Every meat cutter has stocked up on meat
Every asshole has stocked up on paper
Every derilect has stocked up on drugs
Every one of us reflects time wasted

There are no more bullets and weapons for show
There are no more shots nor beer at the bar
As happenstance has it, you should not own a car

The ugly revealed from within all of us
Much like the first time we noticed a planet
Gravity’s struck our fleeting existence
As humans we are, we simply digest it

Published by

The White Raven

Writer, author, philosopher, philanthropist, poet, imbecile, denizen gypsy. A rare bird of sorts is what you'll come to think of me. I love to write, play, and work diligently to prove one day fiction will become a reality. I'm very simple when it comes to my views on life, a backpack is ideally my best friend and I found my mistress with paper and pen.

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