So it Begins

Those of you who have been following this blog will know that I have had an earworm for an oddly long amount of time. I should be happy to report that, while it has not gone away, it has at least been replaced. However, I’ve become the victim of my own trickery. The song that has replaced it is the song I posted yesterday ‘Master Splinter’. This cruel injustice is at least mildly drowned out by tinnitus.

Now, of course I know it’s kind of strange to be a fictional character that fancies themself an author, having an earworm replaced by a song that they wrote, which doesn’t even exist. Buuuut, it is a strange world that people live in. It’s even far stranger viewing it through the eyes of the person whose head I inhabit. Of course, it does carry the potential to physically hunt down and execute said earworm. By physically I mean ethereally, but, I think you get the idea.

My biggest concern is that I wasn’t exactly kidding when I stated that this earworm grew teeth. Who the hell knows what other appendages and unearthly weapons this imagination has given to said figment. For fucks sake! Why can’t the owner of this mind give me som…oh look, a flamethrower…. I’ll keep you all updated on what happens.


Published by

The White Raven

Writer, author, philosopher, philanthropist, poet, imbecile, denizen gypsy. A rare bird of sorts is what you'll come to think of me. I love to write, play, and work diligently to prove one day fiction will become a reality. I'm very simple when it comes to my views on life, a backpack is ideally my best friend and I found my mistress with paper and pen.

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