I never learned to play a note on any instrument
Gee, I wish I trained to throw an implement
I’m unkind when stating remarks about retarded
Yet, it’s justified when you’re told to be lethargic

Everyone’s forgetful and forgiving all the same
There is no noose, nazi, nor anyone to blame
You’re all your own muted mouth hoping to be shamed
Sitting home, hoping acceptance, waiting to be named

You’re copious cunts, sociopaths, humans
Either seeking some insight, knowledge, or penance
Greed has seasoned all your merriment and mirth
We see the seed of this thought “the meek inheriting the Earth”

I no longer feel that I am wrong about foundations made of gold
That all it does is seduce history and influence blood that’s bought and sold
Genociding masses, promoting asses, its wrought nothing but politicians
I Can’t Understand Normal Thinking so I end this poem with no remisses