I Omnist (TOT) Fire


1 Oh yes it will burn.
2 It will cook, singe, and make Living feel warm.
3 It will make Living feel pain, give them light, a source of energy to run machines.
4 It will give us something to look into and get lost in.
5 It will also give us something to fear.
6 It is an element, yet one that would not exist without the other elements.
7 They are essential for balance towards one another, and fire holds no power over anything. If it wasn’t for the power of the other elements working in harmony, fire would be unable to keep its structure of a formless nature.
8 If there were no elements of earth and air, there would be no fuel for the fire.
9 If there were no water to put it out, the fire would consume the earth and the air.
10 It is essential to survival for Living that this powerful element is in our grasp.
11 That we can harness it and utilize it in harmony with the other elements.
12 But, to think we control it is just ignorant, as well as arrogant.
13 Living is at fires whim, not the other way around.
14 Living needs fire, but fire will do just as well without Living.
15 It will be, as the other elements would be, for they themselves are an existence all their own.
16 We as Living, do not control fire, nor do we control any of the elements. We are at their will. They can do much more damage to Living, than Living can do to them.

1 Say for instance there was a way to measure the “alive” aspect of fire.
2 If the fire could talk, what would it say?
3 Has this not once been recorded in history, was that fact shaping history, or fiction shaping history: the answer all depends on your level of faith in imagination, one would suppose.
4 Perhaps we should all go out and look for a burning bush.
5 But it’s not as if we cannot create it through props and things of the ilk.
6 Of course it is only a hypothetical and theatrics, at least for the moment.
7 One day perhaps the imaginations of all Living things will come to life in some way, shape, or form.
8 Just think of how many evil spirits and ideas that run rampant through our minds now, many of which are related to fire.
9 Even though one could sit down at a campfire at night and be mesmerized for quite some time, simply by the hypnotic dance of the flames.
10 The ambient noise that it creates from the wood popping and releasing air.
11 The company that is shared around the glow and the warmth that draws them all close enough to have a sense of unison.
12 Unison that could only exist if the elements are working together and our senses are taking us elsewhere. Allowing us to feel the touch of the Living sitting next to us.
13 Amazing what fire is capable of doing, ecspecially when it is contained.
14 Surrounded by a group, all of whom are engaged with one another through the fire, as the fire encompasses them.


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I Omnist (TOT) Air


1 One of the necessary elements in order for us to live, survive, generate power. Air holds many other aspects of just one of the natural elements on this planet that we have yet to fully harness.
2 It is the smooth breeze that cools us off.
3 It is a part of our natural consumption in order to sustain us, making us whole.
4 the air we breathe is just one important matter of fact that all Living have in common.
5 Yet, beyond the fact that we all need air to live, we cannot be happy with that simple fact that it is vital to all of us.
6 It is free…for now.… No doubt though (unless we can find a way to see beyond it) those that serve the notion of greed will find a way to convince us that we need to be charged for air.
7 Air is just another thing that we can (and should) find common ground with. Something as simple as what it is that keeps us alive. It’s something that we share with the animals yet we can’t even appreciate that among one another, and soon enough someone greedy will come along and feel as though they have the power to put a price tag on it.
8 Shouldn’t we all be able to appreciate the air? Without it, we couldn’t do anything. There would be no fire to keep us warm. There wouldn’t be a need to appreciate being cooled off on a hot day by a simple gust of wind.

1 As an element it is a double edged sword. It has power that could topple great structures. It’s co-relation with temperature could cause us great pain in the climates that are situated in the cold.
2 It has great power and we recognize this power. Yet, we forget that this is a vital linking point in how we all must live.
3 It can carry sounds across a field sending messages to something that we cannot see, in the hopes that our message reaches its destination.
4 It carries smells, though sometimes, they may not be nice smells (giggle) it is still something that is, in itself, interesting.
5 It could be a smell from some far off distance, or the smell of approaching rain.
6 It gives us a hint of what is to come, or something that we may or may not come across.
7 Acknowledging that should be something that we can all at least sing and dance about.
8 It is not complex, it is there and has been there, it is an invisible part of us; and we know even though we cannot see it, we still need it.
9 Without it, Living suffocates and dies. If it goes, is that perhaps because we willed it to go: and what Living would be around long enough to even answer that question once the air is gone?
10 Perhaps the Living that learned to smell underwater could answer.

1 As an Omnist, there is no need for worship of the air, nor any of the elements for that matter.
2 Just one more way to look at how we should all be linked together.
3 It is something that is taken for granted. The air is something so taken for granted, that we only remember the negative aspects of it when they happen.
4 There is study of it, no doubt, but the most understood thing about air is that it is vital for Living to live.
5 It can be used as common ground.
6 Beyond all we know and think of ourselves and hold onto how smart or powerful we are with whatever it may be that fuels our own internal engine.
7 We would relinquish all of that, if we were to lose the air we breathe.
8 That too, should be a sense of common ground for us to find within one another.
9 That we are able to understand and appreciate the air we breathe.
10 There are some that would prefer to not breathe. Sadly, that is still vital to the appreciation that we have it to breathe.
11 That we have it to utilize and combine with other elements to keep us warm; to appreciate the refreshing breeze that blows right when we need it most.

1 At one point in time it would have been thought impossible that something that cannot be seen can hold weight on its invisible spine.
2 But, it was found out, through imagination, then science.
3 At one point in time it was said, “We cannot fly like the birds.” Not sure who exactly gets the credit for that phrase, but kudos anyway! Without you, it wouldn’t have prompted us to try.
4 But, we can now, the math was there before, but the concept of it was nothing more than that of fantasy and diluted ideas of those that were considered, aloof.
5 Yet, just one more thing that can bring us together with air.
6 The marvels in the sky are something that may be thought to be some kind of abomination by some.
7 By others it is a miracle, but it is something that is, like the air, taken for granted.
8 It is forgotten about and taken advantage of.
9 But at least us flying is no longer non-sense.
10 It is a truth that we have harnessed the power of the things that keep us Living.
11 Sometimes we forget the initial importance to us though; air is just one of those things that is set aside and not given much thought about. Until it is taken away from us. Then, it becomes the most important thing in our world.


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I Omnist (TOT) Earth


1 Well, it is an element, is it not?
2 Much like its sibling elements fire, air, and water it is a basic thing that simply always was.
3 Living walks/crawls on it, burrows into it, grows out from it, decays, and gets consumed by the things that dwell within it.
4 We grow our food in gardens in much the same way we tend to our own gardens.
5 These gardens too can be poisoned. They can be poisoned by another Livings ideas of what to put into another’s garden and that is not fair.
6 Unknowingly they may end up suggesting something that would actually be no good for the garden. Thus, killing the fruit and vegetables and herbs and flowers that you may be trying to grow.
7 How delicate a balance a garden needs in order to sustain. Changing that balance could result in devastation to your garden. But, that does not mean that it will be gone forever, balance can be re-established though it may not be the same as it once was.

1 Earth, as it has proven time and time again, can be very powerful and naturally, should be respected like its sibling elements.
2 It moves, it crumbles, and it caters to the needs of Living.
3 It can also destroy Living; though in Omnism it has no need to be worshiped.
4 With or without Living, earth will probably still be there.
5 But, without calculations derived from Living, how is it that could even be proved: is that not much like if a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it…does it make a sound…how is it that the element of earth, like the other elements, would even exist without Living?
6 Is it better to assume that it just would: because without Living, it wouldn’t matter anyway…would it…?

1 Much like the senses that we have just gone through, the elements work the same way in correspondence with the senses. There is no specific order to the elements. Although, we are astrologically inclined towards some more than others. Oddly enough, earth is one of those elements, and astrology does not hold all the answers.
2 There are many little nuances involved among each individual Living to bring together all of the answers.
3 But, we are all connected in the elements, and we all have a birthday, even Jesus was an Aquarius. If an alien comes down from another planet (assuming they exist), they may have their own birth-date on their home planet. But here, it could be calculated as to what sign they would be on this planet when their birthday rolls around. Thus, linking us in some way, shape or form; and inviting the alien into a form of Living that many of the people on this planet adhere to.
4 Of course, many also don’t adhere to it, that doesn’t make either one ideology or the other wrong. That just means that each has their own garden to tend to and knows what’s good for it.
5 Earth, is a fixed element, it is not going anywhere anytime soon.
6 It was here long before us and will likely be here long after us.
7 But, where were we then and where are we bound to go?
8 Some say above earth, some say below earth. Some say the earth is flat, and in 150 years it will be discovered again and the debate won’t matter.
9 Who is to say? The earth could probably care less either way, and the element of earth alone probably really has little say or concern about it.
10 Unless, of course, you are essential for it to be here. Perhaps the element only exists in your imagination, or even because we are here.
11 The thoughts could get astronomical and have to be dis-proven, if calculations of random thoughts exist. Not sure, but they can be written down at a pretty good speed.
12 At least we know we are all connected by the element of earth.

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I Omnist (BOW) Omnistocraticism

Do not murder.
Be honest.
Owning another human being is forbidden.
Do live your life to the greatest extent of influence upon good that you can.
It doesn’t matter who you love, so long as you are in love.
If something offends you, understand the only thing in the day that has changed is you are offended. Nothing more will come of it, just move on offended, or move on with a sense of new knowledge.
Try; always try. If you fail, you’ve learned a lesson and it is time to move on. If you succeed you have triumphed and it is time to move on.
Know that God is seemingly reclusive, if something like that wants you, it will come and find you.
Life gives death gifts that death will keep forever.
Omnistocraticism is a world view during the time of no nations and no boundaries. An overview of a subtraction of greed and a negating of economic principles ruling the world. Officials of high rank are elected based on morals and values of ethics towards human-kind and regulated by the whole of human-kind for the necessity of living together as individuals valuing each other equally; as well as understanding that value. There is no hierarchy, but respect towards individuals in power is imperative and numerous voices speak for all, beyond things that are unnecessary. It is based more on the obligation of the citizens of the world subscribing to the needs of one another with regards to a lifestyle based off indigenous cultures. But, enjoying what has been earned based off what has been given back to society as an individual unit, benefiting the whole.
Every clan, tribe, society, civilization, country, state, territory, continent…etc…etc…is separate, yet acting as a small faction to the Earth. Goods that benefit each can be shared in a sense of barter as to push greed to the bottom of the barrel and allow life and lives to thrive on, within, about, and for one another. Aid from one to another should be given when needed through a pay it forward system. The idea is that paying it forward is the best principle to base these actions upon. To pay something forward is to do a good deed for someone in hopes that they do good deeds for someone else, while not expecting anything in return (other than helping someone else). If we can all rely on each other to accomplish these deeds, then there is no reason to be hateful towards others in life. So long as there is no corruptible source from the start of this, doing something without the threat of being taken advantage of, or threatened is imperative for this system to work. Remember, this is a system without money, the deeds spoken of in this method are deeds from the heart, not deeds from withdrawing from one’s bank account, because there are no personal banks, only time banks. These deeds are not to be measured in comparable size. Each individual deed is just as important as another person’s deed. They are meant to be built upon in terms of the heart and nourishing to one’s garden. So, that a kind gesture in return from another person is only amplified towards the deeds you place on the next individual. So, that one may feel good about themselves in the eyes and minds of whatever divine purpose their life is built around.
These are simple guidelines for a norm among cultures throughout the world, these base tenets must be free of greed and negative manners of taking advantage of one another. Rivalries should be set aside as they affect innocent Livings and the direct is placed under the looming shroud of tyranny.
This is not to take away from forms of entertainment, nor is it to take away from one’s own personal interests. There are people out there that just need a place to put their rage, to entertain their strategic mind, to indulge in things that others may not agree with. So long as these things are mutual in the sense that gladiatorial type behavior is some form of entertainment, does not mean that there is not peace. For if these people run rampant and had nowhere to place their aggression, then it would be taken out on innocent people that have no want to engage in these acts (that would be an example of pressing on another’s garden as written about in ‘The Omnist Tenets’). To take away this need for aggression, would again, be a form of pressing upon the garden of another. Though not all of us can relate to such forms of behavior, there is indeed a warrior understanding of the world, and their practices are that of their own type of divination. It is their way to nourish their garden, no matter how many may feel this is wrong. Taking this aspect of life away from those who thrive on it is far worse an act than the allowance of such indulgences. This also is not promoting violence towards others, to simplify it “don’t take may cookie, and I won’t take yours. If I don’t like to fight, I won’t. But, I won’t stop you from enjoying the thrill of what you love to do. So long as those involved want and choose to be there.”
There are those out there that want to do nothing at all, these people are simply allotted nothing more than the means to survive until they contribute to society and understand that their own sloth like mentality will grant them nothing other than a life of destitution. If they become willing and see that contributing as a member of society will grant them access to the things that they so choose, then they are welcome to engage and see firsthand the nature of compassion and empathy being emphasized towards fellow human beings and other Living in this world. Otherwise a person that sits and does nothing will be obliged to find their own method of survival, if that person chooses to harm others, then proper actions will be taken upon them, for they only brought it upon themselves with such selfish behavior.
Omnistocraticism is interwoven as an ideal of living morally, like Omnism, it’s approach is for that of peace and understanding. Thus, exposing in nature of the smaller, more power hungry and greedy people that would choose death and famine to control the understanding of a combined heart and mind.
People that commit petty acts and negative deeds are taken to the center of their locale for a day (the town square of their neighborhood where they are known and recognized). They are confined there not too be treated as a criminal, but to be reminded by those that know them about the good deeds that they are remembered for. This type of reprimanding is meant to encourage the person. So, that they understand how valuable they are, and have been, amid a community of their people. It is rehabilitation on a pedestal of peace. Embarrassment and shame will be combined with empathy due to one’s own past good deeds.
Religions should be as free as the methods of peace that they promote. Free to all that are open and willing to devote themselves to a notion of peace through prayer and worship. Free to the seemingly lost, free to those that feel a certain doom in life that they cannot overcome. And if a religion does not work for an individual, that by no means makes the religion wrong, it means the person has not found in the religion their own internal notion of God, gods, or lack there-of. There is a necessary adjustment that needs to be made that involves the break away from violent teachings in each religion. That the places of worship that feed off the backs of people, and are filled with scum of all kinds, should be rendered useless as the one-time followers see fit on a personal level. But, the former follower should not shed bad light, for all judgment about a place of worship is an individual judgment and should remain as such. We are all our own place of worship despite the need for funds. So long as the base level of a place of worship is to help, rather than control, then the true nature of the places of worship will show through.
These words toward religion should be viewed more as a reminder of what we once were instead of forced onto another who doesn’t share the same belief. Each religion is meant to be understood by each other religion to identify the truth of love within each one. Not for each one to dictate the rules to another set of structured beliefs. Omnism and Omnistocraticism is by no means an assault on any religion or place of worship. Omnists find their fervor in the religion that best suits them, perhaps Omnism has helped them find their path towards God, but it may not be the same definition of God that another religion has put upon it.
God, gods or lack thereof should indeed be taken seriously, but each form of a Source is an individual fabrication and representation of God, gods or lack thereof. Over time these beliefs of a higher power dictate their own play among the Living. Be any god real or not, the idea itself exists and grows, or it becomes lost in antiquity. There is no swaying of views on a Source, even a lack of a belief in a Source is still a form of a Source.
If one is on an endless quest for nothingness, then they are still seeking knowledge on which direction they are taking to get there. Not to say that they will end up in Nothing, but Nothing is where they are plucking these ideas from. Out of an endless oblivion that has yet to reveal the inner workings of the universe, so that we may continue to answer questions in an endless, eternal placement of what our time spent here means.
Atheism is a mindset that should be taken rather seriously as well. Though Atheists have no belief in the beyond, they still have a practicality in life that makes sense in being a decent person. Without religion, many Atheists have managed to discover things that may have remained unknown, or at least have been put on the back-burner while we wait for any god’s instructions. It’s difficult to say what may or may not have happened in another realm of existence. For this is the realm that we live in. We live in a world where we fancy a bitter argument over the existence or non-existence of something. What all it really boils down to is a sense of control. Atheists do not want to be told just as much as zealots of other kinds do not want to be told. Essentially, each side has its zealots and that sort of behavior is one of the first steps towards putting a bad name on two things that are, good. The nature of both beasts is to exist. But, if they are constantly attempting to compromise each other’s beliefs, then eventually we will find ourselves burning Alexandria once again. Get off and stay off your high horses…all of you zealots.
In Omnistocraticism it is vital to always remind one another that there are people out there that have been thriving as a small civilized culture without the need for modern niceties. Their simple ways have stood the test of time. Perhaps, if not for the “civilized world” getting to involved with their way of life, they may outlast even the self-proclaimed great nations that fancy themselves as something better, or above the rest. War torn cities still manage even after nations have come and gone. What’s left now is a heap of dirt and debris, little to no water and infertile land. Yet, these cultures thrive, and it appears the lack of understanding wants to cripple these ways of life to pave a way for what? A new fast food chain? More oil? More and more greed?
The need to break away from a societal norm (willingly, of course) to discover the means in which smaller tribes have managed to find their peace, requires a method of utilizing the simplest aspects of living, and combining them with a larger scale of living. We must learn to customize our lifestyle so that we may learn from others. If some method of living does not suit an individual, that does not mean either side is wrong, nor are their methods. So long as no harm is being done, then there is no real wrong method of living under the standards of Omnistocraticism. Granted, there is a level of cleanliness that should be adhered to. But, if one does not know how to do so, then perhaps it is best to teach them. Therein lies a sense of barter among people working together for one another with no money involved. The Sloth can be taught a sense of self gratitude and appreciation towards their neighbor’s methods of cleanliness and they may in turn help to repair a piece of machinery or potentially play an instrument for entertaining or something just as minor, but pleasant. Mow a lawn, do the laundry, write a bible just to give some examples.
Situations and issues should be pondered over by whatever use of patience one has instead of rushing into something. It is vital to retract from a path that, throughout time, has taught us nothing but the tactics involved are malevolent, with the result being destruction. War and things that lead to it must be avoided at all costs. There is a swallowing of pride that the lesser of the evils must endure, to better recognize the negative outcomes that will ultimately come to fruition, if forward progress of defending false pride is pursued. Make peace with one-self to better understand your neighbors view on how it is you operate. So, that together, despite differences, two may accomplish something and build a better suited sense of inner harmony, rather than disputing over things that did not matter from the get go.
As all countries first formed they were built by men that understood how to implement servitude through fear all too well. They took advantage of the unknown and gave birth to a concept that would anger any god, and the writing of such breaking away from servitude is documented throughout history. All mysteries work in ways that we can attempt to blame on God and essentially, it is all the fault of a God, but not the Christian God, not Allah, not Brahma, Zeus nor Buddha, not the Flying Spaghetti Monster nor the Pink Unicorn and certainly not the God that doesn’t exist to Atheists. It is not the Pagan gods that have been demonized to instill fear among believers and to justify their negativity towards one another. It is our belief in them and our tolerance of fear that manifests into a crippling desire to spread fear among one another. For it is far easier to implement the illusion of control through fear, than it is to relinquish control for peace, love and a simple existence.
The main aspect as an individual is to take yourself apart and allow others to break you into pieces, so that you may share the small aspects of the individual that you are with others around you. There are many ways to go about doing this. But, we each eventually come to terms with who it is we are and can still find a way to ascertain wisdom. The mind fills up to capacity but those are only the numbers that math can use to materialize reality and existence. There is an area of existence where those things do not hold any full-fledged weight. That area is within the imagination and it is imperative to hold together in each other’s imaginations so that we can continue to reflect and nourish each other’s gardens and hearts. For there are areas of each individual imagination that we manage to make connections with, those connections cannot be severed because the memory of that time still exists within the minds of those involved.
Each person (or Living for that matter) that we come across in life is little more than a fool looking another fool eye-to-eye. Now, that being stated, how do we observe our observer? Is there a set regulation to see this? A lot of it (among higher intelligence’s) resides in that of the zodiacs, how that is determined, is from that initial introduction or even the walk up to the Living. We get a gut feeling that tells us and allows us to administer the vibrations that are going to follow. That there is going to be something learned and taught or that you are both some sort of kindred spirit tied into the web stated in ‘The Omnist Tenets’ as Purple Jesus. That we will all somehow propel one another further along on each of our journeys, so that the separation will be bittersweet, but ultimately necessary to move further along in life.
When it comes to hate in Omnistocraticism as well as Omnism, it is best to understand that the existence of hate relies heavily on love, not as an opposite, but as a quick irrational feeling that endures only because of love, and is an emotion all on its own that we must learn to come to terms with. Love lasts longer and is much more difficult to understand. But, if served properly love can be utilized in conjunction with quick spurts of hate and rage. There is no truth higher than love and there is no emotion as complex as love, for it encompasses everything. One that loves can even learn to share emotions with those that show apathy. Though, if one prescribes to apathy it will be harder to turn back down the path of love because we must make the venture back through the hate that dissolved into apathy. I could just as easily begin to give myself up to hate. But ultimately, it is showing an emotion of some kind, some need to be noticed and I would much rather be noticed for the love that I have left and care to share with others, rather than the dastardly attempts at destruction that hate boils over into, ultimately causing a surrender to apathy.
Instead of identifying the importance of an issue, I place the issue itself in a relative scope. Those that argue one side of something justify their side just as much as the side they are arguing. So, it would be easier to squash the argument to the point that the bitter rivalries do not matter, but the contestants do. Placing value on each element of an argument and then negating the argument all-together. That is not to say though, that the feelings shared do not matter. On the contrary, the feelings are what was important and not the substance of the debate. This is just one example of clarifying individual freedom, noting that it is not worth the fight. But that the value is in the words and feelings and not who wins and who lost. There is no such thing as losing, only winning and a lesson learned.
Essentially, what I am attempting to say is that the learning process itself needs to be re-formatted. What we are taught that matters, and what matters, seem to be two different things in this society. Which crook is going to benefit me is the one I should be voting for does not make much sense to me when it comes to electing leaders. That is like choosing the lesser of two evils and when it comes to power, who the heck wants to be under the ruling thumb of evil? All I hear is how none of this makes any sense to anyone. Yet, they continue to just go along with this silly idea that freedom exists under the faulty flag of greed. What then happens when they return home? What of those that understand home as being anywhere they are, and have given up on commonplace traditions and futile attempts to survive under rules of meager means. How much longer can we continue to fight, murder, hurt and do all these things that we know will lead us down a path towards our own demise. If I chose not to take up my pen and get the ball rolling with this unfathomable idea of world peace, how much longer before someone finally would stand up and do it? I am not saying I am the only one attempting this. I am saying that I am utilizing Omnism and Omnistocraticism as it is meant to be used. As a mechanism and a piece of the puzzle that we all seem to be missing to some degree. Through Omnism all religions and gods are only degrees of a much larger picture. Omnism itself is not a degree, it is the weaver of the circle that forms all of us. But, without all of us, the notion of Omnism being such a thing wouldn’t exist.
Under Omnistocraticism the people that do severe wrong (murder, rape and child molestation just to name a few) are used as batteries. Hooked into a perpetual state of never-ending servitude and linked into a virtual reality. They are not dead, but they are no longer among the living. They are not killed, only sentenced to a lifetime of servitude in virtual blackness. They may see god, they may see Buddha, they may see Jesus, they may see themselves. However, they are gone into Nothing. Because some people just want to see life that way, and they deserve no better, nothing more than blackness, no anything other than Nothing. This is capital punishment.
Democracy is not gone; all things can be put to a vote in Omnistocraticism. Even if it means removing an official. It is swift adherence to the balance and sharing of power equally. It does however render a multi-party system obsolete. All votes are in favor of the peoples’ majority and the people are the ones voting on regulations, rules, balances, major decisions, and basically anything that will directly involve the productivity of the said world. The proper leaders put into place are there to ensure that we are certain in our decisions. They guide, more than rule.
There is no one ruler, there is no emperor, there is no king, there is no president. There is no congress, there is no due process of law save for a sense of moral service towards one another. There is no use for money because it is understood that all things being done are to benefit human-kind so that we may move forward and evolve. Unjust greedy systems are only good for any notion of good that can be plucked from their pages. Not all aspects of the past are bad, however the reliance on systems in place that are easily bought and sold will be tossed aside, so that we can no longer be taken advantage of by those that choose gold over life. This system implies the preciousness of that which is life. Instead of insurances the insurance is in the will of another person that has trained with others and with themselves to continue with the want to help another human being, not consumed by the flashiness that the bogus insurance companies have lined their pockets with that has corrupted them.
Anything that grows naturally on this planet will indeed be made legal, but that does not mean all these things are good. It is up to the individual to decide their own level of intake on such substances. Remember, some plants are poisonous. Marijuana and hemp will indeed be legal and more research in the benefits of these substances will be essential. Alcohol will be legal, tobacco will be legal. Drugs that are used to influence the nature of people in a negative fashion will be done away with. Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, non-sense pharmaceuticals. The only reason alcohol is legal is due to the mistake prohibition had proved to be in the past. I myself am an alcoholic and can attest to the negativity that it does offer. However, those that do enjoy alcohol responsibly should, for no reason, have this right taken away from them. The same could be said for much harder drugs, but their efficiency to destroy families far exceeds that of alcoholism. The help that AA offers does wonders for those that choose to understand their malady.
Abortion will be a choice made before a heartbeat is heard. Most of us can agree to the fact that anything with a heartbeat is indeed a living thing. There are many willing and loving individuals out there that would love to have a child of their own. I cannot in good conscience agree with a late term abortion. The thought of children’s body parts in plastic bags is rather disturbing.
Water should be nothing less than potable. There is no reason that each person on this planet should not have a source of water. The wastefulness that is involved in the most vital fluid in our existence is intolerable. It is inexcusable and all things that contaminate that which allows us to live should be done away with.
Power and electricity will come from renewable sources. The world that we currently reside in seems to want to continue this trek of consumption and has no problems with disasters that could be avoided. Anything other than a natural disaster is an accident and, for the most part, avoidable. So why should we continue to risk our own well-being in the face of nuclear radiation, smog, and all things that destroy our environment. A much more beneficial means of energy is out there and we are currently at the cusp of better times technologically to research and reap the rewards of such.

I Omnist (The Book of the Wordsmith) Define the Undefinable

Omnism: The philantheosophy of the human disposition. The respect towards all religions and sciences and a recognition to the validity of all religions and sciences. Those who hold this belief are called Omnists.
Philantheosophy: The practice of better understanding religion and science, so that you can perfect your art for freedom.
~the Wordsmith~
“I am an Omnist and I believe in all religions”
-Philip J. Bailey- from his poem ‘Festus’

I Omnist (TOT) Taste, Smell, Touch


1 Satisfaction, that is the word that comes to mind when taste is fulfilled.
2 The little buds on your tongue have craved the taste that your mind so desperately wanted fulfilled.
3 Be it sweet, salty, vinegar, bitter, alcohol or water.
4 Something to satisfy the taste buds…to satisfy the minds cravings…tobacco, strawberries, fresh meat or something that has been stored away in the cold for six months.
5 Gluten, pink slime, trans and saturated fats.
6 Natural peanut butter or s’mores while sitting around a campfire.
7 Good taste is a relative term, some have a “sweet tooth” while others prefer wriggling and raw.

1 Taste can go beyond the mouth and into the areas of our lives where we find ourselves in a tasteful position that others may agree with.
2 Is this book written in good taste? Are there flavors in another’s mind that this book has hopefully been able to satisfy? Was that a tasteful thing to say to the Living that just walked passed you? The behavior of some intoxicated Living that was at the event last night, were any of their actions done in good taste?
3 Who and what decides that? Societal norm? Common sense? A combination of both of those things?
4 The realistic things of what to do and what not to do all in favor of having good taste.
5 It is a combination of what satisfies our palate and our minds that could bring us to our own personal level of what good taste is.
6 What we do sitting alone in the confines of our own room may be good taste for us. What we do alone defines our character. But, if witnessed by another Living, that may bring about a conflict or a feeling of disgust. Or, even an agreement on how good of a taste the particular Living feels we have.
7 Is it only opinion based around chance and the statutes of majority rules being the “normal” that defines good taste?
8 But, due to an over-bearing societal norm for us to express feelings and emotions, many of us have opted to suppress these natural feelings because we have been led to believe they are a factor that makes us weak.
9 Some of those who have good tastes are afraid to share them.
10 Has this not been commonplace practice throughout history? Does good taste dictate the majority rules of society? Does that not resonate throughout culture?
11 Without taste, would we not know what satisfies our minds in the smallest of portions? Why is it then good taste is related to that which is trendy?
12 Perhaps we just mush our minds away from what truly is tasteful for us by buying into the diction of societies rules. Thus, allowing us to be controlled one taste bud at a time.


1 Things that could define sweetness too, is also derived from the nostrils.
2 A sweet smell is something that may put a smile on our faces, or something that may be pungent and make us cringe.
3 What may smell alluring to some, may not be the same enticing aroma to others;
4 It may be the smell of a skunk in the distance that one is drawn towards, adoring the noxious scent.
5 While another may be inclined to hold their nose in disgust and travel far away until the smell is quelled by distance. The sweet perfume that one may wear may be comparable to some to the smell of fuel being pumped. Or the cooking of garlic may, to those who like it, smell as sweet as a rose to another.
6 Smell can draw us in, or steer us away.
7 The smell of rotting flesh is something that can lure in animals that wish to feast upon the carrion. It can tell you where a Living has just recently frequented, if they have been in a place of flowers, or in a less desirable situation.
8 Waste and refuse deter us and it may cause us to wear masks due to the things that may be floating around in the toxic air at the site.
9 Does smell allows us to remember things by lessons: meaning that we have learned many of the things we like and dislike through smell. We can associate so much with just the simple smell of something in the distance. That it allows us to conjure up a reflection of the past. Something along the lines of “smells like what mom used to make”. Or, that the smell of smoke may alert us, so that we act in order to not end up like crispy carrion.

1 Do we think, we as humans, are the only ones on this planet with the capacity to understand and know that smell warns us and draws us in? That it brings about reminiscent thoughts to the mind.
2 Is their nothing Living can’t do? When they are finally together and look at what their imagination has made, a part of Living and other Living that sees and identifies this will begin to create a well.
3 There are many things that go beyond our understanding. The smells that we are unable to smell underwater, isn’t that something that we have yet to accomplish, to smell underwater?
4 So what capacity is it that we’ve made-up that we have not sorted out yet, and that we have yet to understand?
5 Is it just a physical make-up?
6 Is there a human Living out there at the moment actually practicing the concept of smelling underwater?
7 If there is not, is that just an idea that was plucked out of Nothing?
8 A human, a mammal, a rat, a dog, a cat, a bee, a tree, a leaf or even a bat.
9 Any one of those things coming up with the idea to smell underwater.
10 Just one random thought, supposedly.
11 What can you come up with about smell?


1 Here’s a big one, touch, to be able to touch everything.
2 To be touched by the ones we love and that love us. Touching us physically, mentally, emotionally, deeply. Touching us all over, us touching them. Skin to skin, heart to heart, mind to mind.
3 Seeing inside one another and having the ability to connect with that-one other Living in the confines of our minds that currently hold us captive.
4 Perhaps we are the one Living that feels as though that there is not another out there for us.
5 Singling ourselves out to live inside our own microcosm that only we get to touch, see, taste, hear and smell.
6 Imagine the fact that there are others out there with that same ability to create a microcosm. There world may have something in it that your world desires.
7 Imagine one day actually getting to touch that world.
8 Two minds/worlds (mirlds??) coming together through the senses to make another kind of sense.
9 Is it not a touching thought. Knowing that there is more out there, more outside of the world that you have built.
10 Another Living that may be craving the things that you have once thought of as distasteful even in your own mind.
11 To think that another may not ever get to experience it. The colors and the way the purple mist may run down into the electric blue caverns. Deep into the richest confines of your own mind. The things and ideas that you may have yet to pluck out of Nothing, k and allow it to become a part of Everything.

1 One of the five senses that we all relate to, touch lets us know that we as Living are engaging something that is physical, something that is of us and a part of something larger than just the physical alone.
2 It can be a benefit to us in letting us know that something is causing us pain. Or that we feel the spray of water refreshing our bodies, as well as, the cool breeze on a hot day as it gently blows.
3 That is touch, Living has this and it is another innate thing that we can all relate to on a base level.
4 We are all born human before we are born anything else. Another humans touch ignites us, when our lips touch another’s, it brings about even more emotions from within that may cause excitement, leading to even more touching.
5 It brings alive the imagination when our eyes are closed. We may not know what it is we are touching, but we can imagine something/someone that causes us a generalized touch in either physical or emotional ways. That is a power of the mind using the sense of touch, combining it with other factors of who we are as Living.

1 How touching it is, to touch and be touched.
2 To understand being touched in good taste, and the way that the pleasant scent touches the memories of some long ago time in the kitchen, at the movies, in the woods, or off to sea.
3 How touching and fitting the idea of understanding an unlimited kind of touch.
4 That the taken for granted idea of touch of just reaching our limbs out and being touched outside, as well as, touching and being touched on the inside.
5 To forget in those moments in the culmination of our senses, the word becomes meaningless, and how touching an array of emotions gets swept over us in the moments that our wonderful indulgences come out to play. That is all of our senses being touched and working together to touch others.




I Omnist (TOT) Sound and Sight


1 Listen for the sound of silence.
2 The Omnist can listen so intently on silence that they begin to get lost in it.
3 It is oblivion that is a part of Nothing, a part of the blankness that resides in each garden.
4 The Omnist appreciates this as they appreciate all sounds.
5 Without the silence there could be no sound of our own Living.
6 Without the endlessness of silence there could be no sound, so it is appreciated by the Omnist.
7 Not for the Omnist to be faithful, unless the Omnist chooses a faith to pray or meditate to. But, for the Omnist to understand hopefulness in a well balanced world.
8 The cacophony of noises around us reminds us that there is conflict.
9 If the conflict did not exist then there could be no hope for peace.
10 The tumultuous times that we live through are experienced by all. So through sound we are one in the sense that we can relate to hearing the symphony of it all.
11 One noise amplifying itself off of the things around them and then mixing in with the sound of other noises.
12 Would the noises be there if it wasn’t for the capabilities of the Living to hear them?
13 Again, the age old question, if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
14 Some Living hear things differently, at times you could find yourself listening so intently to another Living speak, yet, the words may not even get through to you in the way that you should have understood them.
15 You still heard them, but they disappear, perhaps you are to acknowledge them later and give yourself an “oh, that is what they said” remark.
16 It is an internal conflict of your own sense of sound.
17 As if you wanted to listen, but deep down in the distances within you there was something else that you were actually listening to.
18 We all do it as Living, it happens, is it a flaw? That answer would depend on another Livings point of view.
19 That does not make them right, you yourself know that you wanted to take the words in. But, there was something else telling you that there was likely something more going on around you at the time, that was seemingly more important than the words coming out of the other Livings mouth. Easily distracted our ears become when the diligent silence of our thoughts interrupt spoken word.

1 The sense of sound works with our other senses in a manner of unification.
2 What we hear and take in is processed so quickly, that sometimes our instincts kick in and tell us to cover our heads when we hear a harmful noise. Or, to duck and cover when another Living yells, “watch out!”
3 Certain sounds please us in many ways.
4 To some it is the beautiful music composed by our favorite band. The singer and their voice that touches our gardens so deeply inside. Perhaps the singer is attractive and that ignites our other senses after we are drawn in by the sound of the voice.
5 Some are drawn to the sound of electricity vibrating overhead as they pass underneath high powered electrical lines.
6 Perhaps they feel the currents in ways that others can’t.
7 But the other Living walking with them may feel something else outside of the current.
8 The wildlife in the quiet area may be deterred by the sound of the electrical current buzzing above and/or the sound may act as some sort of a barrier, that the animals can actually see and understand as something that gives them boundaries.
9 There are numerous ways to understand sound and there are numerous undiscovered ways that sound still has yet to be identified.
10 Some may see sound. It’s not impossible, just ask those that do, they see sound waves in color and witness it’s motions as it vibrates in waves througb their mindscape.

1 Some Living hear things that others can’t, perhaps it is voices in their minds or the sound of a cymbal crashing in their heads. Certain animals hear things in ways that only few of us humans can even begin to accept as true, while a small fraction of us actually can see it and have no way to prove it other than with our word.
2 The voices of long gone friends and lovers that rattle on in memory fades away across the expanse of vibration that draws a line through ones own mind.
3 Other Living may be unable to hear these things. Yet, when it is described, the one claiming to hear such things is given some kind of a label.
4 Thus, scaring them into a place where no more understanding can be learned about how they are hearing such noises.
5 It is merely kept to them and lost to the rest of the world.
6 The understanding that majority presses onto this, is that there is something that needs to be fixed about this Living. Rather than allowing that Living to embrace what it is deep within their minds that brings about these (matters of fact to them). Noises that are impossible for another Living to hear.

1 To those who cannot hear, it is difficult for those of us who can hear to relate to you. The same rules apply to the loss of other senses, as well.
2 The world experienced by those with a loss of senses is a mysterious one indeed; those that live that life stand as a shining example of Living. To remind other Living that things are not always as bad as one thinks they could be.
3 The obstacles that are to be overcome by such a loss of sense should be viewed as nothing short of astounding.
4 It points to the indomitable will to survive, live and be a part of life in general and is just one amazing aspect of will. It is something that we should try to remember and apply to a great deal of other aspects of life, in relative terms.
5 The loss of things such as senses like the loss of the ability to hear, to take in something that others take for granted, the gift of sound, and to keep going despite the troubles.


1 Think to yourself of the stimulating pleasures that sight grants you.
2 The view of a beautiful horizon, the sight of open fields. The kind of open fields in which their beauty may only make sense, to you.
3 The sight of a magnanimous animal that, upon seeing it, takes your breath away and makes you think twice about being what it is you are.
4 The sight of upheaval in the things around you and the sight of atrocities being committed. Your sight alone is not the only power to be able to take it down.
5 One of the senses that are innate to most, sight is the benefit of being able to see the things directly around you.
6 It is something that the majority of Living have in common in this world.
7 There are numerous different types of sight to be analyzed, and most of them are attainable through technology. Although, some sight is derived from within.
8 Internal sight, about who you are as a Living and what it is you are capable of.
9 Once you see who it is you are then you are capable of relating to those who have looked deep within the confines of their own minds.
10 You see the tree dance on the air in ways that others do not, and they see it in such a way that you are unable to comprehend.
11 You feel the same air that is moving the tree and if you hold on long enough you can feel something much more as the air passes between the branches and makes the leaves dance.
12 Sight is a feeling as much as it is a sense. Combined with the other senses it gives a more powerful meaning to being a part of Living and these things are obvious, more often than not though, are taken very much for granted.

1 Sight is a sense for us to use to identify with our surroundings. To visualize things that are tangible and abstract. Also, for seeing inside of another Living. Seeing into the garden of another Living, seeing into another’s garden and witness as it meshes into your own.
2 Seeing beyond the internal confines of one’s outer vision and looking internally into one’s own mind when they sit down and focus deeply.
3 Focusing on seeing into the questions from our outside world and to be able to grasp the answers we hold deep within us. So that we may be able to identify with the things that come from our surroundings.
4 We all have them, inside worlds, though many are afraid to discuss them for fear of sounding as though they might be characterized as insane.
5 Perhaps, it is time to move past locking that vision away, and to stop passing judgments because it is something that much of society has yet to accept. That if it cannot be measured than it does not exist and is not true, is a mentality that keeps us blinded by a rationale of thought that may be critical and over-bearing. That being TOLD what to do by those who may not fully see the same way as others is a vision of the past and it is time for us to look into the future.
6 So long as ones own garden is not poisoned, then perhaps it is best to leave another to tend to theirs after knowing that there is nothing there for you to fertilize your garden with.
7 Is it worth it then to lop off another’s head in the name of? It is far better to just move on for the sake of your garden.
8 Is it worth it to destroy or alter the history of our world, because it defies the power of those whom think they have it, that are now running rampant through all of our cultures? It is better to allow history to be recognized for what it is and keep a line of what it is in tact, rather than alter or destroy it for the benefit of those whom think they rule.
9 Is it worth it to throw away something that one may find beautiful, because to another it is merely temptation: what is good for one garden, may not be good for another’s but this does not make one garden bad and the other good.
10 Many of the mistakes of our past has been due to the lack of accepting the inner sight that we all possess. Is that not worth understanding and keeping in mind that “those who do not remember their past will be doomed to repeat it”, that is a good saying that applies very well to a great number of things.
11 But not all of what we see should be taken in as reality. If you only see it that way then by all means, continue to argue scripture with scripture, just keep it to yourselves and argue at whatever place of worship is best for you. Because those trying to reach out for something better do not care to see such things.
12 Some Living out there happen to see beyond that. Only to be labeled as something that makes them feel awful by those who only want to see the past as our only future, and carry on outdated ways of treating people.
13 Not to say there is not a God, but perhaps it is not your God that defines one truth, nor any one god that defines truth, for that matter. A god that if we claim to be able to see, then we are touched by whatever great evil has kept that religion in business. That’s what the fear of maleficent practices has taught us, to see what we’re told, instead of learning to see for ourselves.