Every meat cutter has stocked up on meat
Every asshole has stocked up on paper
Every derilect has stocked up on drugs
Every one of us reflects time wasted

There are no more bullets and weapons for show
There are no more shots nor beer at the bar
As happenstance has it, you should not own a car

The ugly revealed from within all of us
Much like the first time we noticed a planet
Gravity’s struck our fleeting existence
As humans we are, we simply digest it

HEY! Listen up, listen now, listen here and listen good
If you don’t then all you’ll hear will be screams throughout your neighborhood

The things that seem to work for me are typically what no one wants
I’m the “swim against the current man”, the dude that’s weathered from the fronts

A simple life is what folks claim yet no one seems to have one
I can tell you now it’s not built on gold or anything that’s lost or won

Please don’t take this as complaining; understand that someone needs to do it
There has to be some imbecillic rebel willing enough to endure it

I no longer watch the news because I don’t believe what’s being sold
With that stated I must also tell you that I’m no good at being “told!”

I must also state I’ve had enough with history’s repeating theme
Allowing us to thrive on greed and putting those in charge who scheme

Sufficed to say that I’m fed-up with with living how most people do
Those in charge pillage, plunder, lie and steal then turn around and blame all of you

Everyone’s a psychopath, because they all seem to think they’re right
God forbid you disagree, you’ll be in for an unwinnable fight

So follow along and play the game wherein every turn you’ll be misled
I do believe them when they say “if you don’t you’ll end up dead”

So yeah, that’s it, that does it, I quit! I’m done with life’s indigestible shit!
I’m done with the talks of paying dues, when those that you owe give no choice but to lose

Some day though I’ll have my day and then there’ll be little left to say
From those who doubted why I turned and went the other way

And only silence will I then give and my face will express ‘I told you so’
And the bitter sweetness of lies believed will cripple life as they unfold