OBOS Updated 8118

OF CHARLES POORE (~the Wordsmith~)’

For the sufficiency of my imagination, that which I feel is the fibre of my existence. This is my god and it requires neither homage nor servitude; merely that it is at my disposal at all times.


This is me being a novice.

If you hang with the lame you’re going to learn how to limp.

Don’t worry about things that have gone wrong, focus on what has gone right.

Don’t become a stinky witch, because I will go which hunting.

Why pray or curse anything?

Fear no thing and no one.

Do not hold yourself hostage to tradition (however, allow yourself to be free enough to partake in any of your choosing). There are no validating ceremonies for the reality of being human, it is your value placed into life.

Let the dead see the light.

Most anything may be taken at face value, until it becomes worthless.

The logic of a god is that of, “I know not of my existence without the thought of me”.

Capture life, energy, light, dark, and gray.

Bind those that bind.

Some, are the darkness that understand that those that fear them could not shine without them.

True power comes from knowing that it’s not really there to begin with.

Summer is not the season to worry about flies. It’s the season to have flies.

1. P-K4
2. …there isn’t anyone here.…

Encourage, do not discourage.

People choose their own level of involvement in your life and determine for themselves how it is they engage with you.


First and foremost I am human.
Secondly, I would consider myself Omnist;
one who identifies to my own definition.

Personal questions take some getting used, sometimes needing to be digested before feeding the answer to someone who may not like the answer they get. When people ask it is because it’s something that has been on their mind and there is nothing wrong for them asking. If someone asks if they may ask one, the best response is a diplomotatic response and should be as follows:

“So long as you are willing to respect and accept that I may not yet be willing to answer.”

Excerpt from: I OMNIST (TOT)

Irenic 13: 1-15


1 I am an Omnist
2 My choice in being so is devoid of slavery and servitude to materialistic religion.
3 I am not torn away from God or gods. I am just not for any one specifically.
4 I am an Omnist and I am not against the idea of God or gods.
5 I am also not against the idea of there not being any God or gods, as well.
6 I am an Omnist and I worship no Satan.
7 Nor do I feel the need to partake in Pagan and Wicca rituals. Nor would I disrespect them.
8 I am an Omnist, and I am for the Greek and Roman Myths.
9 I am an Omnist and I am for The Norse and Egyptian gods and all that rest in between.
10 I am an Omnist; one life into another, and another over again and again until you reach the enlightened state of Zen.
11 I am an Omnist; Brahman and Hindu gods are fine by me.
12 I am an Omnist; each of these is all one thing to me.
13 I am an Omnist; each of these means nothing to each one the other.
14 I am an Omnist; I see that none of these would probably exist without the other; none of these things would exist without an Omnist.
15 I Omnist.


Over the course of the past 8 years I have come to discover myself. I have understood that everything that has made me who I am I have kept repressed for 31 years. Time managed this and the capacity of my mind has grown, and grows, at a method of measurement that has not been discovered.

it is not that YOU are, or that YOU aren’t, it is simply that things ARE.

YOU are in charge of your own happiness, no one else is and no-one else’s. The journey is out of your control and is only there to show you people, things, and places.

Be what you want to be as the situation arises. Do not feed into the torment of others evaluation of who they think you are (utilize the ignorance of others).


This is where the notion of Heaven is. One we create in the present.

Do not allow yourself to become fixated on your past and the pasts of others.

Forgive. This is indeed a wonderful feeling. It does not mean you care to be near the person who did you harm. It means you understand who you are, the harm you may have caused them, and grants the possibility to move forward with your life.


Like water, it is always adapting to the moment. As soon as it’s there it is vapor. Live in this time because there is no other choice. The moment we react, move, blink, or breathe the present is past and the gift cannot be returned.

Make happy memories in this time because when it is gone we have only to look back on it with either joy, or misery. The present choice is always in the palm of your hands.


Intuition: A natural ability that makes it possible to know something with neither proof nor evidence.
A guiding symphony of feelings in conjunction with the mind. A natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence.
A feeling that guides a person to act a certain way without fully understanding why. Something that is known or understood without proof or evidence.


Everyone is all the same. Take different forms if you want to get laid.

Not just a physical act. It is the sharing of yourself completely with a person you connect with.

Self-improvement is masturbation.

Chocolate beats diamonds every time.

LOVE AND HATE (you decide which is which):

When you become someone’s first trust and last hope.

A person cannot be blamed for whom it is they have loved. That is past.

Rabies will get rid of parasites.

Pity those who have to learn from people that say they hate. Bite your tongue and stay your temper in a simple way to negate.


My Immortal
Hotel California
Man That You Fear
The Perfect Drug
Love The One You’re With
Paint it Black
Battle Cry
Lost in Paradise
Carmina Burana ‘Oh Fortuna’
Anakin’s Symphony
Pachabel ‘Canon in D Minor’
Moonlight Sonata
You’re So Cool
Help From My Friends
Arsonists lulliby
Here With Me


Omnist Wizard: A founder of an Omnist Diary and essentially, it’s guru.

The nosey and the voyeurs: Let them look, let them watch, let them see. Eventually, they will get bored. Or, they will become so fascinated that they will mimic you. And as it’s been said, mimicry is the highest form of flattery.

Chameleon: a.k.a. copycat personality. Someone who can be anywhere and do anything while rarely being seen. It takes a keen sense of empathy to pick up on this. When you meet one, learn and absorb all you can.

Narcissist: Do not engage. If engaged do not allow your mind to be warped. See through manipulation and take from the person a mindset that is otherwise thought of as awful. This ability can be utilized as clout when confronted by those who attempt to hurt you.


Home: Your heart can be taken anywhere, what you project gives the essence of who you are at any given place.

Nature: reacts slowly when damage is done. What you do now to harm it may affect your children’s children.

OMNIST DIARY: Any place that Omnism is discussed among Omnists and Omnist Wizards.


Your self: what you carry in thought, heart, and in your pockets.

Writing tools:


Spinners: Small objects for relaxation of mind. Silent silencers. Attraction purposes. Conversation pieces.

BOS: can be kept and cataloged in phone, thereby not being touched.

Thief rings (these will give you lust for gold so be careful. However, they give you the ability to bargain)

Crystal ball: see what you want to see, say what you want to say, share what you choose to without words. Charging works in sun (be very careful as this may start a fire), moon, and darkess. If it’s heavy enough it can be used as a tool to defend yourself.

Tarot cards: wonderful story, beautiful art, mystical to those who are unaware. If you have a difficult time understanding those around you, the memory of cards can help to be a third party consultant outside of the realm if divination.

Stones: Should be gifted (when stones are given this way with a felt knowledge behind them, they should be taken care of). Also, another good source of defense.

Sticks: extensions of the body. Various purposes including: meditation, cardio, walking, physical toneness, stretching, reaching, intimidation.

Blades: Practical and weaponized uses. Pocket knives all the way up to swords. Degree of personal comfort and can be charged for significance before use.

Earplugs: relaxation, muffling sounds, easing sensory overload.

Dugouts: Little wooden boxes for storing a peace-pipe and a small amount of peaceful smoke.


Conjure from within (there is no charge).
Endure in hope.
Always hold on to good intentions.
Do not be bitter.
Take the notion of “can’t” away from possibility.

WHITE: Protection, healing. Used until broken down or depleted.

‘White wall’


‘Energy domes’

‘Healing gnomes’

‘The Joshing’

‘Fidget Spinner Self’ (meditative purposes)
Use of staff (I prefer three sectional). Take staff outside and listen to the sounds of nature. Move to the rhythm your body takes you until spinning at full force. Be mindful of flailing sticks and become onecwuth the presence of the substances used to create the staff (wood, metal, plastic, etc…etc….). Play, relax, spin to music, spin to nature, spin to expel stress and frustration. Spin until you’re exhausted and come up with katas on your own accord.

GRAY: These spells are constantly in effect in a cyclic motion and help in determining which way to drift when using white and black in conjunction with one another. Keep balance between the love of power and the power of love.

‘The Village Idiot’

Play the role and expectations will be slim to none. You don’t have to be stupid, just remind yourself that heavy is the head that wears the crown.


It’s imperative to be responsive with the constant, back of the mind notion, that you truly couldn’t care less about another person. This sounds awful, but, it may likely be the best way to give the most heartfelt advice.

‘Pre-emptive awareness’

This is an outline for constantly reminding yourself of the use of anything that may affect another. Be it positive, or negative.

BLACK: Defensive spells used in response to major negativity perpetuated by a person or persons. Serious consideration must be taken before the use of ANY of these, as they are primarily aimed at breaking sanity and disrupting a person’s inner peace.

‘Killing With Kindness’

1. Smile
2. Agree
3. Hinge towards apathy
4. Take the good
5. Expel the corpse
6. Move on without remorse
7. Care only for your course

‘Projection of Temporary Insanity’

1. Always, always, ALWAYS be certain to question your own. This takes years to master and there is a rest period that needs to be adhered to after this is done.

2. Practice on yourself first so that you have a better understanding for those deserving.

3. It is not to be trifled with because you know who you are.

4. You’re always fucking with yourself. You realized you don’t know the difference.

5. It’s about circles of the mind and you must know the mind of a person. You’re basically setting loose mind gremlins in someone’s head.

‘Mass Belief Projection’

1. Let others fill their minds about who they think you are.

2.Do not dismiss the allegations, silently understand them better.

3. Agree to disagree and let others build a mystique about you. This is not to be what people say, rather, to sideswipe anything that has been said.


1. Used to break spirit for a length of time.

2. Be prepared for guilt as a consequence and repercussion.

3. Take all you know of a person and remind them that none of it is good.

4. This is cruel, hurtful, and damages the caster and the target.


Keep and protect them if given to you.
Expose yourself to all and you will have none to worry about.


God, gods, and goddesses: refer back to the initial quote at the beginning of the OBOS. If they are offended at my lack of homage towards them it is because I imagined it to be so.

Psychopomp: One that guides souls to the other side.

Muses: Physical and ethereal. The physical always leaves the artist, the ethereal appears in dreams.

Poltergeist: negative energy attached to an object and influenced by chaos.

Ghosts: muses, dreams, messengers, beings from an ethereal realm.

Mind gremlins: destructive seeds planted in a person’s mind to make them question who they are and the world that they built.

Demons: negative aspects of your personality that can be utilized for defensive purposes. Keep them on a leash and allow their barking to serve as a reminder of difficult times and thoughts.

Figments: products of your imagination that assist in changing personalities, thereby allowing you to cope with various situations.

Healing gnomes: Basically, the white blood cells that can be focused on to aid in the process of healing sickness, wounds…etc…etc….

Angels: Masters of disguise.



Marijuana (just a big thumbs up and yes a thousand-fold).

Psilosiben mushrooms (shrooms, holy shit, heaven in a cow’s butt).

Catnip (fun for the familiars).

Apple cider vinegar: Good for heartburn and a variety of stomach ailments. Can be mixed with water and consumed daily to boost immune system.

Beer (Proof that God loves us -Benjamin Franklin-).


Dreams are the plane of existence where your source resides.


Gina made a world. I had to travel through the snow passing all those I know. It’s a terrifying place that’s equally beautiful. You can travel the stars and steal your love on stage. Take them away from who they are wrongly engaged. Start a war with starships and watch them fizzle through the atmosphere. Gina’s planet, where fires burn and you’re six miles away from anything dear.


‘In Dreams’

In the winter when it snows
In the depths where imagination grows
We spring up tales and fantasy things
When the Wordsmith writes and any bard sings.


‘Crockpot Chili’

2 lbs ground meat
1 lbs laguniga sausage
2 bell peppers (red)
2 yellow onions
2 jalapenos
1 large marrow bone
2 cans fire roasted tomatoes
1 can tomato paste

Garlic powder
Himilayan pink salt
Chili powder
Let kids stir

Dark red kidney beans (optional)
Shredded Cheddar cheese (optional)
Sour cream (optional)
Corn chips (optional)
Chives (optional)

Mix sausage, ground meat, salt, garlic powder in a bowl. Brown meat and add to crockpot. Add hearty amount of cumin and chili powder and mix. Add marrow bones and cover crockpot. Set heat to high for two hours.

Dice onions and bell peppers, set aside.
Remove stems from jalapenos and split in half lengthwise, set aside.

Remove lid to crockpot and stir. Check marrow bones to see if marrow has melted out. Use knife or long utensil to remove marrow and add to meat. Add onions, bell peppers, and jalapeno. Mix and stir until blended. Cover and cook on high for three hours.

Remove lid to crockpot and stir. Set mixture aside and allow to cool, then taste. Add seasonings (cumin, chili powder, garlic powder…no salt….) if needed, to taste. Open cans of fire roasted tomatoes and dump in mixture, stir and close lid. Drop heat yo low and allow moisture to build for two hours.

Remove lid to crockpot, add tomato paste and sugar to cut acid. Stir, set heat to low and close lid for two hours.

Serving suggestion: place cheddar cheese in bottom of bowl. Add chili, top with sour cream and chopped chives. Mix and place corn chips on top. Eat and enjoy the flavor explosion!

‘Shodin’ (stuffed pig stomach):

1 Hog Maw
2 lbs andoulle or chorizo sausage
1 large potato
1 Vidalia onion
1 bell pepper
1 lbs portabella mushroom

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