If the system is set up a certain way then that means it can be set up a different way.

My proposition starts with first realizing and breaking away from systems built off of gold. For the life of me and all the various ways its been explained to me, I simply cannot wrap my head around the neccesity of money and how it plays a role in providing any quality of life.

Humanity has fettered itself to this gold based system and I don’t know why the majority chooses not to see beyond doing what they are told because someone out there has a bigger stockpile. Likewise, being led to believe that the stockpile itself has any real value. You can’t eat it, you can’t drink it, you can only buy people with it, and that is the basis of slavery, which is essentially the system humanity has prescribed itself to.

Cast aside religion, politics, borders; what then are we left with? To put it simply…us…. We the people of the world thrive solely on the notion of being told that someone out there has something that we desire, which will bring us to what we need. I’d be more inclined to believe that there is no such thing as money, it is merely a control scheme. The more you have, the more you become the product.

You are not a product! You are a human being with a human heart and a human mind! With that knowledge alone it should be enough for you to unite and break free of unworthy systems. You are a piece of the human condition which is comprised of blood and sweat, love and hate, pain and joy! Not gold, not greed, not all the things they tell us we need!

Beaurocracy has set upon us regulations with miles of red tape to impede upon freedom. Freedom to collect water, to farm our own food in abundance. Fear of paperwork and hoops to jump through that are unnessecary. Regulating our placement of time in hopes of being granted permission to thrive on abundance. Destroying our concepts of renewable resources. So they are free to build more nonsense structures that are tangible to their gold based empires.

Empires that use confusion to nullify the masses. Empires that denounce thought which may expose a system derived from clout. Empires that thrive on war for more gold, be that gold oil, or land, or the broken cities that propaganda has slandered in the name of freedom. A false freedom to keep you building an empire which gives nothing back and only aspires to enslave and murder. Empires that steal your time and feed only the infrastructure that promises peace and prosperity, but delivers only more work, more taxes, and less of their precious gold!

Break away from the antiquated notions of rich and poor defining social structures and creating inequalities. Take back your knowledge and steal away with your freedom to thrive without permission. Do so by spitting in the faces of those who buy their way to the throne! Do so by uniting in solidarity to overthrow the corrupt “powers that be”! Do so with the influence of peace and the feeling of apathy! Say for yourself and to all of humanity –“we no longer choose you! We no longer want you! Therefore, WE NO LONGER NEED YOU!”–

By: Charles Poore