My Omnistocria


“This is not an advertisement, so please, allow me to tell you a little bit about a place that does not yet exist, but one day will. My name is Rougan, and I’ve been a citizen of this floating wonder for years. Every time I return from visiting family, or from one of the neighboring nations, my breath is always stolen away from me! This nation is named Omnistocria. Though many that live on natural terrain refer to it as New Atlantis. Or, Pacificis, if you’re priviledged enough to venture across a continent or two to see that place. They are governed under the dictations of Omnistocraticism and thrive without any centralized leadership, or, individual economy within it’s boundaries. Omnistocrians provide all that is needed, utilizing their lives to take active roles to ensure each ship operates efficiently.

Children born on the floating nations of Omnistocria have the most engaging and hands on education. They are first taught reading, writing, and arithmetic. Then, further studies include the outside world, religion, historical events of our nation, and others. Once the children are of age they are taught how the economic system works and why it thrives so well. Upon this understanding each Omnistocrian learns on a weekly basis how to operate every part of each ship. There are no set jobs for any one Omnistocrian. A citizen from say, cargo, could also work the desalinators. Then, a week later, they could be sitting on a seat of consistent balance. Each Omnistocrian, being involved in all ways, helps new ideas and advancements to flourish. They are among the rabble of one another one week. Then, sitting at what most nations may consider the highest seat in office the next week.

Economics in Omnistocria work much in the same cyclic way. Those that started the nation 80 years prior invested all they had in their homelands stock exchange, as well as foreign exchange. Any interest considered profit earned was then put into creating Omnistocria, making it what it is today. The money fronted by each individual remained theirs. To this day, if a person wants to become a citizen, it is as simple as that! Though, individual funds are useless here due to the understanding of freedom these floating nations offer. Funds are only needed for when you travel to your homeland. The cost to get there is nothing and you may come and go as you please.

Deals and trade embargoes are made with allied nations, and because tourism is such and enormous business, Omnistocrians set up shop! The small, hand crafted items are sold daily while the music gets played. Here is where the new renaissance took place and is still making headway to this day. So, it’s no surprise that artwork sells like crazy. Each Omnistocrian is encouraged to earn a living here for the outside world, if they so choose.

It is no surprise that deep sea research expanded. The locations of these cities offered easy and constant access to the Pacific and Atlantic. This propelled humanities understanding of the ocean and it’s creatures. This also aided in satellite advancements and various other techs used in space. Alongside that, the study of planets and stars changed due to the nature of being situated year-round under once unobserved skies. This changed what we knew about weather and so many unknown aspects of our planet!

Omnistocria is an assortment of cruise ships, tankers, shipping ships, and even some decommissioned warships sprinkled here and there as museums. They are tethered together around small islands by means of catwalks. Though, it is also possible to charter smaller vessels through the labyrinth of canals. With each ship that is purchased or donated, Omnistocria expands by repurposing something that would be scrapped. Omnistocrians are the blood, these ships are the body for this self sustaining nation. They provide clean water, and also, renewable energy by means of the sun, sea, and air. Certain ships are designated for agriculture at sea and various other forms of farming to provide Omnistocrians with fresh meats, vegetables, and dairy on a daily basis. Cruise liners are where we Omnistocians reside and go about much of our leisurely days.

Waste management is handled by the process of shrinking matter. Thanks to that development it has made this nation a far easier place to keep up with. Also, certain solids provide ferterlizer and specific types of fuel, much of which gets outsourced to allied nations for refinement. Because only a few ships are designated for travel, Omnistocria has become one the the most environmentally friendly nations on the planet. The air is fresh, and it’s been said that the water Omnistocria floats on is the most vibrant blue you will see from space.

Since the concept of Omnistocria was founded under Omnism, religion is practiced by whatsoever an individual decides, as long as Omnistocraticism’s main laws are observed above all. Ceremonies are practiced in harmony and Omnistocrians don’t squabble over the nature of whose message is correct, we all got the message. Aside from the views, and the freedoms, the people are what make this place irresistible. I could carry on about Omnistocria for hours but that would merely scratch the surface. So many people from all over the world come here and I hope in another 80 years, that alone, will unite the planet.

2099 has been a great year for me and 2100 is looking better and better. I hope to be alive when our nation reveals it’s ideas for pyramid cities which will allow this planet to heal from the ravages of humanity. To think, it all started from the mind of a vagabond jotting his ideas down in a cell phone. He hid all of these wonderful concepts in a book titled ‘I Omnist’. As for me, I am going to get back to my cozy cabin. If you’re reading this, I hope one day you get to live this dream. Farewell!”

By: Seigh Pten