and on that journey we all meet the things in our lives that present us with the idea of what Living is.
5 The Omnist fool, just as each and every one of us is a fool in some way, is meant to both listen, learn and eventually teach.
6 Being an Omnist, it is an incredibly great feeling to be able to understand how things work together, as a whole.
7 There are stories in the world both fictitious and factual, all told through the senses, feelings, and characters that some Living has imagined somewhere.
8 This is a journey open to interpretation, from and to every Living.
9 We each have our own paths and many of us share very similar paths, how we go about them is up to us.
10 The outcomes of the decisions that we have made, good or bad, determine how the world affects us and those around us.
11 How we grow from an innocent fool, into something that we aspire to be that we have met (and learned from) during our journey.
12 By fool: it should be taken in as a beginning, as someone that is just starting.
13 By fool: it is meant that there is much to learn until we are finally fulfilled in our lives. That fulfillment may only come to some of us as we lay on our deathbeds. That may be full circle, in this life to some; for others, there may be a heaven to look forward to. To others they may attain the spiritual level that they are seeking. To more still, it may be blackness, that this one life is it and this is all that they cared to have.
14 However our journey through this life ends what has been learned here may be taken in. So, let us make the best of it for ourselves and for one another. For the animals that we cater to and that cater to us. For the ones that depend on us and the ones that value their surroundings and know the dangers and atrocities that we have made against them.
15 They too, are fools on their own journey. Living animal fools that are all the wiser for staying away from us by, throughout time, having witnessed our transgressions towards them.
16 Not by all, but by the greedy, the power hungry, and the few that have made a bad name for us all towards our fellow Living that may now shun us.

1 Fellow Omnist fools on their own journeys through life, be humbled by the fact that you are still in a limber sense of innocence.
2 To be called an Omnist fool in this fashion should be taken in and worn as a badge of honor, if you will.
3 Please look passed the negativity of the word. It is a representation of innocence and a desire to fulfill a journey in seek of knowledge, so that we may share what we have learned, for other fools on their journey.
4 Change the word in your mind and look beyond the insults of a word. Begin to understand from prior books that we are all united in a great number of many ways.
5 All of us have started off the same way.
6 From the womb we have come.
7 Before that, there was constant reconciliation between all Living in the universe, as small as it is large, as there, as it is not there, as much as our reality can comprehend it’s massiveness. But, how reality has not yet sought the imagination to fully understand how small it is, as well.
8 That understanding lies within the confines of the parts of our minds that we have yet to gain access to.
9 The percentage where the Source exists. Where Nothing is constantly escaping into. Where Everything needs to be in order to continue pushing us along our course to the Source.
10 Then back for others, for our misgivings, for ourselves, for something that is there, but for something that is not there to others. To those others, they are there for us, for us to imagine something greater than Nothing, for us to imagine it all and to see it all. To see it all within us, within you, within the past, fleeting present, and hopeful future.


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